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Monday, May 9, 2022

They Are Not Our Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever see anyone "frustrated to tears"?   They make fists and pound them against walls, their faces turn blue as their facial muscles clench, their hair stands on end?  

Well, almost. 

That's me.  I recently had cause to remind Mike McKibben --- hey, Dumbo, they aren't our courts.  They aren't in the business of justice.   

They are in the business of collecting war reparations for the British King and that's all they do, day in and day out, collect, collect, collect.... 

And they get a cut of what they collect, so whichever side represents the biggest collection, wins. 
Guaranteed.  Every time. 

Now, why would anyone expect such a British Court to rule against a British Commercial Corporation in the name of the Queen?   How does that work, Jethro? 

It's not going to happen, is it?  No matter what.  No matter how much you have been abused.  No matter what the facts are.  It's simply never going to go your way, because they aren't really a court.  They are a glorified collections agency acting under color of law, representing the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.  

They are supposed to be collecting against Municipal United States citizens, and they will conveniently label you one.  

Not only that, if you are misaddressed by a Municipal COURT, they will happily label you as a Municipal citizen of the United States, too.  Why?  

The Territorial Court has a job assignment to collect from Municipal United States citizens and the more Municipal United States citizens there are, the more they can collect. 

And the Municipal COURT wants there to be more Municipal United States CITIZENS so that the burden of the debt is spread out.  

Let me put it to you all point-blank and leave the Repeat Play Button On: these things are not our courts.  They aren't now.  They never have been.  They are supposed to be "courts of strictly limited jurisdiction" and it's your fault that they are not being forced to observe their limitations. 

If you get up off your couches and start paying attention, you can restore your own courts and enforce the actual Law and provide yourselves with both protection and justice, simply by declaring your birthright political status, joining your State Assembly, and building your own properly organized American Common Law Court.  

There's already a Supreme Court decision saying that when we do this, the foreign courts have to stand down: Ex Parte Milligan (1866). 

It's a matter of rule yourselves, or be ruled. 

Provide your own courts, or leave them to assume that they are in charge of you.  And your assets.  


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Demand For Delivery

 By Anna Von Reitz

In 1929 the Holy See received a treaty signed by Benito Mussolini representing the Italian Government, allowing separate international city-state status to Vatican City, and soon after that, the Vatican --- sprang back to life in a big way and took charge of the finances and property management interests of the Roman Church.
Part of that apparently included identity theft, unlawful conversion, breach of trust, impersonation, and fraud practiced against a large number of singular, organizational, and family trusts entrusted to the Holy See prior to the 1930's and ever since.
It also appears that the Vatican appointed Agents who replaced Holy See Trustees. These agents may have been accountable to the Vatican, but the point is that they were not accountable to the actual Donors of these quote-unquote "Legacy Trusts" and "Historic Trusts" who put their faith in the Holy See to act as Trustee over their assets--- not unknown agents secondarily appointed by the Vatican.
The same sorts of abuses occurred with respect to our National Trust(s) and their treaties with the Holy See, which, whether on land or sea, were operated in Breach of Trust by the Vatican, which has no valid standing as a Treaty Partner or Principal.
Again, the story is the same. Donors entered into a trust agreement of some kind with the Holy See, with the Holy See charged with Trustee responsibilities --- which the Holy See handed off to the Vatican in the early 1930's and ever since -- and then neglected to supervise. The Vatican has been allowed to run wild and promote many financial crimes against the actual owners and beneficiaries of these trusts.
In so doing, they have promoted war, depravity, and ever-increasing criminality on a worldwide basis. And now, the Holy See attempts to wash its hands. But our agreement is not with the Vatican. Our National Trust Agreements are 100% with the Holy See. So are the D'Avila Family Trust Agreements, which were all executed with the Holy See as the Ultimate Trustee.
So, the upshot of this is that the Holy See has been caught in Gross Breach of Trust and Dereliction of Duty owed to the Donors and Beneficiaries of all these trusts. It has failed both the Donors and the Beneficiaries, and has secondarily handed our assets off to "Administrators" and "Agents" who are not Trustees and who are not accountable to us.
This is a Gross Breach of the Trust owed to each Donor and each Beneficiary. Both Donors and Beneficiaries have been preyed upon and abused by these secondary "Administrators" and "Agents" who have uniformly plundered and misused and misdirected our assets to engage in such things as war-for-profit, pillaging, and extortion.
Now come the Donors of these Trusts demanding both remedy and cure; and, standing as men and women possessing Divinity and claiming Divine Redress, we all say that the Holy See is at fault for this and is responsible for all suffering, loss, or damage incurred by this unauthorized and secondary administration by Agents of the Vatican.
With regard to the D'Avila Family Trust Assets, 333, 555, 777, and 999, the Holy See is directly responsible for their recoupment and return to the Donors, and specifically to the man approved by the Spanish Courts, Philippine Courts, and United States Federal Court to hold the General Power of Attorney over the Family Trust Assets, allowing him to disentangle his family's assets from the Estate of the Vatican Agent, Severino Sta. Romana, and any other deposits, assignments or allocations made from these accounts by unauthorized Vatican Administrators.
We suspect that similar conditions affect Account Codes 111, 222, 444, 666, and 888 and we note that the fake Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, aka, actor Alex Tallon, is claiming to be the owner of the 666 Account, which we believe to be the "Blood Money Account" representing the value of the labor of the people victimized by this scheme on a worldwide basis ---- that is, funds from an illegal source have been used to fund the 666 account which this criminal is apparently accessing and using to promote war and other forms of criminality for profit.
Ferdinand Marcos used assets from the D'Avila Family Trust to fund his own Family Trust and Foundation without authorization from the Donors or the actual Trustees, and it also appears that funds belonging to the D'Avila Family Trust were used to fund the Nazis by these same Vatican Interlopers, and that Swiss Authorities including the Bank of International Settlements and also the World Bank, Federal Reserve, and Federal Trust all knew about this and did nothing.
These crimes of personage and misrepresentation and fraud in breach of trust must come to an end and the assets must be recouped and returned to the actual owners without further obstruction, obfuscation, or delay in restraint of trade.
This train wreck has left the Central Banks and the Commercial Banks, both, operating in a criminal fashion, one engaged in criminal commodity rigging, the other involved in criminal securitization schemes---- and all of it made possible by using other people's money without their consent.
This Whilte Collar Piracy has to end and the sooner the better.
What remains as a viable alternative to the Train Wreck is to reboot the financial system via the International Trade Banks and return to asset-backed money, using digital recording and transfer systems that do not impose any kind of cash-less society model.
We have authorized the issuance of new coinage and new asset-backed certificates to replace the "Federal Reserve Notes" that have been based on the illegal and immoral practices of peonage and enslavement, resulting in taxes levied against the labor of living people. We demand that all funds related to these practices be recognized as coming from illegal sources, be impounded, and returned to the actual owners if possible, and to their progeny, if not, or finally, in the case of unclaimed and unassignable returns, to our Federation of States, for the succor of General Public.
We require that all Municipal Employees and all British Territorial Employees be made aware of their separate and voluntary and hopefully, temporary, political status. We further demand that they be taught that Americans are not generally subject to any Federal Laws that are not published on the Federal Record and standing within the Constitutional scope of the Federal Government, nor are Americans subject to foreign State-of-State Franchise Statutory laws.
These and other issues of misadministration promoted by the Vatican Administrators must be faced, must be addressed, and must be corrected.
Let me remind everyone reading this: "Sovereign bond prices depend on investors’ perception of public debt sustainability." How can any Public Debt be sustained without a General Public in evidence? Both our actual political status and our ownership of our assets must be admitted and credited immediately.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Full length 2000 Mules BY DINESH D’SOUZA

The Old Lady Explains

 By Anna Von Reitz

Government Central Banks were created to control the flow of commodities— and money and credit currencies , like wheat and sow bellies, are commodities.   This is state-sanctioned crime, because commodity rigging is a crime—- if Joe Blow does it.  

This is why commodity brokers and stock brokers are licensed, too.   This is why Central Banks and Stock Exchanges are (supposed to be) regulated. 

Merchant banks are created to engage in international trade, which is what we think of as  private business between unincorporated entities, using asset-backed money to trade goods and services.  It is called “trade” because actual physical assets are being exchanged.  My bag of peanuts for your apple is barter; my apple for your silver dime is trade. 

Commercial banks deal in various kinds of “commercial paper”—- stocks, bonds, certificates, insurance, debentures, promissory notes and credit instruments such as Letters of Credit, for example.  These banks serve incorporated entities since commerce itself is defined as business between two incorporated entities. 

Now that you can observe this for yourselves you will better understand it when I say all the commercial banks worldwide are bankrupt and all the central banks are guilty of mammoth crimes beyond the state sanctioned variety crimes they are allowed to indulge in. 

As a result, the International Trade Banks are the only ones still standing and capable of translating values.  The form this takes does not matter so long as people still have access to abundant cash assets —- without which everyone would be enslaved. 

Read that — digital currency is okay so far as it goes— your funds are routinely translated into digits as it is, so it isn’t that digital currency is bad—- it’s that banks controlling the flow of digital currency, banks with the ability to shut down your accounts without agreement, banks that can arbitrarily turn your credit cards on and off, would have complete coercive economic power if we do not immediately and with prejudice insist on maintaining a cash economy wherein people have physical control over defined asset-backed cash currency. 

And all this, plus the biggest bust in commodity rigging history and crimes beyond the scope of this quick summation — is what the PTW are arguing and struggling over. 

Meantime, note that Goldman-Sachs, the IRS, and the Territorial (British) Federal Reserve have so far moved to China—- obviously planning to set up shop there and do the same things to Chinese workers that they have done here.  

Really?  Will China be foolish enough to eat the Tapeworms?   Stay tuned.  We fully intend to take up the criminal nature of these entities with the Chinese Government. 


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A Message From President Putin -- and Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

This message is being blocked by western media.  Why?  Read it and ask yourselves--- why is this message being blocked by the Mainstream Media?   

And then ask yourselves, isn't it apparent that he is telling the truth?  Our country has been overrun by Fascist Oppressors wearing Leftist Suits.  

They want to dictate everything about your body so far as vaccines are concerned, but then, hypocritically, advance the idea of "My body, my choice." when it comes to abortion? 

They want to ignore gender, except.....

And that is the least of their hypocrisy and lies.  

Hitler came to power using the same methods -- hypocrisy, lies, reckless deceit.  

Guess what is happening again?  

Vladimir Putin had little choice in invading Ukraine.  The NATO nations had placed Zelensky, a Florida Millionaire with ties to the Mob, in power.  He in turn busted the whole country wide open to criminal enterprises of all kinds, but the final straw came when NATO nations used Ukraine as the location for over a dozen illegal chemical / biological weapons plants.  

Those Weapons of Mass Destruction we've been looking for the last thirty years?  Well, we finally found them, and they are ours.  This is what Joey and Nancy and Mitty have been doing behind our backs and now, they don't want us to know. 

In this (below) badly but adequately translated message, Putin makes it clear that his intention is simply to clear the criminals out of Ukraine, end the risk to his country posed by these bio weapon facilities, and go home.  This isn't about conquest.  It's about sanity.  

Read it yourselves and pass it on.  


A message from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to all the nations of the world:

Dear citizens of our wonderful planet Earth! I, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, decided to address all of you directly, bypassing diplomats, your rulers and journalists. In Russia, there is such a thing as "the time of surrender", where you cannot lie, deceive and play. That's why I'm going to be honest so everyone can check the truth of my words.

Russia is a great and rich country. The main value is more than 150 peoples who live on a territory where justice is above all. We don't need new territories. We have plenty of energy and all other resources. Since the time of the Great Tartaria and the Great Mogul, the peoples of northern European have evolved not because of looting in the crusade wars and colonization of America, Africa, India, drug addiction in China, but thanks to their hard work and peacekeeping. Those who know Russian understand that "Russian" is an adjective for all the peoples of our country. Russian Slovenians, Russian Tatars, Russian Jews, Russian Evenkas and so on are Russians in the soul, although their culture, language, lifestyle may differ. We salute this diversity of unity. Once again, the Russian people of Russia are forced to sacrifice their lives, protecting the world from Nazism and fascism.

We exchanged 50 of our prisoners of war for 50 Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian soldiers received medical assistance in our hospitals, ate three large meals a day and returned home. We received Russian soldiers with their fingers cut off and reproductive organs. Not even the Nazis did this during the last war. We will present these evidence in a future court. Shame on anyone who supports these scoundrels now.

Your rulers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries have stood on the side of these subhumans, who have put civilians, pregnant women and children in front of them, intentionally harming prisoners of war. It’s hard for me to imagine a healthy, healthy person supporting these monsters. And your Bidens, Scholars, Macron and other dark-fashioned Democrats not only protect criminals, but also actively arm them, supply them with money, which is not enough to keep prices in your countries low. Prices are rising, the world is collapsing, but not because the Russians are cleansing Europe of Nazis evil spirits, but because you don't watch and actually support a new wave of Nazism. This time we are not going to Berlin. We will stand on our historical borders, and all the Nazis evil spirits, to whom your rulers wide open, will arrange a new "crystal" life, as the Nazis did, adding reproductive organs circumcised.

I appeal to all who want to live and work in peace, to raise children and to be friends with the nations of the world. Help Russia fight the new cancer - Ukrainian Nazism. Not Ukraine where peaceful and valuable people live, but Nazism, fed by hawks from the USA and NATO for your taxes. If your rulers support Nazism, chase them out three doors, take power into your own hands. Ukrainian Nazis protect themselves from bullets of civilians, their rulers, under the pretext of terrible Russia, also decided to transfer the burden of high prices and upcoming troubles to the population. Both in Ukraine and in you, Nazis live well behind the backs of ordinary citizens, and ordinary people should suffer - these are identical crimes in both Ukraine and the West.

If we unite, then in another week there will be no Nazis in Ukraine, normal life will return to Europe, the USA and other countries, and together we will judge Ukrainian Nazis and all the rulers who support Nazism in the new tribunal. Our goal is the right one. We will defeat the Nazism.

I would like to share this win with everyone together as soon as possible. Our goal is the right one.  


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My Compliments to Mike McKibben -- and Leader Technologies

 By Anna Von Reitz

[This is a response to nasty and unwarranted ideas about me and my message from Mike McKibben and Leader Technologies.]
It is apparent that (1) Mike McKibben hasn’t bothered to read what I have written to any appreciable extent — and is opening up his mouth anyway, or (2) is deliberately trying to misinform people.
For example, my Readers know how often and how persistently I have said that the “Brits are at the bottom of the dogpile” and also know how often and how roundly I have criticized not only the Queen’s Government, but the Lord Mayor’s Government, too.
A mere perusal of article titles would have given McKibben some grasp of my actual stance with regard to the British Raj, but he preferred his own (mistaken) presumptions over the facts. And didn’t bother to look.
Other examples include the idea that I have ever advocated declaring oneself a “natural person” — which is emphatically wrong; I have taught my Readers that “natural person” is legalese for a corpse, literally, a dead body, and they should never accept or use any such description of themselves.
So again, McKibben presents false information which anyone can confirm by reading my articles on this subject.
Ditto the idea that I have ever claimed to be a Boston Brahmin, good or otherwise. My husband comes from a family that arrived in Boston in 1608 and played a major and honorable part in building and leading this country through the Revolution and for many years afterward.
My point being that vilifying the founders of Boston is a grave disservice not only to those who gave so much to found this country and who shed their blood to set it free, but a gross disservice to history itself.
It’s unlikely that there would have been an American Revolution without the Men of Boston and Massachusetts raising their objections to British tyranny.
Where did John and Samuel Adams’ family hail from? Boston. Where was the Boston Tea Party? Boston. Where was the lantern that prompted Paul Revere’s ride? Boston. Which port city endured the worst Naval Blockade in history up until that time— eight long years? Boston.
McKibben obviously doesn’t care much about me, about facts, or about history. He also seems rather slow on the uptake with his solution to his own problem.
If he bothered to read what I have been teaching people for years, he would know a great deal more about both the problem and his own proposed solution.
For example, he would know that the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified in 1819 and added to the actual Federal Constitution (1787) already prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any public office in our American Government.
Nobody has to create that solution. We simply have to get organized, do our public duty, and enforce it.
Which is the “rest of the story” McKibben does not— apparently— care to hear, because it puts the ultimate responsibility for correction on him and on all of us. Instead of beating his head against the stonewall of a King’s Court and expecting justice from an institution created for completely different purposes (!) McKibben should stop whining about his stolen patents and ideas long enough to have a NEW thought.
And that thought would be that our own courts are missing, which leaves us at the mercy of the British Courts (which are here to pillage us).
If we would get organized and all properly declare ourselves Americans and form our courts (as many of us are doing) then we could all invoke Ex Parte Milligan (1866) and force these foreign courts to step down and leave us alone.
We would finally have juries of our own peers again— American juries with no foreign allegiances and no axes to grind.
McKibben has obviously suffered for lack of such a Court to hear his injuries and provide him with justice, but the simple fact that we must provide our own courts has sailed right over his head and the heads of literally millions of other Americans who have suffered at the hands of these foreign courts and apparently never wondered— where’d my courts go?
I have to gather my peers together.
We have to declare that we are Americans, not Brits or whatever else.
We have to assemble ourselves, hold our own elections, build our own jury pools, operate our own courts….
These same Angry Men, like McKibben, spend millions of dollars fighting the Papist and British Court Systems, year after year, but not ten cents toward building our own court system—- the one thing that could and would give him and millions of others both justice and relief.
I’m sorry, but if you keep making the same unexamined
assumptions and doing the same things, you get the same results.
How many YEARS has McKibben and Leader Technologies been in litigation over the invention of social media platforms — and gotten nothing but a huge attorney bill and a red nose to show for it?
Decades that I know of.
McKibben has spent decades and probably millions of dollars looking for Justice in a foreign court.
But will he stop a moment and listen to a bit of history, realize how our American Courts almost disappeared —- and move himself to solve that problem? So that he could then solve his own problem and everyone else’s too—- by reopening American Common Law Courts all over this country?
He’d rather spend his time trying to paint me as a disinformation agent and peeing on his own shoe, than take an oar and do what has to be done. He’d rather bitch about foreign courts than build his own—- then stand there like a Dumb Ox wondering why he can’t get justice from a British Court against a British Corporation?
Please. I happen to sympathize with Leader Technologies. I happen to believe that McKibben was the inventor just as he says he was. And he got ripped off, too.
However, he is barking up the wrong tree.
He can never get justice from a British Court and he apparently doesn’t have sense enough to weigh in with me and build his own.
You are getting this reply from “Anna von Fritz” which is the name of my iPhone— but every letter has been pecked out on a tiny screen by my weary index finger.
Please return my compliments to Mike McKibben.

Anna Maria


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