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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Eighth Covenant Decree

By Anna Von Reitz

I am publishing something that is going to sound and look very strange to people. 

It is a Decree, like a Divorce Decree or any other, except for a few special differences. 

The letters of the Decree are white on a black background, the exact opposite of the black on white we are used to, because this is a Mercy Decree, not a Judgment. 

It is issued by The United States of America Republic and The Republic of the United States of America, jointly, using a General Delivery address, acting to communicate of, for, and by the people. 

It uses the ancient language of Parse translated into English and styled for use on the land jurisdiction by private parties. This is as close to a universal language as is now possible. 

The Decree observes that mistakes have been made. Out of seven covenants with the Divine, men have managed to break all seven, one for every deadly sin, and for this we deserve destruction.  However, there is an eighth covenant, and that covenant still stands. 

The Eighth Covenant declares mercy to Mankind, despite all mistakes and failings.  It is established on the Earth as a bulwark against Evil and as salvation for Mankind.  

The Decree which will be posted as a separate item on my website invokes the Eighth Covenant and its Power upon the Earth. It's light comes out of the darkness. It's words are bound by the Word. May the glory of Our Father in us shine forth in the darkness. 

The Mercy Decree is binding Law of Heaven and cannot be repealed.  Those who have condemned the Earth and condemned the people and condemned this country to endure their lies and atrocities are in for the biggest surprise ever. 

The United States of America Republic:
The Republic of the United States of America:
Of the people, for the people, by the people:
General Delivery:
The United States of America

Of the Mistakes by Man
Of the Seven Covenants by the Seven Sins
Of the Covenants the Covenant of the Word : Iaeous stands.
For now-and-only-now-is-forever
By breath, by water, by blood, by spirit:
All-sins-fore-given. All-trespasses-mended. All-debts-paid.
All of the Covenants be for and as One-Covenant : Iaeous.
Of the Word, by the Word, for the Word
By: James-Clinton-Belcher:Special-Grand-Justice
By: Anna-Maria-Riezinger:Special-Grand-Justice
By: Harold-Carl-Heinze:Special-Grand-Justice


  1. Beautiful! I see the wisdom and power in this, which, when and if invoked by anyone, should alter the Maritime/Administrative/British equity law court venue to an Ecclesiastical Law court, as it presents the moral foundation and a final (or additional) basis for dismissal/forgiveness, etc.

  2. Replies
    1. Same question.
      Explain Iaeous?
      This "decree" Should be enough to raise many questions and many doubts.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It appears to be Vowels to me. i.e. a sound produced with no constriction in the vocal tract (clear sounds)
      Iaeous, with "I" being first and s meaning more than one, plural, many clear sounds

    4. Definition of Aeolus
      Noun: Aeolus ee-u-lus

      God of the winds in ancient mythology
      See also:

      Anagrams containing the word Aeolus

      aoeusl saeolu usaeol lusaeo olusae eolusa

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. There is no "l" in "Iaeous" as in the decree, and does not in itself form a "word" or noun "Title" but instead shows how those vowels when entered into "words" (clear sounds) make the words (sounds) complete/whole and clear.
      This is my innerstanding of the use "Iaeous" in the decree as written. I too would love for Anna to confirm or explain further to clear any mistaken understandings re this topic.
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Now

    7. I also see the confusion IS also being caused here due to the conversion of Capitol "I" changing once "published" vs. the way it was initially entered into comment to appear like a lower case "l" SMH...goodness even the keyboards systems convert, twist and confuse the intent!! Chaos and confusion indeed

  3. Pope and President IRS and bankers going to take your word for this ? What about a world wide decree. That would be more to my liking.

  4. What about a new revised "Declaration of Independance" which I have been holding on to now for at least 25 years, unwilling to file it, because I have heard stories that a declaration like that is basically a declaration of WAR...!! A WAR against the Corp State who has every available weapons at their disposal, that they could literary throw you in jail without a trial or due process, and you just become a political prisioner...!! I would like to share it with you somehow though.....its two pages....any ideas Paul.. I wonder if I can copy it on my printer and then turn it into a pdf file that I can attach to my comments...!! It really spells out the crimes they have been committing against us and the reason why we have to declare our independence again against the Corp U.S...!!

    1. James I think you are a really smart guy with much to add for this group and an even broader spectrum. But brother I'm sure glad Thomas Jefferson did not have the fear that you do. I'm glad he wasn't afraid to send his Declaration to the King. Do you really mean that if you had some info that you could share that would help free mankind, you would cower in your room rather than share it to keep a target off your own back? If so "may your chains hang loosely upon your hands..."
      I love many of your ideas, but if you would go back and read many of your own posts with just the thought in mind about how much you reveal that you are in great fear, I think it will help you to realize that. But it's a PAPER TIGER that you fear! The emperor has no clothes. Toto pulled back the curtain to reveal the wimpy little man behind the scenes yelling "SILENCE".
      And lastly, yes you are right they have the cops and the guns. But if the time ever comes when they get so desperate as to turn them loose on people en mass just bc they want to be free, then would you rather keep silent to save your own arse or be like Wang Wei Lin who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen square?
      Fear not them that can kill the body but after that there is nothing they can do, but rather fear Him who is able to cast both body and soul into hell.

    2. James, I would go back and read the DECREE. There's love, peace, forgiveness, etc. Those are NOT WORDS of WAR. It's done in a simple and prayerful manner; few words carefully chosen in a sequence that will probably baffle the "corporate bankrupt" STATE!!

      Besides that "STATE" is run by scared EMPLOYEES who are much more aware that they are NOT invincible, nor 'operating' UNDER COVER anymore, particularly since Prez Trump got into office. No matter what you think of Trump, his presence has the "deep state EMPLOYEES" in panic and PUBLICLY exposing their own crimes against We the People, our Nation, and their Oaths of Office in which they VOLUNTARILY took and promised to "faithfully" execute their public service contract as trustee agents which includes their SWORN VOW to protect and serve We the People, our Nation, etc. But now, they are exposed and We see they have breached that “Trust” contract, committed treason, sedition, by giving aid and comfort to the enemies of Our Nation, etc. etc.

      I'm ready for the military tribunals, the public trials and their sentencing in hopes that they receive a noose around their necks to be hung at the nearest tree!!! Heavenly Father forgive them and be merciful in the final judgment You will bestow upon them!!!

  5. So you decide you can just sweep all these evil deeds under the rug, no consequences for bad actions and crimes, its ok, lets all just hug and forget all that stuff, just hand out free declared justice cards to all? When did God die and hand over Authority to you guys??
    You just called God a Liar.

  6. Just about the most worthless piece of work I've ever seen in my life. Full of hole and a waste of 'paper'. I must be just one of the very very few sane people left around here, lol.

    James-Clinton-Belcher, Anna -Maria-Ratzinger, or Harold-Carl-Heinze are not he. 34 bishops in Chile tendered their resignations to Pope Francis last week and even Pope himself is considering vacating office. Anna knows why and so do I. May the Fourth be with you.

  8. The 34 'bishops of the ''one-true-catholic-church' resigned because the Hounds who are running down all the pedo's, discovered that these bishops were pedofiles and now they got caught because God is exposing all such secrets, and bringing them out into the open for all to see. This is happening all over the world and is just one of the zillions of incidents. Resignation is not good enough; there must be consequences or else there is no Justice. The entire RCC is SICK and needs to be extinguished altogether. This kind of stuff has been going on within the RCC for well over 100 years; it is not anything new. Such people are extremely mentally disturbed and twisted and do not deserve to even live. A true menace to society. Period.

    1. I agree there should be consequences else just resignations alone are just meaningless

    2. I agree Abby and it is far reaching not only in the rcc. Governments, music industry,Hollywood other so called christian religions. I know God is behind these revelations and He will also save us from the planned NWO...their resignations is their way of hiding but they will not escape their due punishment. Isaiah 2:19 and the restless spirits under the altar will destroy this world of hate.

    3. 2:19 doesnt say that. Check.

    4. Project Veritas is now doing investigations into Teachers Unions, and finding how so many of them do not report 'indiscretions' of teachers with their students, but instead cover up for them. These are the people y'all send your kids to every day all day long and for years, so now it is being exposed there are some crimes going on at schools. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  9. Just to share an 'interesting coincidence'.... I listened to the following video last night by Mark Taylor....

    It speaks of prayer and protection and the work of the Army of God and what should be done to remove the blocks from our heavenly inheritance....

    I see a pattern of Spiritual awakening that is showing itself through Mark Taylor and judge anna maria, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I had planned to send this out today under a different 'subject heading' but opted to send it here since she has been struck by the Heavenly Spirit to ALSO suggest another 'level' of clearing our paths for entrance into the Heavenly Realm....

    just my thoughts... YHUH bless your understanding!!

    1. joser, there are no blocks. Sin separated man from God.

    2. joser, Mark Taylor prophecy:
      Copy paste and search. Nathan Leal is one of the Brethren inmo.
      Also as far as "another level to clear our paths for entrance into the heavenly realm."
      How many are hearing the words 'True repentance'? How many of these Prophets of the Spiritual awakening are speaking the Truth?

    3. And lets not forget the "Source of our Sovereignty."
      That is sarcasm.

    4. thanx for the input.... my thoughts can never cover everything I'd like.... then you would get a book, which may happen some day.... but not for this posting. blessings to all..

  10. I hope that Iaeous is parse syntax for Jesus, because He is the only One who has the authority to claim All-sins-fore-given. All-trespasses-mended. All-debts-paid.
    Behold the Lamb of God Who taketh away the sins of THE WORLD.

    EVERY knee SHALL bow and EVERY tongue SHALL confess that Jesus Christ IS LORD to the glory of God the Father.

    For the blood of bullocks and goats could NEVER take away sin, therefore God prepared for Himself a body.

    Jesus Christ, the savior of ALL MEN, especially those who believe.

    For there is ONE MEDIATOR between God and man, the man Christ Jesus

    1. No, i was wrong. It's not Greek for Jesus.
      Jesus in Greek is Iesous.

      I'm still searching for evidence of an ancient language of Parse.
      So far it's simply an analysis of words and sentences.

  11. The Decree says: "For now and only now is forever"
    IMHO, this makes perfect sense and generates a sense of Peace.
    I’m not big on the Bible but I do believe in the true teachings of Jesus - who was a great guy!
    IMHO, this is THE major teaching of Jesus Christ - to be 'in the present moment' live in the 'now'. This is where peace is and where life is.
    In the now, there is no past; no crime which has been committed, no one to imprison, no getting even, no blame, no regret, no fear. There is only peace.
    "Let the dead bury the dead" as Jesus said. The past is dead and gone and if we 'live in the past', judge our brothers and ourselves and bask in unforgiveness every minute of every day, this is where hopelessness lies. This truly is what ‘sin’ is.
    One can say "well, they wronged us and we have to get even.” Jesus would say, “how's that working out for you?” Does the constant need for retribution give you ANY peace at all in your life? Probably not.
    The Bible says, "Justice is Mine, sayeth the Lord.” ie, leave it to Me, sayeth the Lord.

    Just sayin'.

  12. Parse is not a language. It's an analysis of language.
    How does this pertain to decree?


  14. Iaeous is not Greek for Jesus. My mistake, upon further investigation, the Greek for Jesus is Iesous.

    So yes Anna, could you please define Iaeous?
    Could you please link for further research on an Ancient language of Parse?
    Also, a friend noticed that your decree is made of prepositions and not direct sentences. Could you please explain that as well?


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