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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Attention H.E. Cardinal Mamberti --- "Preventing a Long War"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

A phony "war" which is in fact classed as an illegal Mercenary Conflict has been going on for over 160 years in this country already.  Want to talk about long wars? 

And preventing them? 

The time to prevent this war would have been the moment that Abraham Lincoln "offered" to run for "a" Presidential Office --that of a similarly-named foreign corporation-- and pass it off as the Presidency of The United States of America -- our Federation of States. 

Then we could have done without all the bloodshed and stupidity, theft, graft, unlawful conversion, piracy, illegal confiscation, impersonation, credit theft, slush-funding, bankruptcy fraud, illegal securitization, conspiracy against and evasion of the Constitutions, false claims of "Emergency Powers", proliferation of unauthorized government subcontractors, war-mongering, and genocide that have been the result of commercial corporations commandeering and acting "as" governments. 

The quickest and happiest end of this Mess for all concerned, is for the Pope to get off his velvet tuffet and pull the rug out from under all these outlaw corporations--- and deprive the guilty parties of their privilege to incorporate anything again.  
We have our unincorporated government still standing.  We don't need Pfizer, Inc., or Moderna, Inc., or any of the other guilty parties.  They can all go and they all certainly should go. 

It is the Pope's responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to dissolve any and all corporations that engage in unlawful activities.  We have proof in the public record of medical profiteering, fraud, and intentional genocide promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank (Pandemic Bonds Scandal), pharmaceutical corporations and health service providers. We have invoked the Highest Law and it's Pope Francis' duty under it to wipe these corporations from the face of the Earth and punish those responsible. 

If he doesn't do so, he loses his credibility and his office.  Those are the rules. 

He knows it, we know it, and he has every cause to know that we are living beings who have brought forward injuries amounting to death and permanent disability in vast numbers.  He also knows that we pre-ordained a commercial loss of 1 trillion dollars in gold for every American lost or permanently disabled PRIOR to the onslaught. 

As such, we placed a contract before Satan's Empire of Lies, and they accepted.  

The Pope and all his corporations---including those chartered under the British Monarch---  owe us 235,500 T calculated through December 31st 2023, and as the Cause is both intentional Fraud and willful Genocide, there is no escape for the perpetrators of these crimes. 

As the lawful Government of The United States of America representing the organic States of the Union and the living people and Lawful Persons of our country and nation, we demand that these corporations and the officers running them and the boards of directors responsible for the misdirection of these organizations be surrendered to us for prosecution, that all corporate veils be removed, that all recourse to bankruptcy at public expense be denied, and that all assets belonging to these criminals, jointly and severally, be forfeited. 

The Pope and his minions under the Canon Law have ruled the Jurisdiction of the Air more or less honorably and efficiently for centuries, but in the past hundred years the Canon Law has been evaded and corruption of the Church and the Vatican Administration has been the result. 

Return the reins of Government to the living people to whom the authority and assets rightfully belong.  Dissolve the offending corporations as an example and a warning to all such organizations now and in the future.  

The Due Diligence needed to establish the fact that millions upon millions of people have been harmed as a result of fraud begun by Lincoln  and the United States of America, Incorporated, and extended by The United States of America, Incorporated, registered in Scotland in 1868, and their Successors, should take less than 24 hours. 

The Due Diligence to establish that the WHO, INC. and the World Bank, Inc.,  have been complicit in a genocidal rampage of medical profiteering  and attempted commercial enslavement claims ---and that all of the named corporations involved in the current genocide, including the patent holders, are 100% individually and commercially liable--  should take less than a week, given the vast amount of information already available. 

It's time for Satan to cough up the Kingdom, and for the True King to reign.  

We estimate the loss of a quarter million Americans per month, slightly more in January of 2023, then doubling sometime in March, and continuing to climb exponentially into plague status; we also foresee that the Perpetrators of these crimes will rush forward, offering more of their "vaccines" as the cure to the problem they have created. 

We wish for all of these Actors to be removed from our sight immediately.  Without fanfare.  Without rioting. Without misunderstanding.  And we are confident that this can be done peacefully and lawfully, with appropriate cooperation.  


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  1. ref.: deuteronomy 7:22:
    "And the Lord thy God will put out those nations before thee LITTLE BY LITTLE:
    lest the beasts of the field increase upon thee.

    ref.: in matthew 12:43-45:
    jesuis is teaching about unclean/demon spirits in (a) man:
    that when it leaves, it tries to come back and get back in, and if the man is empty, he goes and gets seven more spirits more wicked than himself and they all go in and the man is worse of than before.

    God is with us.
    we will have to go slow.
    God is in charge.
    we're not doing the work, he is.
    He knows how to do it.
    we need to just go forward "listening for his voice" inside our spirit, not our head. do the right-eous thing regardless of what the circumstances are made to look like.
    ....the trying of your faith is much more precious than gold...
    ref.: 1peter1:7 [paraphrased].

    1. Awesomely stated woman:janmarie, thanks big time. Keep on doing good as thou is epressing good already. woman:janmarie

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  2. from what i can find out:
    after Benedict was removed, isolated, and made frail, if true, Francis did go ahead and take the Corporations down when he issued his "MotuProprio" July 2013. it used to be online, i will try to find it again and post here.

    "annainc", you seem to keep trying to blame The Popes, who it *looks* like have already tried to use their Offices in good faith: trying to issue their Church's Ekklesiastical Law, Canon Law/ other forms of law but were silenced?? ignored?? threatened?? removed?? we still dont know for sure, so easy-does-it.

    what we DO know for sure, because we can SEE IT EVERY DAY WITH OUR OWN TWO EYES is ** WHO ** exactly in our very own states, counties, cities, towns, -burghs, -villes, and boroughs are STILL profiting from this damned merderous mess.
    who exactly keeps it going?
    who is lining their pockets? their friends? family? FratSocietyAssn bruhs?
    who exactly has a "job" where they cause harm to other man?
    who gets favors, immunities, privileges other man dont get?
    who knows man are being harmed, but participate in en-forcing it?
    and more...

    in all this thats coming up fast, dont forget, not everyone who is "involved" wants to be. apparently some people have their families threatened, or nearly k il led, or injured to shut them up/ gain "compliance".
    this is why we have to have our American common law trials, on our land, with US the unsold-out, true American people being the judges-jury.
    this is our law-full right and duty before God and man.


    1. Jan Marie…give it a break.


    2. no.


    3. the Corporation's "Constitution" was put in place by UNELECTED men. they didnt even sign it except as Witnesses = deception = "Fraud" = no contract.
      its all smoke and mirrors.

    4. has "annainc" got individual accounts set up for each of the deceased, for receiving their TrillionDollars apiece?

    5. who does their TrillionDollars go to?

    6. re: woman:janmarie
      Motu Proprio L. 'on his own impulse/motion'

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma and Healthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    7. so, "annavoninc", youre publishing it is OneTrillionDollars per victim, and then you *wish* to have the Merderreres removed from sight?
      you CANNOT be serious.
      is that IT? .... you surely dont mean youre saying:
      deposit $235,500,000,000,000 somewhere and you can all go without noise, or commotion... just make sure you know who is boss and be a Co- Operator???
      if thats what you mean, then i say no.
      your wish is not granted.

    8. and just exactly WHAT are you DOING giving Satan a contract????
      please explain.

    9. what offer did you make to Satan?

    10. did you place the contract before Satan's Empire of Lies at one of those "Galactic Federation" Council Meetings?

    11. if Satans Empire of Lies accepted the contract you placed before him/ them/ it, how do you know they werent lying about accepting it?

    12. great m! thanks for finding that. will check it out this afternoon.

    13. Galactic Federation MY ASS

      Filiming location of the brainwashing stunt to bring this horseshit story of the Federation of Earth and their SPACE concocted outright theft of everything lie to life

      Earh Federation ACTUALIZATION plans

      Beam me up Scotty

      ComicCON and their billions of dollars in profits to keep the serfs entranced and spending billions of their garbage merchandise while they rob the world blind

      HEIDIland aka SWISSY LAND and their base of banking counterfeiting cabal operations
      Home of the world wide web. va va va. 666 in heBREW up a fantastic fairy tale so the goy of the earth would swallow the bait
      Hook line and sinker

      My BOLOGNA has a first name
      It's OSCAR(those little golden statues their actors get for their performance on the world stage)
      My BOLOGNA has a second name
      It's MAYER
      Oh I love to eat it every day
      And if you ask me why I'll say
      Cause Oscar Meyer has a way
      Of selling us BOLOGNA

      MGM GRAND and the LIEon as their logo
      Their TRADEMARK is their SIRNAME

      Accomplices to their crimes

      Us hillbilly goy/gentiles were't suppose to have a braincell left by now to figure this out

      Your trademark is the SIRNAME that they laid claim to the minute you were born

      The shetar and the two informants to identify you as the debtor

    14. The '24' dollar swindle to steal MANHATTEN ISLAND

      The significance of this island

      I am a rock I am an island
      Simon and Garfunkle no doubt some inbred relatives did this song to inform the goy of what that rock and that island was all about but of course us goy/gentiles just thoth it was a song

      Gee I wonder where a little island could be hidden in plain sight

      And as he speaks where oh where is there another place named NORFOLK
      Well hell that would be located in the VIRGIN

      The PRESIDIO one of the oldest bases in the nation is on the other side of the CONtinent

      World Parliament documents has the PRESIDIO AND PRESIDIUM written all throughout the sucker

      Funny, have a reed
      God of the seas in Greek mythology

      Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and mythology, presiding over the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. He was the protector of seafarers and the guardian of many Hellenic cities and colonies.

      Only a few letters off when you annagram PRESIDIO and POSEIDON
      The only letters that don't map out are

      Add an O to the front of it and what do ya get

      This shit is no accident

    15. Presidio
      Longest Continuously Operated Base June 26, 1776 - Oct 1, 1994
      20 minutes in

      In this one - the Presidio and the connection to closing military bases as they role their plans forward
      He talks about the Bank of Italy which was rebranded as Bank of America
      This guy financed the golden gate bridge
      1989 base ordered closed and all military out by 94 based on alligations of ritual child abuse
      Couple of fires to so call destroy evidence and outcry for the closing of the facility???

      Bottom right corner Gorbachev and the closing of 36 military bases
      1993 Gorbachev Foundation moves in to the Presidio working with the bush gang to make their dreams a reality
      Greg Bradford on you tube identified Gorby as non other than Rod Steiger (note all of Gregs videos have been taken down)

      Gorby played by Rod Steiger
      Reagan played by Frank Sinatra
      Tear down that wall and wala a Russian Federation is born

      Funny too that couple of other military bases have been bought up by some Hollywood folks like
      Tyler Perry and a 440 acre base in Georgia
      Jared Leno is owner of the Laurel Canyon base
      This is part of the place they used as the operations grounds for the story about Charles Manson and his so called BULLSHIT and the birth of their Helter Skelter shit and the killings of the not dead Sharon Tate - a relative of the chosen ones and part and parcel one of the leading characters ACTORS as she supposedly had a baby cut out of her stomach in the murders
      Make it a gruesome as you can and scare the shit out of the populace

      Write a book sell millions of copies enact new so called statues and laws etc etc etc and the GAME moves forward inch by inch

      Hollywood is part of military operations folks
      All of it

    16. I reside in New Norfolk on a little Island people call Tasmania

  3. People still don't get that the Pope is a Trustee.

    1. how so? please share more. ty!

    2. Popeye the sailor man is in on it and they always have been

      Anything and everything that lies beneath their towering DICK obelisk, according to their so called set up, is under water
      Hence why you get their maritime law BULLSHIT

      There is no land
      Atlantis is not some ancient anything that sank
      The entire earth is under water according to how they made up the game and the rules

  4. How many votes do the state assemblies need to force the disbanding of the current establishment and dissolve the contracts? We can’t physically do it as I understand things but we can pull the contracts, right?

    1. I know I’m really new and just barely learned so forgive my naivety

  5. certainly you dont trust the pope to be honorable when he appears to worship satan behind closed doors.? which is the basis of that organization for a very long time it would seem, maybe even from the beginning.?
    Only God knows how this shall end, in His time, and for His purposes.!

  6. The Pope has no power in any of this as far as I know he is a pagan

  7. Ahh a new type of human ape

    You gotta love the scribes

  8. Interesting listen

    And as I've said arms has nothing to do with fire arms it has everything to do with the surname (trademark)

  9. Jesuit Fr. Malachi Martin said that when a Jesuit Pope came, the church would be destroyed. The church is the Great Whore, the woman in travail, which gives birth to the manifestation of Osiris/Apollyon./Azazel, as the "man of sin"/"son of perdition" - symbolized by the eye above the pyramid, which is a vortex, mathematically - a portal or star-gate to the Underworld/Pit. His body remains bound in the pit, while his soul alone separates (perdition) and ascends through the vortex/portal, to the Land of the Living. The "Rebirth of Osiris" is a possession/perdition. Horus is a pharaoh/king possessed by the temporarily escaped soul alone, of Osiris. After the casing stones were removed from the pyramids, his door to this dimension was blocked. CERN would now be his new door, built upon the site of his ancient Apollo temple. Azazel is the leader of the 7 satans. Punished above all for wronging mankind. "Ascribe ALL SIN unto Azazel."-"See how the Elect One judgeth Azazel and his host."

    1. great summary. thank you! please post more. share references?


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