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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Rain and Belief

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight I have listened to the second segment of Kurt Kallenbach's seminar, "Where Darwin Meets God" and I must say, it is stimulating a lot of thought and connections with other associated material.... ecclesiastical and otherwise, because he is discussing what in Admiralty terms are "bridges" ---think Roman Pontiff, and "bars" --- as in barriers.

As I have been listening intently to this two-hour long discussion, I have been aware that the rain is pelting down in gentle sheets outside --- finally, the drought of Summer 2019 in Alaska --- is ended.  I must admit it is a relief to relax my mental focus and let the sound of rain on the roof and dripping from the eaves enter my consciousness more fully.

Rain after drought.  Love after hate.  All the schemes and dreams of men are, in this day and age, being exposed like the skeleton of a whale on the beach long after the flesh is gone.

Now that all the jurisdictions have been explored and the basics of the over-arching architecture of the World Trust are clear, the dynamics of belief are also shoving over the horizon.  Some of it is ridiculous in modern terms and would be deeply disturbing if one had cause to contemplate the logical implications of continuing such practices and claims.

Fortunately, I don't seriously expect that the same reasoning that identifies the amniotic membranes and afterbirth materials as a separate dead, water-breathing being, and accords it an estate and probate and burial -- and which allows the false claim that we "abandoned" this poor creature and thereby allowed other parties to claim it ---oh, and our DNA and our identity, too --- will be extended to its ultimate logical conclusions.

If it were, a bit of urine, poop, fingernail clippings, "abandoned hairs" from our heads and other parts, a carelessly discarded snot rag, a used Band-Aid, even a fingerprint, all of which contain our DNA and "substance" could be used to front similar claims. 

Oh, my poor, poor dead fingernail clipping!  I must give it a burial and probate its estate!  And just look at that mass grave, out in the septic settling field!  And if I inhale a booger (by mistake, I assure you!) then it must be a crime of self-cannibalism.

That's where the madness of this entire system ultimately leads. It began with medieval ignorance, and then, thanks to the self-interest of crooks and governments has evolved into the current lunacy. 

Still, the rain is pouring down outside, drenching the dust settled deep on the Earth, relieving the dying birch trees, sweeping aside the fires that have devastated the vast public forests on the Kenai Peninsula like a magic wand. Rain, rain at last!  Fresh from the hand of God, who makes the sun shine and the rain fall upon both the evil and the good. 

I think I will re-read The Book of Job tonight. 

Whether it makes sense to anyone else at all, I believe in an everlasting and true Creator, a Being that inhabits and enlightens us all, a Living God that gives us life and every good thing--- and which we can never describe or second-guess or know --- in the same way that a two year-old can't know an adult. 

It no longer bothers me that I can't put this True God in a box, and can't fathom the Creation, much less the Creator.  I am content to accept that I am made part of it all, that I am blessed, and that I am loved and cared for and guided--- and that the rain comes and goes. 

It is enough, more than enough, just to be here and to be part of it all.


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  1. I was thinking the other night
    Remember the Cabbage Patch kids dolls they came out with that came with a Birth Certificate?
    I wonder if those dolls have trust?
    How about your pets that they register with a name?
    How about the cattle and other animals that are born and they tag them?

    1. I had a pet rock as a kid. I still sits on or near the old tree stump. Is it not trust-worthy because it came with care instructions but no Birth Certificate?
      I'm being silly, but...

  2. I have a question...years ago I was looking through the newspaper in the library and came across tons of "public filings" from the State Dept about "lost or undeclared finances" , and looking for their rightful owners...!! Some of these "unclaimed properties"(cash assets), have been on the record for years...!! Number one, the State steals everything else, why do they hold all this money in "unclaimed property", when it's obviously been abandoned or the people died..!! And secound, what is keeping any of us to claim those assets using a UCC-1 form or some other form, just like they do since we can assume it's abandoned...!!
    There is literally hundreds of millions of dollars just sitting there waiting for people to claim it...!! Why not make a claim for it ourselves...!!
    I have $17,000 in there myself, but I can't apply for it because the State says I need to apply for it, then they notify the IRS FTB and every theiving money grabbing agency around, so that they have first claim on it...!! I'd wind up with nothing..!! It seems what they really want is my signature so they can move forward with legally taking it...!! These guys are the lowest , dishonest people in the world, but for some reason they refuse to "forge" anyone's signiture, even if they never find out about it...!!

    My question is how do we claim legally that these accounts were abandoned, and that we are taking control of those accounts by making a claim on them...!!

    1. James, your mention of signature prompts this: In order to receive an additional $24 of Food Stamps this summer, I needed to sign the card and mail it in, which I did. My friend did the same, except that above my "signature" I wrote "Non-negotiable autograph." Guess which one of us didn't get the additional $24. Hmmmm.

  3. in other words all they want is a "blank signiture"(one without anything added to it)...!!
    See what I mean....they don't even abide by their own contract rule laws in the UCC...!! Why are we the only ones that have to play fair....??

  4. James.
    I think it is because we are miss-led to believe it is a fair system for fair people, because that is how we would want it to operate. The actual results of this system are being overlooked. With a 1% win rate with courts, how are we missing the statistic that shows its rigged?
    I would rather take my grievance to arbitration and just flip a coin for better odds.
    I had a great conversation with an Citizen recently who believed that the words you say do not get twisted, it gets twisted when the wrong definition gets applied to a word. I loved how the idea of jurisdiction had no value in his explanation. Yes James, I did ask him who he was working for! LOL!
    Can we say PROVOCATOR?

    I would think any monies we could get from them would simply be drenched in conditions that we "agreed to" be "subject to" something undisclosed.

    Documented Americans Assemble!! Anything else is a MERE Distraction.


  5. If you've given them an electronic signature on anything, I would think they are already using your signature without your knowledge or consent
    That's why they wanted everyone to shred all their stuff and move it all to digital
    Like I said they already stole your identity and credit at birth then they turn around and sell a service to protect your identity
    Anyone doing business with that company prior to claiming their status should file suit against that identity theft L i f e l o c corporation and sue them good
    Yet another scheme perpetrated on the people for the counterfit FRN's to keep you poor and god knows what they did behind the scenes of that corporation

  6. Did you ever go to a bank and open an account and they want a fingerprint and think nothing of it and give it to them?