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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Rat Watch Pay-Dirt and The Dirty Little Secret

 By Anna Von Reitz

I had a man ask me recently, "Why aren't we taught any of this stuff in school?" He was quite distraught.  

Why, indeed?  

It should be as simple as rain falling: you live in a country, you are taught its history and customs, you have a firm knowledge of its laws, you know how the government functions and what services it is supposed to deliver, you keep control of those costs, and that's that.  

If you think that is the way things have been working in The United States, you have been out of touch with reality for about fifty years. 

Government is supposed to protect the people and the people's property.

The Government really has no other valid function, but the Government gets bored and greedy; soon the Government is scheming up new services they can charge service fees for, they are trying to palm off their revenue-raising legislative acts and misapplying them indiscriminately to everyone in sight, they are scrounging up every old con game they can find to justify stealing more money and raising more credit collateral from their hapless Employers: the General Public. 

The Government is supposed to protect you from "all Enemies, both foreign and domestic" --- that means, by the way, domestic with respect to them, their citizenry, their legislative bodies, their corporate executives, are the "domestic enemies" they need to be catching and prosecuting. 

But somehow, that doesn't happen, does it?  

"My Lor...." the man's voice trailed off into silence as he looked at the graph I'd just drawn for him.  It was a simple chart. 

The States and State Assemblies giving rise to three Instrumentalities: The Union, The Federation, and the Confederation; the American Federal Republic being run by the Confederation, the British Territorial United States riding herd on our Territories and Possessions, the Municipal United States Government providing postal service and maintaining the neutrality of the Federal Capitol. 

"Any school child should know this," he intoned. I agreed. "Why, why, why....didn't anyone teach us this?"

I thought about it as fragments of sentences formed in my mind: "because the truth would be embarrassing to the rats", "because it would make people mad if they knew how far off course we are", "because it doesn't fit their narrative about the sainted George Washington and others", but most of all, "because it's the government's dirty secret that they make money on war, while the people always pay the price for it." 

This last explanation really is the clencher. 

The Government(s) make money on war, while the people (that they are supposed to be protecting) pay the price for it. 

In a nutshell.  

We pay the price to them for their wars, both coming and going.  

We pay the price in lost time and lost energy and lost resources up front (with the cost for all that going directly into the war-monger's pockets and into the pockets of their industrialist cronies) and then we pay it in lost lives and maimed bodies and long term injury costs, and then we pay it again when we pay them for all the goods and services involved in demolishing and clearing away and rebuilding what they've destroyed as "war reparations".  

No wonder Uncle Joe had his hand on Zelensky's rump, giving the Ukrainian Slime a little love-pat during Zelensky's recent break from madcap Christmas shopping with his wife in all the best boutiques in Paris. 

They've been trying and trying and trying to get a war going. They didn't care where in the world or with whom, so long as it was a big enough "potential conflict" to spend Big Bucks---  really Big Bucks---  on it.  

And, during Rat Watch 2022, just in time for Christmas, they passed the Gawd-Awful Omnibus Act  to spend those Big Bucks without even reading it; actually, with no human possibility of reading the almost 5,000 pages of this Pork Barrel incarnate within the time frame alloted. 

Senator Rand Paul held a press conference together with other dissenting members of the Dishonorable Rump Congress and had the Omnibus Bill carted out on stage so people could see the enormity of ten reams of paper filled to the margins with legal gobbledygook compiled by unaccountable lawyers and junior department bureaucrats, tied up with a bow and signed off on by equally unaccountable "representatives" who didn't read it and will never read it, until it gets paraded past their noses by outraged "constituents" who will be forced to read it as the consequences of it come home to Main Street America.  

The truth is that as Americans, this Omnibus Bill should have no effect on us.  The only ones responsible for paying it in fact are the denizens of the Municipality of Washington, DC, and the Territorial Citizenry of the District of Columbia.  

The rest of us can thumb our noses, because their budget isn't our budget --- so long as we know that for a fact and can defend our position.

Still, the problem is that millions of Americans are still in the dark, still letting themselves be mischaracterized as Municipal citizens of the United States simply because they don't know what is being alleged about them behind their backs by their own self-interested Employees. So, millions of us are getting stuck with the tab. 

Imagine yourself at a swank restaurant with your wife, hoping to have a nice anniversary dinner.  Unfortunately, there's a table full of party animals nearby and they are doing what party animals do, talking loudly, banging into chairs, bantering with the waiter, complaining about their food, etc., and you are left rolling your eyes toward the ceiling.  

You endure the whole scene, eat your meal in comparative silence, and just as you and your wife are slinking toward home feeling defeated, the waiter runs up to you with the bill for the other table. 

"Excuse me, Sir, uh... they said you were paying for everyone in your party --- your table and theirs?"  

Of course, they are long gone.  The young waiter looks confused and distraught.  Right behind him comes the restaurant Maitre D', and, not insignificantly,  the restaurant's Security Guards at a jog trot.  

You stare at the bill being waved in front of your face.  It's astronomical.  Half the cost of a new car.  

And it had nothing to do with a retired Marine and wife trying to have a peaceful anniversary dinner, but you're stuck for it, anyway.  You don't know their names or where they live.  You're tired from working all your life.  You don't have the time and money to fight the Playboy Club. It briefly crosses your mind that this group and the restaurant are probably in cahoots and choose a new victim every day of the week.  

And you'd be right.... 

Instead, you and your wife max out all four of your credit cards so that you can go home, pull the sheets over your heads, hold hands, and cry. 

And why is this, really?  

Because you aren't paying attention to who these rats are and you aren't paying attention to what they are doing and saying behind your back.  You aren't communicating with the Waiter and the Maitre D' and the Restaurant Security Personnel.  You aren't keeping that restaurant under surveillance for the next time this happens to some poor schmuck, to get the proof that it was a set up.  

But most of all, it's because the Government makes money, huge money, off of war, and oddly enough, they make money whether you win or lose. 

So they really don't care if you lose the farm and your Son and your Niece and a Grandson, too.  

They don't care if your business goes under and your town burns. Forget about natural disaster assistance or relief.

They don't care how much you have to pay for mortgages or property taxes and other taxes and fees that you actually don't owe, because you aren't part of their "dinner party".  They just made themselves part of yours.  

They expect that you are  going to take it, too, play the goat, pay the bill.
Heck, six generations of Americans before you did that, too, because they thought it was their bill and their duty. 

The Vermin from the next table over think that they'll continue to scarf escargot, and complain about the quality, on your ticket, while you are reduced to eating sardines (or insects) and being grateful for it. 

Well, is that true?  Just suck it up, Silent Majority?  

Now that you know the Dirty Little Secret and the reasons behind what they do, even though what they do is objectively insane, saddle up, Buttercups. 

Don't bother with any protests in Washington, DC. They will just say that you are in insurrection against their clandestine foreign government, and because you don't know who they are or what they are doing, you won't stand a chance against their claims.  And because it's their bought and paid for court (using your money, of course) it's all useless theater, anyway. 

The only way to "protest" this is to expose it to every single American you can, every clerk, mayor, town fool and librarian.  The only way to beat it is to remember who you are, assemble your own State Assembly, and introduce yourself.  "Hello, Rats. I'm your long-lost Employer." 

PS -- the Omnibus Bill, beside outrageous dollops of your money to Zelensky, includes millions of dollars in support of LGBTQ and every other letter in the libertine alphabet.  Why?  Because it's thought (erroneously, by the way) that homosexuals don't produce families and have children, so they are allies in the effort to reduce world population. 

The simpler solution is that everyone who is concerned about overpopulation should follow their convictions and take a nice cheap cyanide pill.  It might not do much to change the world's population, but it would help end one more pseudo-scientific argument, and save the rest of us from considerable annoyance.   


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