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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Another Great Project Doomed to Failure

By Anna Von Reitz

This has been a weary, nasty week for me and my cohorts at The Living Law Firm because innocent people continue to fall into the traps and snares that have been set for them by their own employees, using their own resources against them. 

This situation is so deplorable, so inexcusable, so criminal that it can only be described as diabolical, and it has prevailed on the basis of corrupted commercial law and unpunished criminality disrespecting the public law for decades. 

Today, I got a message about another great effort to "restore America".  Here it is: 

And, so far as my information on the original Constitution debated in 1787 goes, these people are spot on.  They are absolutely right about Mr. Otis and his pen and the results of Lincoln's crime rampage. 

However, now that we come to correcting it, the plot thickens and hope grows dim. 


Because just like the NLA, just like the Colorado Nine, just like so many other efforts over the years, the Good Folk at Our First Right Now have not taken in the necessity of correcting their own deliberately obscured and misrepresented political status.  They have also not realized the necessity of assembling their actual States and the "Missing" National-Level States of States in order to enact a proper Amendment. 

They aren't even catching on to the fact that the "constitution" published by the vermin in 1868 is not the same constitution published in 1789.  

The situation is like thinking you are a Frenchman amending the French Constitution, but you've been misidentified as a Spaniard, and also unbeknownst to you, you are trying to amend the Danish Constitution.  

That's how !#%$!@#! up this whole situation really is, after a 150 years of Breach of Trust.  

And we can't straighten it out until we straighten out our own political status records and realize that the 1868 "constitution" has nothing to do with us and our States of the Union.  It was merely a deceptive attempt by a commercial corporation to enclose the actual constitution and usurp upon it in Breach of Trust.  So correcting that or giving it any authority by assumption only makes matters worse and wastes precious time and money.  

Everyone who is working on these "doomed by definition" efforts needs to get clued in and put their effort toward what really needs to be done FIRST and get the horse in front of the cart.  

And that is, our National Assembly, being headed up by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.   The actual States have been called to assemble.  That means organizing county and state jural assemblies throughout this country.  It's a mammoth undertaking and nobody can do it but us. 

Please go to and see where the actual push has to come to shove.  You are needed more than ever now.  Nobody said it would be easy or simple, but it is within our power to crack the real nut that needs to be cracked and emerge victorious.  

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