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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Let's Not Throw Money at It

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional insight provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005 - January 19th 2023, in seq: 

One of the curious offers we have received is the "QFS" -- "Quantum Financial System" and money defined as "digital currencies" in pay-off accounts assigned to each clueless American--- ideas, practices and proposals that continue on the tradition of making something out of nothing; we gratefully decline all offers and proposals that would result in a cashless society controlled by the same crooks responsible for this entire situation and we counter-offer their immediate and permanent liquidation without replacement or any additional offers of service that we cannot trust them to provide.  

If these Municipal Corporations couldn't provide us with eighteen simple, enumerated, and mutually stipulated services we see no reason to continue any pretense of needing or wanting service contracts that they have willfully conspired against, violated, and evaded. We wish for them to be liquidated and gone. 

We shall take possession of our property and direct our honorable soldiers as a national defense force paid by our own Paymaster; no mercenaries desired or required. 

The offending Municipal and Territorial Corporations are not allowed to claim or use any American assets or credit resulting from American assets and they have no permission to use any of our assets or credit, including assets and credit cashiered in "public accounts" and phony trusts that have been employed by the same offending Municipal Corporations to launder money and oppress the people of this country.  

They have had no contract to use the Global Collateral Accounts since 2005 and the rest of all the "securities" in fact belong to us, other national governments, and living people. 

These corporations simply need to go --- liquidated, all assets returned to us, and all their officers and attorneys need to stand down without further excuses.  

We have a peaceable civilian monetary system that is transparent and set up to return pre-paid credit. 

That is all that is immediately necessary, as our American Silver Dollar is still completely intact and our recently authorized American Federation Dollar (gold standard) is also ready to go, along with all the uncut precious-metals backed "Kennedy Dollars" that have been sitting, parked, for sixty years, while all this insanity flourished. 

Certain members of the military-industrial complex have endeavored to make lemonade out of their lemons, including the "Crimson Gate" project they backstrapped at Wright AFB, and are trying to make themselves look like heroes with everything from fighting lizard-like aliens to "giving back" money to Americans.  

Let us point out the obvious --- it is now and always was our money and our credit, not theirs. They have acted as dishonorable thieves and mercenaries for 160 years and broadly committed inland piracy against our country, the former Commonwealth countries, Japan, and most of Western Europe.  They need to seek and accept any amnesty we will give them as "officers" of commercial corporations caught red-handed in the commission of fraud and other illegal acts, as well as unlawful activities detrimental to the living people and planet. 

We are not interested in cutting any deals with these miscreants or depending upon them for any more "services".  We are interested in seeing these Municipal Corporations liquidated --- permanently, and not replaced by any similar structure. 

Our credit was stolen and it is our credit that we wish to have returned, pre-paid, along with control and possession of all our purloined physical assets, including our gold and silver, our land, our unique estates, our Good Names, our trademarks, copyrights and patents.  This includes all property illegally and unlawfully seized upon via the 1934 Emergency Securities Act and Emergency Banking Acts of 1933 and 34 and all other similar illegal acts of military conscription and confiscation promoted by the use of unauthorized "military districts" and "military district courts" and their subsidiary state-of-state franchise courts.  

We note that the Principals responsible for the then-offending corporations agreed to underwrite the return of our silver on a "dollar for dollar" basis, one ounce of fine silver for every "Federal Reserve Note" printed and exchanged.  

That debt, plus interest, is now due and owed by those same Principals and Underwriters--- despite their fraudulent abuses of corporate bankruptcy privileges and  the fact that no such vast reserves of mined silver exist on Earth.  All those responsible can either come forward honorably and ask for forgiveness or terms --- or they can all consider themselves foreclosed and forfeit. 

XRP and any other X-anything pretending to operate as viable currencies, digital or otherwise, need to hit the scrap heap and all the corporations responsible for this mayhem need to be liquidated with all purloined assets returned to us and to our control without exception; the pre-paid credit accounts need to be denominated in terms of American Silver Dollars, or gold equivalents, and paid out to people in each country according to their freely chosen standing--- and it all needs to be handled either directly by our American Government or by the restored national governments of the people in each country impacted by this fraud and illegal "Territorial" occupation.  

We will not be held hostage or led around by the nose by our Employees or anyone pretending to have any implied trust arrangement with us or anyone pretending to administer any public trusts established in our names.  We declare and freely proclaim that no such arrangements exist. Any and all would-be Executors de Son Tort need to disappear or face immediate arrest and prosecution, up to and including public hanging. 

We will not pay for occupying or defending any other country.  Those with whom we have enjoyed peaceable relations, including Russia, may be assured of our friendship. Everyone, in every country, needs to wake up and do their duty to self-govern and all these obnoxious criminal Municipal Corporations and Territorial "Service" Corporations need to disappear like so many puffs of smoke. 

We will not live in a cashless society dominated by incompetent and self-interested Municipal Corporations. The B.E.A.S.T and the B.A.R. and the Q.F.S. and all their codes are equally dead, subject to our liquidation demands, and so far as we are concerned --- already gone. 

This business needs to be cleaned up and cleared out.  We wish for the very floors to be scrubbed clean ---literally.  If any Federal Employees are interested in offering us additional services for hire, let them be advised that these are the kinds of services needed, along with mops, buckets, and lots of soap.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska, 99652


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"The Constitution" as a Red Herring

 By Anna Von Reitz

Further evidence and historical supporting material sent to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims March 6th, 2005January 19th, 2023, in seq: 

 "The Constitution" as a Red Herring

"Red Herrings" are used as lures in certain fisheries to entrap schools of herring and sometimes their predators, too --- but the slang implication of a "Red Herring" is a distraction or non sequitur issue brought forward to obscure the actual facts or prevent discovery of evidence. 

The same concept is presented by "the Rabbit Hole" phenomenon, in which people are led on endless wild goose chases by having their attention focused on material that isn't actually part of the topic they are trying to explore.  

Our Federal Employees are constantly focusing all attention possible on "the Constitution" as a means of preventing more appropriate discussion. This is because the Federal Employees are ultimately all dependent on one or another of the Constitutions to provide them with power and paychecks, and if the Constitutions are overturned, they are left with no basis of authority and no money.  

As a result, the Constitutions are of supreme and vital interest to our Federal Employees, but not to us. 

The actual Americans who are not Federal Employees and not Federal Dependents and not dependent upon any of the Constitutions for our basis of authority or source of money, are more concerned that the Federal Employees honor their obligations under the Constitution that applies to them, and honor our guarantees, and otherwise keep their noses clean and hands out of our pockets. 

Although our Federal Employees have an obnoxious habit of referring to "the" Constitution as if there were only one such document, there are actually four(4) "federal" Constitutions that may be referenced.  

There is The Constitution for the united States of America, which created  the Federal Republic (1787 to 1860), and The Constitution of the United States of America (1789) that created the British Territorial Government and The Constitution of the United States (1790) which created the Municipal Government.  

In addition to these three venerable constitutional agreements, there is a fourth so-called "Corporate Constitution" issued by the British Territorial Government in 1868, which was foisted off as "a" constitution without full disclosure to the American Public.  This undisclosed charter for a Scottish Commercial Corporation which infringed upon our Good Name, our trademarks, copyrights, and in effect, stole our identity in order to improperly access our credit, continues to be circulated even though the Scottish Usurper went bankrupt in 1906.  This is the document that contains the infamous "Fourteenth Amendment". 

So other than being the gravy-train and source of all good for our Federal Employees, what function or importance do the Constitutions really have today?   

The 1787 Constitution which was written to establish  an American Federal Subcontractor went dormant in 1860 when the original Confederation broke up and was no longer able to oversee the operations of the Federal Republic. 

The "Corporate Constitution" of 1868 is obviously defunct along with the dishonest Scottish Commercial Corporation that employed it.  

That leaves two Constitutions still theoretically in effect, the 1789 British Territorial Constitution, and the 1790 Municipal Constitution --- that is, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Constitution of the United States, respectively.  

All this begs the question of --- what are the Constitutions and why do they exist?  

People have been taught to venerate these documents with no idea of what they actually are, apparently to undergird the self-importance of our Federal Employees and their Principals. 

To put it bluntly, the Constitutions are Debt Agreements deriving from commercial Services Contracts for "essential government services" -- Article IV of all and any of these documents -- in which the States agree to pay for eighteen stipulated and "enumerated" services and the Federal Subcontractors organized under the provisions of the Constitutions agree to provide those services.  The Constitutions  may also be regarded as power-sharing agreements, in that the States had to delegate the "enumerated powers" needed for the Federal Subcontractors to perform their work for us. 

So the Constitutions are not to be regarded as Sacred Cows by the General Population of this country, but are rather to be regarded as service contracts requiring performance by Federal Subcontractors and their employees--- all of whom are ultimately employed by us, the American States and People. 

What else can we profitably observe about the Constitutions?  

The Constitutions represent the implementation of the Treaty Agreements ending the War of Independence.  

Of all the things that people miss about the nature and meaning of the Constitutions, this is the most damaging omission.  

The Constitutions did not take place in a vacuum and they were not established for "fun" or because our American Government was incompetent to provide its own "essential government services". Nor were they some kind of sidebar deal for the rich and famous.

The Constitutions are the result of the Peace Treaty Process, a process that gave every dog a bone and provided for the peace settlement and self-interest of all the former combatants in The War of Independence.  

The British were allowed to keep their property interests and gained the lucrative Territorial Government contracts.  

Similarly, the Holy Roman Empire retained its property and hegemony over postal services, post offices, weights and measures, patents, copyrights, and so on.  

No less than fourteen separate series of peace treaties --- Treaties of Paris, Treaties of Versailles, Treaties of Vienna, Treaties of Rome, Treaties of Westminster, Treaties of Ghent, and so on, all written by hand in diplomatic French of the period --- were required to settle The War of Independence. 

When the dust settled, the Constitutions formalized and implemented the results of the treaty agreements.

We, Americans, did not get a clean-sweep victory, but we did achieve our independence and sovereignty on our own land and soil, together with a very substantial interest in the non-enumerated "powers" retained under the Tenth Amendment.  

So much for the Constitutions, and now, to the meat of the matter. 

The real issues are not related to the Constitutions at all.  

The actual issues facing our country and our world result from rogue commercial corporations --- specifically, Municipal Corporations, operated by Territorial Government interests,  being allowed to run wild and commit crimes with impunity.  

Obviously, our American Government predates any service contracts established for our Federal Employees by the Constitutions, and it is our American Government --- the government of the nation states of the Union --- that acts as the Principal Party agreeing to the Treaties and their implementation via the Constitutions adopted in 1787, 1789, and 1790. 

Both the problems and the solutions thus lie at an entirely different level of government, and concern us, the American People, not our Federal Employees who have been misdirected by their foreign Principals for the better part of 160 years. 

Let's zero in on the real problem: Abraham Lincoln and his Administration. 

Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney and an Esquire.  He was not eligible to function as President of The United States of America (our Federation President) as a result. This had been the case since 1819 and neither Lincoln nor his cohorts could plead any ignorance. 

Lincoln could only function as "President" of the British Territorial Federal Subcontractor, dba "the United States of America, Incorporated" --- a commercial corporation --- yet he passed himself off as The President of The United States of America, unincorporated, instead. 

It was this basic sleight-of-hand deceit seeking to substitute "a" British Territorial Corporation "President" for The American President that resulted in the breakdown of the Confederation. Lincoln continued to act in fraud from the moment of his election until his death. 

Analysis shows that Lincoln's Assassination was most likely carried out by his own Union Generals and members of his Cabinet.  General Grant and Grant's wife were both supposed to be with Lincoln at the Ford Theater that fateful night, but they begged off at the last moment and went to visit their daughter in Ohio, instead.  Close associates of John Wilkes Booth showed up at the home of William H. Seward that night, and disappeared shortly after other members of Lincoln's Cabinet showed up at Seward's house for no apparent reason. 

Was Grant tipped off?  Obviously. 

Did Seward and the other Cabinet Members just decide to throw a party for unknown reasons, after ten o'clock at night, on the night that Lincoln was murdered?  

Then, we get to the rest of the Cui Bono?  

Who benefited from Lincoln's death and the resulting chaos?  Besides "Ulysses S (Hiram) Grant" and his Staff?  Besides his Cabinet?

The big winner out of all of it was the Pope, as he owned both major Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia.  

It was easy from then on for the Pope to direct his Commonwealth Overseer, the British Monarch, to play endless rounds of "Good Cop - Bad Cop" and keep the American People in a constant state of confusion, wherein they could more easily be parasitized and pillaged by both these foreign Principals.   

A couple of days ago, we showed everyone the giant "military" Municipal Umbrella Corporation dba the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, otherwise known as DOD, INC.  

We demonstrated how the DOD, INC. owns and operates the Territorial "Congress", the United States Treasury, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the CIA., the FBI, the Secretary of the Treasury, and yes, the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, too.  These are rogue, run amok Municipal Corporations being misdirected by foreign Principals who are supposed to be our Subcontractors, Treaty Partners, and Allies.

The people associated with these corporations are not occupying or elected to any American Public Office, have no granted authority, and no explicit written contract to show.  

They have been running a giant fraud scheme on our shores in violation of the Use Permits creating the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC, both.  

They have been making false claims in commerce against us and against our assets and credit for the better part of 160 years, impersonating us like any credit card hacker impersonates his victim.  

There isn't a single Fiduciary Deputy in the entire Territorial Congress.  

88 of the rats improperly seated in our Congressional seats recently voted to promote "perpetual war" and to continue their rampage of wars-for-profit, their illegal and meaningless in-house "vote" to appropriate money for this via the "National Defense Authorization Acts" and their equally vacuous "Authorization to Use Military Force".  

There isn't a single honorable soldier employed by any actual nation in their ranks.  

They have been acting as Commercial Mercenaries since 1860 and simply didn't tell anyone.  This is what they have all been talking about --- "operating under a cloak of secrecy", indeed. 

They had to keep it secret or every police force and actual moral person on Earth would have been down their throats, stripping them of their assets, liquidating their corporations, and kicking their rotten rumps into the sea.  

We are the Aggrieved Parties whose trust has been grotesquely violated by these Federal Employees, the Primary Victims of their frauds, their Priority Creditors, and the Principal Secured Parties owed the assets they've purloined.  

Apparently, everyone forgot that the Pope owns and operates all these Municipal Corporations, and that he is responsible for liquidating them when they are caught committing unlawful acts against the interests of living people. 

That is the quid pro quo and standard treaty agreement allowing the Vatican and the Roman Curia to create all these Legal Fiction Entities and to profit from them in the first place.  Under Ecclesiastical Law, they have to liquidate the whole mess upon demand.

When you back-track through the infinite maze of interlocking trusts and municipal corporations affiliated through the Swiss BIS and the Global Federal Reserve Banking System and all the rest of the corruption you find that the final Rat Hole is "the United States of America Corporation" 
DUNS 16-190-6193.  

It is for this reason that I say that the Constitutions are immaterial to the problem.  The Constitutions of 1787, 1789 and 1790 are just as correct and viable as they ever were; their violation at the hands of these ruthless Municipal Corporations and the Federal Employees running them, is the problem --- not who signed the Constitutions, not anything that the Constitutions required. 


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Ru Evidence

 By Anna Von Reitz

Evidence sent to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court, additional evidence and self-admission of crimes against humanity promoted by Municipal Corporations subject to liquidation and our Claims dated  March 6th 2005 and January 19th of 2023 in seq.---

Evidence of "U.S." --- meaning, DOD, INC. --- circumvention of international law and weapons limitations agreements, interference in the Ukraine, abuse of Ukraine as a biological weapons development center, violation of the treaties and agreements creating the modern country known as "Ukraine" following the collapse of the Soviet System, and willful, gross endangerment of life on this planet for profit.  

They have admitted to operating forty-six (46) biological weapons laboratories and/or factories in Ukraine.  

This, after they and their NATO partners staged the murder of the lawfully elected Ukrainian Government and installed their own puppet, Mr. Zelensky, to serve as their doorkeeper. 

This has nothing to do with the American Government and is in fact in violation of our contracts.

We unequivocally draw your attention to the fact that they, these foreign commercial corporations, are not allowed to use our assets or credit apart from their eighteen clearly enumerated and limited delegated duties and that we do not define any of the monstrous acts going on in Ukraine as "defense" related to this country.  

We will not fund their extracurricular activities and we will not put up with any more war-mongering on the part of these criminals pretending to act "in our names".  We deny any need for any "US Trustees" all the way back to 1860 and demand the immediate liquidation of these run amok Municipal Corporations as required by Ecclesiastical Law and international treaty.    

The DOD, INC. and its parent corporation operating as "the United States of America Corporation" --- in sum total --- has been promoting war for profit and operating unlawfully and illegally since 1860, in violent contravention of our international treaties and our constitutional contracts. 

Whereupon we have set forth and are setting forth the grounds for the liquidation of these Municipal Corporations and the return of all purloined American assets to the lawful civilian government of our nation states of the Union without further administrative recourse.  

We are owed the return and control of all private assets belonging to all Americans including the Global Collateral Accounts, the Saint Germain Trust, and all credit garnered from the assets of these and more than 5,000 other private trusts and millions of phony individual estate trusts that have been illegally and immorally operated as "securities" for Municipal Corporation debts in the names of the victims of these Municipal Corporations.  

This includes the assets of the Global Federal Reserve Banking System that have been illegally commandeered and misadministered without a contract since 2005. 

We assert that the people of the former Commonwealth, Japan, and most of Western Europe have similarly been bilked, defrauded, endangered, and oppressed by these same Municipal Corporation actors pretending to act with non-existent authorities. 

We proclaim with certainty that none of these characters acting as "members of Congress" or as Governors of "States of States" have a single public office related to our national government.  They have merely trespassed against us and our public offices while promoting their own private corporation elections as a substitute ---without ever disclosing what they were doing to the American Public.  

None of them have a current, written contract or any valid Public Oath of Office and none of them have acted to faithfully fulfill their obligations under the venerable constitutional contracts of 1789 and 1790; instead, they have made repeated False Claims in Commerce against their actual Employers and have sought to evade and conspire against the constitutional agreements, treaties, and Acts of the Continental Congress and States of the Union that allow their existence and Use Permits and Residency. 

There isn't a single member of any branch of "service" related to these Municipal Corporations who is acting as anything but a Commercial Mercenary, with the possible exception of United States Navy personnel and Marines operating on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

As a matter of our own security and the peace owed to the entire world, we demand the liquidation of the DOD, INC., and "the United States of America Corporation" and the return of all purloined American assets and securities held by any species of  so-called "US Trustees" including the United Nations Organization. 

Our people are properly provenanced and their political status and invididual express trusts are written and declared.  Our States are alive and well, organized, in Session, and there is no possible excuse for any continued pretension otherwise. There is no reason for any Municipal corporation to make claims against us or continue to pretend to "represent" us at any time from 1860 to today, absent a direct and fulfilled constitutional duty. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
28th of March 2023
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652