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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

It's Very Simple and Exactly the Opposite of What You Suppose....

By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained it before and shall explain it again.  It is so simple, so huge, so anti-intuitive that people tend to bounce it right out of the brain matrix the first time they hear it, so multiple repetitions are necessary--- no matter how frustrating that is for me. 

Repetition is also necessary for all the Newbies joining our ranks every day.

They continue to send me astonished questions and even try to "shame" me and the others who are claiming our National Credit.  This is because they don't yet understand the information in this short article.

1. We have been living under a British controlled military Protectorate since the spring of 1863.

2. In order to end this Protectorate, we have to organize our unincorporated States of the Union and "reconstruct" our own federal-level States of States organizations.  We haven't done that, so the Protectorate drags on.

3. We haven't been told anything about this necessary action or taught anything about it in school, because the British and the Pope have been benefiting from it--- at our expense.

4. Thus, technically, we are in this bind as a result of our own inaction, but we can hardly be expected to ever take action because we aren't made aware of the fact that we need to do anything of the sort.

5. Now that we finally "woke up" and realize what must be done, we find that we have been misrepresented by those benefiting from this continuing travesty in Breach of Trust, and have been deliberately misidentified as criminals and slaves belonging to the Municipal United States Government.

6. These so-called "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" are a political sub-class created by Congress in the wake of the Civil War as a means to re-enslave plantation slaves and convert their ownership from private ownership to public ownership. 

Read that--- these people were owned by private slave owners prior to the war, and then were claimed by and owned by public sector slave owners --- the Municipal Washington, DC Government operated by members of Congress [See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 -- these vermin have been running their own plenary oligarchy in competition with our actual government.] as public property after the war. 

Let that sink in.  And now let it sink in that they have deliberately and with malice aforethought falsified records to claim that you are such a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States". 

In 1866, "Civil Rights" were created by the Civil Rights Act of 1866.  This was done to define for the rest of the world how Congress intended to treat their new slaves, and what privileges they would guarantee to these unfortunates.

Also in 1866, the Municipal Congress adopted the Metric System, a foreign system of weights and measures, by which they could define their new slaves in a system separate from the rest of the population.  Babies born into this new form of slavery would be weighed using kilograms and grams instead of pounds and ounces. This would also then serve to "convey" them automatically into Admiralty Jurisdiction.

To expedite the "conveyance" of people from one status to another, they adopted a system of "conversion" allowing them to legally convert pounds into metric weights and measures. and thus from a condition of natural freedom and national land law, into a condition of slavery under Admiralty Law, at the same time. [See the Metric Act of 1866. Thanks for this information goes to Kurt Kallenbach.]

Former plantation slaves were the original targets of this malice which benefited both the British Monarch and the Pope: since these people exist under Admiralty Jurisdiction the British Monarch can control and tax them, and as they are owned by the Municipal United States, so can the Pope.

Over time, this scam and outrage against common decency and our Constitution proved so profitable that they created the "Federal Reserve" --- an institution formed and financed solely on "human capital" and on our "good faith and credit": our "presumed" slavery, in other words. 

They simply abused their positions of trust to falsify records and claim that we are all their slaves, all "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States", as recently verified by the US State Department.

7.  In concert with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the guilty corporations responsible for all this began the conversion of our Lawful Money into Legal Tender --- fiat "Federal Reserve Notes". Such Promissory Notes are I.O.U.'s promising future repayment, no different than any other I.O.U.

Many people are still confused about this.  They think that when they went to a bank and got a "home loan" or a "car loan" that they were given something of actual value by the bank, but instead they were given I.O.U.'s.  In fact, they were duped into loaning their homes and their cars as assets that the banks seized upon and used as the basis to extend credit to other "borrowers" ---and profit themselves, of course. 

A "home loan" in this system is a loan of your home to them, and all they give you for it in return is a share of their already pre-existing debt and their mortgage. 

As a "State of State" organization, these same criminals are holding title to your home and land under a purported protective custodial "relationship" owed to your public trust: JOHN MAYNARD DOE, for example, and they have "hypothecated" debt against your home and land already, resulting in a mortgage owed by the State of State, like the State of California. 

This is the mortgage you get stuck paying off for them.  It has nothing to do with your "voluntary" loan of your home to them, when you mistakenly agreed to a "home loan"---- and everything to do with yet another level of fraud being practiced against you by the banks, your employees, and your international trustees--- the Pope and the Queen.

8. Since the adoption of the "Federal Reserve System" by the Municipal United States Government, you have been forced under the false pretense that you are a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States" to exchange your labor and goods for nothing but their empty paper promises to pay.

Your goods and labor are exchanged for I.O.U.s --- evidences of debt owed by a foreign corporation.  If you accept an I.O.U. as payment for a glass of lemonade, are you the Debtor or the Creditor? 

The Creditor.

If you accept Federal Reserve Notes as payment for your house, are you the Debtor or the Creditor? 

The Creditor.

In all of these transactions you are providing actual and factual goods and labor and they are providing promises to pay at some unknown future date.

And they never pay, so you never get paid, and that is what creates their National Debt and your National Credit.

Because these vermin operate as corporations, they simply run up your credit to the stratosphere, then declare bankruptcy, and leave you on the hook as the "presumed" co-signer to pay their debts.

That's what happened in 2009 when the vermin bankrupted their trademarked "Federal Reserve System" and shifted their debts onto the backs of the weary public slaves --- all the presumed-to-exist "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States".

So, having read this, read it again.  And again.  Read it however many times it takes to sink in, and then, ask yourself ---- am I a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States"?   Have I received anything of actual value in return for my goods and services, or have I been the source of whatever value there is in these transactions? 

Am I a Creditor in this situation, or a Debtor? 

And while you are at it, notice that the "Fourteenth Amendment" is itself a sham and a fraud, a measure adopted by a Scottish corporation as a By-Law to Articles of Incorporation disguised as the Territorial United States Constitution and merely doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".  That corporation, formed in Scotland in 1868,  went bankrupt in 1907.  It's long defunct, and so is its "Fourteenth Amendment".

9. So here's the "news" for the Pope and the Queen: you are responsible for these corporations and their operations on our shores. They have operated as crime syndicates and you are responsible for their misdirection.  The Pope is responsible under Ecclesiastical Law to shut them down.  You are both responsible for these despicable and criminal claims, acts, and frauds perpetrated in Breach of Trust against every American. 

The debts of these corporations over and above market rates of services we agreed to receive as part of the Constitutions, are all yours, and the interest and leases and other fees and escrows owed, together with the actual principal assets--- are all ours.  We claimed our "reversionary trust interest" all the way back to our days in Heaven, and we are the Priority Creditors without any doubt. 

And we set ourselves free of any presumption, claim, or pretense otherwise.


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Beyond Words

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we talked about discernment -- the desire to know the truth and the tools necessary to discern truth.  We've also spent thousands of hours discovering just how profoundly slippery words are as a form of communication -- how words are used to deceive, and how imperfect they are as a mode of communication.

Imagine a totally different mode of communication which does not involve words, but uses pictures like words. 

Imagine that you are hovering above a vast undulating surface, a field stretching as far as the eye can see, all papered over with photographs, each holding a place within the surface of the field,  like tiles of glass in a mosaic picture that is much larger. 

Each photo contains the absolute truth of what is contained in it.  And you can perceive that truth directly, without the use of any words at all, in detail. 

For example, the photo is of a smiling man and two young women, his daughters.  At a glance, you know all their life stories in detail and all of what brought them to that particular moment that is encapsulated in the photo.  Not only that, but everything about their world-- the rocks, trees, bugs, all of it, is revealed and known and preserved, too.

This little microcosm, their stories, their moment, is part of the much larger field which contains billions upon billions upon billions of these photo archives hidden within each surface photo. And you are enabled to absorb all this information at a glance --- absolute information without any distortion created by words. 

Not only that, but along with the images, feelings and intentions are recorded and layered into the overall communication.  You know how the man felt at that moment and you know why he is smiling.  You know, again, at a glance, the totality of his life and his intentions, his feelings, his failures, his triumphs, what he values, the status of his health, and an infinity of other truthful information about him, all conveyed in "picture-feelings" without the use of a single word. 

There are no secrets.  Nothing is hidden.  Nothing is deceptive.  It simply is, or is not, and that is all there is to it.  Wherever you focus your attention, you see whatever there is to see, and there is no inexactitude, nothing to interpret or argue over or be uncertain about. 

All those illusion-laden aspects of communication (or miscommunication) are gone and you are able to receive and understand billions of these photo archives instantaneously, as well as being able to see the much larger mosaic-like picture that all these pieces combine to create.

It all keeps changing moment to moment, but also stays the same, as each photo is firmly set in place, cemented into the flexible substrata, existing separately and within set parameters. 

This is communication on a whole different scale and of a whole different kind, set free of the waffling quicksilver nature of words, all available to you at a glance --- but you must become aware of it, and you must learn to see it with your "inner eye", and you must become aware that you have an inner eye--- a non-physical organ of sight.

You use it every day as you visualize things in your mind, yet we somehow remain placidly unaware of its factual existence.  The facility of imagination is make possible by this unseen "eye" and by other unseen organs as well. These additional sensory organs are what you use to communicate in "photo-feeling" language.  This precise, truthful, unerring, universal language is the language of the True God.

We are all born with the ability to use this language and we do so, but we do it unconsciously, as if in our sleep, and when we pop back into the world of words and imprecise illusions, we conveniently forget what we actually know.

One of the things that we actually do know, is our covenant with the True God.  It is set forth plainly enough in The Book of Genesis.  Genesis, as we have learned by dint of hard-slogging, is not our beginning --- not even our beginning in this physical world.  It is the beginning of what the critics of the Manichean Heresy, including Kurt Kallenbach, called the "False Start" or "Second Start". 

What the Bible actually teaches is that we exist prior to any physical and corporeal embodiment (Jeremiah 1:5) and that no man knows the start date of his existence nor does he know his name.

We exist in this non-physical form and then, we incarnate in physical form, a process that has us start as a water-breathing fish-like creature derived from a single, unique, species specific fertilized egg. 

All that we can physically become, is encoded in the information contained in this single fertilized egg.  This egg and the information contained in it, is literally our earthly estate, but it is not the summation of our total estate, which remains in the non-physical realm from which we ultimately come and to which we ultimately return.

In between, there are way-points, like milestones on a highway we journey upon.  These are not, in themselves, the beginning or end of anything, though we often mistake them as such.  One such way-point comes about nine months after our egg is fertilized and our earthly estate is formed. 

Over the course of these nine months, the fertilized egg has multiplied and diversified itself into over two hundred different kinds of living tissue, and has sequentially organized and formed first a water-breathing creature, and then, transformed the water-breathing creature into one capable of breathing air on dry land. 

With all of this mission accomplished, we are born -- ejected from the watery environment of the womb --- and this event, a way-point on the journey --- is memorialized as our birthday, but this is not our ultimate beginning. 

What we call our birthday isn't even our second beginning. That second, physical beginning, occurred when the egg was fertilized, and that was again, after some unknown moment when we were first conceptualized and created in the unseen realm of pure energy.

So we can't know when the Living God created us and knew us prior to our physical incarnation.  We can't know exactly when our particular egg was fertilized, either. These earlier way-points on our path of Becoming are unknown to us in our present form,  and it is only in retrospect and upon reflection that we "know what we don't know" about ourselves and our journey.

The mysteriousness of our actual beginning leads many people to discount it, and to pretend that we somehow leapt into existence at the moment we became visible as a separate being, the moment of what we call our birth, and that is recorded as our "birthday".  This act, attaching our existence to a calendar, then also condemns us to "death"--- the moment we exit this physical realm.

Yet none of these things, what we call "birth" and what we count as "time" and what we call "death" --- are anything but way-points, markers of orderly transformations that are all occurring in a single mysterious moment called "now". 

When is your life occurring?  Now.  When is your death occurring? Now.  Where are you at all points in between?  Now. 

So "your" birthday is just a convenient lie, a means of marking when you entered this world as a separate visible air-breathing being. Unavoidably, it also marks the moment when the water-breathing creature is transformed and all the apparatus associated with it is expelled as waste material.

We see this same process when a butterfly exits its chrysalis and leaves the detritus of the caterpillar body and the hard shell of the chrysalis behind. One form ends and another begins, but this transformation of form is not a death. It's a transformation.  A change.  Not an end.

There is no break in the continuity of our existence. There is no excuse for probating our estate.

There is no break in our relationship with the Living God.  In fact, we have never been dead and never existed in a past nor a future.  We are not broken. We are whole and we are part of a greater whole.  

When we communicate at the deeper levels of our Being,  where fact is fact and all the illusory constructs of words and convenient lies ('legal fictions") are set aside, we know this. 


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The Rain and Belief

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight I have listened to the second segment of Kurt Kallenbach's seminar, "Where Darwin Meets God" and I must say, it is stimulating a lot of thought and connections with other associated material.... ecclesiastical and otherwise, because he is discussing what in Admiralty terms are "bridges" ---think Roman Pontiff, and "bars" --- as in barriers.

As I have been listening intently to this two-hour long discussion, I have been aware that the rain is pelting down in gentle sheets outside --- finally, the drought of Summer 2019 in Alaska --- is ended.  I must admit it is a relief to relax my mental focus and let the sound of rain on the roof and dripping from the eaves enter my consciousness more fully.

Rain after drought.  Love after hate.  All the schemes and dreams of men are, in this day and age, being exposed like the skeleton of a whale on the beach long after the flesh is gone.

Now that all the jurisdictions have been explored and the basics of the over-arching architecture of the World Trust are clear, the dynamics of belief are also shoving over the horizon.  Some of it is ridiculous in modern terms and would be deeply disturbing if one had cause to contemplate the logical implications of continuing such practices and claims.

Fortunately, I don't seriously expect that the same reasoning that identifies the amniotic membranes and afterbirth materials as a separate dead, water-breathing being, and accords it an estate and probate and burial -- and which allows the false claim that we "abandoned" this poor creature and thereby allowed other parties to claim it ---oh, and our DNA and our identity, too --- will be extended to its ultimate logical conclusions.

If it were, a bit of urine, poop, fingernail clippings, "abandoned hairs" from our heads and other parts, a carelessly discarded snot rag, a used Band-Aid, even a fingerprint, all of which contain our DNA and "substance" could be used to front similar claims. 

Oh, my poor, poor dead fingernail clipping!  I must give it a burial and probate its estate!  And just look at that mass grave, out in the septic settling field!  And if I inhale a booger (by mistake, I assure you!) then it must be a crime of self-cannibalism.

That's where the madness of this entire system ultimately leads. It began with medieval ignorance, and then, thanks to the self-interest of crooks and governments has evolved into the current lunacy. 

Still, the rain is pouring down outside, drenching the dust settled deep on the Earth, relieving the dying birch trees, sweeping aside the fires that have devastated the vast public forests on the Kenai Peninsula like a magic wand. Rain, rain at last!  Fresh from the hand of God, who makes the sun shine and the rain fall upon both the evil and the good. 

I think I will re-read The Book of Job tonight. 

Whether it makes sense to anyone else at all, I believe in an everlasting and true Creator, a Being that inhabits and enlightens us all, a Living God that gives us life and every good thing--- and which we can never describe or second-guess or know --- in the same way that a two year-old can't know an adult. 

It no longer bothers me that I can't put this True God in a box, and can't fathom the Creation, much less the Creator.  I am content to accept that I am made part of it all, that I am blessed, and that I am loved and cared for and guided--- and that the rain comes and goes. 

It is enough, more than enough, just to be here and to be part of it all.


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