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Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

by Anna Von Reitz

Over the past year I have received literally thousands of letters, notes, emails, and phone calls from people all hyped-up about "Satanic Ritual Abuse"--- but they can't get their stories straight.  According to some, it's the Jews committing these heinous crimes, and according to others it's Catholics, or it's Muslims. Take your pick.

For no known reason, all three of these major religions -- none of which condone child sacrifice of any kind -- are suddenly participating in Satanic rites?

Can you feel my eyebrow quirking up into the stratosphere and feel all the wrinkles on my forehead folding up like a Venetian blind?  Can you hear Ye Olde Shinola Sensor going off like a foghorn? 

There's another thing--- these people speak in Oxymorons: "Satanic Muslim" and "Satanic Jew" and "Satanic Catholic". 

These are contradictions in terms, like "Sovereign Citizen".   Just like you can't be a "sovereign" and a "citizen" at the same time, you can't be a "Satanist" and a "Muslim" at the same time.  These things are mutually exclusive.  It's one religion or the other, not both.  You can't be a Mormon Catholic can you?  How about a Jewish Methodist? 

If you see someone practicing a Satanic rite, chances are 100% that that person is a Satanist.  It doesn't matter if he is wearing a yarmulke, a priest's collar or a turban while he's doing it.  The action is the identifier, not the uniform, not the place where an action happens.

Being a justice and having a reasonable concern for the Law, when someone reports the existence of heinous crime, I am naturally on guard and sniffing around. 

So in several hundred of these cases where the person seemed to be hinting at having actual factual information instead of just expressing outrage, I have gone to Step Two and asked them the obvious questions: Were you ritually abused yourself?  Did you witness any such abuse first-hand?  If so, are you willing to sign a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury? 

About a third of the people dropping these dark hints never reply.  Either they get spooked and realize that they are spreading gossip and being held to account for it, or they are the actual survivors, losing their nerve to expose the vermin. Either way, they never come forward, so that is a dead end.

Another third reply with "Yes, but" answers.  They realize that they have no first-hand knowledge and can't provide any testimony, but they nonetheless know someone who knows someone who knows someone...... I suggest that someone get in touch with someone and have someone (the actual supposed victim) get in touch with me, if they are willing to provide a proper sworn and witnessed affidavit of probable cause or provide viable witness testimony. And again, the dial tone kicks in and I never hear back from anyone. 

The final third replies with "I can't believe you are so insensitive!"  Insensitive to what?  Unproven allegations of heinous crimes brought forward by people who are unwilling to provide any valid testimony or material evidence?  I might as well get teary-eyed over every Horror film produced by Hollywood. 

Crime --- especially heinous capital crime committed against the most vulnerable and innocent members of society -- is a very, very serious matter.  It isn't for  "pub talk" and it doesn't belong on the local grapevine along with the latest who-got-who-pregnant scandals. 

If it's real, our response to it has to be real ---- and deadly serious.  So I have taken it seriously and done my part and wasted hours upon hours upon hours of valuable time and all for absolutely nothing.  Not as much as a single eye-witness.  Not a single ceremonial item or piece of clothing.  Not a drop of blood to enter into the forensic record. 

Now I am going to give you all some free legal advice: if you know of, suspect, or witness any kind of crime, it is your duty to report it immediately to the police.  Failure to do so makes you an accomplice to the crime.  You do not want to be an accomplice to kidnapping, torture, sexual molestation of minors, or baby-killing of any kind. 

As corrupt as many Admiralty Judges are, they won't hesitate a nanosecond to condemn you to the fullest extent of the law for such a lapse, and neither will I.

For those of you who are Christians, Jews, or Muslims, I will also give you some spiritual advice.  The Psalms very clearly tell us that God hates a gossip. Of all the sins and all the vile sinners, God hates those who gossip.  Why?

It's because while bullets and blades can kill the body, evil words kill the heart and mind and soul.  Gossip has the potential to do damage that all the blades and bullets in the world could never do, and to do it thoughtlessly, wantonly, because we fail to take words and their power seriously.

When you spread gossip, it is like putting manure on the fields of evil. It creates fear and it creates prejudice and it creates hateful, ill-conceived actions that are often based on nothing but hot air and darkness.   

How many marriages have been ended by gossip?  How many friendships destroyed?  How many good men and women discounted because of it?  How many loves lost?  How much peace of mind?  How much suffering?  How much injustice and undeserved punishment? 

We think it's just words and that words don't cost us anything, but words have a life of their own.  They add up.  They heal or they destroy.  They spread truth or they spread lies.  Words can cost us everything, including our lives ----and there is no such thing as "just gossip". 

God hates gossip, so think long and hard before you pick up the phone or push the "send" button and spread rumors. When you drop words into the pond of our common mind and the ripples go forth, you are blissfully unaware of both the good and the harm you have done, but someday you are going to be shown in exacting detail what the sum total of your words and actions on Earth have yielded. You will see those you have murdered with thoughtless words. You will feel their pain and loss.  And you will be sorry, but you won't be able to fix it.

Only God can make it right and it will take your tears and pleading and repentance down to the bone to change the evil that thoughtless words unleash on a daily basis.

I am fully aware of the entire history of ritual child sacrifice from the time of the Ancient Kingdom of Summer to today and I knew all that a long, long time before these vicious rumors started circulating. Again. 

I say, "again", and I say it wearily, because this is nothing new. 

These same rumors have resulted in the extinction of the Cathars, the near-extinction of European Jews, the slaughter of the White Russians, the murder of the Templars, and on and on and on. These same rumors have been used as the hand-maids of endless pogroms, "cleansings" and murderous rampages throughout history.  And without exception, the victims were always the Priority Creditors of those carrying out the slaughter.

Go figure.

What we are witnessing now is an effort to pin the tail on the donkey, and any donkey will do, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim.  Somewhere in our sick, morbid, hateful, desperate imaginings we remember horrible things and dwell on them for generations.  Perhaps, as some have suggested, evil times become imprinted on our DNA and when we are sufficiently stressed out, the same old rumors and fears rise up ---with the same old results of mindless murder and mayhem.

We have to be responsible and accountable for our words as well as our actions---now more than ever. Our actions with respect to crime have to be forthright, serious, practical, and actual.  No airy-fairy, he-said, she-said, they-said, I-heard, Maude-told-me gossip allowed. 

If anyone or anything is actually preying upon children, they or it, need to be caught, stopped and punished.  That does not occur as the result of spreading unsupported rumors and gossip.  It happens as the result of detailed, rigorous, coldly determined investigation and prosecution based on victim affidavits and eye-witness testimony sworn to under penalty of perjury and no way else, short of the glory of God taking vengeance on the perpetrators.

I have done my due diligence.  From now on, I want to see sworn and witnessed first-hand affidavits related to actual events or don't bother to raise the topic of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" with me.  This is my last word devoted to this subject in general, and I am asking my webmaster to "flag it" so that anyone wanting my opinion can just dial up the article number and read it.

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  1. Well said and definatly in accordance with scripture.


  2. I don't trust this woman. This right here people is called a diversion technique. First of all..."Jesus" never said anything about "religion". He actually detested it. This woman is trying to keep you all locked into the Saturn Black Cube. She is basically trying to pull the wool over your eyes and tell you to respect religions. She is the Devil in disguise. Do not trust her. She tells you not to believe in certain things, but then she herself offers you no evidence whatsoever for the claims she makes. She is a blasphemous liar!

    1. AA you do not have to trust Anna,nobody said TAKE HER WORD FOR IT!! Just go by her fruits, with HONEST intent for the truth. She has told all of us to do OUR Due Diligence!!!

      Obviously,you have not read her books, then come here and make FALSE CLAIMS of her NOT providing evidence.

      She has told us all who CARE to do the RESEARCH what is going on at court in our cities and in our country.

      Her first book lays out the FRAUD.

      Her 2nd book is affidavit with all her work(documents filed and entered into the record)are in the back of that book.

      Her 3rd book is a recap of a radio show explaining the truth and more truth. All made easily read for you.

      NOW available on line from Paul,that is if you can let your bias and ego allow you to spend a few bucks.

      juan jose

    2. I ain't talking about these BOOKS she wrote. I'm very aware of them, and have skimmed through.They're basically a rehash of stuff that's been on the Internet for 20 years. I mean you people are really gullible. Let me just tell you this...ANYONE can write a screenplay. I'm talking outside of the CLAIMS in her "books". Where is the EVIDENCE for all this alleged "fraud" she says is going on? She is sitting there saying there is no "Satanic ritual abuse" going on because there is not one shred of "evidence". Okay...well then I say same of her. Your books are NOT evidence. I have NEVER seen this woman produce one single document to back up any claim she's made. Not one areest has been carried through with any official she's made. Not one dime had been put in anyone's account etc etc. Open your eyes. You're being conned about an alleged con by a con.

    3. AA or what ever your name is, Larry, Bob, Luis or...Even when this Lady Anna von Reitz is wrong I trust her.

    4. A A, join the Colorado calls. You'll change your tune.

  3. Part 1:

    I agree that rumors (false testimony) are damaging. God hates them. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. We must control our tongue, and any communication that expresses the heart.

    Yet I don't want to see public awareness dulled by your stern rebuff. Human trafficking is a top tier business. Governmental agencies (US Child Protective Services, British Social Services, and who else?) are used to feed this business. Government has been implicated in child porn/sex/snuff rings: but has been able to contain the investigations. This should not surprise us, we who know the current "governments" are organized crime. The victims, if they ever surface, are damaged, easy to further victimize, unable to testify, and unfit as trained observers in order to provide the details necessary to build an investigation: and they are suppressed all around by unbelief. Psychological operations weave a spell of unbelief in the social fabric. Insiders who might expose the inner workings of cabal are murdered. We allow government to operate in secrecy, free from scrutiny even when crimes are suspected. We allow Masonry to openly build strongholds in government. Some State Police units wear Masonic patches, for cryin' out loud.

    Talmud teaches things about the treatment of children that would make most people blanch. Islam does, too. No one, even Christians, are immune from the devil's wiles simply by claiming a name. Many use a name, uniform or office to do wickedly behind a mantle of goodliness. There are false Christians converts, hirelings, wolves in sheep's clothing, and enemy's masquerading as ministers of light. If this is true of Christ's church (many false, judging from the fruit), how much more for others who do not build their house upon the Rock? (I'll refrain from commenting further on religion, except to say that popes' universal church is a lie from the pits of hell. The gods, who are no gods, are not God the Creator and Savior by another name.)

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Where there is a loose thread we ought to pull on it. We would be stupid to ignore these telltales because we don't have enough hard fact to mount a criminal investigation. A prolific writer close to us once wrote to Francis, "We are not stupid." It is well and good to call for self-discipline when exploring, arranging, discussing our observations. Just don't go too far so as to convince people of the apparent lie that the ruling elites' hands are not bloody to the shoulder, and much of that is children's blood. The legislative/media/Hollywood push to devalue human life is manifest in many ways. Human trafficking is visible: we MUST ask, what is still hidden from view?

    You write about reptilians, Anna. Seriously, lizard people among us most of whom mean well. :) And chakra, and hint about Jesus belonging to a Nazorean cult, and hold popery (founded on seizing power, and later the precept of owning souls) as if it is an aspect of the Holy (it is plainly devilish). You think Roman Catholic popes represent Jesus Christ, the same men who stand (lie down) with the kings of the earth, and pose beside them with the devil horn hand gestures? Merkel "doing her best"--with the same hand gestures. They all do it. What is that, Long Live Rock-n-roll?

    What you just wrote about words also applies to thoughts, gestures, and deeds: they add up.

    1. You know what? Good for you...I applaud you. Don't even feed into this woman's agenda. Nor tty to reason here, because you will only be attacked. Do not cast pearls before swine.

    2. I'm not willing to go that far. I agree with the political/banking fraud theory, the affidavit stands as a powerful work. And the lawful remedy is Common Law.

      I'm no okay with pope-hugging. The papacy was seen as a power-mongering political entity even by its own orthodox cardinals in its infancy. It has only gotten more so. Most people see RCC as a religious apparatus. It is not, it's a political system.

      Popery is not a religion. Islam is not a religion. Judaism is not a religion. These are political systems antithetical to the Constitution, they would each overthrow us ad install their own government if they could. Arguably, they don't qualify for 1st Amendment protection. There are signs they have been trying to overthrow us.

      I'm also not okay with UN blue helmets on our land, even if they are gonna wipe DC down. It seems like an expedient solution, but can we really expect a peaceful turnover? Maybe I am naive, but it seems utterly foolish to invite that criminal entity in. The same "peace keeping force" that mowed down unarmed communities in Haiti. I much rather the slogan "Get US out of the UN", though it could use some polish.

      And fake Jews capitalize on the mystique and mountain of lies that Germany is still paying reparations for. The so-called racial guilt card. Sorry, but if someone really wanted to stop being persecuted they would stop with the long cons. Now UN is hearing the case that "US" (whoever that is) should pay reparations to black people for the slave trade 150+ years ago. As if the rest of the world weren't also guilty of that. Come on everybody, pay up. You owe someone for the sins of your father. Lies, lies, colorful lies, rewriting history, opportunistic relative ethics, etc.

      That legal system under UUC that fosters such things continues to do its worst against those it entraps. And the people keep coming to it for salvation.

      Despite the rosy picture of our waking Republic, not to be confused with New Republic, our troubles are far from over. They are just changing shape and venue.

  4. Part 2 of 2:
    I understand there are relationships that require decorum when you write. But don't try to convince us that the so-called public servants--like Merkel who is destroying her nation, in similitude of Obama who is destroying us--are doing the best they can for the people. They look, act, and smell like predators: they in no way resemble sleeping sheep dogs biding their time to do their well-timed selective acts of good. We must look narrowly upon them, and discern past the uniforms, titles and offices, the smiles and double-speak, and our long-standing, misplaced trust in their basic goodness. They are double-minded at best. The world is in the clutches of the devil. The governments belong to Satan, and those who are not in Christ are his servants whether they know it or not. I don't downplay God's sovereignty by saying this, He is permitting it for now: nobody gets into those offices unless they are of Satan. A kind begets his kind, and knows and favors and protects his own kind. It behooves us to keep this in the front of our minds.

    We would be stupid to think Francis is the one leader who is as white as his robes. He is a Jesuit, a Marxist, pushing the humanist agenda, and arguably the leader of a UFO cult (Fatima, etc.) In Jerusalem he attempts to mix Jews, Muslims and Christians, and betroth them to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords with pagan ceremonies apparently held on the site of Hinom (Gehenna) where Jewish tradition teaches once stood a statue of Molech to receive infants as burnt offerings. If you doubt any of this, I got two words for you that you arleady very know well: Kurt Kallenbach. Once one sees this stuff, it can't be unseen. Let not your good be evil spoken of: RCC has not fallen away, they jumped over the edge long ago. If there is any godly good in this, I don't think we could find it with a particle smasher. Our only consolation here is that what we mean for evil, God means for good.

    SRA is real, the satanic network is real, there is too much evidence for them. It is in government, we can see the fruit of that tree. Covens that boast they have sleepers in every agency, every hospital, every school: are they just playing us? Or can we see the results and call the thing what it is?

    1. You are all making a big mistake. Francis is NOT the head of the Catholic Church. He is as big an imposter in his own right as Obama is as president of the organic united States.
      One can not be the head of something one is not a member of.
      He might have some defacto power in the temporal realm but his is definitely NOT a true Pope of Christs' mystical body the Church. The whole world thinks they are following the Keys of Peter, when in fact they are following a new and false religion called the Novus Ordo. This was predicted in 1846 by the Prophecy of LaSalette. Look it up. There is truly nothing hidden that shall not be known.
      "Rome will lose the Faith, and become the seat of the AntiChrist".

  5. Sorry for the avalanche. It's been collecting. There is a lot that concerns me. I could spend a lot of time writing and reproving it. I am not a holier-than-thou type, I'm pretty down to earth and I own that I'm nowhere near perfect. My words are not meant as cast stones, they are meant to show that a part of being vigilant is juggling, another part being tenacious, and another part keeping a long memory. It has been said, know the enemy in order to know the counterfeit. I rather say know the real thing in order to know the counterfeit. Because we all see through a glass darkly, the only way to not err is to focus on the brightest and purest truth in that glass, and the path it lights. When Israel came out of Egypt their glass was very, very dark. Yet God loved them and corrected them. Their walk under His covenant was sometimes wonderful and amazing, but mostly they erred greatly. As a nation, having a remnant reserved unto God. So Wisconsin or Britain or Israel, any nation that follows God before Jesus returns, we can expect will err greatly, and may be blessed with some wonderful and amazing times. God is angry with the wicked every day. But He loves us and corrects us. Because He loved us first, we can love Him. We love what He loves, we hate what He hates: or we are not of Him. We must stand for what is right, and not be so trusting and accommodating of public figures. We are learning this every day now, as more and more of the train of filth and lies is exposed. Trust needs to be rebuilt from scratch, not afforded to those who have maintained it quite literally all of our lives.

  6. I would also like to respond to the person who commented talking about stuff in religious text like Talmud. These religious texts have been manipulated over centuries and what is in these text now may not have been there before. You should NEVER blame people for what is in some religious text. Most jewish people do not even know what a Talmud is, they may think it's some kind of towel. They have no idea what is in it. And the version of the Talmud that are studied by the real extreme Jews may not have the manipulated texts. I have never in my life heard a fellow Jewish person speak negatively about other races. I have never heard anything in jewish religious teachings in Sunday school other then "love everyone". And if someone harms you turn the other cheek and let them harm you again because are never to harm another person. So to the millions of truthers who spread your hatred on a daily basis against my race, i see you every day, and you give me heart pain because i know it's not true what you say. You will get your karma..what you sow, you shall reap!
    If you do not believe that religious texts are manipulated, check out "Mandella Effect" on youtube regarding the bible verses that have been supernaturally changed recently. Yes, people's bibles have been uploaded with new verses. For instance the verse in the King James bible that said "Judge not less be judged" is now not in the KJ bible and it has been replaced with a new verse. And the verse in the KJ that said "The lion shall lie down with the lamb" has been changed to "The wolf shall like down with the lamb". And this change is happening in people's bibles in their personal collection at home. They have also added a verse to the KJ bible that says that Jesus now wants his followers to slay all non believers. Does this sound like a Jesus teaching?? No. But it's now in the bible. See Mandella Effect videos on youtube. So you should NEVER NEVER blame races for what is in religious texts, because it's very easy for controllers to use Quantum computers to change history.
    There is some evidence that the Nephylim Giants are back now and they are doing some manipulations of our timeline. In Israel these giants have shown up to harass people and they have been a little violent and threatening. There are many beings that influence our reality negatively and you should never blame other enslaved people on this planet for things they have no influence over. The person who wrote in their comment about blaming people for religious texts, is one of the reasons i no longer care to associate with "truther" movements. That ignorance and evil is not of God , it is not spiritual and it is darkness. And they think they are the ones to save this world, yeah, Hitler felt that way also.

  7. Well you're not a Jew, because if you would know that being Jewish is NOT a race. It's a religion. You can't convert to being Japanese...yet. But you can surely convert to being a Jew. Jewish is religion and a cultural thing, but it is NOT a race.

  8. I hate to break up this party with bad news...but i just received an email from a site called "food for patriots" who wherehouse quality good tasting freeze dried food and incased in special mylar packages so as to guarantee a 25 year shelf life, designed for emergency purposes. He sent me this email in the recent light of Obamas new executive order 13603 , NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURSES PREPAREDNESS ACT, which literally gives him or god forbid Hillary, the right for immediate "food confiscation" with just the stroke of a pen....tommorrow if they want. The reason he sent the email to me is because he just received a very dissterrbing purchase order by FEMA. They wanted to know buy their entire supply of their food on hand, and asked them how much could they supply in a 24hr period upon request, and other questions that could only be interpreted as an impending disaster about to occur. The point being is if they cant control the money, they can certainly control the food, especially if it is enforced by FEMA and our industrial military complex. Then what is your money going to be worth that we are supposed to get. It wont mean squat. You cant eat money. I warned you guys about this. These people always have a back up plan. People can be more easily controlled with food than money anyday. We are going to be forced to do whatever they want or starve to death. Believe it or not, he said he isnt going to sell them anything. But he does want us to get it right now because if that "Order" is activated at anytime he will be forced to comply with them and turn it all over to them. Does this sound like they are planning a new world for us. We need to face the fact that the "Constitution" is an outdated document, and dissolve DC completely, along with those 19 delegated authorities reserved to the federal govt. Our federal govt. needs to be dissolved too....completely. Every State needs to act as their own country. No more central govt. for anything. Every State needs equal access to our military services. Either that or they need to be equally divided between every state, and then up to every state to reinforce those troops in order to defend each states population density. And then if there is a foreign invastion, every states military has to come together as one, but only then. This system leaves to much control to a centralized federal govt....all central govt. do. Thats my two cents for what its worth...

  9. Unknown, thank you for the thoughtful reply. I would not blindly defend anyone, nor would I defend anyone so patently wrong as the examples you cite. Movements are dangerous, period. We all may be tempted to gravitate towards a mob or leader for strength and solidarity, but such a social entity is easily exploited. Looking around, it's hard to not to see that the wise should avoid it.

    Mandela effect is a deception. I've checked out the number of claims against the Bible verses, they are false. I've no reason any longer to credit this phenomenon for anything.

    As for the WWII official narrative, it is falling apart. Germany was not the evil thing we've been taught. The Allies were not the white knight. Russia, perhaps the worst of them all, was built up as a result. It is obvious it was a bankers war: financially enslaved Germany rebelled against the banks and was put down for it. I don't want to go into detail. It is a volatile topic. What you're seeing is likely a combination of convoluted things, none of them for good. Info is coming out, and people are angry (surely this was by design). That's not an apology or justification for any bad behavior; nor do I cast blame, which is often something that all parties share. The shadow government wants us angry and fighting anyone and anything. In my opinion, we would benefit from a long, honest, housecleaning with a blessed absence of machinations; and settling in as nations with borders, since that is the world order that God ordained. Will we get it? The prophecy that matters to me says: not until Jesus comes.

  10. Also, I wanted to comment on the Talmud thing. Yes, it is wrong to cast a group as villain for a superficial cause. What we have is a well-organized group in power who adheres to Talmud, and armies of order-followers under them. They call themselves a name, to the detriment of those whose identity they steal. Sound familiar? This is what we need to become adept at dealing with.

    This phenomenon is not confined to Talmud followers. It just may be easier to spot. Muslims who seem honest enough convey that they are not taught the radical Qur'an. They're kept clueless by their imam. Yet, the text is there and men and women are radicalized by its timely and skillful revealing, used as a mind kontrol weapon: those in power wield it, and order-followers receive it as their duty. Christian Zionists...don't get me started, the size of this post will double.

    Don't mistake my comments here for labels that I apply as cursory condemnation. Though many do, I've unlearned it (permanently, I hope). A label is a fiction. Labels are only valuable tools for economizing on words. Unpacking them is vital to real communication: because people are uniquely real, not canned fictions.

  11. Potent comments from one of the few people qualified to comment on the power of the spoken word. The legal environment is typically populated with practitioners of word magick known as word artists. Word art is the basis for their tremendous power(they can enslave, bankrupt, and even execute you). Words have real power, and should be used carefully. The father will not approve you without this maturity. Always think, what would my father have me do? Although very forgiving, he will insist you sufficiently develop in spirit. Either way, he will respect your choice; though fellowship hangs in the balance.

  12. Tect9494, if you were talking to me, at least i dont hide behind a moniker like you. I use my real name, or as real as it gets in this dimention and plane. Its called transparantcy. I have no reason to hide behind some cleverly designed word to identify yourself. What did i say that agitated you so much. All i said is start preparing for the worst. And i dont just mean from the corp. "elite". Its just a wise thing to do considering we could have an earthquake, or some other natural disaster. Im sorry if that offened your moral sensabilities. Are we living in the past, present or future. How would you even know when your whole perspective is based on one dimension. The only people that can truely speak honestly about what the lord has planed for all of us are the people that have already "crossed over" to the other side and lived to tell us about it through "NEAR DEATH" experiances. And dont try and tell me that their stories are anticdotal.. Not after literaly thousands of them here and throughout the entire world, covering every race, religion, and culture. And all of them not only have very similar experiances but all of them definitaly admit one thing with certainty....that every language on earth is totally inadaquate to describe their experiance from the other side where there are multi dimensions that are all accessable in a spirirtual body. In other "words" no matter what we use to communicate with one another on this plane, is downright primative to our spiritual one where words have no real meanings. True communication needs no "words'. Its simply understood. It can actually be argued that language itself was nothing but an invention by man for the purpose of controlling other men and women and designed to create nothing but conflict....So keep putting those fancy words strung together in fancifully superior intellict to prove to the rest of us how utterly ignorant the rest of us all are. Yes, we get it. But remember we are still using words which only means we are all still primitive by definition. God, i wish i could have said that to my arrogant, pompus, college english professor.....!!!!

  13. Enough with personal bickering. Let's keep it on point on the issues.


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