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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Beyond Words

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we talked about discernment -- the desire to know the truth and the tools necessary to discern truth.  We've also spent thousands of hours discovering just how profoundly slippery words are as a form of communication -- how words are used to deceive, and how imperfect they are as a mode of communication.

Imagine a totally different mode of communication which does not involve words, but uses pictures like words. 

Imagine that you are hovering above a vast undulating surface, a field stretching as far as the eye can see, all papered over with photographs, each holding a place within the surface of the field,  like tiles of glass in a mosaic picture that is much larger. 

Each photo contains the absolute truth of what is contained in it.  And you can perceive that truth directly, without the use of any words at all, in detail. 

For example, the photo is of a smiling man and two young women, his daughters.  At a glance, you know all their life stories in detail and all of what brought them to that particular moment that is encapsulated in the photo.  Not only that, but everything about their world-- the rocks, trees, bugs, all of it, is revealed and known and preserved, too.

This little microcosm, their stories, their moment, is part of the much larger field which contains billions upon billions upon billions of these photo archives hidden within each surface photo. And you are enabled to absorb all this information at a glance --- absolute information without any distortion created by words. 

Not only that, but along with the images, feelings and intentions are recorded and layered into the overall communication.  You know how the man felt at that moment and you know why he is smiling.  You know, again, at a glance, the totality of his life and his intentions, his feelings, his failures, his triumphs, what he values, the status of his health, and an infinity of other truthful information about him, all conveyed in "picture-feelings" without the use of a single word. 

There are no secrets.  Nothing is hidden.  Nothing is deceptive.  It simply is, or is not, and that is all there is to it.  Wherever you focus your attention, you see whatever there is to see, and there is no inexactitude, nothing to interpret or argue over or be uncertain about. 

All those illusion-laden aspects of communication (or miscommunication) are gone and you are able to receive and understand billions of these photo archives instantaneously, as well as being able to see the much larger mosaic-like picture that all these pieces combine to create.

It all keeps changing moment to moment, but also stays the same, as each photo is firmly set in place, cemented into the flexible substrata, existing separately and within set parameters. 

This is communication on a whole different scale and of a whole different kind, set free of the waffling quicksilver nature of words, all available to you at a glance --- but you must become aware of it, and you must learn to see it with your "inner eye", and you must become aware that you have an inner eye--- a non-physical organ of sight.

You use it every day as you visualize things in your mind, yet we somehow remain placidly unaware of its factual existence.  The facility of imagination is make possible by this unseen "eye" and by other unseen organs as well. These additional sensory organs are what you use to communicate in "photo-feeling" language.  This precise, truthful, unerring, universal language is the language of the True God.

We are all born with the ability to use this language and we do so, but we do it unconsciously, as if in our sleep, and when we pop back into the world of words and imprecise illusions, we conveniently forget what we actually know.

One of the things that we actually do know, is our covenant with the True God.  It is set forth plainly enough in The Book of Genesis.  Genesis, as we have learned by dint of hard-slogging, is not our beginning --- not even our beginning in this physical world.  It is the beginning of what the critics of the Manichean Heresy, including Kurt Kallenbach, called the "False Start" or "Second Start". 

What the Bible actually teaches is that we exist prior to any physical and corporeal embodiment (Jeremiah 1:5) and that no man knows the start date of his existence nor does he know his name.

We exist in this non-physical form and then, we incarnate in physical form, a process that has us start as a water-breathing fish-like creature derived from a single, unique, species specific fertilized egg. 

All that we can physically become, is encoded in the information contained in this single fertilized egg.  This egg and the information contained in it, is literally our earthly estate, but it is not the summation of our total estate, which remains in the non-physical realm from which we ultimately come and to which we ultimately return.

In between, there are way-points, like milestones on a highway we journey upon.  These are not, in themselves, the beginning or end of anything, though we often mistake them as such.  One such way-point comes about nine months after our egg is fertilized and our earthly estate is formed. 

Over the course of these nine months, the fertilized egg has multiplied and diversified itself into over two hundred different kinds of living tissue, and has sequentially organized and formed first a water-breathing creature, and then, transformed the water-breathing creature into one capable of breathing air on dry land. 

With all of this mission accomplished, we are born -- ejected from the watery environment of the womb --- and this event, a way-point on the journey --- is memorialized as our birthday, but this is not our ultimate beginning. 

What we call our birthday isn't even our second beginning. That second, physical beginning, occurred when the egg was fertilized, and that was again, after some unknown moment when we were first conceptualized and created in the unseen realm of pure energy.

So we can't know when the Living God created us and knew us prior to our physical incarnation.  We can't know exactly when our particular egg was fertilized, either. These earlier way-points on our path of Becoming are unknown to us in our present form,  and it is only in retrospect and upon reflection that we "know what we don't know" about ourselves and our journey.

The mysteriousness of our actual beginning leads many people to discount it, and to pretend that we somehow leapt into existence at the moment we became visible as a separate being, the moment of what we call our birth, and that is recorded as our "birthday".  This act, attaching our existence to a calendar, then also condemns us to "death"--- the moment we exit this physical realm.

Yet none of these things, what we call "birth" and what we count as "time" and what we call "death" --- are anything but way-points, markers of orderly transformations that are all occurring in a single mysterious moment called "now". 

When is your life occurring?  Now.  When is your death occurring? Now.  Where are you at all points in between?  Now. 

So "your" birthday is just a convenient lie, a means of marking when you entered this world as a separate visible air-breathing being. Unavoidably, it also marks the moment when the water-breathing creature is transformed and all the apparatus associated with it is expelled as waste material.

We see this same process when a butterfly exits its chrysalis and leaves the detritus of the caterpillar body and the hard shell of the chrysalis behind. One form ends and another begins, but this transformation of form is not a death. It's a transformation.  A change.  Not an end.

There is no break in the continuity of our existence. There is no excuse for probating our estate.

There is no break in our relationship with the Living God.  In fact, we have never been dead and never existed in a past nor a future.  We are not broken. We are whole and we are part of a greater whole.  

When we communicate at the deeper levels of our Being,  where fact is fact and all the illusory constructs of words and convenient lies ('legal fictions") are set aside, we know this. 


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  1. Really, parroting the lie of the willy serpent: No break in our existence?? Really

    But God said you shall DIE!

    Like you used the word assumption instead of presumption you fail to know the word die.

    Die H1478

    A primitive root; to breathe out, that is, (by implication) expire: - die, be dead, give up the ghost, perish.
    Total KJV occurrences:

    Etyomlogy of Die:

    die (v.)
    mid-12c., dien, deighen, of sentient beings, "to cease to live," possibly from Old Danish døja or Old Norse deyja "to die, pass away," both from Proto-Germanic *dawjan (source also of Old Frisian deja "to kill," Old Saxon doian, Old High German touwen, Gothic diwans "mortal"), from PIE root *dheu- (3) "to pass away, die, become senseless" (source also of Old Irish dith "end, death," Old Church Slavonic daviti, Russian davit' "to choke, suffer").

    To cease to exist. What a hard pill this will be to swallow, consonance dessonance in order


    1. Quit sperging you exoteric simpleton you have no idea what any of this really means stop acting like a zealot fool in the comments

    2. What do you mean Bodhi?

      I don't exactly agree with DEdesign's conclusion on this one (though I often have on others) [basis: the creator of the creation always owns the creation = no break in continuity] But I don't think DEdesign is "sperging" and certainly isn't a simpleton, a fool, or a zealot.

      I think the people who have harmed us deserve to be identified by us speaking out every evil thing they have done and just what a bunch of freeloading, stumbling, mitfit, bobbling boobs they are, but DEdesign has never seemed to fit into that category to me.

      I like DEdesign.

    3. Beyond words? Beyond The Word!
      Totally ignores the Bible in so many respects. Anna, quite simply uses the Bible and mixes int with whatever new age (same as the old) garbage she can to create her own theatre and illusions. The same as many "pictures." She sets a stage.

  2. We've heard nothing but Rothchild, Pope and queen in this whole scenario too when there are many others above these stooges
    Want ot know why they pushing I s l a m because it is yet another creation to screw the masses
    Look in this book under religions of rome
    These so called illuminated families are mobs, think Godfather and I don't mean Pope either

  3. 007 movies where they showed us all their cools gadgets well some of these are built as weather modifiers and the likes and they put them in movies right in front of our faces as if they were fiction
    HAARP see who has a harp on their coat of arms
    HAARP which is used for mind altering purposes
    Green technology linked to this same family
    see and for more details on all the things they have set up all around the world to manipulate the weather and heat up the atmosphere etc etc etc to create the climate change scenario we have going today
    7000 colleges now advised to push the climate change agenda and so is the 'acting' pope and everyone else on the planet, tell lie vision commercials, in all the movies, etc etc etc
    Teaching it to your kids in schools be global plant and bug eating people while these illuminated freaks steal all the earth back from this round of slaves
    Look around you only jobs are service jobs, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, fast food to kill you faster, buy more stuff so we can keep the slaves in the BRICS countries working while we plunder this part of the world now - that's why they shipping people from India in all around us and from other nations as well - planned, every last bit of it planned by the same banking families that have been doing this for centuries

    1. Shelby...speaking about 007 (Bond), Hollywood is doing it again...this time the iconic Bond figure is going to be a woman (a black one at that), further pushing the agenda of "equality" between women and men, and naturally money along with it...!! If women want equal pay so damn bad, why not bring down men's pay, instead of everyone constantly asking for more and more and more...!! Where does it end..!! Hollywood is making it impossible for the sexes to get along...!! I agree completely that men get paid too much..!! But the answer isn't giving women more, it's giving men less to equal woman's pay...but not one woman ever argues that cause...never..!!
      They all play right into the Hollywood narrative or sports narrative. about it Mega Rapiano , soccer star extrodinair,..!! Start advocating that fact that everyone needs to be paid less...a lot less...!! More just makes everyone else's life even worse, since we all have to keep up with that kind of inflation...!!

      By the way..i refuse to watch that new Bond movie, and I would highly suggest no one else goes sees it either...its time to boycott Hollywood and their mind control movies that control human behavior....!! I want to be equal too to the banks...I want to print my own money, how does everyone like that....!! That's equal in my opinion...!!

  4. Such beautiful words Anna! I loved your explanation of the visual landscape that goes beyond words. It reminded me of something I wrote years ago from a story I was working on based on a profound spiritual experience I had. I tried to explain using words, the feeling of timelessness, oneness, fearlessness, beauty and God.


    John wept uncontrollably. Tears streamed down his face as the pain of twenty years rushed out of him. The gates of the dam broke free as the flood washed away years of turmoil, anguish and pain. He slipped into a deep sleep and dreamt the familiar dream. This time the tone had changed. The large black figure that stood in his way on the pathway seemed less daunting. The blackness that appeared in its many forms before in his dream, at this moment felt like a vapor. He easily passed straight through and without the slightest resistance continued walking along the mountain road. The sky turned from gray to gold and the subtle shadows of russet brightened to beautiful rays of light and sun. The air seemed light and sweet. The colors were brilliant and glowing, everything was new, pristine, fresh and clean. The past was revealed as just an illusion. The present moment is ongoing and timeless as the universe without end. No limits, no boundaries. Anything was possible, every thought could instantly manifest into this present reality with the greatest of ease. All time, from the most distant past, to the far stretching future was all happening now in an ever-unfolding quintessential pinpoint of time. Every second of every minute of every hour within the endless billions of hours stacked endlessly throughout the eons were all flattened to nothing but a light ray glimmering and reflecting off the rocks, trees, sky and water. John walked along the road, supremely aware of the feel of his feet on the ground as each step broke like a fresh breath of possibility. Every pore of his skin sang with joy to the ever-expanding love and gratefulness of the journey. What was thought of in time as daunting and arduous seemed to flow effortlessly and without care, weaving elegantly in and out of all expression and context. There was no thought of time. There was no concept of a place to arrive, because, you were already there the moment you conceived it. Each notion gave way to the next and then the last, but without the realization that any linear movement had taken place. Any constraints or expectations ceased to exist. All laws and time bound rules pertaining to the physicality of space were acknowledged as the true unreality. The space was there everywhere and nowhere at the same time, because there was no time.

    From the book 23D by Cameron Hart Gardner

    Passing it off now that magma chamber under China Lake???? Been dormat for years like 100,000 years and didn't know it was there until now???
    How convenient that is now isn't it

  6. One of my biggest regrets is spending the last four plus years figuring out what they were saying.

    I wish I had had someone I knew and trusted to tell me the following five things:

    1. HR 3166 subsection 2(b) = they "legislated" that they could lie to us, to congress and in their pretend "courts".

    2. They repealed (2003) the smith-mundt act that said they cannot propagandize americans.

    3. That Louis T. McFadden brought Criminal charges against the bankers and their associates, the corporations pretend courts, at-torn-eyes and others in 1933 for securities fraud and more that were entered into the Congressional Record and are still pending today.

    4. That James Trafficant brought those charges.up again in 1993.

    5. That the BAR attorneys who are pretending to be judges handling pretend law claims in pretend courts have given up their natural born American status and have made a pledge to at-torn our property from us for their "Quane"queen and derPapa pope.

    I was talking to someone about all this this past week and she said, but you've studied it four years, I could never get it. I said, oh yes you can because it's not that hard its just that its evil and good people can't figureit out because we dont think thay way AND because they lie to your face, it's a sacrament to "Lucifer the loser", and they just skip steps and change the rules when they are losing.

    I said, you've been around three year olds? She said, yes.
    I said, well that's the mental and emotional maturity were dealing with along with a huge amount of personal and familial deficiencies.
    She said something like oooooh!, that makes it easier to relate to then.

  7. Its true though.

    Look how the "military," is 19th out of 3000 child pornography traffickers on military time, military contract, using military equipment., is what is in the news.

    NOT "our heroes", as they love to steal the valor due to our honorable true defense military.

    1. goodboots..I totally agree..Why should we honor our military men and women when they follow orders of despot generals and admirals....!! They ar ent fighting for us and haven't for the last 150 + years...!! When they do I will respect them again, but not until then...!!
      Trump wants us all to respect our men and women in uniform...WHY..!! Respect has to be earned and none of them fight for American Nationals, only US CITIZENS /SLAVES of the Corporate STATE ..!! Has anyone ever had any success at getting a "provost marshall" to arrest any of these corrupt judges or prosecutors, or any other govt employees allowing fraud to run rammet...???...NO.!!

    2. True, all true.

      My opinion is:
      we have to lawfully record lawful claims.
      Will the lawless pay attention?

      No. They are full to running over with stupid.

      As a thing is bound so is it unbound = the thing was bound spiritually first and then memorialized with paper and then enforced with violence upon us.

      Here is a big surprise for everyone:
      What they used to bind us was OUR common law principles!
      They took our position.
      As usual.

      But now we have taken it back and are now using it ourselves like we were meant to.

      When we record our claims according to law, when they ignore us, it opens up judgments upon them from the spiritual realm because in essence they are breaking spiritual law when they break common law because it is based on the laws of nature and of natures creator.

      They have to have told creator NO! First concerning his laws before they break the laws of nature; then they have to have broken the laws of nature first in order to do violence to and harm us.

      So essentially, when they purposely harm us, they are opening up bringing the superior two authorities' judgments/curses down on themselves. I agree that that is right, just and necessary and I have absolutely no qualms anymore at all about asking creator to apply his judgments to their lives immediately....And calling out some of those judgments for his consideration.

      We are doing battle with bogeymen doppelganger strawmen and with admitted liars who we know are thieves. All are fictions, including their authority. So I have N O problem asking creator to make active say, zechariah 5:1-4 in their lives. He already sent that curse sailing out over the whole earth from His throne upon thieves and liars.... All I have to do is "land" it.

      We have to make our claim first upon our own superior spiritual position, then spiritual law attaches to our intent, just by desiring to operate under Gods laws, even if we don't yet know what they are.

      Its not spooky or weird, its not channeling or voodoo or magic.... Quite the opposite really, its just understanding how to live righteously with intent to do so; and that those who obstruct us fall into the evil that they planned for us. If we say so. And I say so. And so it is established in what pertains to me.

      That spiritual foundation, along with DOing what's practical... Like recording our claims.... Lawfully claiming their assets to the extent that it is lawful... Living in accord with the authorities we are lawfully *in* is what is going to get the ball rolling and they may get even more vicious.

      Most of them are spiritual to the extreme. Many have allowed spirit-thingies to come and live in them like Python Girl or the Witch of Endore or the sons of sciva and others in the bible.

      They know exactly what I am saying because this is what they operate on. Bcawkadrs.

      We have to understand it frontwards in order to fully and completely UNbind what they have bound. IMO.

    3. Yes, whole-heartedly agree Goodboots. Thank you!! I sure wish their were "Likes, Loves, Wow's etc" for the comments to acknowledge those commenting, but without having to respond with words that I have struggled with finding the right ones to express my own thoughts and feelings with for too long now. I soooo appreciate ALL who communicate and share from a deeper perspective within and are able to articulate so beautifully what they are wanting to express and to help others learn. So grateful Always!!

  8. Ty very good article Anna. I wrote an article on Samsara that covers this same(ish) topic for those interested I will link it below. Blessings all

    1. Bodhi, have a look at these two links that came from this book

      I think you will find these of interest

    2. Bodhi, I would like to share links to your site, I hope that is ok
      Lots of very good information on there
      I'm trying my best to get the 'thumpers' to see through the fraud and they just won't budge
      They believe someone coming to save them
      Sad but true
      I've posted this before but there is a guy a follow he puts out very little and one of his videos has been removed that explained a bunch about the books within the bible
      Here are two he made referece to in the video that has now been removed from his you tube - see crackerwv
      Leviticus - levy taxes
      Deuteronomy - due to our money
      Thought you might find those interesting

    3. This is one of his videos if you are interested - crackerwv

    4. The Rocky clan
      Want to know why our edjucation system sucks and is teaching garbage
      How about our so called modern medicine
      Big Pharma too - by products of the petro chemical business used to make their prescribed pills

  9. Our 'fakers' are allowing the take over of critical infrastructure
    Done on purpose folks
    Liars every last one of them
    Some good information on Balfour Declaration and the lying Bauers - not Rothchild, Bauer
    Leviticus - levy taxes
    Deuteronomy - due to our money
    This book contains some good information
    Also some good information in the links provided at the bottom of the page, the link below is just one of the links provided at the bottom of the page
    None of them are who they ssy they are

  10. Shelby...In your personal opinion, along with all your extensive investigations, is it your opinion that it is absouluty useless to try and find remedy or for us to separate from the "State of the Forum"...!!
    What is your take on all this there any chance at all at changing the tide of this massive Tsunami of corruption headed our way or is it strictly in the hands of the "Father"..!!

  11. Yes, Yes, YES!!! Thank you Anna!!!