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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

It's Very Simple and Exactly the Opposite of What You Suppose....

By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained it before and shall explain it again.  It is so simple, so huge, so anti-intuitive that people tend to bounce it right out of the brain matrix the first time they hear it, so multiple repetitions are necessary--- no matter how frustrating that is for me. 

Repetition is also necessary for all the Newbies joining our ranks every day.

They continue to send me astonished questions and even try to "shame" me and the others who are claiming our National Credit.  This is because they don't yet understand the information in this short article.

1. We have been living under a British controlled military Protectorate since the spring of 1863.

2. In order to end this Protectorate, we have to organize our unincorporated States of the Union and "reconstruct" our own federal-level States of States organizations.  We haven't done that, so the Protectorate drags on.

3. We haven't been told anything about this necessary action or taught anything about it in school, because the British and the Pope have been benefiting from it--- at our expense.

4. Thus, technically, we are in this bind as a result of our own inaction, but we can hardly be expected to ever take action because we aren't made aware of the fact that we need to do anything of the sort.

5. Now that we finally "woke up" and realize what must be done, we find that we have been misrepresented by those benefiting from this continuing travesty in Breach of Trust, and have been deliberately misidentified as criminals and slaves belonging to the Municipal United States Government.

6. These so-called "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" are a political sub-class created by Congress in the wake of the Civil War as a means to re-enslave plantation slaves and convert their ownership from private ownership to public ownership. 

Read that--- these people were owned by private slave owners prior to the war, and then were claimed by and owned by public sector slave owners --- the Municipal Washington, DC Government operated by members of Congress [See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 -- these vermin have been running their own plenary oligarchy in competition with our actual government.] as public property after the war. 

Let that sink in.  And now let it sink in that they have deliberately and with malice aforethought falsified records to claim that you are such a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States". 

In 1866, "Civil Rights" were created by the Civil Rights Act of 1866.  This was done to define for the rest of the world how Congress intended to treat their new slaves, and what privileges they would guarantee to these unfortunates.

Also in 1866, the Municipal Congress adopted the Metric System, a foreign system of weights and measures, by which they could define their new slaves in a system separate from the rest of the population.  Babies born into this new form of slavery would be weighed using kilograms and grams instead of pounds and ounces. This would also then serve to "convey" them automatically into Admiralty Jurisdiction.

To expedite the "conveyance" of people from one status to another, they adopted a system of "conversion" allowing them to legally convert pounds into metric weights and measures. and thus from a condition of natural freedom and national land law, into a condition of slavery under Admiralty Law, at the same time. [See the Metric Act of 1866. Thanks for this information goes to Kurt Kallenbach.]

Former plantation slaves were the original targets of this malice which benefited both the British Monarch and the Pope: since these people exist under Admiralty Jurisdiction the British Monarch can control and tax them, and as they are owned by the Municipal United States, so can the Pope.

Over time, this scam and outrage against common decency and our Constitution proved so profitable that they created the "Federal Reserve" --- an institution formed and financed solely on "human capital" and on our "good faith and credit": our "presumed" slavery, in other words. 

They simply abused their positions of trust to falsify records and claim that we are all their slaves, all "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States", as recently verified by the US State Department.

7.  In concert with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the guilty corporations responsible for all this began the conversion of our Lawful Money into Legal Tender --- fiat "Federal Reserve Notes". Such Promissory Notes are I.O.U.'s promising future repayment, no different than any other I.O.U.

Many people are still confused about this.  They think that when they went to a bank and got a "home loan" or a "car loan" that they were given something of actual value by the bank, but instead they were given I.O.U.'s.  In fact, they were duped into loaning their homes and their cars as assets that the banks seized upon and used as the basis to extend credit to other "borrowers" ---and profit themselves, of course. 

A "home loan" in this system is a loan of your home to them, and all they give you for it in return is a share of their already pre-existing debt and their mortgage. 

As a "State of State" organization, these same criminals are holding title to your home and land under a purported protective custodial "relationship" owed to your public trust: JOHN MAYNARD DOE, for example, and they have "hypothecated" debt against your home and land already, resulting in a mortgage owed by the State of State, like the State of California. 

This is the mortgage you get stuck paying off for them.  It has nothing to do with your "voluntary" loan of your home to them, when you mistakenly agreed to a "home loan"---- and everything to do with yet another level of fraud being practiced against you by the banks, your employees, and your international trustees--- the Pope and the Queen.

8. Since the adoption of the "Federal Reserve System" by the Municipal United States Government, you have been forced under the false pretense that you are a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States" to exchange your labor and goods for nothing but their empty paper promises to pay.

Your goods and labor are exchanged for I.O.U.s --- evidences of debt owed by a foreign corporation.  If you accept an I.O.U. as payment for a glass of lemonade, are you the Debtor or the Creditor? 

The Creditor.

If you accept Federal Reserve Notes as payment for your house, are you the Debtor or the Creditor? 

The Creditor.

In all of these transactions you are providing actual and factual goods and labor and they are providing promises to pay at some unknown future date.

And they never pay, so you never get paid, and that is what creates their National Debt and your National Credit.

Because these vermin operate as corporations, they simply run up your credit to the stratosphere, then declare bankruptcy, and leave you on the hook as the "presumed" co-signer to pay their debts.

That's what happened in 2009 when the vermin bankrupted their trademarked "Federal Reserve System" and shifted their debts onto the backs of the weary public slaves --- all the presumed-to-exist "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States".

So, having read this, read it again.  And again.  Read it however many times it takes to sink in, and then, ask yourself ---- am I a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States"?   Have I received anything of actual value in return for my goods and services, or have I been the source of whatever value there is in these transactions? 

Am I a Creditor in this situation, or a Debtor? 

And while you are at it, notice that the "Fourteenth Amendment" is itself a sham and a fraud, a measure adopted by a Scottish corporation as a By-Law to Articles of Incorporation disguised as the Territorial United States Constitution and merely doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".  That corporation, formed in Scotland in 1868,  went bankrupt in 1907.  It's long defunct, and so is its "Fourteenth Amendment".

9. So here's the "news" for the Pope and the Queen: you are responsible for these corporations and their operations on our shores. They have operated as crime syndicates and you are responsible for their misdirection.  The Pope is responsible under Ecclesiastical Law to shut them down.  You are both responsible for these despicable and criminal claims, acts, and frauds perpetrated in Breach of Trust against every American. 

The debts of these corporations over and above market rates of services we agreed to receive as part of the Constitutions, are all yours, and the interest and leases and other fees and escrows owed, together with the actual principal assets--- are all ours.  We claimed our "reversionary trust interest" all the way back to our days in Heaven, and we are the Priority Creditors without any doubt. 

And we set ourselves free of any presumption, claim, or pretense otherwise.


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  1. Why can't I seem to find a U.S.C § 50 chapter 7 (c) (e) that relates to anything other than "homing pigeons?????????????

    1. Most likely removed since gubermint hadn't used them in many many many many years.

    2. [I'm putting this here since it was wiped out on the appropriate article's comment section As I Was Entering It!]:

      McAfee is apparently now in the news for more than being accused of not paying taxes but they didn't go into it in detail.

      It was, however, included in a video concerning "BEFORE pedogate": how this man, i think his name is Aaron, collected TERRA bites (not one or two, but maybe twenty or so) of info on the.oedofiles to turn into the govt not knowing that the thing in wdc isnt our govt, and of course not realizing how much of it takes place *in* wdc/with wdc people;

      but was framed up as a criminal and then murdered before the trial.
      So that would be, then:

      (Franklin coverup)
      1. Aaron
      2. Andrew Breitbart
      3. Seth Rich(?).

      McAfee might be tied in with knowing about some of the incriminating information.. That's where the suspicion seemed to be heading. Dk for sure yet though.


  3. Friday, May 24, 2019
    Title 50, Sole Relief and Remedy...
    Researched by Anna Von Reitz.
    I found the link above in this post

  4. That is if you want to accept their "remedy".

    We don't have to.

    They are saying what is sole relief in *their* "jurisdiction".
    May be true.
    But in common law we are the ones who says what the so-called "remedy" is

    Its called making our claim!!!

    Wake up people!!

    Cause here we go again!!
    The criminal perps telling us what we can or can't have!


    They injured us, we make our claim to be made whole, plus more.
    Let the people decide, using a common law jury.
    Yes, we can do it now.
    Its not that hard.
    The courthouses belong to us.

    1. Make your claim public.
    2. Present your proofs of claim..
    3. If they don't counterclaim, you won.
    If they do, it goes to a jury of your neighbors to decide!


    They don't get to rape, murder, steal from, imprison, and abuse us and our families and steal our sons and daughters and then tell us what our remedy is!
    Can anyone say "Slave"? How 'bout "y'sr"? They'd probably get a @#$%&+&%%!
    No. None of us are doing that ever again. Except for maybe *them* :).

    Do you see the arrogance?
    That very same arrogance is what caused them to commit crimes upon us, completely without conscience even now, in the first place.

    We have four jurisdictions for our use:
    1. Common law non militia
    2. Criminal common law non militia
    3. Militia
    4. Criminal militia.

    Let's put our integrity and energy into learning how to properly, rightfully and lawfully use them and perhaps stop worrying about what *they* say we can have. Jmo.

    1. What is the source for these four jurisdictions?

    2. goodboots, I appreciate your reply here. I have done my best to do the things that Anna has said to do over a year and a half ago. The end result was the theft of my home and land this May 2019. My family and I were forced out by the sheriff here in New Jersey with a piece of paper called a writ of possession. This writ was fake, it had no seal, no signature but it came with the sheriff and his army and threat to remove us.........

      I read Anna's post here and most others but never can I find anything that really works. I want to learn how to be whole again. They did injured us and trespass on us, we want to make our claim to be made whole, plus more like you said.
      Would you be able to talk with me to give me a better understanding on what I can do to get my home back if possible, please.

    3. Who's asking?
      You new? Why use unknown? It makes people think you're trying to hide who you are and/or what you are doing asking questions of the commentors here.

      If you are connected with the criminal corporation, you don't get to ask me questions. I send the corps(es) evil and dead things back upon it everyday.

      Nevertheless, for everyone else: the Declaration of Independence is the source.
      In paragraph one it establishes that us, the people, recognize and live by the ancient, common law authorities that are: the laws of nature and of natures creator:
      That is,
      "Don't hurt anyone or what belongs to them; other than that, you are free to do whatever you want."

      The militia common law part starts in paragraph two where we, the living dirt and water people, can establish any kind of system of governance over ourselves that WE believe is most likely to secure our SAFETY and happiness; and then it goes on to establish exactly what the safety part means.

      it establishes that we recognize that our rights, statuses and property rights and *more* PRE-cede/ come before anything they say or do ... That there is a higher authority than what they dream up and that we recognize and receive that higher authority and reject their nonsense.

      paragraph one and two also establishes the common law trust our grandfather's set up for us... And for ALL mankind!!!
      Anything established in common law supercedes all other authorities.
      It was "acknowledged and accepted" *by* the world.
      Nothing can lawfully change that for any of us who claim it.

      The contents of the trust that they established are our:
      Pursuit of happiness
      Among others that includes all of our property, including our physical bodies (which they claim is their collateral) all of our rights and all of our statuses, among others.

      The participating attorneys, "judges", and all liars are breaking established, "recognized and received" common law authority that our grandfathers and others established before/ in front of man/mankind using their inferior, dead, fictional authority to do so, and worse yet, they do it all upon use of or threat of use of military/ military type force upon us.
      And then go on to lie and say we agreed. And then go even further: if we object they DO use military type force upon us and more.

      But we now get it.

      We are saying NO! And said NO! As soon as we understood what they are doing.

      They cannot continue.

      Everything they are doing has a spiritual basis.
      So does our DeclofIndep! The laws of nature and of natures creator.

      They have severely broken spiritual law because even in good v evil dark v light Life v death there are overarching principles of engagement that they don't have any control over.
      They have to follow the rules of the game too.

      They haven't done that.

      Now their consequences for breaking spiritual laws and principles are moving ever faster toward them and they can't do anything to stop it.

      Maybe that's why there are underground cities and why they are trying to get "off planet" and why they want to be recognized and received as nephilim or hybrids or demons or special bloodlines.... So these men and women who have committed these atrocities and abominations don't receive the spiritual consequences assigned upon mankind that they knew from the beginning would come upon men and women who choose to break spiritual law.

      Myself, I think that's why they created CERN. Not just to blow the surface of the earth up but perhaps also to blow themselves OUT of "kingdom come" using that portal they are trying to open.

      I believe they know what's coming, thats headed fast their way like a roaring freight train and they are trying to get away.

      That's probably the only smart thing they've ever done.
      by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

    4. Mikers, yes, these bitches already made a false sale of my little farm and now they are trying to pull the same thing with my home.

      My farm and your house did not get sold any more than if someone stole your car and "sold" it. Both are trafficking in stolen property.

      The papers weren't signed because they are stealing your land and home. Even In their own jurisdiction, they are committing criminal fraud.
      They are also committing securities fraud.
      All of them including the dummke water-boy sheriff who knows those papers have to be signed.

      They are too stupid to recognize that each of our property, rights and statuses are held forever in the common law trust known as the DeclarofIndep! Anything in common law supercedes any other man made authority. And our rights PRE cede their authority. Thats why they want to keep us ignorant of it and say they "took" common law when we agreed to be slaves in exchange for their privileges and immunities.

      But these mouth-breathing, buck-tooth, addle-brain "crackas" just stupidly waddle along following who ever will feed and water them, believing another man can give them permission to commit crimes upon innocent people without severe, severe consequences.

      I have lawfully recorded my lawful initial claim, lawfully, already and am in the process of lawfully recording more!
      I have lawfully claimed all of these ignorant criminals' "assets, holdings, etc" including anything they have transferred into their husband/wife's/children's/ others names, through the DOJ!

      I will get them too, because of the criminal charges pending on the Congressional Record against them, djts EO 13818, and among other proofs of their criminality--- and that is just the proofs (called evidence) in their OWN jurisdictions!.
      Plus the dumbbells are using military force to enforce non existent commercial contracts. And on our land and soil to boot. Which of course the Quane/pope claim is theirs but were they born here? No, they were not, it doesn't belong to them.
      They are just completely squirrlie from their evil.

      Yes, I would love to talk with you and others.
      I'm leaving my phone number that I'm using for my ministry (of sorts), but I don't answer it unless I already know the number.

      So if you don't want to leave your number, leave me the first digit of your area code and of your exchange, and the last three digits of your phone number so I can identify your first call. You might also tell me on here if you're going to be calling.

      My non-"church" ministry number is:
      I do NOT get all of my calls.... For years... so please alert me if you can't get through. I don't have voice mail because someone else was picking them up remotely. I don't have email because my email account got stolen around 2012, i don't have a computer because i have three or four "fried ones", and my mail gets tampered with.

      Do you think someone is trying to keep me quiet???!!
      Maybe what I have to say is the truth that is damaging to liars?

    5. CERN is the world wide web - 666
      IBM (Internation Business Machines) Quantum Computing, 'Q'

      BEAST computer in Belgium
      It is not some hadron collider looking for holes in the universe it is the world wide web
      Hidden in plain sight
      Anyone ever wonder who supports this world wide web computer system? Ever wonder where it is located? How is all of it hooked up? Where does the information come from that is being fed to these machines to then be fed to us?
      Takes a huge machine to do this computing and I mean huge
      Data centers everywhere collecting data, takes huge amount of power to run this system not to mention to network it all together
      Microsoft and the chosen ones have been working this beast along with Intel
      Go watch this guys videos he's been telling everyone that they moving our high technology sector out of the US and guess who is getting that technology and writing all the code and putting spy wear in everyones operating sytems and in their intel chips
      Underground cabeling (tunnels underground, under the ocean)
      The information in the links came from this book
      I may not agree with everything that is in this video but some good information in it none the less

      Check this out
      Just a couple of things from the video I posted above

      Also note some things in the below link
      Just passing along information for those interested
      And then when you couple that with the 13 who are hiding

    6. Another link from the page about the banks from above

    7. goodboots, i do hope we can talk,
      my number 6_ _-2 _ _-_143. Will call asap.

    8. Mikers I just taped that 6,2,143 to my phone. I WILL be answering, so if you find it hard to get through, please try again....

      I guess I've been identified as one of those people who is considered "dangerous" by the satanists and libtards.... Been "doxxed", from what I can gather, so my electronics are hacked it seems.

      What COMPLIMENT for me to have been identified as absolutely and unquestionably NOT one of them.

      I wear their rejection and apparent hatred of me PROUDLY with a great big smile,

      It's a badge of HONOR to have them reject me, especially publicly.

      Being rejected by them is automatic vetting as a good man or woman. :):):):):)

  5. If no one has ever watched his videos he does a very good job of putting some things out
    The above video will blow your mind about the measurements and how things are lined up on the map
    Also has a channel called Many Fish

    1. lol that's nothing mate try these

  6. This one here is good one too, sky scraper builder for the last 17 years describes 9 1 1

  7. Deals deals and more deals to put us in their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities and put controls on water, power and everything else
    Rick Perry working with the crooks

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. DOJ, inc. just reinstated the death penalty in its jurisdiction????!!!!

    Oh, can it be TRUE???!!!!:):):)

    1. I'm being snotty.

      Until they remove H.R. 3166 subsection 2b from legislation which allows them to lie to us, and reinstate the smith-mundt act forbidding them from propagandizing us, and their other frauds, we have no reason to believe what they say.

    2. ICD-10 codes they worked to get implemented in the last few years includes the code for beheading
      And I am sure they will bill your insurance company for that service
      Shipped these in special from China
      And Dick Cheney and Halliburton received the contract to set up the camps
      They even have a list of things that they have determined are not permitted in their world

    3. Make sure you read all of this article

    goodboots please watch this video
    They can steal the land because if you are not holding the right certificate they have trafficked everyone as the debtor

    1. Once you change your status most of this stuff happens automatically. I have been reading countless sources over the years and they will go on and on about this and that procedure and how to correct this and that etc but once your status is changed it does 95% of the stuff automatically with that one stroke because you simply leave the civil jurisdiction to go back into common law jurisdiction.

    2. Bodhi, so did you do Annas paperwork or did you just do the state citizen passport?

  11. Thank you so much shelby. I will keep all posted on my progress.

    1. No problem goodboots
      You keep your eyes open and like I said you get back up on that land with you
      Their intent is to take all private land
      In their new order no one will own private land except the crooks
      As you can see by how they have the system rigged they can do just that
      That MERS database too, they can change things within that to redefine the land
      As mentioned on here beofre they are now closing land recording offices? Now why is that?
      After Paradise fires they declared all kinds of shit so those people will never return to their land
      They had already made plans to redevelop that land - they burned those people and those houses down on purpose
      Disaster capitalism is what it is and the crooks in the know and the green new deals abound
      That's why we were in the middle east so they could take the land and the resources and migrate the people off the land
      UN agenda and depopulation as well
      Pay close attention to this map
      All of these areas of command are operational
      Lying to everyone for decades while the banking thieves lay claim the world
      Flat out murder by design

    2. And here is one of the green new companies now building to suit your little cell by the zip code you live in

  12. Now get this, they just approved this
    $1.48 trillion dollar Pentagon Budget for next two year
    This is absolutely rediculous - this budget is going for the the security of the thugs and the land and everything else they are stealing from everyone else and men and women around the world in the military are working for this world wide criminal bunch

    1. Shelby, your info is so well-researched and extensive, have you thought of indexing it by subject and publishing it or finding someone who would be interested in adding an "aggregated news" feature to their own website? Maybe even Paul?(idk)???

      There is a woman, natasha, who is an excellent aggregator, too. State of today dot com Natasha is how I find her.
      She charges to get into her full news aggregation blog: like $10-30 a month? She is an excellent researcher, IMO, so she apparently has lots of customers. She posts her blog news on her bitchute channel sometimes and I've seen the high quality.
      Your research is every bit as good as hers.
      She indexes it by subject so people don't have to go looking thru hours of crap on the internet.
      She is honest and has been through being lied about and harassed by the govt to the extreme, she says, and i presently believe her! But she is just powering on through it like you and me and others! She may not be to everybody's Liking but she is the real deal and
      People trust her apparently.

      Even if you just had your research entered, indexed, on some other peoples blogs (at first) or forever, sooo many people who don't.know where to start looking for info or who to trust could be sent in the right direction by your research.
      You could even code your aggregated articles as like,:
      Verified: source :
      Speculative: source :
      And "Interesting/Keep Watching"
      or something like that.

      Another woman who I think is honest and reliable and whose channel is growing by leaps and bounds is deplorable mcallister, on mcallistertv on bitchute. She was a professional news producer and she really delves into the rabbit holes and kicks the tires down there so she might be interested in adding an aggregation service to her wonderful blog since one person can only do so much no matter how talented they are.

      I could see you helping millions of people find the information they need.

    2. But I also need to say that even though I presently think these two women are honest and trying to find the truth, I don't always agree with their conclusions or logic.

      For ex: Natasha is glowing because the supreme court said "trump" can have 2/2.5 billion $ for "the wall"; its coming out that that supposedly only takes care of 100 miles...
      Isn't that 20 million $ a mile?????....

      I thought he said he only needed 5 billion $ for all 2000 miles.

      So they were waiting to approve it IMO until they had whipped the American people up into such a frenzy with their constructed, operation gladio-style invasion terrir event that now the people are just happy to get "the wall" and don't even seem to notice they are now "charging" 10x more than needs to be paid.

      That's, to me, what we're now seeing the "delay" and "invasion" was about to begin with:

      1. Construct the "crisis", the "invasion" (problem)
      2. Get the people screaming for a wall, for "our" "safety" (reaction)
      3. Roll out the predetermined "solution" waiting in the wings and become "the hero" (solution: always involves them taking more of our resources and freedom and giving them more control and is always for "our safety"!)
      =Hegelian Dialectic, applied.

      Too bad for them too many of us know what they are doing.

    3. These types of constructed crises where "we" scream for "them" to "save" us, elevates them in their world.

      The bigger the "heist", the greater the accolades they receive in their heirarchy and the higher up the pyramid they go.

      The more heinous and unnatural/nature-damaging, their "work": the higher up they move.

      The more deceptive, the greater the recognition they receive for their "magick" and "wizardry", when all it is is a losers club for those who don't have what it takes to deal with life on an mature basis. They are perpetual three year olds who deal with what they don't like by lying or having a tantrum.

      Its all really kind of based on a value system if sorts, ... Very much like what they have trafficked us into.... And what the Chinese social credit scoring system is based on.
      It's all the same idea:
      The more you please them, the more recognition and rewards....the less you please them, the more they take away... When you' their system.

      But you have to ENTER it willingly for it to hold you.

      That's why they do all this "manufacturing consent" Bull-loney. And if you object, they abuse and torture you until you DO give consent.... Which doesn't even count since you didn't give it willingly.

      They are all: life's losers.

      They know that. That's why they have to steal from YOU!

      Losers. Everyone of them.

    4. And finally:

      The adrenochrome that they swill down and the raw flesh too similar to their own genetic make-up that they consume gives them something called kuru.
      It's mad cow disease for people.
      Their legs go out from under them, and they can't control their movements like those cows in england who were being fed sheep remains back in the 1990s or so.

      The same damage done to their nervous system that causes them to fall and jerk around spastically also happens in their brain... It being a neurological organ.

      Then add to that all the incestu-ating that causes physical abnormalities and abnormal configurations in the brain....
      And this is who is trying to tell the rest of us how to live and what we can and can't do and is creating "money"/debt by making false accusations about innocent people: recording or publishing the false allegations and thereby creating new "securities" in their system!!!!!!....
      They know what they are doing.
      Its a theft ring.
      Organized crime.
      EO 13818, motoproprio july2013, McFadden, Trafficant.

    5. goodboots thank you for the nod
      You make some great points - I have been working with some ideas of my own like a weekly newspaper a real one
      Unfortunately I am unemployed and I would presume based on my activities on line I will remain that way
      You know because unless you conform to their system you won;t work in it either - control of your income - of course the last of the baby boomers are really gonna get crewed because now they will cut SS benefits for us when we go to get them - they base your SS on last 10 years of employment, you make shitty wage you get little SS
      Anyway I would work with anyone who will work with me but I cannot pay anyone anything I own no credit cards, no bitcoin, no bank accounts, no car nothing
      I can only publish what I find in hopes that people pass it around is all I can do at this time
      My living arrangements does not permit me to be vocal about any of this so I type
      Data Analyst was my trade so I'm diggin and I pass it on
      I may not get physical $ out of it but it is what I am guided to do
      Thanks again - feel free to pass things on
      Maybe I will start a document that maybe Paul can link to this site somehow?
      I guess that would be up to paul and anna
      I have yet to do any paperwok so they may not permit my input
      You have no $ so you cannot file anything, you have no job so you cannot make $? See how that works
      So I am stuck in here but helping those who have done theirs and hopefully I will reap the reward some day even though I am not papered up
      Lots of love to all

    6. I think everyone should read this blog
      The pedophile stuff, pushing the sex narrative 24/7 is one of their objectives - they will now use their 'authority' to kill people of which none of the real perps of the scheme will be executed only the debtor that they can cash in on thier bonds when they have executed them
      ICD-10 remember death by injection, death by beheading - they are making it legal under mans law to kill
      Can you say depopulation hidden in plain sight not to mention with beheading you can traffic the organs
      Fisrt they came for the mexicans and I said nothing, then they came for the africans and I said nothing, then they went for the middle eaterners and I said nothing, then they came for us????
      They are steering these stories to create the outcome
      When you own all the media you can do that
      No pedophila is not right never has been - but thats not stopping them from teaching it to your third grader in schools and then with this Epstein shit say it is OK to kill these people when they created the monsters in the first place
      California schools teaching kids gender confusion, masterbation and all sorts of shit creating a new medical market to have your parts rearranged depending on how you've been mind fucked
      This shit is no accident
      They created DHS, FEMA and ICE more for profit corporations under the Vaticans rule to be the UN army
      They have foreign troops on the gorund stationed all around the united states ready to strike when the crooks give the command and we better be ready
      This military all around the world works for the vatican (rome)

  13. And go look under this one on this page
    United States Forces Korea Robert B Abrams
    In his write up it actually states that he is UN command
    These guys are working for the UN

    1. "In his write up it actually states that he is UN command
      These guys are working for the UN"

      I am reading snippets here and there that say that the entire USINC is all UN. Like from all the locals to wdc.

      They really don't have any choice but to fess up if this is what they have done.

      And who cares anyway except us citizens?
      But they are still trying to cram that crap off onto us. Without disclosure of course.

  14. Those pople at SEDM are wackadoos. They have a great "library" with lots of material but their "process" is so bloated it is basically worthless unless you want to read miles of their publications for years of your life (75% of it redundant). The admins are jerks and simple minded cultists and if you dare question their cult beliefs they go full retard. Just a heads up don't waste time with their garbage