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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

US Government in Full Scale Implosion Because of Corruption – Catherine Austin Fitts

 By  On December 20, 2022


  1. Sovereign State Bank and Precious Metals Depository would be the first step to protecting the people and assets at the state level! Write to your governors and state reps and begin the discussions. We have to start this now.

  2. whatever is done to make things law-full again will have to be done by us, man:
    who are outside of the United States Inc. since the present Actors are all on the inside and are only Legal Fictions created by the United States Inc., being used by the Corps/e to Pose As "OurGovernment".
    i think of the "Non-Federated" American indigenous nations of peoples who have refused to be "Recognized" by the United States Corporation; and likewise, somewhat: the Amish and others who just simply choose to "OptOut" of Foreign, "Federal", Private, Legal/other control.
    it can be done.
    there is no law that requires man to participate in another man's Construct"Matrix", or to violate his own conscience before God and man.

    the men who profit from the Construct they created for their own benefit have made EXTREMELY difficult, even dangerous, to not participate/ be used by them, but i still think it can still be done and they HAVE to step out of the way.

    bubbapatric had commented a few times about starting the State banks. i believe he had put some time into finding out how that might work.
    we can do this, in peace and law. i dont believe it will be that hard once we get started. we need God though because its his plan for man to be free and under his authority, not under authority of some other man who is made out of the earth's dust and ash too.

  3. there is a militaryish-type man explaining how the newly-discovered (1999ish) "Syntax" (sin tax??) writing method based on a brilliant equation something like [1+2=3 : 3-2=1] "defeats" Admiralty law; and it is special, brilliant, and new because it works the same going backward and forward, and in fact, turns into a figure 8.

    i:woman say:
    that is not new at all!! and yes, it does "defeat Admiralty Law" because the law that actually works the same both backwards and forwards is common law, God's law for man, but it forms a circle, not a figure 8.

    here is a famous example (paraphrased): matthew 22:37.
    'love the lord they God ....' premise 1
    'and thy neighbor as thyself...' premise 2
    and you have fully filled Gods law for man. ....premise 3, the end of the matter.
    so then, turned around backwards, from micah 6:8:
    'what does the lord thy god require of thee?' ....premise 3, the end of the matter:
    'but to do justly and love mercy' .... premise 2
    'and walk humbly with thy God' ....premise 1.

    see what jesuis is doing? ... showing that when man deals with what is **true**, that man can think the premises through either backwards or forwards and the meaning does not change. what is true forms a circular pattern. (not a figure eight.) and we can tell that this is very well known throughout the ages, since the ancient and common symbol for the creator of all that exists is a circle.

    we have been led away from "simple think-ing" by being confused with a flurry of Societal, zigzagging, crossed-over, man-imagined complexities, but we can clear our heads and think straight. it's fun!

    1. this same military-styled man explains how "The Constitution" was no longer in effect in 1999 for 18 days..... i :woman say again: it never was in effect upon the American people to begin with. we never agreed and it wasnt signed except by witnesses, and more defects.
      he says its partly through the Postal, and two other Systems, that "Captures"/other took place... and that "The King" still reigned, because the Americans didnt pay France back for the War that Britian started upon us, just like Britain did to indigenous men and their families, too.... when there are plenty of proofs that costs for the so-called "Revolution" was paid off by Americans not once but twice: both times, early.
      and that the "Revolution" was conjured up by the British to use as a pretext for breaking THEIR own Treaties Britain had made with the indigenous nations of peoples.
      its sickening what theyve done to the rest of us. on purpose. and NO! they have NOT gotten away with it. to say that would mean they have "gotten away with" breaking God's law, and thats just not going to happen.

    2. and besides that even, all of this King, Queen, Religion, Money, Ship-ping, Name, Slave, Owe, Accounts, Bank, Credit, Debt System is ridiculous.
      because if a man didnt break peace with another man, he owes no man anything except to treat him right-ly.
      all anybody actually owes anything to is our creator. everything that exists is his and we're ALL using what belongs only to God forever. and all he asks is to be humble before him, dont harm our neighbor, and treat ourselves well.
      Truly, anyone who says anything different is a liar.... ...No??... then show us what you created, man, that you made without using what belongs to God. you made nothing without what he created and to say different is
      ridiculous and evil.
      and God is not going to let them "get away with it".
      we can choose to put our "eyes" on God and do what he asks of us.
      this whole FalseNarrative Complex is on the brink of using itself up... its getting smaller everyday, and more violent and vicious as it burns itself down to nothing. the men and women who put their trust in creator and his goodness that we can see around us even now, need to consider focusing our attentions and energies on what is true so we can carry on, whatever that might be that is next.

    3. its more dishonesty for the British to try to say Their King never agreed to the American people dissolving Allegiance to Britain; and heres the proof:
      If we hadnt separated (35+ years) there would have been no need for THEM to break peace with the American people and start The War of 1812 upon us.
      its beginning to look to me like the British never made a promise they didnt plan to break??

  4. As he predicted the scripted death of the actor playing the role of the resigned pope

    It affords the scribes the opportunity/window to set up the scene by where the old guard actors can retire to their golden age (after their deaths are all faked in an event) while their inbred kin folk continue on with the scipt
    An excerpt from the above article about their staged event in Oklahoma and why they did it
    Oklahoma was the first landlocked state in the path of the plan for an international corridor from Mexico to the interior of the U.S. (See page 20) 1995, the federal Murrah building in Oklahoma City was blown up. The response to that was the idea for a network of fusion centers across the country allegedly to protect critical infrastructure but it was also a requirement for inland ports (customs territory) for international commerce.

  5. You'll notice in this video here NOT ONE WORD is uttered about chemtrails and doppler radar and other technologies being used to create the very situation that the glow ball less boy wonders have been working on for decades

    Climate he says is killing more than covid

    Now remember these same psychopaths have many many tricks up their sleeves and rabbi(ts) to pull out of their hats to make this all happen
    They are the James Bonds of the 21st century working the populace over for their end game

    Under World Parliament the UN is to be MERGED with all the other factions to bring about their so called glow ball change

    Lights Camera Action

    See ACT number 64 under World Legislative Acts (LAW)

    These ACTS are currently being scribed by the so called lawyers and any scene or event required for the ACTS to be performed for the masses so they can activate their plans will be organized and produced by the hidden hand known as hollywood along with the military industrail complex

    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    You'll notice in the first linked video above that there is no shared detail as to why water is just up and going away and so forth

    No accident when they have spent billions to prepare the scene of the crime

  6. Can't say it enough
    Read everything you can find that she has written



    Force the herd off the open plains and in to stack and pack SMART CITIES jam packed URBAN AREAS and you have managed genetics and depopulation plan hidden in plain sight

    Have a read at this one

    In the early 2000's FedEx started working on intermodel set up within their systems and in all their hubs
    This was the start of their working to get in line with the global governance and international intermodel shit that they have been working for decades
    Fred Smith of FedEx is ex military or maybe still is, just wearing a different mask as the CEO of FedEx

  7. Have a read

    They have many tricks up their sleeves

    A world wide criminal enterprise of such proportions that you just can't find the words to describe it


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