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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What Is "Covid 19"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Like so many other things, "Covid 19" is just a label until it's defined.
At this late date, no such beastie has been isolated, going on three years after the start of a pandemic that we are purportedly still suffering through.
So if Covid19 isn't a virus that can be tracked down, sequenced, replicated, separated out, defined, and isolated using the time-worn Koch Protocols that have allowed us to identify every other virus to date --- what is it?
We have several research papers now indicating that its not a virus at all, but is instead a "pseudo virus" used as a packaging system to deliver various "payloads" --- be it nanotech, graphene oxide, DNA, RNA, HIV, Cancer-causing viruses, or whatever else the customer wants to package and deliver into the bodies of the victims, so long as the package is very, very small.
A pseudo virus looks like a virus (in this case coronavirus) and may have characteristics of a virus (such as coronavirus receptors) but it is built in a laboratory as a housing or vector or as they say in the Biz, "agent" for the actual pathogen or product. Like a hot dog bun waiting to be loaded with a wiener or a bratwurst or an Italian sausage or smoky links....
The corona pseudo virus can take a clunky virus like HIV and make it airborne, so that thanks to these geniuses, you can now catch AIDs like the Common Cold.
Your tax dollars at work. Such a benefit to you, from your employees.
Speaking of taxpayers and taxpayer money ---- Tony Fauci spent over eleven million of those taxpayer greenbacks of yours on his research, and at the end of the day, he patented the results and didn't even cut you, the taxpayers, in on the deal.
We found his patented "products" in all the various vaccines tested, and he gets a royalty on every single dose of vaccine sold, whether or not it's actually injected. So go figure who is again padding his palms?
This neatly explains why we didn't find a single scrap of coronavirus in any of the purported vaccines. We found HIV. We found known carcinogenic viruses. We found nasty egg-like structures that degenerated into worm-like threads of white goo we are still analyzing. We found other actual eggs of parasitic worms. We found fungal spores. We found aquatic hydras and slime molds. We found itty-bitty nano template transmitters hidden in blobs of hydrogel. We found Fauci's unnatural sequences of base pairs attached to mRNA. We found proof that this mRNA uses reverse transcriptase to create DNA which then attaches to the natural DNA in the cell nucleus -- no idea what it does yet.
Folks, we found everything and anything BUT coronavirus in those "vaccines". They might as well have thrown in the kitchen sink, but zero coronavirus in a coronavirus vaccine.
That's a finding that disturbs me and which should disturb you.
Other than Fauci making millions, you have to ask yourselves -- a virus that isn't a virus? A vaccine that isn't a vaccine?

What is this nasty gunk they've been shooting you up with? And why?


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March 1, 2022