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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Compile the Pile

 By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, Campers, here is another wonderful tidbit consolidation brought forward by one of our Rat Watchers Extraordinaire --- a concise history of the entire globalist /WEF run down, which explains the new taxation scheme (carbon credits, etc.) in tandem with the Globalist push to adopt "population suppression" measures (C -19) and collapse of the banking system.  This report was first published on and I am simply providing the link to it. 

Only a couple of the insurance giants will survive and they will survive because they are providing insurance for the rats.  Think Lloyd's of London and New York Life. A few smaller old-fashioned companies that have wisely eschewed debt-based investments and avoided major stock market investments might make it, but otherwise, you are wasting your money.  

All these companies that are supposed to be underwriting and protecting your property interests won't be solvent, so when you make a claim you will be one among all the others depending on these racketeers to save you, and they will be standing with both pockets turned inside out, pleading bankruptcy.  

And why is that? 

Repeat after me: because they are corporations. 

Corporations have no redeeming social value. They were dreamed up as "protected" business models that would encourage investment in dangerous things like gunpowder factories, without the nicety of personal liability.  

Instead, the public is purportedly responsible for the debts and liabilities of these corporations; the shareholders and boards of directors get off Scot-free. 

If you, as a member of the General Public, find this unacceptable, please be aware that the Municipal Congress promised Big Pharma that they would hold the pharmaceutical giants harmless from any claims made against them as a result of harmful vaccines. 

No matter what they put in vaccines or what horrendous harm they caused, Congress promised to hold them harmless and unaccountable.

That is what the President of Moderna firmly believed, that he and his corporation were in the clear, based on those guarantees. So far as he knew, he really could have put snake oil in the "vaccine" injections, so long as they were called "vaccines", and nobody could hold him or his corporation accountable.   

He forgot about the Law of Admiralty.  

To a less formalized and specific extent, all corporations have been given a similar carte blanche.
They can go bankrupt at any time, no matter what they have done or failed to do that results in the bankruptcy, and the private property belonging to their owners, boards of directors, and shareholders all remains untouched. 

This encourages people to tread the edge of both law and investment risk, and they do so with ever-increasing impunity, until the commonplace corporate dictum is akin to the National Motto of Scotland -- "F%#^ Around and Find Out".  

See how far you can push it (before the people find out and squash you flat).  

Want to see how far they are pushing it?  Read on: 

Fifteen signs that they are purposefully driving the banks and insurance providers and the currency and everything else to collapse: 

Kiss your home equity good-bye.  Many of you can kiss your jobs good-bye. Everyone can count on sky-rocketing food and fuel costs.  Everyone is facing poisoned food and water supplies.  

A third to two-thirds of the population of this country is already dead, murdered by those they depend on to keep them well. Many people haven't awakened to the horror of this, because it is occurring gradually as individual immune systems and organ failures take their toll, but inexorably, the statistics tell the story.  And this is being done to us by the DOD, the Municipal Department of Defense, which both owns the master  patents and which controls the Mainstream Media. 

It's a very dire situation as the Comedy of Errors multiplies, and the two guilty commercial corporations attack each other ceaselessly, seeking profit from continuing to wage an illegal mercenary conflict on our shores.
The DOD leadership at all levels, corporate and shareholder, employees and dependents, should be profoundly ashamed of what they have done and the genocide against innocent civilians that they have perpetuated -----and also mindlessly inflicted on themselves. 

The karmic payback won't be long in coming, as all the timelines are shortening by the hour. 

The so-called voluntary suicide of Humanity has been conducted by members of an elitist Death Cult that has infiltrated governments and government subcontractors and vendors all over the planet, and which now must be removed root, stem, and leaf.  


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