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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Dear Don,

 By Anna Von Reitz

Creating a big frou-frou-rah and a cloud over our American banks is what the FBI set up the attack and internal sting operation to do, hoping that you (and others)  would flip out and think the worst of everyone, and so, would help dismantle the banker's competition for them, instead of doing the right thing to protect yourself and others from the coming collapse. 

And if you don't think there is a collapse coming, you haven't been reading financial news.  

There are three kinds of "credit union" possible, total. 

In our American system, there are only two that are allowed, and one of them isn't really a "credit union" in the sense that you think of credit unions, because the credit is pre-paid. 

It doesn't have to be paid back.  The banks and other corporations already owe it to you.  

The other kind of American Credit Union is the kind portrayed in the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life", in which the members of the Credit Union put their chips together and make loans to each other within the group.  

If you have any questions, I suggest you listen to the explanation that George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) gives during the "panic" created by Mr. Potter, the local banker. 

Those are the two kinds of "credit union" possible in the American system, and they are both competent to hold and transfer gold and silver assets and asset-backed currencies. 

In the US System, there are all the credit unions you are used to, the Federal Credit Union of this or that, that works very similar to a bank and which trades exclusively in fiat credit currencies. 

What those "volunteers" did was to set up a single group account, like a club account, in Hunter's pre-existing (2014) private commercial bank, they called it a "Credit Union" Account, and they told him that they were intending to gather USD fiat in that account in preparation for the opening of the Pre-Paid Credit Union and International Trade Bank. It was a way to park and protect their fiat funds in a private bank, and that is the benefit, plus a favorable group interest rate, that they were after. 

8% may not be a huge return rate, but by grouping all the deposits in one account, they could get that much out of Certificates of Deposit related to the larger total amount.

Within that account, everyone in the "club" has a sub-account. That means you, Don Baker. 

If you didn't understand that and it wasn't explicitly told to you that your money was going into a private bank club account that has nothing to do with me or with the banks we are building, your problem isn't with me or our banks. 

Your problem is with whoever recruited you to join the club and failed to make full disclosure and who set things up to capture that higher 8% return on timed deposits--- and now created this panic and demand for immediate return of the funds when they know damned well that an 8% rate wasn't ever predicated on pass through accounts.  

I don't know anything about what these "volunteers" told you but you have sense enough to know that banks only give maybe 1%-2% on pass through depository accounts, if you are lucky.  

So, here's Hunter, with timed deposits in his private commercial bank which has been in operation since 2014 and which has nothing to do with the Blue Dot Bank System, trying to return everyone's money as if this club account was an on-demand account.  

That's not how Xavier, Darla, Yvonne, et alia set things up and now they are trying to blame Hunter for their own actions and force him to make good on demand for timed deposits. 

If you go to your local bank and set up a Certificate of Deposit what happens, Don?  You agree to leave that money on deposit for a specific period of time in exchange for a higher interest rate.  The more money you agree to leave on deposit, and the longer you leave it on deposit, the higher the interest rate. 

So they may have thought that they were doing good for everyone in the club but if they didn't tell you and left you with the idea that this was like any other pass through bank account, they are the ones that have explaining to do -- to you, and yes, maybe to the authorities that govern US banks. 

Judging from the responses they have made to me, I would guess that they just got in over their heads and were trying to create a safe-haven account that would pay good interest. Ironically, they succeeded in doing that, but think they can just withdraw their money like an on-demand pass through account --- which isn't what they created. 

If you report them to the bank authorities, those authorities will come in and ask Hunter's side of the story.  He will show the records.  The bank examiner will see what kind of account it is.  He will roll his eyes. 

Hunter won't get in trouble, and unfortunately, from my standpoint, neither will they.  It may have been well-intentioned, but they have left people having to wait for funds and some of them really need their funds returned because of current needs.

Privately, Hunter has been pre-paying out as many accounts as his cash flow allows.  He doesn't have to do this, but he is trying to get funds to anyone who really needs their funds early and though they lose the 8% interest rate, he isn't charging them for early withdrawal fees. 

That's about as good a settlement as you are going to get, Don. 

On top of creating a panic and trying to involve me in something that is 100% not in my bailiwick, the "volunteers" have been trying to make a big deal out of the fact that Hunter changed his phone numbers. This was a planned change many months in advance. He told me he was going to do this and he told me why and what the schedule was, as part of the bank development plan.  If these volunteers had stayed the course, they would have had new email addresses and phone numbers and offices to work out of, too.  

If you need your money back right now and want to get in touch with Hunter, go to the Global Family Group website and use the Contact Form.  He's still working as usual and is returning calls and conducting business. 

Hunter is not a banker of the kind that you think of when someone says "banker".  He is what bankers will be in the future -- and the banks we are building will be stunningly different, too.  

When we are ready to start conducting business through these new banks and the Pre-Paid Credit Union, I will make a big public announcement of the fact and there will be brochures and balloons and websites with all sorts of user-friendly interactive pages and educational modules to show you how you can benefit from this totally new-- and totally American-- bank system. 

Until then, kindly don't misrepresent me and do not misrepresent our American banks, which aren't even open for business yet. 

If you do,  I will hold you 100% personally and commercially liable for my time and damage done to me and our bank's reputation. 


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