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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Let's Not Throw Money at It

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional insight provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005 - January 19th 2023, in seq: 

One of the curious offers we have received is the "QFS" -- "Quantum Financial System" and money defined as "digital currencies" in pay-off accounts assigned to each clueless American--- ideas, practices and proposals that continue on the tradition of making something out of nothing; we gratefully decline all offers and proposals that would result in a cashless society controlled by the same crooks responsible for this entire situation and we counter-offer their immediate and permanent liquidation without replacement or any additional offers of service that we cannot trust them to provide.  

If these Municipal Corporations couldn't provide us with eighteen simple, enumerated, and mutually stipulated services we see no reason to continue any pretense of needing or wanting service contracts that they have willfully conspired against, violated, and evaded. We wish for them to be liquidated and gone. 

We shall take possession of our property and direct our honorable soldiers as a national defense force paid by our own Paymaster; no mercenaries desired or required. 

The offending Municipal and Territorial Corporations are not allowed to claim or use any American assets or credit resulting from American assets and they have no permission to use any of our assets or credit, including assets and credit cashiered in "public accounts" and phony trusts that have been employed by the same offending Municipal Corporations to launder money and oppress the people of this country.  

They have had no contract to use the Global Collateral Accounts since 2005 and the rest of all the "securities" in fact belong to us, other national governments, and living people. 

These corporations simply need to go --- liquidated, all assets returned to us, and all their officers and attorneys need to stand down without further excuses.  

We have a peaceable civilian monetary system that is transparent and set up to return pre-paid credit. 

That is all that is immediately necessary, as our American Silver Dollar is still completely intact and our recently authorized American Federation Dollar (gold standard) is also ready to go, along with all the uncut precious-metals backed "Kennedy Dollars" that have been sitting, parked, for sixty years, while all this insanity flourished. 

Certain members of the military-industrial complex have endeavored to make lemonade out of their lemons, including the "Crimson Gate" project they backstrapped at Wright AFB, and are trying to make themselves look like heroes with everything from fighting lizard-like aliens to "giving back" money to Americans.  

Let us point out the obvious --- it is now and always was our money and our credit, not theirs. They have acted as dishonorable thieves and mercenaries for 160 years and broadly committed inland piracy against our country, the former Commonwealth countries, Japan, and most of Western Europe.  They need to seek and accept any amnesty we will give them as "officers" of commercial corporations caught red-handed in the commission of fraud and other illegal acts, as well as unlawful activities detrimental to the living people and planet. 

We are not interested in cutting any deals with these miscreants or depending upon them for any more "services".  We are interested in seeing these Municipal Corporations liquidated --- permanently, and not replaced by any similar structure. 

Our credit was stolen and it is our credit that we wish to have returned, pre-paid, along with control and possession of all our purloined physical assets, including our gold and silver, our land, our unique estates, our Good Names, our trademarks, copyrights and patents.  This includes all property illegally and unlawfully seized upon via the 1934 Emergency Securities Act and Emergency Banking Acts of 1933 and 34 and all other similar illegal acts of military conscription and confiscation promoted by the use of unauthorized "military districts" and "military district courts" and their subsidiary state-of-state franchise courts.  

We note that the Principals responsible for the then-offending corporations agreed to underwrite the return of our silver on a "dollar for dollar" basis, one ounce of fine silver for every "Federal Reserve Note" printed and exchanged.  

That debt, plus interest, is now due and owed by those same Principals and Underwriters--- despite their fraudulent abuses of corporate bankruptcy privileges and  the fact that no such vast reserves of mined silver exist on Earth.  All those responsible can either come forward honorably and ask for forgiveness or terms --- or they can all consider themselves foreclosed and forfeit. 

XRP and any other X-anything pretending to operate as viable currencies, digital or otherwise, need to hit the scrap heap and all the corporations responsible for this mayhem need to be liquidated with all purloined assets returned to us and to our control without exception; the pre-paid credit accounts need to be denominated in terms of American Silver Dollars, or gold equivalents, and paid out to people in each country according to their freely chosen standing--- and it all needs to be handled either directly by our American Government or by the restored national governments of the people in each country impacted by this fraud and illegal "Territorial" occupation.  

We will not be held hostage or led around by the nose by our Employees or anyone pretending to have any implied trust arrangement with us or anyone pretending to administer any public trusts established in our names.  We declare and freely proclaim that no such arrangements exist. Any and all would-be Executors de Son Tort need to disappear or face immediate arrest and prosecution, up to and including public hanging. 

We will not pay for occupying or defending any other country.  Those with whom we have enjoyed peaceable relations, including Russia, may be assured of our friendship. Everyone, in every country, needs to wake up and do their duty to self-govern and all these obnoxious criminal Municipal Corporations and Territorial "Service" Corporations need to disappear like so many puffs of smoke. 

We will not live in a cashless society dominated by incompetent and self-interested Municipal Corporations. The B.E.A.S.T and the B.A.R. and the Q.F.S. and all their codes are equally dead, subject to our liquidation demands, and so far as we are concerned --- already gone. 

This business needs to be cleaned up and cleared out.  We wish for the very floors to be scrubbed clean ---literally.  If any Federal Employees are interested in offering us additional services for hire, let them be advised that these are the kinds of services needed, along with mops, buckets, and lots of soap.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska, 99652


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  1. God-create-d *man* does not waste time wishing, wishing is part of FICTION: "when you wish upon a star"...
    *man* REQUIRES what belongs to man. Actual. True. "i:man,made in the image ad likeness of God, require...".
    big difference.

  2. cant reach mycatholicredpill on rumble from goo gil. have to use *brave* search; then: mycatholicredpill. one word, no caps.
    he is putting up aLOT today about chldS x tra ffick king. and add reena crow meh.
    there is one video up featuring Russ Dizdar who died recently but he began working with Sat Rit abus victims decades ago and they told him about the Black Awakening. he wrote a book with that title and it is huge, but worth the time imo if you can get a copy. even just skim read, you'd get the picture.

    1. on that same video, DARPA is being disclosed as the ones who are TERRORIZING people referred to as "Targeted Individuals". These are people who were [supposed to be??] DARPA MindKontrol Projects.
      It supposedly ties in with Knot Seas and jer many.
      you will notice that every/almost every one of these people have blonde hair and blue eyes, even if just when 5yo or less. there are also MKUltra Test Subjects who have red or strawberry blonde hair and green or hazel eyes, but most are blonde/blue and have jer man ancestry. The Irish ancestry for the red hair/green eyes combination.

      as bubbapatric has pointed out, he has proofs he believes show that the jer mans are descended from Isaac: Isaac's sons: Saxons. blonde/blue.
      right bubba?, if youre here.

    2. many online who seem to be being TERRORIZED believe they may have been selected for or even actually inducted into one of the MKUltra Programmings based upon their natural gifts and talents, but were not ply-able enough and resisted being what is now being referred to by some as the Satanic Ritual SOUL-SCALPED.
      Said another way, if a little one was noticed, usually at school, for a natural gift, and was selected for MKUltra Programming, but they or their family had the spiritual inner-standing to know that the soul is a sacred part of God living in the little one, and they would not allow or capit-(head)ulate to the Programming, then there is speculation that that little ones life is "marked" and that they are interfered with for the rest of their life.

    3. even though this may all seem relatively unimportant, its not.
      this video goes on a little into how what was being done to a few people in the MKUltra Programs, is now being attempted to be implemented on everyone.
      but not through direct one-on-one contact anymore. now it seems theyre trying to do it by remote using crystalline material: carbon: graphene oxide: black goo linked up with various frequencies from all these towers and more.

    4. the other thing thats important for everyone perhaps,... because it probably works remotely as well as directly (and the first place i ever heard of this was from AxJns way back in the day before he sat under a video of upside-down five-pointed Stars on the US INC FLAG!) is that apparently the Programming breaks down over time.
      Most of the TERRORIZED people/ "Targeted Individuals" are over 40. or even 50, and they have started to remember things... they start to "connect the dots" in their life... that may make them seem "dangerous" to the Perps... DARPA?.
      the Target must be "Contained".
      Made destitute, homeless, jobless, pennyless, friendless, family-less, if possible.
      Not too many outright murders though.... too messy, too many questions... and it is speculated that investigations can spin out of control so that what is true may be uncovered.
      So the TERRORIZED TEST SUBJECTS are Dis-Credited: Put Under Suspicion of Wrong-Doing; Must Be Watched; so if they do go ahead and figure out too much and start talking about it, then they can be called "Mental", "Paranoid", "Mentally Ill", "A Potential Danger to the Community", or "A Loose Cannon". Call in the Psychiatrist. Shut that Test Subject DOWN?
      A good example of something similar is what happened to Dr. Kathryn Mitchell when she BlewThe Whistle on the Arizona V. A. for the Institutionalized Mis-Treatment of our Veterans. Dr. Samuel Foote had already been Blowing the Whistle for a couple years(?), but kathryn went ahead and SHUT THAT WHOLE MISERABLE OPERATION DOWN.
      It came out in their hearings that when kathryn started complaining, the heads of the V. A. began building a second, secret and fraudulent Employment File on her, so if she took her WhistleBlowing outside the protection of the V. A., they were ready to discredit her testimonies with their Fraudulent File.
      these people have seared their own consciences in exchange for what can never belong to them.


    5. woman:janmarieMarch 28, 2023 at 7:44 PM
      Russ Dizdar who died recently but he began working with Sat Rit abus victims decades ago

      how about giving the information about the book or its isdn #

      Would be friendly

  3. The following is why New York Gov Hochul and AG James are appealing the court's ruling on "quarantine camps".......
    Operation Garden Plot and Rex-84: US Government PLANS TO PUT US CITIZENS IN PRISON CAMPS

    1. thanks, sounds like a great ref. wonder how or if this ties in with the JadeHelm TERRORActivities taking place on our land around 2015.

      it was speculated at the time it was Named JH for JadeHelmets and connected up,speculatively, witha Chyne nnah TakeOver of the States and seemed to be being implemented in the mid- and lower MidWest... in a kind of arching pattern, from arizona up past kansas, then dropping more abruptly down, and roughly following the Mississippi River. It seems it was eventually Played off as No Big Deal, just "Urban Warfare Training"-- , you know, "For Use in Other Countries".
      but it is a Big Deal.

    2. For the most part all the land in the west in unpopulated

      Here in North Texas lots of land sell off under the following real estate names
      REX Real Estate
      Capstone Commercial
      Berlin International

      That land was put in to trust a century ago in prepartion for their grand League of Nations/UN/New and Improved UN under World Parliament plan

      13 beneficiaries to the 'Federal' land reserved for their exclusive use and prophet

      And being that we know these musesicians and their hollywolf producers do nothing without some symbolism this song may lend some clues

      Their Greater Israel Project

      Did ya know that those tests contained material harvested from Yellowstone
      Might I also add that the tell a vision series on PARAMOUNT NETWORK known as Yellowstone was launced around the same time as the other - nastiness and violence abound in this series
      Alaska (shaped like a crown) and Montana are KEY elements in this overall plot/theme

    3. continued from above

      Ole TED TURNER is a LAND BARON didn't you know
      He owns 2 million acres all managed by TURNER ENTERPRISES
      Selling you bison meat specificlly raised on his plantations and at a hefty price I might add
      The native tribes were not permitted to hunt and harvest them but TED CAN says so in the ACTS they put in place to enable their ENTERPRISES to flourish while the rest of the world floundered in poverty at THEIR HANDS

      And don't forget the Ministry of Electronics and Information in INDIA one of those BRICS nations
      INFOSYS biometrically marked all billion of India's population for their INCLUSION in this world wide welfare plan also known and UGAI
      Universal Guaranteed Income drop the U and a captone A at the end of that acronym and you get GAIA
      ACT #42 under World Parliamant and the Earth FEDERATION

  4. There are two who vainly attempt to suck oxygen out form within this blog-sphere . . . these two vainly seek to under-whelm us as they hope and act as a coupled "sun-thief," parasitically under Anna Von Reitz's brightly shinning wisdom and hard won knowledge combined with and per great courtesy, time, effort, and cost offered by Paul Stamper. Thank you Anna, Thank you Paul.

    Your value and perseverance is . . . (my words fail)
    thank you.

    glory-hounds who would hope to suc

    1. Strike - "glory-hounds who would hope to suc[k] That was a too worthy a thought I had initially had for those two.

    2. But you seem pretty worried about it.
      Maybe they are right.

    3. And you are dithering in the land of "maybe."

    4. and your seams are unraveling within your self consumed imagination

    5. They are right and you know it.

  5. Anna Von Reitz for President!😀

  6. A cashless society seems to be the answer from all sides.

    1. Not all. They are brain damaged, not us.