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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Comment on Doucette Sentencing

By Anna Von Reitz

This was entirely predictable, because Bruce and Byfield and the others never recognized the history and the split of jurisdictions and would not listen. 

Like so many others, they were so sure of what they thought they knew about this country and the Constitution, they trespassed on the Federales.  Only after the fact did they find that they were themselves classified as Territorial "United States Citizens" dba "citizens of the United States" and that such citizens have never had any guarantees or rights related to any constitution. 

That doesn't mean that the goons in suits are right, anymore than Doucette and Company were right.  There is, for example, no such thing as a "Sovereign Citizen" and their continued use of this oxymoron calls both their sanity and their competence into question. 

What is called for is a widespread understanding of the existence of two entirely different jurisdictions and populaces living here cheek-and-jowl in the same time-space, under completely different sets of rules.  

About the Current Monetary System and Situation....

By Anna Von Reitz

The first really urgent and wonderful presentation I want to recommend on YouTube  is Kenneth Storey's  "The Global Reset Begins"  Youtube presentation.  It is the quickest, simplest, most comprehensive down-to-Earth explanation of the whole banking reform and "reset" situation I have ever run across:

It's just over an hour long and connects all the dots so that anyone can understand what is going on. 

The other entire series about money and the monetary system we have been living with is Mike Maloney's "Hidden Secrets of Money" also on YouTube. 

Of all the subjects that we are never taught anything about, this is The Biggee. 
When you stop and consider the impact that money or lack of money makes on our individual lives, isn't it about time you "invested" in knowing what money is and what kinds of money there are, and how money works --- or fails to work?  

Let me clue you in, you need to know.  

This series has a lot of segments and packs in a lot of information and a lot of that information is counter-intuitive to what people assume about money and the monetary system.  Don't expect that you are going to get it all the first time around and be prepared to spend several hours over the course of a week or two. But when you are done and you have chewed it all down, you will have an education worth more than gold (and other mediums of exchange).  

See all the videos in Hidden Secrets of Money here:  Just scroll sideways and start with episode 1.

Another Great Project Doomed to Failure

By Anna Von Reitz

This has been a weary, nasty week for me and my cohorts at The Living Law Firm because innocent people continue to fall into the traps and snares that have been set for them by their own employees, using their own resources against them. 

This situation is so deplorable, so inexcusable, so criminal that it can only be described as diabolical, and it has prevailed on the basis of corrupted commercial law and unpunished criminality disrespecting the public law for decades. 

Today, I got a message about another great effort to "restore America".  Here it is: 

And, so far as my information on the original Constitution debated in 1787 goes, these people are spot on.  They are absolutely right about Mr. Otis and his pen and the results of Lincoln's crime rampage. 

However, now that we come to correcting it, the plot thickens and hope grows dim. 


Ditto, Ditto to "Virgo Triad"

By Anna Von Reitz

Ditto, Ditto to "Virgo Triad"
Well, it's apparent that "Tim White" is a liar who doesn't have an honorable bone in his body, or when proven wrong, he would retract and apologize for his false bombast.
And it is also apparent that "Virgo Triad" aka "Kim Goguen" is of the same ilk.

Unfortunately, as I pointed out, they have an infinite number of aliases to hide behind, so it is up to each one of you to discern the truth---- and who is telling you the truth, too.
In this present time, it's easy to see that I separated from Bruce Doucette and the others prior to them being arrested for cause and that they did not follow my advice --- which led to this deplorable situation.
It's also easy to see what I said about April LeJeune and her TDA packages from other posts that have appeared on my website.
So the proof that I am telling the truth and that they are lying is pretty obvious, cut and dried --- this time around. But what if it wasn't so easy for me to point out the truth, with a verifiable public record to back it up?

The Eighth Covenant Decree

By Anna Von Reitz

I am publishing something that is going to sound and look very strange to people. 

It is a Decree, like a Divorce Decree or any other, except for a few special differences. 

The letters of the Decree are white on a black background, the exact opposite of the black on white we are used to, because this is a Mercy Decree, not a Judgment. 

It is issued by The United States of America Republic and The Republic of the United States of America, jointly, using a General Delivery address, acting to communicate of, for, and by the people. 

It uses the ancient language of Parse translated into English and styled for use on the land jurisdiction by private parties. This is as close to a universal language as is now possible. 

The Decree observes that mistakes have been made. Out of seven covenants with the Divine, men have managed to break all seven, one for every deadly sin, and for this we deserve destruction.  However, there is an eighth covenant, and that covenant still stands. 

The Eighth Covenant declares mercy to Mankind, despite all mistakes and failings.  It is established on the Earth as a bulwark against Evil and as salvation for Mankind.  

The Decree which will be posted as a separate item on my website invokes the Eighth Covenant and its Power upon the Earth. It's light comes out of the darkness. It's words are bound by the Word. May the glory of Our Father in us shine forth in the darkness. 

The Mercy Decree is binding Law of Heaven and cannot be repealed.  Those who have condemned the Earth and condemned the people and condemned this country to endure their lies and atrocities are in for the biggest surprise ever. 

The United States of America Republic:
The Republic of the United States of America:
Of the people, for the people, by the people:
General Delivery:
The United States of America

Of the Mistakes by Man
Of the Seven Covenants by the Seven Sins
Of the Covenants the Covenant of the Word : Iaeous stands.
For now-and-only-now-is-forever
By breath, by water, by blood, by spirit:
All-sins-fore-given. All-trespasses-mended. All-debts-paid.
All of the Covenants be for and as One-Covenant : Iaeous.
Of the Word, by the Word, for the Word
By: James-Clinton-Belcher:Special-Grand-Justice
By: Anna-Maria-Riezinger:Special-Grand-Justice
By: Harold-Carl-Heinze:Special-Grand-Justice