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Monday, November 23, 2020

Pile On the "Sovereign Citizen" Issue

 By Anna Von Reitz

FB and YouTube and certain members of the Law Enforcement Community need to be re-educated on the subject of "Sovereign Citizens", as demonstrated by this painfully ignorant and misleading presentation:
And as rebutted here:
So long as these "social media" corporations are so fond of fact checking and censoring it's time to "pile on" and give them all an education. Please object to the content of the first above-referenced video from "Stars and" -----
as being contrary to our community standards.
As noted prior, the term "Sovereign Citizen" is an oxymoron --- a mutually exclusive construction, as one cannot act in a sovereign capacity and as a citizen at the same time. The authority of one will not tolerate the capacity of the other, --- provided, of course, that you know what "sovereignty" is and what "citizenship" implies.
Ironically, the only persons engaged in being or acting as "Sovereign Citizens" are our own misguided Public Employees and Government Contractors, such as this above-referenced and woe-begotten LEO "Sheriff" of the District Assembly in Florida.
They imagine that they can act as Rulers over the General Public, while at the same time being Public Servants and taking their paychecks from our hands. And that is the exact contradiction that "Sovereign Citizenship" implies.
They are themselves attempting to act as "Sovereign Citizens".
And once again, we observe the modus operandi of the Mind Control Forces at work, as they pretend to be what they are not, and act in the capacity of what they appear to condemn.
They are standing there on their little flat feet condemning "Sovereign Citizens", --- apparently blissfully unaware that they are condemning themselves and what they are themselves engaged in--- and that is, to establish a government in which hired Public Employees (from the Governor on down) rule over the people who pay them to provide other services entirely.
Please note that no American ever signed a contract or agreement of any kind hiring any public employee to create rules related to their own health, medicine, or public health. None of these topics are covered by any Constitution. Not at the Federal level and not at the State of State franchise level.
They have no granted authority from the American Public to do any of the nonsense they have been pushing with Covid-19 at all.
It remains for each one of you to declare your birthright political status and join your State Assembly to enforce Amendment X, which clearly reserves our right to determine our own health and medical practices without their interference.
Our hired employees have no such authority related to us or our families or our schools or any public corporation that has been constructed under the auspices of our government or in our names or the names of our States or our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

Time to remember who we are and remind all of them who they are, too.


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NEW!! There Is No Virus. When the Penny Drops. All Else Follows!

Found Here:  

Mr. Trump -- Urgent Action Required

 By Anna Von Reitz

We realize the temptation to hold out and catch them all, but we also recognize the danger of delaying any further. There is a Law of Diminishing Returns involved, and every day that goes by and that you hold back the information that the American Public needs to make sense of this malarkey, the more steam these charlatans make and the more confusion is spread.
As we are the Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and as we are the actual Landlords, Owners, Proprietors, Employers, Holders in Due Course, and Parties to the Constitutions, we --- not the Bankruptcy Trustees --- have the option of releasing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from bankruptcy and bringing a swift end to these travesties.
You may inform them all that this is what we have chosen to do: release the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from bankruptcy.
You may also inform them that as Mr. Biden has been elected by nefarious means to a now non-existent office, that our quid pro quo month-by-month agreement with you, personally, still stands.
We are not pleased with the criminal elements of the Queen's Government, nor with the Government of Westminster's obvious usurpations in violation of both contract and trust, nor are we pleased with Mr. Trudeau's Government. It seems likely that his election was "geo-engineered" in precisely the same way that they have endeavored to skew the past presidential election.
This, overall, creates a situation in which you have the authority -- the "baton"-- to take appropriate action to fully inform the American People of exactly what has gone on here, and provides the authority for those Armed Forces loyal to the people of this country and its constitutions to arrest and remove all the undeclared Foreign Agents of the now-defunct Municipal Corporation.
If the Pope wants to honor his obligations, it's in his court and in front of the entire world to observe whether or not he is an honest man or even a worthy business partner.
If not, we have received back the authorities delegated to the Municipal Government by Operation of Law and we are not prepared to accept a Successor Contract with them without renegotiation.
You will, of course, remain bound by The Constitution of the United States of America, and you will, of course, not participate in the UN CORPORATION and its criminal activities.
Please enjoy our blessings and the blessings of the True God this holiday season; stay safe, stay warm, and put an end to this money-grubbing Covid-19 fiasco. There is no longer any reason to continue any pretense whatsoever.
With sincere thanks for your continued service,
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America [Unincorporated]

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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Making Sense Of The News About Sidney Powell


Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

Get It Straight, People --- And Then Tell Others

 By Anna Von Reitz

What you have misidentified as "your" Government all these years are in fact two very large commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.  

They have profit motives in selling you (and charging you) for as many such services as possible, whether or not you want those "services".  

This is called "strong arm racketeering" or extortion.  Take your pick. 

That is what your public employees have been engaged in while you have been asleep at the wheel.  

Please note that they, not you, are the ones who have been acting as "sovereign citizens" ---- lording it over their employers and ruling over the public at the same time that they are public servants and taking their paychecks from your pockets. 

They have attempted to paper over these illegal activities (purportedly undertaken in your behalf, but against your own best interests and against the directions you left them in the constitutional agreements) by claiming that you are not you, that you are in fact a Municipal "citizen of the United States", and/or a British Territorial U.S. Citizen --- and in either case, a person who was never owed any constitutional guarantees or protections. 

So now both of these huge corporations are bankrupt.  

One of them, the Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. is defunct. This commercial corporation and its offices--- including "President of the United States"---no longer exist. 

That is why Joe Biden has no "transition money" and no office to transition to. 

The other British Territorial Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is in Chapter 11 Reorganization.  It's presidential office -- President of the United States of America --- is still viable. 

Now, both of these corporations are just Subcontractors of your actual government, so you needn't be overly alarmed.  

So long as you are not receiving a Federal paycheck as a current employee or willingly and voluntarily acting as a Federal Dependent, there is no reason for any of this to greatly impact you at all. 

There is, however, urgent need for you to get involved in the administration of your actual government.  You may remember that we are supposed to "self-govern" and that you have not been doing so by once-every-four-years handing off that responsibility to someone else. 

More is required of you.  And it is "all hands on deck" time. 

Go to: and get going. 


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US House to Investigate Elections Immediately

 House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan and Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer have called for immediate hearings on the integrity of the 2020 election. There have been many curious things that happen in the races that not only look improbable but also look impossible.

I Called It -- Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I explained why the election scandal and all the rest of it including the “China virus” is a transparent and rather badly done British Op connected to Huawei and HSBC and their Canadian crime syndicates.

And at the time, I hadn’t even seen this goodie—- Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, former UN Deputy Secretary General, principal of the Dominion-Smartmatic vote rigging enterprise.

Leave it to a British Lord to have his hands in every dirty thing imaginable.

Not that I needed such a gross and blatant confirmation of all my surmises and then some, but unless you have the IQ of a stump, you will note that the British Intelligence Community has stripped naked and waved a red flag at you.

It could not possibly be more obvious and clear-cut.  Yes, they rigged our elections and a lot of other elections, too. Their barmy, hairy backsides are hanging out of the closet for everyone to see.  Grandma can only sniff her disapproval and distaste.

They could at least come up with something novel, something intelligent, but no.

They also had to unveil their candidate for the position of Antichrist with all the finesse of a large cheese stuffed-crust pizza.

Malloch equals Molloch, just as the transliteration of “hot” equals “haht”.

So there you have it, a nefarious vote rigging British despot named after the baby-eating, fire-breathing Babylonian “god”.  You could, I suppose paint a sign, “Antichrist” and hang it around his neck and hold a press conference.

We’d have to be really dull to miss that point, and also too dull if we didn’t also already connect this very same “god” with their bizarre London Olympic procession of hooded figures circling the giant effigy of a dead baby in a coffin, and also their efforts to mischaracterize millions of Americans as “infant decedents” based on falsified and fraudulently constructed birth registrations.


Yes, well, it’s a whole cloth.  You have to give it that.  The dead baby theme runs throughout. 

And now the big question is— who in their right mind is going to put up with this?  


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Democrats and Media Abandon Democracy by Paul Craig Roberts

Democrats and Media Abandon Democracy

Paul Craig Roberts

Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel has attributes of a Nazi.  She, like Washington Post columnist Randall D. Eliason, wants to falsely prosecute attorneys who represent those making challenges to the election. She also wants to prosecute election officials who refuse to certify until irregularities are properly dealt with, and she wants to prosecute Pennsylvania Republican state officials who met with Trump at the White House. In other words, Dana Nessel has proved herself unfit for any public office by her effort to weaponize law for her political agenda.

Read the entire blockbuster article here:

UPDATE: Federal Appeals Court overturns District court ruling:

Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review of Trump Campaign’s Pennsylvania Lawsuit