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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Regarding Calls for My "Arrest" and My Turn to Ask Questions

by Anna Von Reitz

I am not even Catholic.  And even if I were, I obviously wouldn't know a thing about any "Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children" or any other such hyped-up morbid nonsense.  Despite years of these ugly rumors circulating first about Jews and then about Catholics and then about Muslims, too, there isn't a shred of any credible evidence of any such things  taking place.   It's all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering  by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

If there ARE any Satanic Rituals going on, you may all rest assured that they are being carried out by Satanists and NOT by any people who are actually Jews, Catholics, or Muslims, either. 

Every time I see anything from Cindy Kay, I turn the knob.  Early on, I tried to teach her about law and it was like talking to a beagle.  If she's your guiding light your darkness will remain very great indeed.

Reply to Aptly Named "Son of Wind"

by Anna Von Reitz

What do we know about "Judge Anna's Courtroom" is that it is a courtroom serving an American Common Law Court and on occasion as an Article X Federal Court.  It is very simple and has no trappings, no bench perched on high for the judge to be separated and held aloft over the people, no gallery, no bar, no pomp and circumstance or false symbolic religiosity whatsoever. 

My courtroom has four tables, eight chairs, a speaker system and room for guests, but quite often we hold court wherever we happen to have an appointment to hold court.  We have held court in the lobby of office buildings. We have held court on docks.  We have held court in airport concourses.  Such is the nature of the American Common Law and American Common Law Courts. 

This is because our court system is a system that serves the needs of the people, not the needs of the court. 

What you will find in Judge Anna's Court wherever it may be held is a plain and simple copy of the King James Bible and an American Civil Flag.

And why is that?