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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Loy Brunson Zoom Call


  1. Paraphraising an old proverb
    "money will buy everything even a political power, but never common sense"

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

  2. all Federated.
    does not even apply to us: God-created man.
    applies to their own Federal, man- created Fictions: Citizens.... ONLY.
    but theyre still trying to drag us, man, into their FICTION, because we own the right to use everything that exists and they HAVE to get our authorization in order to use anything here on earth that God made. they have nothing of their own.
    they have no rights.
    we has rights, no Fiction has any rights.
    only man.
    got it? :) only man has (any) rights (at all).
    even what man creates: the People, Delegates, Deputies: have no rights,
    they must all only do what their we, their create-r, author-i-ze them to do.

    also: the CopyKat, Feder-EL, man-made FictionalVersions of our landstates, StateBusinesses, and people do not even exist except:
    • on paper and
    • from our agree-ment.... if we give it.
    we did not give it.
    all they are trying to force on man is imaginary, that is: God-create-d none of it and, in law, under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator, we, man, are not required to accept any of it, support it, or otherwise participate in it;
    such that:
    only we, man, have actual author-i-tie and right to control both:
    • our dust and ash landstates created by the creator of all that exists
    • our own create-i-ons: our StateBusinesses that we, the people/elect-ers created for our good.
    the only law-full author-i-tie delegated from the people/ governed/ electors to our law-fully Elected People /Deputies/ Delegates is:
    to secure Gods gifts given to man.
    paragraph two UnanDeclar: ..."That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."...

    none of this is going to change. its Gods law. common law is Gods law.

    and further-more: when a nation/people, man, have been attacked by other man that does not make the man under attack "dissolved" or "incompetent", it makes him *under attack*.

    "The Pope and Affiliates", or (any) man who causes harm to (another) man, needs to stand trial under authority of the common law of the land they cause harm to man upon, just like every man is required to do; and also restore everything theyve taken from other man outside of Gods law, if any; then go on about any law-full business they and their willing, fully-informed Citizens have; and leave the rest of the world alone.

  3. Changing the electronic data record for their latest godvernment shut down BILL/theatre

    See where the message on his screen details about how the client does not have access to the page

    They have also changing the name of the BILL
    On top of this shifting of names — which is meant to keep the public confused — Congress’ website started to block any saves of the bill tracker after December 21…

    realityblogger did a piece about how the INTRANET was being cast over America and that the crooks would have their version of the system and the serfs would have their controlled version
    I can no longer find that article of his

    Might want to check out this article he wrote a while back

    Reducing the entire plan it to a welfare state or Guaranteed Annual Income (add an 'I' to the end of the acronym GAI and you get GAIA)

    Google ID aka GAIA ID

    Guaranteed Annual Income is part of World Parliament

    Already in progress across Canada

    1. To go with the article above have a gander at this one

      Social Security

      The Guaranteed Annual Income fits in quite nicely with their rebranded earth planet named GAIA

      Sorry no social security funds can be found anywhere they just up and disappeared

      GAI is one of the hottest topics there is up there in Canada
      In fact they are looking to get their assessments wrapped up and in working order by 2025
      The goal of the Task Force should be to implement a Guaranteed Annual Income across Canada by the year 2025.
      And this bold headline here is just rediculous considering their surveillance state of all things
      5) The GAI promotes the principles of autonomy, liberty, and dignity.


      Management of Population Pools for Medical Research

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  5. Join the Loy Brunson Zoom Call for a fun and interactive event! Connect with like-minded people, receive useful ideas, and be a part of a collaborative community. Loy Brunson will elevate your Zoom experience and take your virtual interactions to new heights." I came into your blog while searching for blogs on Google. It has gone through the entire crew. Very well written. Why don't I leave some feedback? Indeed, I appreciate the way you wrote this. There is a lot of information here.

  6. Just had an insightful Zoom call with Loy Brunson! Their expertise truly shines through in every discussion. Looking forward to the next one.


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