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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

COLB's, Social Security, RV's, Gold Hoards and Ponzi Schemes

By Anna Von Reitz

Every week I get several inquiries from people wondering how to collect on their own "Certificate of Live Birth Bonds"--- known as COLB's.  They go online and check the amount attached to their NAME and are usually stunned to see sums in the millions of dollars.  They do a little quick math and think, "Hey!  I am a millionaire!" 

That's not what all this implies.

Let's begin with the fact that a bond is a promissory note --- an I.O.U. 

That means that all those millions attached to your NAME represent debt owed by good old JOHN MARK DOE and future generations of his children. Oh, there was money obtained, all right---- by the governmental services corporations using you, your labor, and your private and public property as collateral to back their debts.

They got the money and spent it, not you.  And now they are busily trying to shrug and point at you as their "surety"---- the one responsible for paying their debts off.  Those millions attached to your NAME represent credit extended to them  and debt and interest accrued against YOU.

This is done by "hypothecation"---- a nice name for making fraudulent claims  against another person's property without their knowledge or consent.  Think of it of in terms of being "presumed" to have co-signed a car loan for your irresponsible Cousin Bubba, only in this case, it's Uncle Sam. 

This is the biggest Ponzi Scheme on Earth, and you are the victim of it.

The essence of all Ponzi Schemes is that people are sucked in with promises of wealth or benefits in exchange for investment or donations of some kind.  A portion of all these investment/donations is passed "upward" to those already in on the scheme, similar to network marketing, except that network marketing depends on sales and income generated as actual profit by sales. 

All goes well as long as new people are constantly being added in sufficient numbers to the bottom layer of the pyramid.  Their new and continuing donations to this system continue to fund all the payola for the folks in the middle and at the top.  But if there aren't enough new victims (as when the population declines) or if the value of the investment/donations falls off (as when currency is devalued by inflation) the whole thing begins to fall apart.

Think of Social Security as a corporately mandated Ponzi Scheme in which new victims are forced to join the ranks at the bottom of the pyramid and make their "donations" along with their employers to pay the benefits that are owed to the people in the middle and top tiers of the pyramid.  All the same limitations and parameters apply--- less population and more inflation spells disaster for the scheme and when the scheme collapses, the entire structure falls down. 

Everyone gets cheated in proportion to their position within the pyramid.  Those at the top are the biggest losers, those in the middle take a medium loss, and those at the very bottom dimly sense that they largely escaped something unpleasant.

Social Security is a government mandated Ponzi Scheme?

Of course, it is.  Plainly so.  Always has been.  They legislated a Ponzi Scheme and imposed it via non-disclosure, deceit, and extortionate coercion.

They did the same thing with the COLB Bonds, only on a much larger world- spanning stage.  They mandated that you "register"--- that is, give them a free controlling ownership in your property----your body, your name, everything you have or ever will have--- and that allowed them to issue the bonds against your NAME and collect the credit from investors.

In the old days people used to sell their labor for a period of years in exchange for board and room and learning a trade.  This was called "apprenticeship".  They could do something similar without the learning component and sell themselves into quasi-slavery for a period of years to buy something--- most typically this was done to pay the costs of their passage to the New World and a grubstake to live here.  This was called "indentured servitude".  You served your seven years and then you were a Free Man again.

What the vermin have done is pretended to have the right and ability to legislate and demand your lifelong indentured servitude without telling you about it. 

You've been secretively enslaved.  And the immense profit from this has been sucked up by the private mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporations---- by the military, by the bureaucrats, by the politicians.   All you've received is a share of their debt and whatever benefit you paid for yourselves. 

But wait a minute!  Isn't that grossly illegal?  Isn't slavery and involuntary servitude outlawed worldwide?   Yes, it is--- but according to the same liars who created and perpetuated this fraud machine, you agreed to it.  You volunteered.

So now we get back to the subject of cashing in the Birth Certificate Bonds.  Once you wake up and realize that you've been defrauded you can bang your dish on the floor and demand to exit from the Ponzi Scheme, but what happens when you do?

You get paid off in intrinsically worthless paper representing the debts of other people and other countries, and all the other people still stuck in the system take it in the shorts thanks to the inflation of the currency that results from paying you off. This further de-stabilizes the pyramid and it can only be shored up by what?  Forcing more new victims into the bottom tier of the pyramid or increasing the amount of the "donations" demanded from them and their employers.

So the whole scheme is not only patently unlawful, it creates a vicious cycle in which you can't exit it without actually harming yourself (by accepting debt as "value"), your family, your country, and all the other people involved.

And this goes to explain why I don't advocate people getting on the bandwagon and trying to collect against Birth Certificate Bonds. It makes you part of the problem and offers no solution.  When you accept that credit, you accept the debt, too, just like the criminal governmental services corporations. If you cash out your own Birth Certificate Bond and get "paid" via the enslavement of others, you are no longer a victim, but you are a criminal, instead.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

What needs to happen is a great awakening and engagement of brain cells.

This entire system cannot exist without debt.  Debt is what gives it life.  If there are no debts, there can be no bonds, no sureties.  So the key to ending it is the forgiveness and/or discharge of all debts.  This is in fact what a "Jubilee" is designed to do---- forgive all debts and reset the balance of everything, but there hasn't been a real Jubilee in 800 years. 

As a result there are vast amounts of debt and equally vast amounts of credit to be reconciled---- cancelled out against each other.  And the remainder has to be distributed to the heirs and beneficiaries.  Complicating all this are 45,000 "Historical Trusts", mostly gold hoards dating from the days of the Spanish Conquest and public funds cashiered by various governments for various reasons and then never accessed, that have to be accounted for and released. 

Along with all the other confusion and uncertainty created by the Great Fraud
auditing and distributing these funds and their impact on world currencies and economic liquidity is largely unknown.  Proceeding with caution and in an orderly fashion is necessary to avoid various kinds of upsets, panics, and harmful destabilization. 

A "hundred quadrillion dollars" may sound like a good thing and it could be, but not if it is mishandled or dumped on a relatively small world economy.  However such a hoard might be denominated its not even possible for our economy or even a combined world economy to account for it or absorb it. 

What I believe is needed is a whole new way of thinking and doing business, one in which individual people have access to money for use like any tool in a tool shed or perhaps more aptly, a publicly owned lawn mower or excavator that is available for use for no charge. The rats have already constructed (and grossly manipulated) a Universal Asset System, without issuing a Universal Currency based upon it.  This has created unprecedented opportunity to abuse both people and resources on one hand, while denying the benefit of any truly honest currency system on the other. 

When we finally stop idolizing money and treat it as it should be treated as a commodity and/or product in the marketplace we will be able to make money work for us instead of slaving away working for it.  Not until.
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  1. Another great dissection with directional goals...

  2. My swiss bank told me the British are the dirty squeezes that slander everyone but are the worst with Thair fingers in ever thing loyds.of london, Barclay , all the British stock market system buying and selling the world but it has been usurped by an even more vile race of tax collectors and money changers same ones who jc.delt with

  3. I know you are absolutely right. The current dishonest system tho has (most) everybody fooled. Including me for 55 years. I just got a job and paid my bills. Not until I followed the money after 911 did I see some massive fraud and deception. I still hardly can believe it. AND I am getting my mindset corrected and it takes time. I and many have been fooled for generations and to undo that slow deception, those fictitious foreclosures, those fraudulent documents and tempting benefits and dishonest conveniences is going to take a lot of study and time. Thanks for constantly writing and reminding us.

    And check out our website

  4. Why can't we just claim group bankruptcy?

  5. We need one honest bank to get started. I suggest we investigate peter of England's bank as a possibility.Peter is honest about the situation. Thisis more than any other bank in existence

  6. Anna... Paul I didn't know you know NK :-) Getting stuff done. :-) Anna I hope you and Paul are doing well in setting up common law courts. Thank you

  7. This Bible quote from Hosea 1:10,JPS Tanakh 1917 best desribes the problem and reveals the solution.
    "Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass that, instead of that which was said unto them: 'Ye are not My people', it shall be said unto them: 'Ye are the children of the living God."
    So the people now circa 2016 must understand that the sand of the sea is the substance and it/we are here to stop the waters/corporations from coming up onto the land.
    When the waters/corporations come up onto the land then you will see how everyone drowns, just like as in the days of Noah. YHVH is teaching us a lesson. The error of the American Constitution is that it allowed via Art 1 & ll courts the corporation to live on the land. This is unlawful according to YHVH. The "Jurisdiction" of the foreign entities must be removed permanently off the land and be only on the literal waters of the sea.
    Everything can function via the common(Royal)law and ALL powers people gave away to the fictions can be restored.


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