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Monday, May 9, 2022

They Are Not Our Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever see anyone "frustrated to tears"?   They make fists and pound them against walls, their faces turn blue as their facial muscles clench, their hair stands on end?  

Well, almost. 

That's me.  I recently had cause to remind Mike McKibben --- hey, Dumbo, they aren't our courts.  They aren't in the business of justice.   

They are in the business of collecting war reparations for the British King and that's all they do, day in and day out, collect, collect, collect.... 

And they get a cut of what they collect, so whichever side represents the biggest collection, wins. 
Guaranteed.  Every time. 

Now, why would anyone expect such a British Court to rule against a British Commercial Corporation in the name of the Queen?   How does that work, Jethro? 

It's not going to happen, is it?  No matter what.  No matter how much you have been abused.  No matter what the facts are.  It's simply never going to go your way, because they aren't really a court.  They are a glorified collections agency acting under color of law, representing the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.  

They are supposed to be collecting against Municipal United States citizens, and they will conveniently label you one.  

Not only that, if you are misaddressed by a Municipal COURT, they will happily label you as a Municipal citizen of the United States, too.  Why?  

The Territorial Court has a job assignment to collect from Municipal United States citizens and the more Municipal United States citizens there are, the more they can collect. 

And the Municipal COURT wants there to be more Municipal United States CITIZENS so that the burden of the debt is spread out.  

Let me put it to you all point-blank and leave the Repeat Play Button On: these things are not our courts.  They aren't now.  They never have been.  They are supposed to be "courts of strictly limited jurisdiction" and it's your fault that they are not being forced to observe their limitations. 

If you get up off your couches and start paying attention, you can restore your own courts and enforce the actual Law and provide yourselves with both protection and justice, simply by declaring your birthright political status, joining your State Assembly, and building your own properly organized American Common Law Court.  

There's already a Supreme Court decision saying that when we do this, the foreign courts have to stand down: Ex Parte Milligan (1866). 

It's a matter of rule yourselves, or be ruled. 

Provide your own courts, or leave them to assume that they are in charge of you.  And your assets.  


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  1. there was no Declaration of War for Their so-called "Civil War", so "Their Mulligan" is "moot".

    1. if there is no Declaration of War, then nothing after that is lawful.

    2. so, what "War Reparations" have their FOREIGN COURTS been collecting from us when we were attacked by them without reason (like they did to the indigenous Americans and others -- "Perfidius Albion" -- and no War was declared? hmmm?

      thaaats right... there would not *BE* any.


    3. so that the indisputable result of all of this is that they owe us.

      the world is too small for anyone to hide anymore.
      plus, it seems that everyones "Unique Resonance" has been "captured" so that they can be found no matter where on the earth they go, even under it.


  2. No its all about tapping into your public estate. They need your consent to act as surety for their case bonds. If you don't consent they are guilty of securities fraud for issuing securities without an underwriter. Plus they are guilty of tax fraud for terminating your interest in your securities. Period. Reclaim your securities is the only way. 31cfr363.6. Minor means?

  3. You think there is a connection with the 101 in the title of her book

  4. By 2030 you will own nothing if you're still alive

    As they use your 401K's and pension funds and the hidden money in those CAFR reports to put everyone on the street