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Saturday, January 28, 2023

So….It’s Official

 By Anna Von Reitz

A minimum of 270,000 “excess” deaths occurred in America in 2021 and the figures are edging steadily upward for final tabulation of “excess” deaths in 2022, but will probably exceed the 2021 figures by at least double, and then quadruple the following year and continue to geometrically increase each year thereafter. 

That is, if DARPA’s own estimates are correct and if they are to meet their goal of killing two thirds of this country’s population without firing a shot —- at least, not that kind of shot —- within seven (7) years.  

(It’s being done this way so the real estate won’t be damaged too much.)

That, of course, does not count all the dead babies miscarried when their mother’s received the shot.  And all the babies that will never be born because 75% of the women who  received the shot are now sterile and the rest functioning at only about 30% of their natural fertility. 

The population will shrink drastically on both ends of the lifecycle spectrum. 

What is now apparent is that this is a project of the Municipal Government—- the foreign city-state government lodged in Washington, DC, which is responsible for all the alphabet soup departments and agencies and associations and contract affiliates like NIH and NHS and CDC and FDA and DOD and DOJ and FBI and DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and DARPA and IRS and BATF —- all the Federal Civil Service Goons.  

And someone is paying them to do this. 

What is also apparent is that Pfizer developed and unleashed this horror for profit motives and has self-admittedly (and with no conscience at all) been ginning up new mutant variants — or at least Big Stories about mutant variants of SARS Co-2 —-to increase fear and sales of more “vaccines”— which will just kill off the slower learners faster. 

Ask yourself why WHO and it’s affiliates had to change the definition of “vaccine”  if this was in fact a vaccine to begin with? 

No, they changed the definition of “vaccine” so they could misrepresent what they were doing as a familiar, accepted vaccination program. 

And we must note that although one Congress promised the vaccine manufacturers immunity from criminal prosecution no matter what they put in vaccines or what terrible effects these products might have, that Congress is long gone and they never had state immunity to begin with.  

(They think they do, but they don’t; they lost State immunity when they decided to incorporate.) 

They can’t give what they don’t have. 

The members of the Territorial Government and all corporations organized as British Crown  Corporations  are still subject to 18 USC 175 and the Nuremberg Code. 

Please also note that the members of Congress exempted themselves and their families and their Staff members and their families and a whole bunch of Chinese Exchange students and illegal immigrants, too. 

And they still had the brass cajones to “mandate” shots and masks for you and your families, apparently knowing in advance that something wasn’t right. 

Something wasn’t “safe and effective” at all. 

It was “safe” for them and “effective” for eradicating innocent people that they owed money to. 

What all this tells me is that somewhere around 30-40 million Americans are awake and boiling mad.  

It won’t be long before the Agency Lap Dogs are looking over their shoulders thinking, “Is that a target painted on my $&@/?” 

The next investigation we need to undertake is to determine who is paying DARPA and spreading around all the other kickback money. 


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Friday, January 27, 2023

Urgent: Think About Money -- As a Subject, Not a Goal

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the Article(s) about Joe's Hamburger Shop, I took everyone through a typical transaction everyone can relate to--- a customer presents a "Federal Reserve Note" I.O.U. to Joe, and Joe gives him a hamburger in return. Joe now holds an I.O.U. "good for" a specific amount of "credit". 

The "bill" --- literally, the physical "Bill of Exchange", was "discharged" by the payment of the hamburger.  This is called a "Zero Sum Transaction".  
The debt note was discharged by the hamburger (credit).  There is no net debt or credit left.  

What should happen --in theory-- is for the "bill" to be returned to the Federal Reserve and accounted for, but the bookkeeping would be inconvenient for the schemers and printing costs would cut into profits.  So, instead, the discharged "bill" becomes Joe's "proof of credit" when he goes to the grocery store to buy buns and pickles. 

And on and on it goes, as we constantly "pass the buck". 

Do you notice anything else odd about this system?  

Essentially, you borrow a hamburger.  All these debt-credit systems do is "profit by borrowing",  Nobody actually pays for anything, ever, unless they barter.  

Some people profit fairly and without violence, and some take the other route, but at the end of the day, the books have to balance. Why? 

Because the whole system is functioning based on Zero Sum Transactions. No ultimate gain or loss is possible in the absence of theft or coercion. 

Unfortunately, we have suffered plenty of theft and coercion. 

Theft occurs in the form of inflation (a hidden tax), unremunerated taxation and seizures by confiscation, undisclosed (and non-consensual) securitization and monetization of assets, counterfeiting, false claims (like the ridiculous "National Debt" and equally ridiculous "interest" owed on the non-existent debt), and numerous other injustices and means of chiseling employed to cheat or defraud.  

Unremunerated taxation includes taxing anyone for anything that they receive no benefit from --- like taxing Joe Average American to pay off college debts for strangers, or snow removal in Amarillo, or the defense spending of entire European countries.  

Coercion includes things like the Internal Revenue Service/IRS both presuming foreign citizenship obligations on Americans and forcing them --- yes, at gun point --- to pay "Federal Income Taxes" when they literally have no Federal Income to tax, and haven't knowingly adopted any form of Federal citizenship.  

You may wonder how we and the rest of the world got into such a mess? 

It started in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War -- and the dilemma arose because of the Constitutions. 

The Constitutions require the Federal Government to operate on credit.  
The States are only allowed to operate on gold and silver. 

Obviously, those who commandeered our government under the pretense of an undisclosed military protectorate could not pay themselves with assets belonging to us, so how to raise abundant credit?  

Answer: they assumed trusteeship over our assets, borrowed against our assets, and helped themselves to the resulting credit--- even though the credit belongs to us, too.  

Later, they would bring outrageous claims to the effect that our assets were "abandoned" and that our government was in "interregnum", "missing" and "presumed lost" ---- all of which we have stoutly rebutted and counterclaimed, but suffice it to say, while the cats slept, the mice played. A lot. 

Still later, they began counterfeiting the debt notes on a vast scale, which resulted in equally vast inflation and money laundering operations of all kinds, that fueled all sorts of illicit criminal activity and made it harder for Grandma to buy a Laz-E-Girl recliner.  

In a few days, weeks at most, there will be an announcement by the "United States Treasury" --- actually, the International Monetary Fund, which has been functioning as the "United States Treasury" since 1924, that Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be honored.  

They may or may not be honest enough to tell you why --- that these "notes" have been counterfeited to the point where they are no longer viable representations of debt or credit. 

Even though all this has been ongoing for decades right in front of all the regulatory agency noses here and abroad, everyone benefiting from this "system" kept mum.  And they have done nothing sufficient  to prepare for a transition from FRNs. 

There have been numerous smooth transitions between forms of currency, such as the transition from "Silver Certificates" and the current form of "Federal Reserve Note" which occurred in the 1970's.  The new currency was introduced in exchange for the Silver Certificates and gradually removed from circulation to reduce the debt burden on the banks. 

This time, there will be no exchange, because of all the counterfeiting and Odious Debt that the Perpetrators allowed to accrue. 

The new so-called United States Treasury Notes that are proposed as gold-backed replacement currency by the IMF are not printed and available in sufficient quantity to do any kind of smooth transition, and since the IMF is unable and unwilling to own up to its culpability, nobody will be able to buy USTNs with FRNs. 

Read that: the military scrip you have been using as money for decades will be officially worthless.  It really always was monopoly money and now everyone will get a chance to see that they were basically stealing credit that belonged to the American people and using it "as" money, ever since the so-called Civil War. 

The roots of this current debacle were founded, as usual, in England, in 1882 with the Bills of Exchange Act, which considers a Bill of Exchange --a category of commercial paper including Promissory Notes--- to be the "same as cash".  

This was the foundational basis of the use of "Notes" in lieu of cash and the entire credit bonanza being made available for government spending instead of being returned to the people it belonged to. 

Only the Sovereign or, in our case, Sovereign People, can issue Bills of Exchange, and obviously, England would be at a disadvantage with only one Queen to issue IBOEs if millions of Americans were enabled to issue IBOE's, so the Perps gratuitously "redefined" us as government employees and dependents in order to deprive us of: (1) control of our assets, (2) the benefit of our own credit, and (3) our ability to issue IBOE's. 

Now, they want to switch things around so that when we, the Sovereign People, issue IBOE's as a means of exchange, they only pay out 10% to us and keep the 90% for the banks.  

That is, if I as a member of the Sovereign People issue an International Bill of Exchange in the amount of say, $2,000,000.00, the banks will credit me with $200,000.00 and keep the rest. 

If all of this sounds like lunacy, it is. 

Individual people should not be going around writing International Bills of Exchange based on the resources of their country without any Fiduciary Office or responsibility or accountability attached to their actions.  

Look at what 515 piglets in Congress and the Executive Branch and so-called Judicial Branch have managed to spend "for" us?  

None of these people have or accept any Fiduciary responsibility and as they occupy no Public Office should clearly not have any right to control our assets or abuse our credit.  

Someone finally noticed.  We did. 


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Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Dollar Collapse Is Now in Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals the End of Petro Status


January 26, 2023

This past week, the dominoes were set in motion for dollar collapse when Saudi Arabia announced at Davos that they are now willing to trade oil in alternative currencies.


Brandon lives in the area and I have known him for years. His analysis is right on and if you want to survive financially you will take his article seriously.

The important thing is to take action now while you still have time to protect your wealth, even if that means small steps toward independence from the dollar.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Poo-Poo the Poo-Poohers

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's always the same.  They pretend to be superior.  They pretend to be experts.  They pretend--- period.  But in the end, you find out that all these "experts" know nothing beyond where their paycheck comes from, and they will say and do whatever their boss tells them.  

Lie?  No problem. 

Cheat and steal?  They are down with that. 

Skew and deliberately misrepresent scientific findings?  Piece of cake! 

Murder....?   It turns out that so long as they don't have to get their own hands dirty, they don't care. 

Secretly alter the human genome and kill billions of innocent people?  Same story. 

At least some of the people on this planet don't deserve to be here among the rest of us, and that's a fact.  

Just like the Nazis before them, and still just following orders, these Bad Actors are doing what they are told to do, for a paycheck.  Phony experts and trolls by the thousands?  Look at my finger. Observe it closely.  

Their latest efforts are aimed at poo-poohing the discovery of graphene and nanotech in the vaccines. They claim that all sorts of scientific experts have investigated this and that no graphene has been found.  They imply that the people reporting this were just ignorant, ill-funded bumpkins without the equipment and expertise.... blah, blah, blah. 

This is what they always do to obscure the truth and delay discovery of their own tracks. They get out front and lie like racehorses, casting doubt on their opponents.  If they are too scared to do this themselves, they pay stooges like Erica Kahn to do it. 

Well, Erica Foolscrap Kahn, you explain 7500  "extra" Americans dead and the supporting discovery of self-assembling nanotechnology in each and every shot, and then you tell us how it is that dead people are transmitting MAC coordinates from inside their graves?  

Why don't you and all the other bought-and-paid-for "scientists" and "doctors" and "experts" out there try to explain that away?  And watch me as I shove your poo-poo right down your fricking throats.  


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While The Death Toll Mounts -- Mexico and Spain to the Rescue

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am in tears this morning, sick from weeping and disgust, regret for all the Innocents being "sacrificed" and disgust with those who propose to rule as gods using genetic engineering and nanotechnology for evil purposes. 

They have unleashed genocide of the Innocent throughout the entire world, hoping to escape the rage of the Primal Creator.  The craziness of this should be apparent even to them.  

The Primal Creator is the Lord and Source of Life, the very consciousness within us. Do they seriously think that they can thwart the energy and intelligence of the True God with their puny devices, even if they could distort the biochemical and electronic aspects of our physical body?  

Early on, a team of Spanish researchers from the University of Almeria in Spain discovered something shocking -- an undisclosed "vaccine" ingredient -- graphene, which is not disclosed as an ingredient in any of these products, but which was later found in all of them. 

Once inside the body, graphene transforms from a non-magnetic substance into a magnetic material, as it undergoes reaction to form graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide.  This is why people were on YouTube showing how they could suddenly attach kitchen magnets to their arms at the injection sites of these "vaccines".  

This multinational documentary -- link below -- shows how these monsters have turned the bodies of their victims into biological antennas, sending and receiving radio and bluetooth signals that are clearly referenced by Media Access Codes (MACs) -- that do not, however, show a manufacturer's name for the transmitting device. 

The vaccinated and even those who only took a PCR test have been polluted by this crap, and rendered vulnerable to it.  As you will see in the movie, even the dead are transmitting signals from their graves in cemeteries. 

The corporations and institutions responsible for this must be utterly destroyed and the men who have run this horrific medical profiteering scheme must be punished, while the rest of us strong arm our way into the forefront of the fight, and make sure that this gets done. 

It doesn't matter why they did it. 

What matters is how they did it -- deceitfully, without consent -- and the result of it matters, which is the death and disability of millions of people, the destruction of national economies, and most likely, war, from which they hope to profit, too. 

This time, let's not be gullible and led like sheep to slaughter.  This time, let's make it our own story with our own happy ending. 


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Message for Cardinal Mamberti, Vatican Chancery Court -- 24th January 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is well-established historical fact that the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Curia have created corporations of numerous kinds as business models to accomplish various tasks; it is also well-established that the Pope is responsible under Ecclesiastical Law for liquidating corporations that engage in unlawful activities that result in the death and maiming of living people and/or injury to their property assets. 

The entire world has suffered grievous injury as a result of a wide range of corporate activities, many of which have been supported by or even initiated by corporations working for or with the Vatican Bank.  

We specifically cite the 1989 admission via the release of Vatican commemorative coins, that the Vatican approved and promoted aerial spraying, also known as chem-trails, which have polluted vast sections of the planetary surface with incendiary chemicals that are by-product pollutants resulting from various industrial processes.  

Our scientists have detected and demonstrated the presence of poisonous lithium, barium, strontium and aluminium salts that are also highly incendiary being sprayed on the surface of the soil, which results in these poisonous pollutants getting into the food chain and posing a terrifying potential for explosive incendiary responses to forest fires, similar to what was documented in Paradise, California.

The Church and the Pope are ultimately responsible for this end result, and responsible, too,  for the existence of the commercial corporations responsible. They have all been selling their poisonous industrial by-products to aerial spraying programs, destroying the soil and destroying the health of the people and animals that live on the soil .  They have poisoned the environment, the food chain, and left the surface of the Earth primed to explode in the presence of even a brush fire.  

We hold the Vatican management and Roman Curia accountable for these and other destructive, small-minded, illegal, unlawful, unscientific, and in the end, murderous activities that have been promoted in the name of "ecological sanity".  This is not ecological and it is not sanity.  

Evergreen, Incorporated, has been the main purveyor and agent delivering these pollutants; its officers and board members have to be punished for this and their corporation needs to be liquidated for the benefit of the victims and the remediation of the pollution. 

All the other corporations that profited from aerial spraying programs also need to be liquidated, their profits seized, and the officers jailed.  

The same goes for the Plandemic event and the ongoing mass murder and genocide against most of the world's population.  Our people are dying in unprecedented numbers.  Grocery store parking lots are serving as outdoor morgues in England.  You are all responsible for this and responsible also for ending it.  

These guilty, vicious, medical profiteers must be punished and their corporations must be liquidated, beginning with the FDA, INC., the CDC, INC., NIH, INC., DOD, INC., and  Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., AstraZeneca, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., and all the other associated and affiliated institutions and commercial corporations that have profited from poisoning, murdering, and maiming the living population must be destroyed, their profits confiscated, and their assets must be used to comfort and provide remedy to the maimed and the families that remain.  

If you have any questions about these issues, please feel free to ask those of us, lawful governments and living people, who are bringing suit in the Jurisdiction of the Air and the Divine Province, mindful of our standing on these issues and the Pope's responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate these corporations for unlawful activities and for murdering and maiming the living people of this planet.  Please move this claim and the associated issues forward for immediate consideration on an emergency basis, as this circumstance continues to claim thousands of lives every day and threatens to destroy the biosphere by forcing a return to conditions which have not been present on Earth since the Pleistocene Era and which are not natural to it now. . .  

                                                                                  By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                                                   The United States of America
                                                                                    In care of: Box 520994

                                                                                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trademarks, Trade Marks, Copyrights, and Patents

 By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, some people are following a practice of putting a Trademark Notice, that is, a small superscript "TM" after their signatures.  This should not be done unless for some reason that person is actually using their name as a trademark in the context of whatever they are signing. 

As an aside, Please Note that in the international jurisdiction of the sea while conducting international trade, it's called a "trademark" and when conducting international trade on the land, it's called a "trade mark".  

There are two international jurisdictions of the sea --- Admiralty and Maritime (Commerce) -- and both use the word "trademark". 

It wasn't always like this.  Prior to 1881, there was no provision for incorporated businesses operating as commercial corporations to use trademarks.  That legislation allowing commercial corporations (involved in commerce not "trade") to use "trademarks" muddied the water, so that you can no longer tell if a "trademark" is being used in international trade or in commerce.  

It also creates the problem of "granting assumption" that when you show a "trademark" notice, you might be operating in EITHER trade or commerce, and that can give the attorneys a hook to misidentify you and deliberately misinterpret what you are trying to accomplish.  

A trademark is used as a unique sign or symbol associated with a business.  Logos are trademarks.  Brands are trademarks.  Unique signage can be used as a trademark.  And yes, it is possible to use a name as a symbol and therefore, as a trademark --- both as a commercial (public) trademark and as a private trademark. 

Example of a signature being used as a public (commercial) trademark --- the familiar "Eddie Bauer" signature that appears on all "Eddie Bauer" products. 

Example of a signature being used as a private (international trade) trademark -- my husband's uniquely styled "Artist Signature" which is nothing like his day-to-day signature serves as a private trademark on all his work.  

Back in 1881 when this conundrum of using "trademarks" in commerce began, a stylistic convention was adopted to sort things out.  The same convention applies to copyrights as well. 

If you are acting in a private business capacity and you handwrite the copyright notice (the small letter "c" in a circle) or the trademark notice (the small "TM" superscript) it is evidence that you are operating in international trade. 

If you use a machine printed copyright notice or trademark notice the result is ambiguous and subject to interpretation, but the use of a machine (typewriter/computer keyboard) to create the image gives weight to the presumption that you are operating in a commercial capacity. 

So, if you are going to use a copyright notice as a living American serving notice of your property interest in your autograph or signature, it's advisable to handwrite it.  

And if for some reason (artists and designers commonly do this) you have a special signature that you use as an identifying mark for your products, go ahead and handwrite the superscript "TM" after your handwritten copyright notice--- otherwise, if you are not using your "trademark signature" as an actual trademark, don't issue a trademark notice.  

You can get in trouble doing so, and you can also provide the ravening wolves an excuse to presume that you are operating in commerce as a Municipal THING, unless you are careful about the context and know the law well enough to clarify your use of a "special signature" as part of your "trade".  

Trademarks give you "defensible rights" --- meaning that you have to assert and defend your ownership of that particular trademark by being able to show that it is special and unique, and that you have been using it more than seven (7) years in international trade, or, if you actually are operating in commerce, have registered it in commerce. 

I have a special circumstance in that I inherited a name as a perfected "trade mark" that was recorded and also registered as a  "trademark" in 1855, prior to all the confusion.  Nobody should pattern their use of a trademarked name after me, because different laws and assumptions apply to my rather unique situation.  

Patents in this country have been "reissued" as "registered patents" and are always numbered; when they come from the Land Patent records they come as properties registered by the British Crown and held in trust.  This is obviously not where any American wants their land acquisitions to remain.  You can obtain the registered patent record and/or number and publish your interest in it and then record your interest in that patent, which returns it to the land jurisdiction and makes you, not the British Monarch, the owner.  

Ron Gibson has developed a complete, exhaustive, and correct --- and in my opinion -- an unassailable process, for people to reclaim and properly reinstate their patent rights, so long as you are recognizable as an American to begin with.  

Strange but true, only Americans claiming their birthright political status, can actually own land in this country --- but you cannot just assume that your patent rights will be honored. You have to take action and inform the authorities and publish your actual interest in the property, or the King's men continue to interpret everything in favor of the King and under the King's Law. 


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Why Utah?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The unofficial report is that the "war" between the military and certain commercial elements has escalated with 259 dead in Utah; the unverified report claims that it was a clash between Blackwater and Delta Force.  

This comes on the heels of another unofficial report that Marine General Berger was abducted by CIA operatives and tortured, but was recently rescued by Marines from a remote CIA Safe House. 

Today, the numb people in Utah are asking, "Why Utah?"

I can give you an educated guess, based on Utah's history, the LDS Church, and legal actions presently underway in Utah.  And I can remind everyone that when General Berger was rescued, I warned that the clash between the military and the CIA and other alphabet soup "Agencies" would not be long in coming. 

For the perverts leading the globalist drive toward Corporate Feudalism to win, they have to subvert the values and morals of the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish populations in this country.  Their "war" is against religion in general, not just the Roman Catholic Church, which has taken the brunt so far and had a great deal of dirty laundry, both real and imagined, aired for everyone to see.

Now the Vermin are turning their attention to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormons. 

The LDS Churches have built a tight-knit family-values based religious community that has very firm and positive family and community values --- but also its share of corruption.  And it is all headquartered in Utah, where the LDS Church is the dominant social and religious organization throughout the entire State, and where they have, in effect, a theocracy --- a church-based government that serves members of their Church.  

The LDS Church has their own medical insurance companies and their own agribusiness regulation organizations, their own manufacturing facilities, their own historical archives, their own courts, their own colleges and educational curriculums, their own scientific research organizations, their own police --- LDS is a complete society within the framework of a State. 

Other than the Roman Catholic Municipal Government it is the largest, best organized church theocracy in this country, and now that the Catholics are waking up and cleaning house, the next target is The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and the "battleground" is Utah. 

It is essential for the Vermin to discredit and overwhelm all the churches and religions but their own Canaanite idolatry. 

When we first organized The Utah Assembly to restore the traditional State Assembly in Utah (not in competition with the LDS's private services for members, but to bulwark the State Government that guarantees religious freedom for all) we ran into immediate trouble surrounding the activities of Child Protective Services in Utah.  

Our first volunteer Coordinator organizing The Utah Assembly was viciously targeted and attacked for her efforts to address the child-snatching, abuse,  and racketeering going on in Utah.  It got so bad we had to relieve her of duty as Coordinator --- out of fear for her and the other Assembly members.  

The FBI came in during the middle of the night and installed a bunker full of guns and other armaments on a remote corner of her farm, then violently attacked and arrested her.  It was a terrible experience for all concerned, and it was all because she was delving into CPS and child disappearances in Utah. 

This has been a major problem in Utah with many children going missing and others being institutionally abducted.  

Like most places in America, many members of the LDS Church have accepted civil as well as religious marriage, with the result that they have unknowingly entered into undisclosed Third Party Contracts with the State of Utah, which claims an "ownership" interest in the "products" of their marital "Joint Business Venture" ---- the children. This is how the State of Utah has been able to seize custody of children who naturally belong to their biological parents. 

This rampage of child-snatching and missing children in Utah has become a national scandal with far-reaching cultural, religious, and legal consequences. It has also, obviously, become Big Business, with Utah supplying children for organ harvesting, paid adoption, and sex trafficking, right under the nose of the LDS and sometimes with the cooperation of compromised Church officials. 

To quote one news local news source, the Community Support Foundation: 

"In Salt Lake and Utah Counties in the State of Utah, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in conjunction with the courts have appeared to be relentless in an over-reach to violate parental rights and placing children in harmful situations and/or physically removing children from their parents and homes. Long time professional has commented that “they have never seen this type of behavior in their 40+ year careers.” One individual who spoke with me said that DCFS appears to be desperate in their attempts to generate a source of income."

This is exactly the kind of behavior that was already developing in 2019. 

It is more important than ever for the LDS to wake up and for the people of Utah to stand up and take back their "reversionary trust interest" in their birthright political status and their State of the Union.  There is strength in numbers and true political power that comes from undertaking the task of self-governance that our Forefathers bequeathed to us.  

Marriage licenses don't apply to the people of Utah and neither do the various forms of insurance used to bait people into accepting civil marriage--- which is how the State of Utah, Inc., has insinuated itself into the most sacred of our most private relationships as an undisclosed Business Partner. 

If they can dictate the custody of your children because you gave them permission by applying for a "Marriage License" they can also "legally" dictate the death of your children, because, after all, your children are just "property assets" (slaves) belonging to the almighty Territorial State of Utah, Inc. 

If the State of Utah, Inc., is tough up for money, why wouldn't they dictate the application of a bioweapon to kill your children and collect on the life insurance policies the State of Utah, Inc. took out on them?   You, parents --- and not only in Utah -- unwittingly gave away an ownership interest in your kids, which allowed the State of Utah, Inc. to buy life insurance policies on each and every one of them.  

So now they "require" a phony "vaccination" knowing that 14% of all children receiving this injected bioweapon will die immediately, and knowing with malice aforethought that the seven year survival rate is 1 in 40,000.  

You think these people wouldn't stoop to kidnapping children and selling them for production of adrenochrome and organ harvesting?  To them, you are sheep and so are your kids.  Barnyard rules apply.  

This has only been possible, because you have been asleep, because you haven't known what these cretins have been doing and saying behind your backs.  Did you know that "Marriage Licenses" only exist, because they were imposed on black people after the so-called Civil War as a means to cut down on "black proliferation"?  

Here's another reason that it is coming to a head in Utah: The criminal prosecution of the Corporate Vermin is coming down in Utah.  

Go to: and learn how your freedoms and your birthrights and your children have all been stolen by public employees working for foreign corporations --- people that owe you and your children  "good faith service".  

Learn how you have been forced to finance the demise of your own freedom and wealth by the District of Columbia Liar's Club and the Committee of 300, the UN CORP, and the 4,000 corporate members of the "World Economic Forum".  

Learn how millions of American children have been brutalized, stolen, and ultimately murdered by commercial corporations engaging in criminal medical fraud and racketeering, and all  operating under color of law.. 


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