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Sunday, October 2, 2016

There is Nothing Occult

by Anna Von Reitz

The word “occult” means “hidden”----- and there is nothing hidden from you.  Absolutely nothing.  There are only things that you haven’t thought of, things you are afraid to know, and things that Evil Ones have kept you ignorant of, so as to better plunder your assets and control you. 
There is nothing occult in this world or upon this Earth.  God has declared that if you knock, it shall be opened, and if you ask, it will not be withheld.  You can experience this Truth for yourself any time you dare to knock upon His Door.
Not only is nothing hidden, more is constantly being revealed, directly, right under your noses.  The Kingdom of God that has always been within you and part of you offers you unending riches of life and knowledge and experience that you only need to be brave enough to accept. 
You are the product, part and parcel, of the greatest love story ever conceived.  You are witnessing magic and wonders that make anything in Harry Potter look pale as a child’s drawings.  You are the Children of God----literally.  The Earth is your playpen and schoolyard. 
And if the true knowledge of who and what you are has been hidden from you, it can only be said that in the deepest sense, you have hidden it from yourselves.
There is One Life that fills the Universe and all of this dimension, and you are all part of it as a twig is a part of a branch. The One Life flows through you and exists within you and connects you to all other life, and if there is any occult secret, it is simply your own stubborn unawareness of your connectedness to everyone and everything else that exists.
You are afraid of this awareness because you fear that you will lose your individual consciousness. This is the same reason that you fear death.  You think that your “self” will be lost and that what little you have will be taken from you.  You think that your memories, good and bad, and all that makes you who and what you are will melt away and cease to exist, simply because the physical body does. 
Imagine for a moment how silly and ungrateful and stupid this is?
You have been given an individual life and consciousness, as a gift.  And now instead of being grateful and rejoicing and exploring it, you huddle up in a corner, pull a blanket over your head and cherish nasty suppositions about the motivations behind the gift. 
You suspect the Giver will take it all back, that there has to be a hitch, that it is at once too wonderful to be true and too big a responsibility to undertake. 
So you huddle in your little hut with the blanket over your head and curse the gift and blame the Giver for all the bad things you ever experience, unaware that you are causing your own misery and alienation and loneliness.  And it could be far, far different, except for the choices that you make.
This isn’t just about the history of America that has been obscured by con artists.  This is about revelation on many levels and concerning many subjects.  The word “apocalypse” means “the revealing” ---as in a curtain being withdrawn so that the light can pour in. 
How is it that you rear your own children and watch them grow and take for granted all the stages of their maturing, and you hear the words that you are the “Children of God” and yet, you don’t connect the meaning and implications of what you are being told? 
What do you suppose it takes to mature a god-scion? 
Just one lifetime in Puxtuxawilli, Maine? 
Imagine for a moment that you are standing in a room, looking out the window to a garden beyond.  Now, imagine that you turn and walk into another room and look out another window with another view. 
That is how easy it is to change—and expand--- your perspective. Just a little adjustment.  Walk a few feet into another room and look out another window.  How easy is that?
By choosing to do something as simple as that, you can know all the secrets of the world, all that is hidden from you, all that has been used to defraud and control and limit you.  And the choice and the means to do this is all yours, all in your control.
You can project your consciousness wherever you need it to go.  You can look into any musty corner of history, know any secret, at will.  Just as I do.
The “scales” will drop from your eyes---- your inner eyes.  And at the same time you know the truth about your own nature, you will reconnect and willingly take your place in the great order of things, knowing for sure that you are greatly loved and greatly blessed far beyond your wildest dreams.
All fear melts away when you know the Truth.  It simply doesn’t exist anymore, because you are sure of who you are and who your Daddy is.  What He tells you to do, you will run to do, gladly.  What He asks, you will accomplish out of pure love.  And you will never feel alone again.
The destiny planned for you all since the foundations of the world is something far grander than your minds can presently conceive, but what He has purposed shall be.  You will grow, as a child does, and you will mature and become all that He cherishes in His heart for you.
God sees you, your ultimate pure essence, as a work already completed.  He has already mandated your success. He does not see your mistakes and imperfections as anything defiling or ruining you; rather, He sees them as your own unique process of growth and transformation, steps toward becoming your own perfected self, lessons you have to learn. 
Do you hate your child because he falls down and scrapes his knees? 
So what is this nonsense of the hateful, vengeful God who is going to condemn His own children to flames of unending torment and death?   Who, rather, is the “god” who delights in the “smell of burning flesh”?
There are two Gods in the Bible--- the True God and the False God.   And the True God is constantly lied about and blasphemed by the False God.  For what reason? 
So that you can learn the Truth and learn to tell the difference between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, good and evil.  You must learn these lessons and develop an acute power of discernment in order to inherit your birthright and it is as plain and simple as that. 
You have one job in this or any other lifetime that is your own most serious undertaking, and that is to master all the complexities of the “knowledge of good and evil”, so that you can recognize both with consistency and certainty, discerning the good in evil and the evil in good, and choose your path according to the Will of your Father, the path that is good for you and all of creation.
You are all struggling with these lessons, so tutors are sent to you---and some tutors are better than others.  As with all things, you must choose your teachers with discernment and judge the fruits of their teachings.  Do they lead to peace or war?  Do they provide mercy and charity, or violence and greed? 

Stop and really think about what is valuable in life and what gives you lasting joy and you will know the Truth and nothing in Heaven or on Earth will be hidden from you.  You can stop fearing the “occult” and start enjoying the revelation. 

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  1. There is only One True God. All besides Him are imposters, as was Lucifer. He wanted to be worshiped as God. God is not divided against Himself. Yes, His delight is to be with the Children of Men. But He does chastise His children from time to time to improve them, and bring them to the knowledge of His truth. After all, we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost, and yes we have the power to defile that image in us that God wants us to have of Him. He loves the mirror of His goodness that he sees in the best of us, but we can soil the mirror by turning against Him, with sin. He will never interfere with our own free will. We were made in His image and likeness, the Chief attribute of which is free will.
    So choose. Are you going to live for yourself, to satisfy your own will, or is there a better and higher purpose for your life?
    That spirit (our own soul) Anna talks about in us, WILL LIVE FOREVER whether we want it to or not. It's up to us to decide where it will live forever. I would prefer to be in the company of God Himself for all eternity and hope for the same for all of you.
    The other side of that coin is the question of justice. Yes God is plenteous to forgive His Children, but what about those who completely reject Him, and all he taught, and make up their minds to do that forever. Will he interfere. Well yes, He might send them a superabundance of Grace, but ultimately it's their own decision. THERE IS NOBODY IN HELL THAT DOES NOT WANT TO BE THERE. Scary thought, right? Think about the Good thief. How easy was it to simply say, remember me when thou come to thy kingdom? So don't be afraid to suffer hardship in this life, in honor of the Word of God made man who suffered the ignominy of the Cross and made it possible for us to enter heaven and be there for all eternity. Take up your cross and follow Him, and He will bless you forever. Your eternal happiness is all he ever wanted and still wants.


    Hello Anna and Paul,

    I understand what you are saying here but to those who are victims of the Occult it sounds like religious platitudes. I think that conversation like that is a way of side stepping the issues. Christians have a way of tossing out platitudes instead of dealing with issues directly. Let's just pray about it and it will go away is a sort of mind set or record Christians play over and over again to avoid talking about these things and DEALING WITH THEM.

    These AshkeNAZI Zionists, Sephardic Jews and Merovingian’s (ASM's) are the serpent and reptilian bloodlines who took over and installed the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. 150 years ago. They are occultists who use sacred symbolisms and worship a whole host of evil beings including Lucifer.

    You are taking them on in courts Anna which means that you are not simply sitting back and praying about it, you are doing something about it.

    We need to CALL A SPADE A SPADE and quit trying to hide the occult practices in the closet. The forces behind the ASM’s are these demonic beings. I am exposing this all the time, as are others who under stand that it is the DARK SIDE IS DRIVING THEM.

    We need people like you Anna and Paul that go after the legally and people like we Truthers who are going after their EVIL DEEDS publically while exposing the DARK SIDE that is installing the New AshkeNAZI World Order through them.

    It’s a team effort. Christian platitudes won’t get you anywhere in court and Christian platitudes won’t expose them to the world. WE THE PEOPLE have to do this. WE THE PEOPLE with a calling who seem to be inspired to go the extra mile because they care are left to clean up this mess.

    The church should be doing this but they aren’t WE HAVE TO DO IT.

    One of my mottos is that we are in this mess because GOOD PEOPLE DO/DID NOTHING.

    We are the only ones who can CLEAN UP THIS MESS and we have to do it knowing that evil is the real enemy behind the doors we are exposing.

    Buyers Beware!

    1. One of the most important things to know in life, is life itself.

      First of all, life is the beginning of it all, WITHOUT WHICH . . . WE WOULD NOT EXIST . . . AND NOTHING ELSE WOULD EITHER.



      Jesus said, “ I Am the Life”.
      Jesus also said, “If you Love Me, I and My Father will make Our abode in YOU.”

      God said, the world feigns love for Me, while denying the power.
      What power is God talking about?



      “Greater love has no one than this, than He lay down His life for His friend” you and me
      [highest value of “friend” expresses the highest love greatest love] (John 15:13)
      1 John 4:10 says “in this, is love, not that we loved God, but that HE LOVED US and
      sent His Son to be the propitiation [ SOLUTION / REMEDY AND CURE ] for our sins.”
      NOTHING OF OURSELVES. That’s why we don’t have to do ANYTHING, or not do anything.
      Jesus did it for us already !

      A Perfect Finished Work. Our job is to rest in Jesus’ completed work!
      When Jesus said, “If you love Me. . .”
      Jesus is saying, when, out of our deepest heart and soul . . . we let grow a great passion for what Jesus has done for us. . .
      This importance we feel . . . “how so so valuable" this is. . . what Jesus has done for me, and WOW Jesus is IN ME.
      That this. . . Our highest regard and understanding for what Jesus has done for us, and us soaking into ourselves this understanding of “no greater love” by Jesus. . .becomes, actually what Jesus empowers to us! In Us!

      It is all You Lord, in me!
      The Greatest Love in US. . . Him!

      No greater value, no greater importance, the greatest love. . . JESUS IN US.


      "He that loves his life shall lose it, and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. If any man serve Me, let him follow Me."

  3. There are many good spiritual web-sites and youtube videos available that will expound further on what Anna and Paul have said.

  4. Speaking of revelation...see in Revelation 21:8 who goes to the Lake of Fire and note the fearful. Those who, for fear of losing life or their property in times of persecution, or were not willing to risk their live lack faith, and can't be deemed bona-fide Christians as they are too self centered.


  5. To Anna:

    You are a resilient woman and you are correct:

    Luk 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.


    But it is God who does the revelation and to whom:

    Luk 8:10 And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

    Etymology on line on the Occult:

    1530s, "secret, not divulged," from Middle French occulte and directly from Latin occultus "hidden, concealed, secret," ... The association with the supernatural sciences (magic, alchemy, astrology, etc.) dates from 1630s.

    Astrology ummm?

    Can we really just WILL and then come to know everything??

    Jer 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

    Can any of you come to know the real truth God but fiat?? Is it not clear enough what Jesus said:

    Joh 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

    Are you understanding?

    Astral projection

    The idea of astral travel is rooted in esotericism and occultism, and was promoted by 19th century Theosophists—philosophers who explored the mystical and preternatural origins of the natural world.[3] It is sometimes reported in association with dreams, and forms of meditation.[6] Some individuals have reported perceptions similar to descriptions of astral projection that were induced through various hallucinogenic and hypnotic means (including self-hypnosis).

    This is a very dangerous road my friends and Anna. It is God who reveals and man has no such power.

    Paul there is not such thing as a hell fire in the manner you understand it. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong after all is it not the truth you are all seeking for???

    Be Blessed

    1. Certainly Heresy. The greatest trick Satan ever pulled was to convince the world he doesn't exist and there is no Hell.

  6. Paul,

    Really, seriously how an insane of a response?
    Where is YOUR credibility Paul and not Ignatius?

    Where are the chapters and verses to prove what you are saying for the world to see and prove for themselves?

    Here is mine and i use the Bible to prove all things all chapter and verses no short changing!

    Inatius Liyola!!! OMG please check the links as a starter fokks.

    And you want to win the fight against the Devil and his angels for America? Your arms are too short to box with God, the truth God.

    There is only one place in the bible where the Greek word hell is translated to death is in:

    1Co 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

    Do you want to know why they translated it here to death, the same word to mean hell in all other verses??? Because it would do away with the fable doctrine of hell thats why. And hell is a form of enslavement to keep the mass suppressed, the mass who have no restrain and must have a STOP SIGN or they would run you over. The only reason most Christians do the 1 minute prayer to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour is to AVOID HELL! No other reason. Take hell away and why be good?

    Go do like the Burean and show yourself approve. Before any one opens their mouth make sure you have done like Anna in her search for truth in the matters of the world, because every word you say you will be held against those words.

    Peace Love and Most of all Mercy

    1. Church or bible??

      The Churches are all wrong and there is not one correct translation AND there is not one original manuscript in existence in Hebrew Aramaic or Greek, now how do you like those potatoes and how are you going to handle that?

      Using Initius Loyotola as a mouth piece for you, who is purported to be the initiator of the New World Order, which you are all trying to get out of, how insane can this be!

      This is all about you Paul right now and what does the spirit say thru you; and be careful what spirit it is that speaks thru you because if a man cannot funnel his words thru the Scriptures and have it come out clean than it is just old wine.

      This is very serious business my friends. The truth of this world system is being revealed thru Anna and those assisting her that you may all know how this world is being held captive and its inevitable end unless the Master Yashuah, Jesus returns and puts all his enemies under his feet. This includes all the idols of your hearts that you may know it is God that rules amongst men and not his illusion of free will.

      I have posted information for all to read and prove i am wrong. So be it.

      He that has ears to hear let him hear and if you think i am being too loud than:

      Meet the real Jesus people hate

      Lean about the real Lucifer

      BenElyon So be it.

  7. How does this site always degrade into a "pissing" contest about religious beliefs. I just love all the "Christians" who always seem to have a chap. and bible verse for every possible arguement hes confronted with. I cant give those same quotes, but didnt jesus chastize both the pharisees and saudasees(sorry for the spelling) who did the same thing yet they couldnt even read simple signs in the sky about next days wheather. I found out the best way to testifiy to someone is first learn their beliefs and religion. That gives you credibility to them immediately. As a biology student , one of the classes i was required to take was "Evolution". Off course i had recently finally became a christian and started to actually read the "WORD" instead of just listening to everyone who were self-proclamed experts. So i was carrying around one more book than usual. But only because i made a promise to fellow christian who helped me with a very hard ecology class that required a 10 page explanation of just one question. Without his help i would have failed that class. But it was worth it to finally learn what i always knew was true anyway. So my brother and i walked into the evolution class with a professor, who you can imagine, didnt believe creation, and he was an expert at his "religion". We had no problem with him, but when he saw us carrying those bibles with us, he already had judged us from previous encounters with "bible thumpers" in his class. Thats how much damage those so called christians caused him. He just assumed we werent any different. But as time went on, both of us really did show an interest in learning evolotion. In fact, we both got A's in his class. And we never once tried to preach to him, because we were just learning the word ourselves and not ready to testify to anyone. Long story short, this teacher who had nothing but contempt for grandstanding christians, actually came up to us and actually asked us why do you guys believe in creation and God. Can you believe this. Since we got an A in his class, he was ready to at least give us a chance to make our case for creation. Sadly, we werent ready at that time to give him a good answer using facts, not just a bible to convince him of our position except to say that considering how the human body functions(remember we were pre med students) in such complex ways without even thinking about it, there was no way in hell any reasonable mind could possible conclude that from one single celled organism, and with enough time(millions of years) man, with the complexities of the universe was the end result. The fossil evidence for it doesnt exsist. And that is the sole rock you depend on to make your case. So you definitely have as much "faith" as us. It just might be a little misdirected. We left it at that. But he questioned his "faith" probably for the first time in his life.

  8. You are absolutely right James. You can't base arguments for Christianity solely on the Bible.

  9. James and all

    I am going to concur with you James and IF men had the Law in his heart we would not be exchanging chapters and verses. But you have to wonder by even Jesus quoted the Scriptures to make his point.

    Here is the thing. The entire ponzi scheme by which they have gotten consent from all the people has been thru semantic deceit as Anna has pointed out and they have been trading our souls on the stock market as pointed out in the book of revelation and enslaved us all.

    A greater deception has been done religiously by by the preachers of Christiandom from the pulpit using the Scriptures. If you believe the flood was world wide then you are deceived and their is not one doctrine of the Christiandom that is true and their mother Church is the Catholic Church, Billy Graham said so himself.

    The crowd followed Jesus some because of the mericals he did and the mass because of the food he fed them. Many people are looking for the cure to claim and cash out on their strawman but lack the spiritual character to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God. But even this is all part of the growth process of mankind.

    The entire premise of what this site is biblically based as all the laws and tenet of our society have a biblical foundation, there is no other ways about it.

    The Law is not written in the hearts of men, men is by nature a beast and will die like one, read Ecclesiatics. If i were to make physical miracles people would flood in from all over to see me, but God has only provided us with his word and you’ve got to wonder why and why he created us to use WORDS to communicated and not telepathic means and why is Jesus called the WORD?

    Have you ever heard the phrase familiarity breeds contempt?

    As a fornal U.S. Marine i am telling you this is battle for your mind and unless you have the full armor of the Most High with you and his word n your mouth you cannot stand against the tactic of the devil.

    As we say in the Marine Corps
    Semper Fi


  10. The Bible as the sole rule of Faith?

    Tradition and Living Magisterium

    Protestantism, No Leg to Stand on.

    Be careful of "Private Interpretation of the Bible"


  11. You have been deceived!!! There are things that are meant to stay hidden and actually, forbidden! it is the old devil himself who lies and says "Oh, you can be like gods" and from beginning of this age has used "the occult" to give magic, incantations and dark world's power to the illuminati and elite who want to take over the world.....End of age, all things hidden will be brought into the light, but that doesn't mean we are to know all things....some of which will steal our soul. Don't be deceived....there are some truths in that the secret governments and the devil himself and minions work "IN THE DARK" and many secret societies have their "secret" initiations and oaths. There is evil in this world and not all things hidden should be accepted!!!!!!! Be discerning. Don't be fooled by believing all things hidden are good.......That is a LIE from the great liar!


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