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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Comment on Doucette Sentencing

By Anna Von Reitz

This was entirely predictable, because Bruce and Byfield and the others never recognized the history and the split of jurisdictions and would not listen. 

Like so many others, they were so sure of what they thought they knew about this country and the Constitution, they trespassed on the Federales.  Only after the fact did they find that they were themselves classified as Territorial "United States Citizens" dba "citizens of the United States" and that such citizens have never had any guarantees or rights related to any constitution. 

That doesn't mean that the goons in suits are right, anymore than Doucette and Company were right.  There is, for example, no such thing as a "Sovereign Citizen" and their continued use of this oxymoron calls both their sanity and their competence into question. 

What is called for is a widespread understanding of the existence of two entirely different jurisdictions and populaces living here cheek-and-jowl in the same time-space, under completely different sets of rules.  

What is also called for is a final restoration of our lawful government and an end of any false legal claim or presumption that the Reconstruction of the National-Level States of States that were members of the Confederation of States in any way impairs the States that are and were members of the Federation of States. 

When people on both sides of this situation wake up and realize what they have been doing to each other there will be a Great National Day of Mourning and overall head-shaking, wondering how we could all be bamboozled like this, how employees could be misdirected to abuse their employers, and how courts could be used as institutionalized crime syndicates. 

For now, I rate the Federales as equivalent to the British Raj in India, cruel and unreasonable and arrogant all at the same time, awaiting their inevitable demise as a viable political or paramilitary force.  They have clearly heaped blame on Bruce Doucette for actions he neither committed nor encouraged, for the sole purpose of "making an example" of their own unreasoning cruelty and injustice. 

As for the Patriot Community, I hope this has been a Wake Up Call serving to draw their attention to the need to avoid trespassing into foreign jurisdictions.  We are owed our peace and The Law of Peace, AR 27-161-1, but in order to claim it and enforce it internationally and to safely pursue the restoration of our complete and fully functioning lawful government, we cannot go around half-cocked and angry. 

We have our rights and duties and the Federales have theirs. The sooner everyone wakes up and appreciates that fact, the better. 

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