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Monday, May 9, 2022

My Compliments to Mike McKibben -- and Leader Technologies

 By Anna Von Reitz

[This is a response to nasty and unwarranted ideas about me and my message from Mike McKibben and Leader Technologies.]
It is apparent that (1) Mike McKibben hasn’t bothered to read what I have written to any appreciable extent — and is opening up his mouth anyway, or (2) is deliberately trying to misinform people.
For example, my Readers know how often and how persistently I have said that the “Brits are at the bottom of the dogpile” and also know how often and how roundly I have criticized not only the Queen’s Government, but the Lord Mayor’s Government, too.
A mere perusal of article titles would have given McKibben some grasp of my actual stance with regard to the British Raj, but he preferred his own (mistaken) presumptions over the facts. And didn’t bother to look.
Other examples include the idea that I have ever advocated declaring oneself a “natural person” — which is emphatically wrong; I have taught my Readers that “natural person” is legalese for a corpse, literally, a dead body, and they should never accept or use any such description of themselves.
So again, McKibben presents false information which anyone can confirm by reading my articles on this subject.
Ditto the idea that I have ever claimed to be a Boston Brahmin, good or otherwise. My husband comes from a family that arrived in Boston in 1608 and played a major and honorable part in building and leading this country through the Revolution and for many years afterward.
My point being that vilifying the founders of Boston is a grave disservice not only to those who gave so much to found this country and who shed their blood to set it free, but a gross disservice to history itself.
It’s unlikely that there would have been an American Revolution without the Men of Boston and Massachusetts raising their objections to British tyranny.
Where did John and Samuel Adams’ family hail from? Boston. Where was the Boston Tea Party? Boston. Where was the lantern that prompted Paul Revere’s ride? Boston. Which port city endured the worst Naval Blockade in history up until that time— eight long years? Boston.
McKibben obviously doesn’t care much about me, about facts, or about history. He also seems rather slow on the uptake with his solution to his own problem.
If he bothered to read what I have been teaching people for years, he would know a great deal more about both the problem and his own proposed solution.
For example, he would know that the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified in 1819 and added to the actual Federal Constitution (1787) already prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any public office in our American Government.
Nobody has to create that solution. We simply have to get organized, do our public duty, and enforce it.
Which is the “rest of the story” McKibben does not— apparently— care to hear, because it puts the ultimate responsibility for correction on him and on all of us. Instead of beating his head against the stonewall of a King’s Court and expecting justice from an institution created for completely different purposes (!) McKibben should stop whining about his stolen patents and ideas long enough to have a NEW thought.
And that thought would be that our own courts are missing, which leaves us at the mercy of the British Courts (which are here to pillage us).
If we would get organized and all properly declare ourselves Americans and form our courts (as many of us are doing) then we could all invoke Ex Parte Milligan (1866) and force these foreign courts to step down and leave us alone.
We would finally have juries of our own peers again— American juries with no foreign allegiances and no axes to grind.
McKibben has obviously suffered for lack of such a Court to hear his injuries and provide him with justice, but the simple fact that we must provide our own courts has sailed right over his head and the heads of literally millions of other Americans who have suffered at the hands of these foreign courts and apparently never wondered— where’d my courts go?
I have to gather my peers together.
We have to declare that we are Americans, not Brits or whatever else.
We have to assemble ourselves, hold our own elections, build our own jury pools, operate our own courts….
These same Angry Men, like McKibben, spend millions of dollars fighting the Papist and British Court Systems, year after year, but not ten cents toward building our own court system—- the one thing that could and would give him and millions of others both justice and relief.
I’m sorry, but if you keep making the same unexamined
assumptions and doing the same things, you get the same results.
How many YEARS has McKibben and Leader Technologies been in litigation over the invention of social media platforms — and gotten nothing but a huge attorney bill and a red nose to show for it?
Decades that I know of.
McKibben has spent decades and probably millions of dollars looking for Justice in a foreign court.
But will he stop a moment and listen to a bit of history, realize how our American Courts almost disappeared —- and move himself to solve that problem? So that he could then solve his own problem and everyone else’s too—- by reopening American Common Law Courts all over this country?
He’d rather spend his time trying to paint me as a disinformation agent and peeing on his own shoe, than take an oar and do what has to be done. He’d rather bitch about foreign courts than build his own—- then stand there like a Dumb Ox wondering why he can’t get justice from a British Court against a British Corporation?
Please. I happen to sympathize with Leader Technologies. I happen to believe that McKibben was the inventor just as he says he was. And he got ripped off, too.
However, he is barking up the wrong tree.
He can never get justice from a British Court and he apparently doesn’t have sense enough to weigh in with me and build his own.
You are getting this reply from “Anna von Fritz” which is the name of my iPhone— but every letter has been pecked out on a tiny screen by my weary index finger.
Please return my compliments to Mike McKibben.

Anna Maria


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  1. Bravo, Anna! Wake up Michael!

  2. if people arent listening to "anna", its no doubt because they can see things like that The United States of America is a Confederation, still standing,
    and "she" is trying to, by "her" own words, "Re-Construct" a Federation using our name.... and that might be construed to be somewhat similar to what is done using the Birth Certificates.

    things as simple as that may give people pause before they actually use whats in her Articles, rather than just seeing them as theoretical.
    imo. :)


    1. The reason _I_ see her articles as not just 'theory' but actual fact, is that back in '88 I spent 3 weeks of a 30 day sentence in a county jail for "no DL, no registration, no insurance" x3 and a bogus trespassing charge (brought by one who was not the owner, with whom I DID have an agreement, or even a legit representative. She just didn't like me). It took a little over a week to craft it, and a few days to send it to me for signing. Then the 'guards' kept it for a few MORE days without telling me, because a friend had included a LONG, unsharpened pencil in the envelope. That was 'contraband' (can't have any potential pencil stabbings on cell block three, y'know). So when I FINALLY got the Affidavit of Facts in Opposition to Jurisdiction, it was a two-page document, with 19 points, beginning with, what is essentially, the declarations made in the Assembly paperwork. All were succinct, one sentence repetitions of a much longer set of documents I filed the year before with the State and US AG, governor, the local Sheriff's office, a few others, and the JP who'd thrown me in jail and literally tossed 400+ pages of documents in the trash, the same ones filed with the others, and claimed all the court got when I mailed it to them was 'an empty envelope'. When the DA and the JP both got the affidavit, the DA called the JP and asked if he'd seen it, who answered "yes, what do we do?" "Cut him loose, NOW!" was the DA's reply. Now just when does a DA tell a 'Justice' what to do? I was bounced out the next day. The end of the doc was a demand that the case be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction or be dismissed - because the 'court of competent jurisdiction' was the U.S. Supreme Court. This was a diversity case (I was from another state), which is STILL in effect for those of us who have declared our status, as the previously filed paperwork showed, and the affidavit claimed. Big hint: the 11th Amendment is COMMERCIAL. Read the words with your understanding of private vs commercial. It doesn't apply to men and women in their corrected birthright status. ALL of the Amendments after the first ten are commercial. Especially the 14th.

      It was a slightly different version of the Assemblies' paperwork, but said much the same thing. AND it got me bounced out of jail when I applied it as a challenge to jurisdiction. Anna's paperwork is not just recorded (the step that should've been taken back then), but on the Land Recording System - and the info associated with the ID is accessible not just by cell phones when scanned, but ALSO through all LEO's e-verify (THEIR de facto government system). If I ever get stopped again for some measly little traffic 'violation' , all I have to do is let the cop scan the card and wait for him to tell me to have a nice day. IF he's stupid enough to write a ticket or, big mistake, arrest me (to his great embarrassment when I educate everybody in jail how easy it is to correct their status), all I have to do is challenge their jurisdiction by showing the ID to the 'magistrate'. I can go further, by simply saying in answer to the charges "What has any of that to do with a man?" and challenge him to find the word 'man' in ANY of the state's statutes' definitions of the word 'person'.

      ALL statutes are directed at 'persons', now, which are defined as corporations of various sorts. This time it won't even take filing a document. Now, if that isn't power and authority over a corporate 'person' in a black robe, I don't know what is. I'd already figured this out 7 years ago, after putting together all I'd learned over the previous 30+ years. Many other websites have a lot of info that's somewhat useful, but I hadn't seen Anna's site until about a year ago. It was all there in one place. Not presented as easily readable and as simple as I would put up for the usual reader, but pretty complete and detailed enough for me.
      [end part 1]

    2. [part 2]
      And that's the ONLY reason I decided to throw my hat in with them. I've seen a LOT of 'assembly' startups and jural societies come and go. NONE of them were as competent as this. So in spite of all the detractors and naysayers, I think this one will survive and establish itself, whether the banks ever get funded or not, and show itself to be the legit American Assemblies.

      As to there being some other "The United States of America" confederation already being out there, somewhere . . . where is it? I have NEVER seen any other group take that name AND show legitimacy and provenance. I've seen a LOT of groups get close, but never literally UNDO what the corporations did to us in a way that didn't look half-baked. A lot of people run her down for various actions taken, but when I listen to them talk, I see WHY. They clearly don't have a strong grasp of the concepts involved. I hear claims of her involvement with the CFR and this, that, or the other international NWO group. If so, then she's undermining them. And one clown claims she's working for some very wealthy puppeteer.

      Well, that will be seen, sooner or later, if true. In the meantime this group has put out info that's pretty solid, and _I_ know its value, even if other people don't. Besides, there's another power at work here. Everywhere I go, whatever I get involved with, if there are skeletons in the closet, they ALWAYS come out. It's not something I do, it's just me being involved. The Truth just comes out. It's happened so many times I stopped questioning it and just sit back and watch. If Anna's not legit, it will be obvious, soon. But my gut says she at least has good intentions, whether or not she's being used by someone higher.

      I get why the ignorant ones split off. They hadn't taken the time to study the material enough to get it into their thinking, and the fear of going up against the behemoth is strong. So is the greed (why California went their own way, under a Hollywood wheeler-dealer type). There are lots of people making money off copying the process in other groups. But unless they understand the basics, they will end up going up against courts and getting jailed, or worse. I've seen it happen - a LOT - to people who didn't learn all they needed to know, went off half-cocked and lost everything they had, including their families. AND set a bad precedent, along with training the local cops and judges how to deal with 'sovereign citizens', because they didn't even know enough not to call themselves an oxymoron. They should've just stopped at 'moron' and let it go at that.

    3. P.S. had to 'drive by' at 1/10th mph for this one . . . hahahaha!

    4. jake,

      the indigenous nations arent recognized by the people who stole from and genocided them either.
      ... the fact that the people who stole from and merrderred their people and the American people "do not recognize" us is no surprise.
      when they "recognize" us they also have to "recognize" the fact that they have to restore us!!
      so, yeh,... they just go on arrogantly showing the world what horrible, dishonest, lying thieves they are!!...saying they "dont recognize" the rights of any man they violently stole creators gifts from!
      and the additional fact is that we, man, can actually not BE "recognized" in their abominable System of thefts and genocides because we, man, are not even eligible to BE "recognized" since God created us from land and we have our own superior law: American common law: common law taught by [ref.:] the man Named jesus, that is:

      1. man declares his own state [of being].

      2. man declares his law.

      3. no one does it for him and no one is allowed to do it for him.

      4. among others.
      they ALL know this.
      they are ALL breaking creators law pertaining to causing harm to man.
      they ALL know it.
      and they are ALL freely chosing to do it anyway.
      such that:
      under these circumstances, there are no excuses that matter.

      So, may creator [now] completely destroy them with his own hands... ref: kjv psalm 5:6:
      "Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD [creator] will abhor THE BLOODY AND DECEITFUL MAN."
      i agree.
      and it is so.


    5. jake,
      to my point:

      the fact that you dont see/ recognize/ other the right for our Confederation or the indigenous nations to exist does not mean we're not lawfully and peacefully here.
      we *are* here.
      and we are here: from right.
      so were staying.
      that does not change no matter who thinks they may benefit from denying it.


  3. Anna provides: a "way, the truth, and life."
    Anna provides: a defense, in truth.
    Anna provides: Knowledege, as to the magnitude of the "world" problems, which "world" circulates similarly to the weather, all about our earth.
    Anna provides: a stability amidst the whirlwind and whirl pool of the words in the heart of mankind = "the world, God so loved."
    Anna provides: for our assembly, our assembling.

    Anna is no more nor no less than you an I.

    Attributed to Jesus Christ: "if you want to enter life obey the commandments, if you want to enter Heaven, sell everything and follow me." (my paraphrase)

    Who are you?

  4. Spoken by someone who can't hear beyond their own voice though Anna, you.

    The constitution you so proudly hold up, was an act of treason, and a fraud, against our already constituted government. Recall the Articles of Confederation ratified in What? 1781? before your oh so cherished fraud? The STATES (those persons d/b/a THE STATES) were never authorized to form a new government, but to amend the articles. You are claiming that this "constitution" somehow supercedes this, I ask for PROOF OF CLAIM, for you shant be able to produce.

    1. yes, and it looks like GEORGE WASHINGTON was part of that fraud too.
      and ole Patrick "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" Henry.

      i never did believe that "Crossing the Delaware" crap.
      and that picture always gave me the creeps,.... wasnt that on christmas eve? a satanic holiday?
      so it looks like he actually WAS just a little bitch after all then?

      because what ive heard is that the reason the American people were being goaded into a War was so the British could break their Treaties with the indigenous nations! ive heard that for decades.

      looks like its probably true.


    2. TRUTH,
      Im still digging into the details but it looks like you are right on all counts!!
      im pretty stunned.
      the way it happened.... who was used.... geo washington, patrick henry,...
      plus the fact that almost all of the SIGNATORY WITNESSES on THEIR CONSTITUTION are different than the actual signers on the Dec of Indep is highly noticable... looks like only about 6 out of the 55 on the D of I are on both!!! that reeks with questions to me.

      i now cant help but feel that its more likely that the whole thing was pre-planned in order to break the Treaties with the indigenous nations than not.

      AND that they are not the same men that signed the DECLARATION makes it fishy-er and fishy-er all the time.


    3. I'd like that info on Patrick Henry as to be honest with you here woman:janmarie, he's what started me on this path all of those years ago, primarily, His Speech on July 4, 1788 (Calling them out, "Who authorized them to speak the language of, We, the people, instead of, We, the states?" is all him) . and yes, many of the ACTUAL BRAINS of our founders, didnt sign, refused to (Patrick Henry Included if I recall correctly)
      As for your thoughts, I share a similar sentiment, but I believe there was more to it than just the indiginous. They saw a ripe land, prime to be taken. Pulled a "Judas" and sold us out to corporate entities.

      Anon, exactly. CORP-ORATED Fraud

    4. TRUTH,
      i will try to back-track and get you those references on Patrick Henry this weekend.... i may even have some scribble-notes. as i recall though, everything i was looking at was in the national archives datte org website.