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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Update: Bank Foreclosures and Mountain Climbing

by Anna Von Reitz

Our focus is the "get to the root" of this evil, both in terms of its process and the mechanics of it.  This Fraud is go vast and has its tentacles into so many areas of our lives that it is like peeling an onion---- layer after layer after layer.

As a young woman I lived in Juneau, Alaska, and I was friends and housemates with some Californians.  They were all very athletic, leggy, tall, Nordic types who were out hiking in the summer and kayaking and fishing and skiing in the winter.  Me, not so much.  I am the more phlegmatic German type.  Squarish in build and practical by nature.  So when they began pestering me to climb a mountain for no reason but to climb a mountain I politely declined.

They it up, however, and after a year of being pestered to climb this stupid mountain for no reason, I grimly said, okay, we'll climb the @$#@@% mountain. 

Being a German, I knew it wouldn't be any fun.  My attitude was sour as buttermilk.  I put on my thick socks.  I packed my pack with care.  I took a deep breath.  And the hike up the mountainside began early one Saturday morning.  They all took off like gazelles and I was soon all by myself plodding up switchback after switchback. No doubt that they thought it was funny to see just how far behind them I would be.

But, within half an hour, the Sister appeared, looking white-faced and shaken.  She was cold and had tripped over a tree root and wasn't feeling well, so was headed home.  And half an hour after that, her Brother showed up, looking dazed and weary.  He had developed a painful blister and was headed down the mountain, too.  Half an hour after that, the Brother-in-Law appeared.  He was winded and panting and red-faced and shaking his head.  Well, he was worried about the other two, and it was cold and misty up at the tree line, so, he had had enough and was going home. 

That left me, the lone tortoise, chugging up the trail, the only one who kept going hour after hour.  The switchbacks and deep forest gave way to willow scrub and alpine flora at the tree line.  As reported, it was cold and very misty.  Soon, the climb began in earnest and I walked and scrambled up one stair-step plateau after another, each time thinking that I was near the summit only to be disappointed when another plateau and rock face came into view. 

Finally, about three o'clock in the afternoon, I hove over the final edge and found myself in easy walking distance of the true summit and peak marker, with a view of a beautiful hidden valley beyond.  It was quite a reward for the effort, and unexpected.  For a moment, I just sucked in my ragged breath and thought how incredibly beautiful it was. 

Then I went the final leg to the summit, picked up all the beer cans and litter that other climbers had left there, and began the trek back down the mountain.  It was early summer in Alaska and it stays light past midnight, so it was no problem getting back to town.  I was tired and well-exercised, but really no worse for the wear.  I showed the others what they missed at the summit, the view of the hidden valley.

And none of them ever pestered me about climbing a mountain again.  Not a peep.

In a way, this is what this work is like now.  I didn't want to undertake it, but having undertaken it, I won't give up.  My team and I are very methodically unravelling it step by step by step, and when we are done, it will be well and truly finished. There will be a clean sweep of the problem and the patents and the systems and practices causing it. 

We aren't going for the stems and leaves of the foreclosure fraud.  We are going for the root. 

The entire system of fraudulent bank loans and fraudulent foreclosures will be utterly destroyed and swept away.

I regret to say that there is no known truly simple remedy, because the system itself is so multi-layered. In every case, we are dealing with a single central fraudulent house mortgage, yes, but that then requires dealing with fraudulent escrows and many other accounts attached to it.

This is a mammoth, automated, patented fraud machine that was created for the sole purpose of generating ill-gotten profits and unregistered security interests.    We thought several times that there might be a simple, straight forward answer, a key that people could turn on a one-by-one basis,  only to face another stair step, another layer to the onion.

We are still climbing the mountain.  That's the bad news.  We aren't quite at the summit yet.  The good news is that people won't have to worry about going through any big legal process or battle in their own right when we are done.  There will probably be some action required from individual homeowners, like recording a new land record or posting a claim with a specific insurance company--- but the days of facing bank foreclosures in court will be done and over.

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  1. Need a solid case, because all courts are run by lawyers with intrest in Thair income.
    More rigged than a hillery debate.

  2. The property tax scam ties in with this. Apparently there is an unrevealed contract (not valid and lawful) when the deed is recorded at the county recorders office (usually by an escrow company that is a party to the fraud) that places the property within the corporate state and authorizes creation of a trust that is now the legal owner of the property and is charged an administrative fee known as property taxes. This clearly violates the provisions of the land patent and is outright extortion.

    1. Property tax is a result of a concealed federal lien due to the "national debt" and is on the chattel, not the land. This puts the chattel in an equity status. To get it into an at law status, a state national must secure the land patent in his name, then quit claim it out of equity. A land patent establishes absolute title to the land, AND it's appurtenances into perpetuity. As United States is a party to the contract, the only court that would have original jurisdiction would have to be the supreme court of the United States, as that was the only one ordained under Article III. Once it gets there, no land patent case has ever lost.

    2. AGAIN what about those who lost our homes in foreclosure scams. What can we do? Can we get our homes back that have been stolen from us? Please send my comment to

    3. Margy,
      Have you removed your property from the tax roll?

  3. Yes, and if you try to settle it in a District or Superior Court, the lawyers will move it to Federal Court because, there, they stand a better chance. And eventually they will find some loophole and they will win. However, if they still cannot find the original sub-prime loan done by Countrywide Finance and transferred by MERS, it is a Mexican standoff, because they know they cannot foreclose, and you know you can never sell the property until the 30 year loan has been paid off by some new bank who isn't getting a mortgage payment from a dead man.

  4. There is plenty of work to do. There are five pillars to economic slavery: taxes, interest, inflation, penalties, foreclosure. Mountains are fun to climb and the process is healthy and refreshing.

  5. Just curious what happened with the individual foreclosure cases you were working on back around June or July I think there was 20 or so

  6. Layer after layer is an understatement. Even if you were seccessful at peeling back have the layers, the other half have be sealed in cement, thanks to the passage of the banks own "private" filing system called MERS (morgtage electronic registration system) back as far as 1996. They were already preparing all the fraud that was about to come. The whole reason the fraud was so easy to get away with is because Bill Clinton aboloist the Glass-Steagal Act, which was in place for 200 years to prevent Commericial banking(the ones we all use) from merging with Investment Banking. If you ever go into an investment bank, you will notice the difference immediately. There are no tellers, and no money kept in the bank at all. It is strickly for investments on wall street and other investments all under the heading of "securities". So the first thing you have to realize is that you are not fighting a real estate transaction. You are fighting an unlawful securities investment, of which you were an undisclosed third party too because you rightly deserve to be a benificiary of that security, because your the one who originally financed the loan using your "signiture"(solid gold to banks) that they used to monitize the entire amount of the "NOTE" at the time of signing. Note only that, but then the bank goes in back and makes 3 copies of your note in order to hyperthenicate it to 3 times the actual amount of your NOTE. So, for example, if your loan was for $200,000 you just gave the bank $600,000 . And then they have the ulmitticated gall to charge you interest besides. How in the hell to you control greed like that. Bill Clinton destroyed 200 years of good law by abolosing the Glass-Steal Act, and the merging of the banks destroyed 400 years of real estate law, which will never be the same again ever. So what used to be "morgtages" or "Deeds of Trust", are now a securitys arguement because they were all bundled under MBST(Morgtage Backed Securities Trust) which were bundled into yet larger derivities called CDO (Colleralized Debt Instraments) and insured them with "Credit Default Swaps". And Hillary has the nerve to talk about Trump's taxes. So the banks were effectively paid twice when they Defaulted on their loans, using their credit default swaps, and by congress bailing them out at the tune of 2 trillion dollars. So your home at that point was paid for by either of those two points. But the real kicker is that your house was in reality paid in full at the "closing" of escrow. They are required by law to file "a satisfaction of lein" within 2 weeks at the county recorders office. But after 2008, most of us patriots got to work and started to check the records, which nobody did before 2008, because we ignorantly believed things were being done correctly. Even the judges didnt know how real estate worked until this massive fraud showed their greedy heads into the courts.

  7. In the beginning the judges just took the words of the banks attorney as true, believeing(more like conning) the judges by using their own ignorance of the actual transactions taking place, until people became feed up and starting fighting back because of the shere number of forecloseures taking place, including the comptroller of currency charging all top 10 banks of fraud, plus the Attorneys Generals office, and tons of private people either with or without attorneys. Its so out of hand now , with so many people and agencies unwilling to be accountable, that unless you have an attorney that actually wants to be honestly working for you, you dont stand much of a chance because the courts rarely want to deal with Pro Se litigants. Jean Keating has done the greatest job of exposing the law and fraud and the remedy to stop foreclosures, but none of it is easy because you are dealing with litterally dozens of companies that have been created to deal with your NOTE that it is near impossible to ever find out who "the real party of interest is"...FRCP17(a)..Radification of Commencement. All i can say is good luck.

    1. James, great replies indeed. At the beginning one should also DEMAND from the Bank, a "TRUE Certified Forensic Audit" in accordance with (GAAP) General Accepted Accounting Principals. Also the (IFRS) International Financial Reporting Standards. These protocols of law they must strictly follow, in order to perform their accounting book entries properly. WE need TO XRAY what happened from then till now. You want a TRUE Forensic Audit trail.

      Basil 3 banking principals and accounting is international, along with BIS and "UNICITRAL" that deals with International Trade Law. Oh yes, we demand also their "Tax Registration Certificate" to prove tax compliance. ARE THEY PAYING THEIR TAXES?? THESE Corporations demand monies each month showing they are a for profit operating business. Yes, check to see IF their BOOKS are in order..Its time we make these kind of demands and see if they are in compliance with these conditions. 1 more thing, let them know you do not want an account summary!!!

    2. Thanks tim. Yes i forgot to mention GAAP. But not in my paperwork sent to the court. I mean I could go on forever after going through a foreclosure. The fact is the banks completely ignored GAAP and every law possible to make sure this wouldnt happen. And the people who were in charge of overseeing all this mess, like the SEC and the courts were either at sleep or just as ignorant as the rest of us about how real estate actually worked. The real truth is everyone, everywhere, public and private, were drinking cool-aid laced with "greed". Lets admit it, we were all part to blame because this time around it did trickle down to us. But at least we put tons of money into our houses that were only 15 years old. It made me sick to my stomach to see people who never put one cent into a home that was 50+ years old, with an original price of $20,000 and sell it for almost $500,000 just because it was in a certain area where certain cultures (mostly asain) because of a mosque built there were willing to pay anything just to live there, even for homes that needed to be bulldosed down. That just isnt fair. The people that bought our homes will be happy for the next 15 years without doing one thing to it. Real Estate is another "rigged" system. No one deserves to make almost $500,000 on a home without making any improvements to it. Thats pathetic. The banks created an atmosphere of "temporary insanity" where not one person could think clearly, not even agencies put in place to specifically address the exact problems we are now facing. It was a NATIONAL LOTTO where everyone was winning. And no one thought it would end. Thats how I know how dangerous it is that judge Anna is planning for us. Sure, it seems humanitarian to give everyone on earth $150,000 and $2000 to $3000/mo.for life. But instead of making things better for everyone, it will do just the opposite. We have to face the fact that "suffering" is part of life to humble us and seek our "FATHER". He wants a relationship with us during good times and bad. But not suffering by design of man over other men. But this time it was a lesson for all of us. None of us is immune from the sin of "greed". I wonder if we have learned anything from this leason. For all of us joined in CHRIST I sure hope so.

  8. One more very important point to make before you even start to unraval what happened to your morgtage is to START with the record of everything filed by the banks at the county recorders office. Its not hard to do and cost almost nothing to see how many times your morgtage was either transferred, or assigned to other companies. You are in for a huge surprise at the lengthly list of people involved. But there is always one that stands out amoungest all of them....MERS. And MERS has already admitted in case after case, that they are only a "nominee" with no benificial interest in the loan. The fact that they are even listed as a party involved with your loan at the county recorders office should make the entire transaction void if we had honest courts. But they dont and they wont. In fact the courts, the attorney generals, and the comptroller of currency have sued so many times and the banks have shelled out billions of dollars, that everyone has given up sueing them...they were actually told to goveren yourselves from now on...try and act like you have some sread of accountability. There is no way to correct 2 trillion dollars of lost "NOTES". Maybe with this latest scandle of WELLS FARGO BANK stealing peoples accounts the courts will be willing to listen again....Maybe!!!!

    1. Everything hinges on contracts. If one contract, in the chain of contracts is defective, then everything falls apart.

  9. The "fraud" has a "Name" and it is Rothschild!!! Deal with THAT entity and you'll get to the "root"!!! everything else is really a waste of time because you are only battling the "leaves" of this tree. Seems everyone is putting commercial liens on every property but the perpetrator!!!

    1. "Jesus made a whip of cords and drove out the money changes"

      And they're also lumped in the "Synogogue of Satan."

      They did not dissapear- but only reformulated and got stonger every century under the tutalage of their mentor to fulfill their destined purpose of using the rest of mankind for the End of Day's in direct completion of prophecies from several different prophet's ago.
      Where His own return necessary to save mankind or "all flesh would be destroyed".
      Which is the ultimate goal of Satan = to the Jew first then us gentile-believers and surviving plebic sheep.

      The next move after collapsing the world economies along with all financial+monetary systems is to institute buying and selling with a number.

      Great fulfillment from a book of "fairy-tales" - eh~!?

  10. It would be so simple if we would all just collectively give up onions. Some of us just can't stomach onions so we look for substitutes that will give us the flavor satisfaction without the heartburn.

    My substitution for the onions that Anna describes so eloquently is to assert that the use of land is a human right, just as is the use of air, or water. The things that human beings must have in order to live should never be permitted to be commoditized. Because, by dictating that people have to "earn" the right to live they are instantly made into slaves. Whomever makes that rule "you must have a mortgage to own property, or you must pay a landlord for the right to have shelter" is enforcing slavery upon the people. Those of us who agree with it, and participate in that system, are condoning our own slavery and that of our fellows. We could be free instead.

    IF we want to live in a truly free society then we will have to end the monopoly that controls land use. When people are born into a culture that welcomes them for their whole lives, that grants them the right to freedom and to live in dignity always, then our world will change for the better. While we continue with the slave system of punishing people with homelessness, with societal rejection, with desperation if they are not paying someone else for their right to live we will continue to have a dangerous society. How can a police officer refuse to follow orders if it costs him all his rights and privileges to do so. How can he face putting his family on the street because he lost his income by refusing to use violence against another? It is desperation and the sense that society rejects them that cause people to become angry and violent and to strike out against their oppressors. Look at Venezuela now to see what can happen to a society when the powerful take away the means of the majority to thrive in dignity.

    If we care at all about the well being and happiness of each person then we have to give each one the basic tools to achieve that. That means a free and fair share of land to use for life, and enough natural resources to live as a free person. People who know that they are safe in their society, who know that the folks around them will protect and support them in their weakest moments have very different social responses than folks who are deliberately and needlessly made desperate by their fellows.

    So, let's ban onions altogether. Let's turn our attention instead to growing potatoes, or beets, and make enough to feed everyone, always. Let's create a culture of inclusion, of peace, of personal freedom and dignity as the very core of life for each one of us, and see what that brings us.

  11. Thanks Anna for the wise updated word.

  12. Thats a great aspiration to attain trish, but even if you factor out money from the picture, there are other things that can and will be used to control the masses even more... Like food. What good is money if you cant buy food. Its already happening. FEMA just placed an order with a top manufacturer of "specially packed" survival food for their whole inventory. Food that has a shelf life of 25 years....WHY. These people have continigcies for everything. And the other day while I was watching the news, they talked about this infinately small cycindrical disk that people are placing right beneith the skin at the wrist called an "RFID" chip. And raving about its benifits...its close, very close.

  13. Thank you Anna for climbing this mortgage mountain for the countless millions of home owners. I am 63 years young and I would love to see this come true. I can't Inmanagin living in my home with no fear of it being taken away by the greedy bankers and taxes charged to my home every year.

  14. Jon Martin you havent been listening very carefully. Have you even done the first thing i told everyone on this site to do....GO GET YOUR RECORD OF ALL THE TRANSACTIONS THAT TOOK PLACE ON YOUR PROPERTY AT THE "COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICERS". It will be the first page that comes up with just your name being entered into their computer. What is so hard about this to understand guys. No wonder we are losing this war. You dont even want to do the very minimum to investigate your own record which cost a huge amount of $1.50. How do you know whats wrong if you dont even look....tell me!!!! You want her to do that for you too. What else do you guys want her to do for you, besides everything. Im not being mean. Im telling you to do only the very minimal you are required to do to investigate what happened to your loan. Jon you think you are only dealing with one bank that provided you the loan. Sorry, but i think there is at least a dozen firms, you had no idea about. Go look and tell me im wrong..!!!!!

  15. Thrilled to see blogs on here! james, I have done that investigating the the loans at the counties as I'm lucky enough to have open records here. Now, what DO we do with this knowledge? I'm ALSO seeing that the recorders are NO longer stamping these e-docs "filed and recorded"! I'm thinking for the sole reason to NOT be liable for them! So, how do we get them removed? I've called AND showed up and NO ONE will take responsibility! I've even claimed my business name BEFORE these fraud docs were entered and they JUST ignore me. I also have looked and only one bank has claimed this loan AFTER the original went bankrupt 6 months after the loan was sold. 7 years later a paid for from the city swat team was ordered to arrest me and remove ALL of our belongings with NO SIGNED WARRENT and no judges signature on anything AND no judgement! Now, lucky enough to "pay" 50 f r n's a day to have a roof in a cheap hotel. I've gone to the city manager twice and he just says he can't help me....WHO DO I DEAL WITH? THAT'S the 64 thousand dollar question?

  16. Are you ready for more sad news 90colleen. The county recorders office has a policy that restricts them from not filing paperwork that meets their minimum requirements....even if the paperwork is fraudulent, because they arent trained in kidding. You think the banks, and morgage co. dont know that. Thats why there is so much fraud going on. The county recorders office wont take any liability for it. They will tell you that it is the job of the district attorney to prosecute fraudulent paperwork. So i called the DA's dept, who after 2008 had started a new division of their Dept. just to deal with real estate fraud. Im thinking alright finally. So i called up the dept. and was connected to an agent. But before i wasted a lot of time with him, i first had to test his knowledge of real estate law which by then(this was in 2013) should be known by everyone....i asked him in order to have a lawful foreclosure there has to be two things present to prove that someone has standing in court to foreclose....what are they?? He takes a couple of stabes at it and finally admits that question is above my pay level. That was his answer to me. You guys should know by now too what the answer need the "original NOTE" and the security agreement(deed of trust) to claim anything about the property. But out of the two, the most important is the "NOTE" because that starts the entire transaction. Those two pieces of paperwork "should never be separated"...EVER.And they werent until Bill Clinton got rid of the Glass-Steagle Act at which point the banks, wall street, and even as a last defense the insurers(fanny may and freddie max) threw common sense to the wind and the whole industry at that point ran on pure unadulterated "GREED", with nothing or no one to stop them. So for the first time in 400 years of real estate law , the investment banks "separated" the "NOTE" from the "DEED"(morgtage agreement) in order to fraudulently "Securitize" the "NOTE" on wall street and bundle them all up in complicated derivate securities...MBST(Morgtage backed securities trust), which they stole from because they never returned the NOTE back with the DEED. If you ever saw the chart that displays what they did, you would be shocked. It looks like a jig saw puzzel. By now, the courts have heard every single arguement and the banks have lost so much money, that the banks have cut deals with the Attorney Generals office and all the courts, that they wont listen anymore about missing NOTES or hardly any other arguement....Except, maybe one....The demand for lawful money at 12USC411. Title 31USCsec5115 gives you that right. Your honor, it was always my intention of using "lawful money" instead of "commerical debt instraments" which i was told by everyone is the only thing we had "pay with". And I Always meant to "PAY" my debts, not just "discharge" them with limited liability. They have no defense against that arguement. Besides, its very clear from that law who has the lawful OBLIGATION on a 'Promissary Note"....The "maker" of the PN(the bank) is the debtor, and the "payee"(you) is the CREDITOR. I believe thats "checkmate" your honor..!!!

  17. If you need to get a certified copy of 12USC411 just for piece of mind, to prove it to the judge you can get it at the county recorders office(in Colorado...dont ask me why) at (719)520-6200 and ask for reception #207015932 filed Feb.5, 2007. But i need to give you the exact words to use when invoking 12USC411, so there is no room for misinterpretation when you use it. Let me get back with you on it...ok. l'll look it up right now.

  18. If you need to get a certified copy of 12USC411 just for piece of mind, to prove it to the judge you can get it at the county recorders office(in Colorado...dont ask me why) at (719)520-6200 and ask for reception #207015932 filed Feb.5, 2007. But i need to give you the exact words to use when invoking 12USC411, so there is no room for misinterpretation when you use it. Let me get back with you on it...ok. l'll look it up right now.

  19. 90coleen, here is the complete process and correct wording. Judge Annas name change is not the answer because even if it was it only solves a problem for us and no one else. This method not only solves our problem but restricts the banks ability to fractionalize your account. Imigine what we can do to the banks if we all started doing this. Not only will it free us from their system, it destroys theirs at the same time. Isnt that what we were really all called to do by God....!!Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I am not sure I got it when the suitor explained this to me. Look on the last page at the email he sent me. What he said is that by not being in the Table there are no set guidelines or forms for making your demand proper. I get that much easily.

    What he said though is that you only have to prove that you have made your demand one time and one time only, and that is good for life.
    Below is the rest of the email... It does NOT say one only needs to do it ONCE. In fact ever since 9/15/2011, I have handwritten my exact specific declaration on the FACE of every check and deposit slip I issue.... just to make it CLEAR by a PREPONDERENCE of substantive evidence under their FRE Exception to Hearsay Rule 803(6)(B) that from that date onward "lawful money and full discharge is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411, 95a(2)" applies to ALL transactions even if it is missing thereafter on transactions like direct deposits, debit/credit cards, EFTs, etc, where it is hard to make a record of one's demand. Remember, by making one's demand TRANSACTION-BASED, it does not matter what the signature card has on it or not. The account does not matter - BECAUSE YOU MADE YOUR DEMAND TRANSACTION-BASED - Please get this point! It is CRITICAL! One does NOT have to send letters to the bank, IRS, FRS, IMF, Treasury or Employer and thereby stir up needless trouble! Okay? IMHO - K.I.S.S.


    The Parallel Table of Authorities has no entry for 12 USC 411. This table's entries go in sequence from 12 USC section 391 to section 418. Section 411 is missing. This is confirmed at, excerpted below:

    [Code of Federal Regulations]
    [Parallel Table]
    [Revised as of January 1, 2011]
    [From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access]

    12 U.S.C. <---------------------------> Corresponding C.F.R.
    ================================================== =====
    378............................................... ...........12 Part 303

    391....31 Parts 202, 203, 209, 210, 225, 240, 306, 317, 321, 341, 346,
    ..............351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 363, 375, 380

    418.................................................. ......31 Part 601

    461........................................12 Parts 201, 204, 208, 217

  20. Heres the rest
    "Therefore it is legitimate and preferable to make one's demand TRANSACTION-BASED, to wit:

    "lawful money and full discharge is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411 and 95a(2)"

    Using this exact wording above enables one to provide probable cause and justification for listing all transactions on a custom-made 1040 SUPPORTING SCHEDULE that have been presumed to be using FRNs!!!

    Who can rebut that demand? And by what authority? 12 USC 411 does NOT specify any wording requirement or transaction frequency, and there is no corresponding CFR regulation that requires anything.

    One does NOT need to put it on any bank signature card, or on any contract!

    Just decide on the date one wants to begin the demand and then start hand-writing it on the face of one's checks and deposit slips, just under one's name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the document. This then stands nunc pro tunc (now for then), thereafter and forever, as substantive evidence per FRCP 803(6) governing exceptions to hearsay evidence, and is unrebuttable.

    This is the starting date of one's FREEDOM. Make it memorable!!

    I believe making a clear public record that creates substantive evidence of all transactions demanding lawful money is the key, all done in good faith reliance on 12 USC 411 and 12 USC 95a(2), AND on the Father and His Son, who evidently have commanded this as a red line in the sand to be observed by all parties (including Satan) in this issue, namely Mt 22:21.

    Beware of becoming an unwitting tool of the Adversary by undermining and doubting the remedy provided by the Creator that He promised to provide to His People in 1 Cor 10:13.

    Remember the words given to Joshua in Joshua 1:9, and to Peter by the Messiah in Mt 14:31.

    So claim this promise of remedy. Be courageous. Have faith!


    And I add now: Beware of adding regulations WHERE THERE ARE NONE, and thereby making the road more difficult for those that follow us who have successfully gotten refunds!

    SUGGESTION: As a second witness, one might also record a Declaration in the public record about this starting date of lawful money demands, and attach as Exhibits the first several checks and deposit slips... and several more throughout that year for good measure.

    NOTICE: Lawful Money Demand (12 USC 411) is only 1/3 of the remedy - Full Discharge (12 USC 95a(2)) is second 1/3 - and Claim for Harm by a man in his court of record at a public court building using his record declared at the county recorder is the last 1/3. More info on this is available at

    It looks to be an interesting year in 2014... 14 means "DELIVERANCE" in the Bible. The Passover, as you know, was on the 14th.

  21. This came from a site im joined to called..."savingto". Our COMMON LAW COURTS are still here, but like everything else they have hidden from us, they were clever to keep us chasing our tails trying to find it. Our only Remedy at COMMON LAW is only through the court of "original" jurisdiction....united states Distric Court under 28USC1333(Saving to suiters clause), under Admiralty, specially demanding an article 3 court of record, because they also handle article 2 courts(thats where they hid our Common Law land courts). The courts have been doing this for years. We go in asking for something and they tell us this or that was aboloist years ago, when in reality, they can never really just arbitrarily aboloist 200 years of standing law. But they can move it or call it something else, and they do. For example, the remedy for reserving our rights under protest when signing a contract(without prejudice) used to be at UCC 1-103. Now, its under UCC 1-108. They have wiped out "Andersons addition of the UCC, because it was the only version of the UCC that wasnt written in legalese. It was written in plain english that we had any chance of understanding. Then they told us that the "WRIT OF ERROR" has been aboloist(Corum Nobis). How can you aboloist a great WRIT..You cant. They merely and conveintly renamed it something else at the court level. Every court has its own name for it now, but usually its called "Supervisory control". They have literally wiped the law libararys of the exsistance of that WRIT. Judges hate it that much, because it works the complete opposite of an "appeal". An appeal places the entire burden of proof and more importantly the "cost" on the defendant. But the WRIT OF ERROR completely reverses those two burdens back onto the judge to prove what he did was lawful,especially for every "objection" you raised in court and he ignored or denied without legal justification. This is the kind of system we are up against. Its designed to frustrate and wear out all but the most determined people that just wont give up trying.


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