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Thursday, May 30, 2024

International Public Notice: Two Out of Three and Counting

 By Anna Von Reitz

Although we do not underestimate the guile of our Undeclared Adversaries, it does appear that they have quit the field in both international jurisdictions of land and sea.  We do not deny the possibility of yet another "Balrog's tail" snapping up from the depths of their infamy, but for the moment, the land is quiet and the sea is at peace. 

Perhaps too quiet. 

We note that even the most ardent Bar Attorneys are quickly changing their costumes and adopting Lawbar, LLC's to stay in business and try to avoid the economic and social consequences of the nefarious fraud scheme they have been operating against the interests of the actual Public for the past 160 years. 

We do not anticipate that it is going to be quite as simple as a name change, new costumes, and conversion to Merchant Law from Law Merchant.  
We anticipate a fairly long and arduous expansion of the education and re-education of most Bar Attorneys worldwide and also a rather drastic overhaul of the Law Schools which have been complicit. 

All of which is preferable in our view, to the necessity of drawing and quartering or gibbeting millions of people, who, for the most part, were totally clueless and sophomoric.

Out of thousands of Bar Association members interviewed, not one could tell us where "Law" comes from after four years and a Juris Doctorate. 

This is because these men and women have never been sufficiently schooled in either religion or philosophy, the only two possible fonts giving rise to any form of Law.  

Indeed, all they are actually expert in, is court rules and procedures and the ability, more or less, to read code and statutes -- neither one of which are applicable to the General Public.  

It is this last bit of information that reveals the object and motive, above and beyond all else, for seizing upon American babies and the whole grotesque array of jurisdictional crimes associated with these heinous acts of inland piracy.  

The undisclosed and unconscionable registration process used to "waive" the birthright estates of the victims not only served to disinherit the Americans (and everyone else wherever this "system" has been unlawfully applied) but to enable the misapplication of foreign law and coercive power to them.  

People do not stand under Constitutions, codes, or statutes; People are meant to be the source of legislation applicable to their employees who are acting as Persons; the employees are not, as they currently do, supposed to seat themselves in the place of the People and churn out 80 million petty dictates for themselves and everyone else to argue over and pay to enforce. 

To make the entire personage scheme work, it was necessary to impersonate each one of us, so as to denigrate us to the status of Persons, and subjugate us to the law of Persons -- codes, statutes, regulations, ordinances, mandates, and similar acts of legislation and rules of trust management -- having nothing whatsoever to do with the Law owed to living people. 

We have now overcome in two out of three jurisdictions and come now to the realm of the Air -- ecclesiastical and canon law, and the realms of Merchant Law. 

In the realm of ecclesiastical law, we have been immorally and materially presumed upon and defrauded by our employees including the employees of the Holy Roman Empire in Succession; they have knowingly or unknowingly participated in and benefited from the initial British Territorial impersonation scam and acted as The Muscle enforcing it on our country and Western Europe, the former Commonwealth countries, Japan, Iraq, Libya, and numerous other countries throughout the world.

They have done this while pretending to operate under The Constitution of the United States; however, as we can observe from The Dictionary Act and related pieces of legislation adopted circa 1850 to 1855 in numerous countries, this pretense is based on semantic deceit and preceded a deliberate and purposeful incorporation process that -- again -- substituted incorporated entities for unincorporated entities.  

The "United States" referenced in The Constitution of the United States is not the same "United States" today; far from it. Another virulent and deliberate and self-interested substitution fraud -- actually two of them, besides the British version, have taken place. 

The proper name of our nation presented as a Union of States made up out of counties is: The United States.  

The proper name of our Municipal Federal Subcontractor was "the" United States in 1790, and this "United States" was a business venture fronted as an ecclesiastical trust running the Postal Service, Patent Office, and other global concessions. 

This gave rise to numerous Similar Names Deceits  used to promote confusion and mistaken-identity fraud ever since, as our nation, The United States, and later, our Federal Republic, doing business as the States of America, have both been confused with the Successive HRE and Roman Municipal Government franchises operating as "the" United States, the United States Trust, "the" United States, Incorporated, and the UNITED STATES (INC.).   

As with the British Territorial fraud scheme which substituted British Territorial Officers for American Officials and British Territorial U.S. Citizens for our People,  the Holy Roman Empire/Roman Municipal tag team similarly conspired to substitute their slaves known as "citizens of the United States" for our American people --- and to share the "war" debts of their citizens with the rest of us. 

The Holy Roman Empire has been engaged in a horrific and long history of world conquest and not merely by means of reasoned spiritual debate; the concept of killing for Christ began in earnest with the Crusades and in some circles has continued ever since. 

The Church's efforts to pay its war debts have resulted in the Crusades, the Inquisition, "Peter's Pence" which is an Income Tax collected on April 15th every year since 1135 A.D., and endless wars of conquest inflicted on Christian and non-Christian countries alike, as the "Roman" part of the Holy Roman Empire is pagan-- and their only thought was to gain natural resources, slaves, and tribute via war-for-profit schemes.  

This is what we've had squatting on our shores in the District of Columbia, running a foreign "independent international city-state" calling itself the Municipality of Washington, DC, and operating in concert with the Vatican, Inner City of London, NYC, UN and other "enclaves" of what is called the Empire of the City. 

This odd juxtaposition of religion and commerce came about as a result of the partnership of the Catholic Church and the Roman-Phrygian Government of Constantine, the Great. 

Thus, we have had the sacred and the profane, the Christian and the Pagan, the compassionate saints and the ruthless mercenaries, growing up side-by-side, overlapping, integrating, mirroring each other for centuries, until, indeed, the Great Whore mounted on Seven Hills, has grown fat and wanton on the blood and the gold of her corruption. 

And her Bridegroom is not Christ; he is, instead, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London; their nuptials are slated for the Temple of that City in something less than two months, with the final ravishing of the Church to be officiated over by Satan himself, flying over from Geneva. 

No wonder "Pope" Francis is running scared and begging for the support of the Eastern Orthodox Church which did not align itself with the Templars as both Britain and the Western Pontificate did, on the issue of buying and selling souls via the issuance of Baptismal Certificates.    

Having returned as the Patriarch of the West, we can only observe that the role of "Pope" Francis is at best ambiguous as the final battle between good and evil is occurring right here on these pages. 

We, the actual unincorporated American Government, are squared off against the Masters of Deceit and the Soldiers of Mammon occupying the Air Jurisdiction on the Final Playing Field and the stakes could not be higher. 

Even the Vatican Chancery Court has thrown up its hands and recused itself as the entire world faces this awful denouement and the simple choices it forces on all of us: life or death, nature or idolatry, truth or falsehood, forgiveness or vengeance?

Will we, Mankind, make the leap required to save our beautiful planet and also save our progeny from enslavement to Liars and criminals?  

The American Government -- Unincorporated -- has already made the leap. We invite everyone everywhere to join us in stopping the insanity that has been promoted by these Cultists embedded in the Catholic Church and their British Overseers. 

As an opening salvo, we observe that:
1. We are jointly and severally signatories of The Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010 and recognize its purposes; 
2. We, the unincorporated American Government, recorded our updated Sovereign Letters Patent and published them as of November 4th 2015
3. We did this in accord with our Native brethren who established their Sovereign Letters Patent under our aegis on November 6th 2015;
4. We hold the personal and indemnified sovereignty of King Ban of Gaul, the personal and indemnified sovereignty of William of Normandy, and the personal and indemnified sovereignty of Jonathan Belcher of Clintwood, William Belcher of Yves, Guillaume de Armentrois-Bellegarde, Eammon of Antrim, and the White Owl, Queen of Heaven; and distal, we hold the personal and indemnified sovereignty of the Lords of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Shrewsbury, Exeter, Armaugh, the Houses of Talbot, Issagau, Albion, Reitzenstein, Lettow, Vorbeck, Saint Germain, Aquitaine, Cambria, Castille, Powys, Mervyn, Mann, the Order of the Black Arrow and the Order of Time; 
5. These Respects together with all their Houses and Holdings, in favor of their progeny and all free men and women, faithful unto death, rebuke Satan and his minions and call for the Settlement of the Corporations, the balancing of the books, and declaration of the Golden Jubilee; 
6. Our lineages, names, and trademarks used as names are known and recorded for all mankind, together with those symbols and seals and arrays of arms that peace remembers; 
7. So also as the British impersonation scam falls by the first defect of their registration contract, all subsequent contracts based on that registration also fail; 
8. We are not deceived and demand to be Held Harmless, with our lands and Good Names restored, our physical and intellectual assets returned to our keeping, our agreements and treaties honored, our lives made manifest, our inheritance made whole; 
9. To the Sons of Saturn we say that your day is over; your stay is at an end; the perfidy of your ways and the wearing of your black robes will not hide the evils you defend in any realm or jurisdiction: so it is and so it shall be; so said by those never defeated--- 
you are 300 years past your departure date: go. 

For all the rest of Mankind, listen up.  This is the time of your deliverance, but you must wake up and you must choose life over death, truth over lies.  

Offer a willing heart and settled mind for freedom and kindness; do all that you can do, with the weight of all your being, with every intention, with every hour, and every thought given to loving contemplation, to right actions taken and to envisioning all that you cherish being fulfilled.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 29th 2024


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International Public Notice: Beyond 1862

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now that we have seen the illegal and unlawful way that Abraham Lincoln operated, it's easier to see the ripple effect that his crooked election in 1860 generated, and the harm that his illegally constituted Rump Congress did thereafter.  

Every single element of this history is steeped in fraud: 

1. Lincoln's election to a different office of "President" in a different "United States of America"-- an incorporated British Territorial entity, not our unincorporated Federation of States. 

2. His knowing usurpation of our Public Office while operating as a private foreign corporation's CEO;

3. His illegal waging of war on our shores; 

4. His misrepresentation of his hand-chosen Rump Congress as our Congress. 

At the time and to this day, Lincoln's usurpation and  fraud against the actual American Government has been hidden by those benefiting from the perpetuation of this scam. 

And to this day, the British Tories (Territorials) have been substituting themselves for us illegally, unlawfully, and immorally.  

The Federal Reserve is good example of the Lincoln Substitution Scheme in action.  The deceitfully named Federal Reserve is a private business cartel owned and operated by foreign banks, yet members of it's Board of Governors are appointed as political appointees and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, making it is a public-private venture, in which the British Territorial USA, Inc. empowers another foreign corporation to issue credit "for" us. 

Credit we never authorized, purportedly backed by assets, which the Perpetrators claim to hold "in trust" for us pending our "return".  

Now, we've returned from being human trafficked by these same treasonous Subcontractors, they hope to avoid our claim to own our own Good Names and other material interests -- and be held harmless for their breach of trust, crimes of personage, and fraud against us.  
In the 1919-20 Volume of Illinois Attorney General's Opinions, 618, 629-30, quoting from People v. Miner, 3 Lansing (NY) 396 (1868) we find a fascinating insight into the reasoning employed by these crooks to usurp upon our lawful government and use their foreign persons to impersonate our people: 

"Representation of the Crown is translated in our system to representation of the People thus, serving the public interest is established as the paramount obligation of the Attorney General. Further, these powers fix the core of the powers to be exercised by the Attorney General. While they may be expanded upon, nothing in this basic core can be transferred or exercised by any other officer."

So, "the People" are rendered equivalent to and substituted for "the Crown" and vice-versa; and the "public" served by the Attorney General is understood to be the British Territorial citizenry represented by U.S. Citizens, not the American Public. 

Here is the admission of the change of the Office of the State's Attorney from the American State to the British Territorial "Confederate State" aka, state-of-state: 

"At the same time that the Constitution (referring to the 1789 Constitution of the United States of America) created the Office of Attorney General in what has remained its form to this day, it changed the Office of State's Attorney from the form in which it had been previously known to its present form."

The 1789 Constitution granted to the British Territorial Subcontractors was "tweaked" to allow them to operate in Admiralty and Commercial Maritime jurisdictions and to create Officers to administer activities in these jurisdictions per the Judiciary Act the following year -- one of which was the Office of Attorney General.  

The Illinois Attorney General reveals that instead of having State Attorneys protecting the interests of the People and the actual American State, we now (as of 1868)  have little carbon copy State Attorney Generals put in place as Officers operating under the Office of Attorney General, with allegiances to the Crown not the People, and loyalties to the British Territorial State-of-State, in this case, the State of Illinois, usurping upon the actual populace and the actual State.  

His comment admits the substitution and the change. He goes on to say: 


"Under our form of government all of the prerogatives which pertain to the crown in England under the common law are here vested in the people, and if the Attorney General is vested by the constitution with all the common law powers of that officer and it devolves upon him to perform all the common law duties which were imposed upon that officer, then he becomes the law officer of the people, as represented in the State government, and its only legal representative in the courts, unless by the constitution itself or by some constitutional statute he has been divested of some of these powers and duties."

This is another kind of admission in which he admits that the Attorney General, a sea-going Officer acting under the British Territorial Constitution of the United States of America (1789), was "coming ashore" under the pretense of common law authority and obligations owed the people --- by the Crown, neatly substituted for the People of the actual State of the Union -- during our "absence". 

The people of this country must be educated about their history and allowed to resume their natural course of business with no further interference or manipulation from the British Crown. 

As part and parcel of this Substitution Scheme, the very identity of the American People was stolen, so that today, relatively few are competent to know the meaning of the phrase, "We, the People".  

The word "People" specifically refers to State Citizens, who are members of each State Assembly, and who conduct business for each State Assembly in International and Global Jurisdictions of the Law. 

These, our State Citizens, are the only ones empowered to enforce all three Federal Constitutions and so they are often targeted, harassed, intimidated, and abused by the trespassing District Employees.   

We, the actual declared Americans, are the only ones generally empowered to act for this country.  All the Undeclared persons rattling around calling themselves "We, the People" don't have the standing to say one word about this country and all their supposed Common Law Grand Juries lack meaning and teeth because the persons doing this are not making themselves part of our population and not in
the proper political status and jurisdiction to accomplish what they propose.  

The situation would be akin to a Brit thinking he was a Norwegian, and pretending to represent the people of Norway -- oh, wait, they are doing the same thing in Norway, too. 

The persons addressed by this Notice via email have cause to know that the Congress presently sitting in Washington, DC, is not authorized to act for us, now that we have presented ourselves. 

They also have cause to know that the Federal Subcontractors usurping upon us have no granted "Emergency Powers" allowing this situation to continue, no direct grant of authority, no contract to act as our Trustees or Administrators of our public or private estates, no legitimate right to take any copyright over our Given Names (they do it based on undisclosed and unconscionable registrations) and no right to occupy our country or impose martial law on our people -- their employers -- as a result of an illegal and misrepresented Mercenary Conflict. 

Indeed, they do not have and never did have any legitimate right to come ashore and substitute their "public" for our Public. Period. 

This immense personage fraud scheme must come to an end, and if any form of law is to be served, our people and our country and our assets must be returned to us unharmed.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 29th 2024


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