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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Regarding Calls for My "Arrest" and My Turn to Ask Questions

by Anna Von Reitz

I am not even Catholic.  And even if I were, I obviously wouldn't know a thing about any "Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children" or any other such hyped-up morbid nonsense.  Despite years of these ugly rumors circulating first about Jews and then about Catholics and then about Muslims, too, there isn't a shred of any credible evidence of any such things  taking place.   It's all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering  by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

If there ARE any Satanic Rituals going on, you may all rest assured that they are being carried out by Satanists and NOT by any people who are actually Jews, Catholics, or Muslims, either. 

Every time I see anything from Cindy Kay, I turn the knob.  Early on, I tried to teach her about law and it was like talking to a beagle.  If she's your guiding light your darkness will remain very great indeed.

I myself left my Facebook page open for a solid day and asked any victims who had first hand knowledge of any such activities to come forward.  You know what I got?   Nothing.  Not a single claim from anyone who had ever witnessed anything or been abused.  Zip.  Nada.  So far as I have ever been able to determine, all this talk of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" is sensationalist garbage being churned out by mindless, irresponsible muckrakers who have no evidence, no first-hand knowledge, and no business spreading all this crap.

Everyone on this planet has to raise their minds and heart up to a point of being able to turn their "Shinola Sensor" on and know the difference between truth and fan fiction.

Why don't you arrest the people who are causing you the problems?  David Rockefeller, for example, whose family has been undermining America since the 1890's?   Or Hank Paulsen?  Former head of the mis-named "Treasury Department" who allowed such egregious trading and "relaxation" of enforcement policy that the SEC has been run like a gambling casino for two decades?   Or Bill Clinton, who sold off half your country to private investors under false pretenses? 

Why don't you all wake to #$@$@# up? 

Why don't you focus on the real problems?

People, except with rare exceptions, as noted--- are not the problem.  The real problems are more enduring than the lives of single people.  These problems have names that are well-known and yet nobody "arrests" them----- poverty, war, ignorance, sickness, hunger.  

Americans would rather chase their own tails and worry about their neighbor's new hair color and nurture morbid bad dreams about "Satanic Rituals" than deal with reality and the results of their own bad choices and apathy? Is that the truth about the vaunted American People?  If so, why am I defending your property rights and enforcing the international treaties you are owed?  Are you worth the time and sacrifice?  Or should I just sit on my porch and let the world burn? 

All day long every day, I get asked questions, questions, questions.  And I faithfully plug away and either try to answer directly or find the information for people myself or refer them to those who can help them.  Today, I am going to turn the tables and ask you the burning question I have on my mind-----and I want everyone to give it some thought:

How do we make war unprofitable?   Or, to phrase it a different way--- how do we make peace far more profitable than war?

Here is what appears to be from my long examination of history---that we have war because war is profitable and for no other real reason.  As long as war is profitable, it will be in our midst---- so if we want to get rid of it, we have to make it unprofitable. 

We have to do this at the same time that we find profitable ways to re-tool the industries that have been committed to war-making---- so that people don't lose their homes and jobs and economies. 

So there you have one of the Big and Worth Questions to stew about----- feel free to send your ideas to me as emails flagged "War and Peace" or via snail mail at:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

As for any confusion about my given name, it's "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck".  The bureaucrats shorten it to "Anna Maria Riezinger" because they don't have space for such a moniker on their forms.  I confused things further by adopting the pen name "Anna von Reitz" back in the 1980's--- which as anyone can see, is a variation and shortening of names I inherited anyway. So, I will grant you all that my name is a mouthful and inconvenient, too, but it is what it is, and like all the rest of you I had no choice in the matter. For whatever reason, God looked down and decided that "Jane Smith" wouldn't do.

As for arresting me, anyone who wants to try can find me with no big problem, but I caution you all that false arrest is a crime and I will prosecute anyone who does it. Better have more in your hand than specious "questions" about things I know nothing about.  Last time I looked, neither Catholics nor Lutherans condone baby killing for any reason, including any rituals related to false and evil gods.
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  1. You Hang On There Anna! They Wished They Had The Knowledge You Have, For Man Or Women Can't Help They Cause Chaos & Confusion. For Lack Of Knowledge Stay Strong May AGLA Protect you Amen.

  2. one avenue for peace might be the kesche foundation. google and familiarize yourself with his discoveries and plan for world peace. I truly hope and believe he is on the right track.

  3. I FREAKED OUT WHEN I THOUGHT THAT WAS HER NAME ON THAT PDF. That is NOT my anna. There is a picture but it looks nothing like you anna. I seen it once. there are 2 copies one with a pic. and one without. but hard diggin thru it. Maybe it was taken off of Cindy Kays site.

    1. Here real full name is:
      Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzensten von Lettow-Vorbeck

  4. Well we could ask the same of you. You make all these fanciful claims about the "government". Where is your proof? I've never seen you provide one shred of evidence to the public regarding all these claims you're making. Why are these high ranking "officials" still in office if you've got the "goods" on them? You can sit there and call people who claim "ritual abuse" as being "full of shi#", but we could say the same thing about you. Because basically not one thing you have ever done has come to fruition. You change your story, angle and approach Madame I don't know whether you're coming or going. I offered my assistance to you MANY TIMES OVER and you basically blew me off and I live right in the middle of NY City. Not some bum fuc# town in the middle of nowhere. But were "too busy". I don't believe a word you say and I think you're a dangerous crazy lady who likes to pull out the martyr card for sympathy and cash. Don't try and bullshi# a bullshi##er honey!

    1. Trey goudy, the next attorney general hopefully answered that , it's harder to convict a high level criminal than a person on the street.
      and a media can manipulate,the officials.
      and you know it .

  5. Here's an idea re war. Because our system, whether Common law or Admiralty works with contract law, why not everyone send the so called Government a fee schedule for any time spent in the services during an active war, an amount of $10,000 per hour. They would need to prove that they own your time. No doubt they would need to launch a high cost marketing plan claiming if I didn't go to war for nothing then I would be unpatriotic. Not that this would work on me.

  6. I watch with great wonders as this site unfolds, Anna is doing a fantastic the world you ALL hiss and puff at each other till you see the errs of your what has been planned from the foundation of the world lives out its designed plans; you are all part of it with a great fantastic end!

    But before this happens you must ALL be baptised with fire and than you will see. This includes Anna, Paul, etc. etc.

    How many of you have ears to hear and eyes to see?

    How many of you are ready to see the face of your Creator?

    "Be like water my friends" Bruce Lee


    1. Been there and done that, including False arrest, time in jail, and all charges dropped.
      So bring it on. I will probably be sitting right here in front of my window to the world, with a phone strapped on, telling people the truth, when they come for me.
      I won't make it easy for them.

  7. Anna , your over the target .and all the minions are on the have opened my eyes to lots of information and I know others .
    just let it be known were with you financially as much as spiritually.they fight us all.

  8. Yes, "false arrest" is a crime but hundreds of Americans get that done to them every day and no one, or nothing is done about it. You can shout ALL of the "Rights" you have claim of but if there is no gov't agency or person honest enough to do anything about it, enjoy your prison garb or the ditch they throw your body in. Fake birth certificates for Public Office is a "crime" too, clearly stated on the books, CFR, but what is done about THAT!!!??? So, good luck asserting any "Rights"!!!

  9. As much as I detest AA,s letter to you about (Where’s the Proof), she does have a point that could make an ass out of her if you did publish information on how to navigate certain government document sites and find documents that have enabled you to make all these claims. Let them see with their own eyes what your research has discovered. Publish the site addresses and include instructions on finding each document. Then the na-sayers who are unable to recognize the truth by the HISTORY that we have lived through will fall behind you and take the risk of abandoning this cluster $#@* we call our government.

    1. Pastor Eric Jon Phelps can provide all these documents and give you details on how to go through the process.
      He has done it.
      It seems to have worked well for him and others.
      It will cost you $3000.00 to take his course.
      It is for one week 8 hours per day.
      You will go to court, get a court decree and be a free man American and have to pay tax, etc etc

      As far as Ritual sacrifices are concerned, read the book
      The Black Awakening. by Russ Duzdar.

      Just because you know the law does not mean you know everything about everything, you just know the law like many as only a few know the law and how to apply it.

      The law is nan made.
      It is interpreted to suit ones purpose.
      The rules of law are always changing.

      Gods word is the only law you should greatly focus on.
      God, only through Lord Jesus the Christ will give you salvation just for the asking. The man of sin the damned pope has nothing to do with it.

      Is it not strange that Christian persecution is allowed to take place.

      Is it not strange that the pope has declared himself infalable and cannot be
      sued in court under the law. So much for the law.

    2. Correction - pay no tax etc etc

  10. Here's what I've concluded. It is money that controls governments and not the other way around. Money controls governments and governments control people. Our founding fathers had the right idea in trying to create a government that would represent and be responsive to the people. Unfortunately, they forgot the first part of my statement above. The only way that the people will ever be able to truly control government actions whether it be for engaging in wars or other matters is for the people to control the money. While that may have been the intention of having the House of Representatives control the purse strings, the Constitution failed to give control of creating the money supply to the people. If this could ever happen through the current movement of public banking or other similar system, we may have a chance to take away the profitability of going to war. Otherwise, as long as those profit motives are in the hands of private individuals. I think it is unlikely.

  11. Did anyone watch " THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA " These are the type that must be dealt with. Watch when jpmorgan walks into the show.

  12. Judge Anna, there are two points to a lawful court...."VENUE" first, then JURISDICTION. They automaically get venue because we all have addresses with zip codes, or at least always presume it, which is territorial. So if we are charged with something where there is no injured party or property(Common Law) , we have the supposed RIGHT to change venue. Does that mean we can bring our cases to you for a motion to change venue, and make a criminal counterclaim having civil damages attatched and "ENFORCHED". After all, its the law, isnt it. Common Law trumps corp. law anyday especially when they do it through fraud and non disclosure. I shouldnt have to prove anything in your court, because you already know whats going on. Either there is an injured party or there isnt...period, end of story. Guilty as charged. Remember, fraud viatiates everything from the start. There is no statue of limitations for fraud. Ill be waiting for your response..!!!!!!

    1. This is about the third or fourth time that your good information put forth is helpful and encouraging and gives me good direction for the court cases that I am involved in.

      As a Canadian I find The American Constitution very helpful and encouraging giving me good direction on how to proceed with things as the demonic evil sickness and script are the same. Christians have no borders sort of speak.

  13. Last nights show on Caravan to midnight was on the spot. Thursday September 29th 2016
    In this edition we welcome Richard Grove, a Forensic Historian who’s work reveals the true history and function of long established organizations and policies.

    1. the website of Richard Groves is Tragedy And Hope

  14. ATTENTION:GOOD NEWS FOR PEOPLE IN FORECLOSURE!!! Because of the recent revalations of the WELLS FARGO debacle, anyone associated in their corporate affairs are running for cover with notices of "non-liabilty". Lasn night i was watching channel 7 news and the SERVICING COMPAN, which every single bank uses, stated on the record in a letter read by channel 7 news publically, that as the SERVICING CO. for WELLS FARGO BANK, we are "Not" the acting "TRUSTEES" involved in morgtage foreclosures. That is an admission of incredible implication for people in foreclosure. For years now, people have been dealing wuth the banks SERVICING CO. saying they are acting "trustees" for the foreclosing parties. Look at your paperwork. But even if they say it was assigned to them, thats another lie because you cant lawfully assign a morgtage without the "Original Note" and showing the lawful "chain of title", which again can never be proven because of the "securitazation of the morgtage" on wall street. The banks , morgtage co., and everyone in charge of oversite, have litterally destroyed 400 years of "real estate law" in 2008 through FRAUD and the lure of easy money that created an atmosphere of so much greed that gave way to sloppy or nonexsistant paper trailing, that has further lead to banks just creating the now missing paperwork using robo filing, unlawful assignments, Copy of Notes instead of the Originals, chain of titles broken, illegal transfers, and on and on. But this last admission us "HUGE". WE have been trying to get them to admit this for years. Now, they just come out and admit it. Therefore, any case where the foreclosing party is identified as the Trustee, clearly has no right or even access to the foreclosing process. By the way, since 2008 you are not dealing with morgtages anymore. Its a security instrament traded on wall street. Your dealing with securities fraud. Heres the headline..."MBS(morgtage backed securities) TRUSTEES HAVE NO RIGHT TO BRING FORECLOSURE ACTIONS". How do we know?? They say so on their own website . That was US Bank. But now with this latest admission, all banks are involved. I got this info from Neil Garfields website called "Living Lies". Neil is an ex attorney turned good guy willing to expose all this fraud since it first appeared. The exact article from his site is labeled "US Banks, B of A, La Salle Bank and other Trustees Slammed the Door on their own toes". Get your attorneys to demand a FRCP17(a) petition and demand a "FORENSIC AUDIT OF THE EQUITIES" along with a "DATA INTEGRITY REPORT". AND charge it to the alledged foreclosing party. Dont just leave your house. They will try and offer you cash for keys. Dont take it, unless you really want to move and tired of fighting. No one can blame you for that. Good luck.

  15. regarding War and Peace...judge Anna...your vision for the world is a perfect match to that of a gentleman named Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project

  16. That Venus Project sounds exactly like her plan, but even more ambitious because he wants to build brand new modern citys ,having brand new infrastructure and even building citys in the ocean. Very interesting.


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