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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What Is "Covid 19"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Like so many other things, "Covid 19" is just a label until it's defined.
At this late date, no such beastie has been isolated, going on three years after the start of a pandemic that we are purportedly still suffering through.
So if Covid19 isn't a virus that can be tracked down, sequenced, replicated, separated out, defined, and isolated using the time-worn Koch Protocols that have allowed us to identify every other virus to date --- what is it?
We have several research papers now indicating that its not a virus at all, but is instead a "pseudo virus" used as a packaging system to deliver various "payloads" --- be it nanotech, graphene oxide, DNA, RNA, HIV, Cancer-causing viruses, or whatever else the customer wants to package and deliver into the bodies of the victims, so long as the package is very, very small.
A pseudo virus looks like a virus (in this case coronavirus) and may have characteristics of a virus (such as coronavirus receptors) but it is built in a laboratory as a housing or vector or as they say in the Biz, "agent" for the actual pathogen or product. Like a hot dog bun waiting to be loaded with a wiener or a bratwurst or an Italian sausage or smoky links....
The corona pseudo virus can take a clunky virus like HIV and make it airborne, so that thanks to these geniuses, you can now catch AIDs like the Common Cold.
Your tax dollars at work. Such a benefit to you, from your employees.
Speaking of taxpayers and taxpayer money ---- Tony Fauci spent over eleven million of those taxpayer greenbacks of yours on his research, and at the end of the day, he patented the results and didn't even cut you, the taxpayers, in on the deal.
We found his patented "products" in all the various vaccines tested, and he gets a royalty on every single dose of vaccine sold, whether or not it's actually injected. So go figure who is again padding his palms?
This neatly explains why we didn't find a single scrap of coronavirus in any of the purported vaccines. We found HIV. We found known carcinogenic viruses. We found nasty egg-like structures that degenerated into worm-like threads of white goo we are still analyzing. We found other actual eggs of parasitic worms. We found fungal spores. We found aquatic hydras and slime molds. We found itty-bitty nano template transmitters hidden in blobs of hydrogel. We found Fauci's unnatural sequences of base pairs attached to mRNA. We found proof that this mRNA uses reverse transcriptase to create DNA which then attaches to the natural DNA in the cell nucleus -- no idea what it does yet.
Folks, we found everything and anything BUT coronavirus in those "vaccines". They might as well have thrown in the kitchen sink, but zero coronavirus in a coronavirus vaccine.
That's a finding that disturbs me and which should disturb you.
Other than Fauci making millions, you have to ask yourselves -- a virus that isn't a virus? A vaccine that isn't a vaccine?

What is this nasty gunk they've been shooting you up with? And why?


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  1. COVID-19 is:

    C = Certificate
    O = Of
    V = Vaccination
    ID = IDentification (think passport)
    -19 = beginning in the year 2019

    It's no mystery. It's been publicly published for several years already by the vermin.

    Because of the various high level bankruptcies (which Anna has been telling us about for years), which link directly to birth certificates and travel passports (fronts for illegitimate Cestui Que Vie trusts), these documents are now expired through the bankruptcy process, and the vermin are now trying to deceive us, with fear tactics, into creating new documents (think new contracts) by making us believe that COVID-19 is some kind of disease we must protect ourselves against through intravenous vaccines. It's all just an elaborate scam to deceive us once again, and while they are at it they are using the opportunity to once again use us as guinea pigs for their sick experiments, and for eliminating as many of their real creditors as possible.

    I'm a bit surprised that Anna is using such a complicated approach to explain this very simple issue.

    The longer we stay tangled up in this web of deceit the longer we will keep ignoring the real threats, the planet's severely depleted oxygen level, chemtrails, jurisdictional overreach, human trafficking and Satanism just to name a few.

    The respiratory problems that are now being attributed to the non existent COVID virus have been widespread for over a decade already. They are caused by chemtrails and insufficient atmospheric oxygen levels, both of which have been a serious issue for at least 3 decades already.

    Time for everyone to stop chasing shadows and illusions of viruses and to refocus on the truth.

    1. The 19 is, A=1. I=9. Artificial Intelligence

    2. really good summary, imo.

    3. You are exactly right !! I have been screaming about chemtrails for the last 12 years !! The vaccine is a big chemtrail in the arm !!

  2. No virus has ever been isolated. Germ theory is just that ,theory!

    1. yes and for some of the best articles on that: jon rappaport, nomorefakenews.

  3. You cannot get AIDS or the common cold through the air. That is fantasy. A virus would need a space suit and sunscreen to survive. Not gonna happen. Viruses are intrinsic to the cells. They eat the toxins our cells excrete when sick. Then the body surrounds them with snot and expels it from the body. It's life cycle and purpose is then finished. We have some 300 trillion viruses in us. Why don't we get sick and die from them? Why doesn't the immune system target them and take them out with oxygen compounds like chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide? It's because viruses are not pathogens that cause disease. A virus cannot possibly explain simultaneous outbreaks world-wide. It isn't possible. Electromagnetic fields are a different story.There's your real cause of the common cold and simultaneous outbreaks world-wide. Why winter? What do we get all winter long? Strong magnetic storms from the sun(Corona). Now couple that with the grid and all the wireless and electronic crap and you've got your real culprit for the common cold...A build up of electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere.

  4. I now have reason to believe that "Epstin Barr Virus" is genetically modified Mono. It make sense because that virus the body just keeps on fighting forever causing EXTREME Chronic Fatigue that took away 20 yrs of my life, never kills it off. Making big pharma rich from medicine treatment for the 10+ side effects.

    1. makes sense.

      and WHY the name Epstein-barr?
      i think we will find out the reason for that.

  5. The question that needs asking is , How is it we allow the monsters to
    live ? Seriously.. who here has not suffered in many ways from this ? Loss of freedom , health, money, ability to travel unimpeded ?... just thonk of the psychological damage ...the 2020 stolen corporate election, the media lies...need I go on ???
    Anna always " yells " at me for suggestion the obvious so I will refrain ..this ti,e.
    Maybe its time to go 1000% into being involved in the reconstruction...tgen I won't have to refrain from suggesting the obvious cure...imho.

    1. Pitchforks and torches !!!!! The old ways ! They are living somewhere !!! When they crawl off to their bunkers we find the vent holes !!!

  6. Dr Lorain Day says similar things you continually see firemen at fires so you unwittingly they must be the culprits.
    Cancerous cells are present and killed by health immune sus while out your symbolic relationship between bacteria and immune system through toxins glycosate antibiotics same with tree you kill its soil fungi and it’s symbo relationship the fungi brings nutrients and protection the tree feeds it cookies and cakes sap.
    The pharmsudical Monsanto / pill pushers don’t work with nature .

  7. I haven't received the jab nor will I. I'm doing my best to stay healthy so to avoid hospitals that are killing people also for the incentive they get administering Rundeathisnear and vents on patients. Apparently, hospitals dont even care if you have health directives or power of attorney for health. They just do what they want anyhow. Hospitals are a death sentence.

  8. Why are "they" doing this to us? The answer is well known. It has been out there for years. What I would like to know is, why are the Georgia Guidestones still standing? Why hasn't someone pulled them down or blown them into pieces? That one act would galvanize the nation and send the message to the psychopaths of the deep state that their sick death agenda for the world is rejected and their judgement is at hand.

    1. Not enough people know about these "stones"; most just say "conspiracy theory!". But destroying them?

  9. We have No “virus isolates,” No evidence of “sars cov2” invisible enemy the world has declared war on, So there can be No test. No proof of transmission..(of what?) The “tests” cannot distinguish between dead and live matter. Tests do not look at whole viruses only fragments. Thus, are “guaranteed” to produce 100% false positives; to create “cases” needed for; “Declaration of Public Health Emergency of International Concern needed to; allow use of untested new drugs on living people, “legally?!” We also have No autopsies.
    We DO have a syndrome of symptoms being called “influenza,” which only means ‘influence.’ The symptoms are also explained by cellular toxicity, by graphene oxide toxicity- which IS found inexplicably IN the serum! We have self-defined “viral-based genetic therapy” masking itself thru word magic as “vaccine,” based on artificially created “spike protein” made in a lab, marketed via fear based msmK Ultra powered propaganda. population projections are already published showing the e-lite parasites have some reason to believe 2/3 of 2020 population to be gone by 2025. this will not be on account of a virus. When Trump, Bloomberg, Business Insider n others use and repeat the exact same phrase; we risk having "the CURE be worse than the disease," they are disclosing the true culprit.


    Decades in the making the culprits behind the mask always from the same tribe

    1. NAFTA on steriods

      Israel is the DECOY

  11. What I am curious about is who is the authority that made the vaccine companies not liable ? Also by what authority are hospitals to be paid more money for covid patients ? Someone had to be in the position to give these commands , who?