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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Paul's Fantastic Search Engine, from one of our readers

This message came by email and I forwarded it to Anna who put her Amen of approval for what was written. Rose Marie is referring to the search box at the top of between the pictures.

---- Original Message -----
To: Rose Marie
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2019 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: Paul's Fantastic Search Engine


On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 12:25 PM ROSE MARIE SPANAGEL  wrote:

This is a sensitive topic as some could be learning how to use devices to connect to the internet at the same time they’re learning what went wrong and how to help get our country back on track.

Through the many years I have observed readers don’t use - or know how to use Paul’s Search Engine.  If they did, they would not post nonsense opinions that fail to contribute to material presented - or would be diverting on many non-relevant topics.   One example is comments posted here:

Using only the words “Title 50” in the box on Paul’s Search Engine --- that is located on the same page they were reading would have provided more than sufficient information to resolve confusion and provide answers to their questions.    The fewer words in a query will produce more results, as in this example,  11 writings were presented. 
Adding the words “Sole Relief and Remedy” to Title 50 – [Only 4 writings were presented link below]

Perhaps it would be beneficial if a permanent reference is included near the area one goes to post comments - in red or other color -  using a similar example above with words: "How to use Search Engine on this page"

Paul’s Search Engine is outstanding and he should be lauded for providing it.  It would be grand if more people knew how to use it instead of using “outside search engines” which have been providing dwindling results from censorship.


  1. Thank you Paul for your diligence.

    Seems like the confusion centered specifically around not being able to find any "Section 7" of Title 50 at all in the ACTUAL USC on line.
    I tried to find it too.
    There is a CH 7 that, as someone else already said, deals with homing pigeons. But putting in USC title 50 section 7 or same with (c) (e) added, brought up nothing for me.

  2. I also wondered why Anna's cancellation of all prior powers of attorney is effective on the nativity day.

    That cancels powers of attorney PRIOR to the nativity day, when there probably werent any yet and It leaves all powers of attorney AFTER the nativity day intact.

    When people record that that way thinking they have *cancelled* the powers of attorney, they are not only leaving everything the way the criminals had it but have now, unknowingly actually recorded that they are formally giving the authorization that the criminals didn't have prior to that document being recorded. So in other words the document actually hands authority over to the criminals who didnt have it before recording the document.

    If someone like Mikers gave those documents to the "judge" that way, he would have (intending to do the exact opposite) handed the "judge" recorded permission to take what was his, that the "judge" didn't have prior to the record being recorded.

    But its all securities fraud that is already on the Congressional Record, with criminal charges entered and pending:

    that is part of our proofs of claim in our claims for fraud and theft/other in common law, or in common law court if necessary.

    If Anna had left out the word PRIOR it might be an okay document; or if she had left in the word prior but not used the nativity day as an effective "date" but instead used "today's" date so the cancellation worked backwards cancelling all powers of attorney backwards, it might be okay... but as written, it accomplishes the exact opposite of what people think they are doing.

    That form has been up for years.
    How many people do you suppose have recorded it that way?

    Did Anna know this?
    What about the people who recorded it wrong?

    1. Treachery Trickery lies. Good Boots you are very observant and might I suggest your IQ is well above average but most are not. You see if the majority can be controlled , so it will be. When the destroyers stop destroying they will be destroyed when they stop betraying they will be betrayed. I loathe the unredeemable. The Treaty is broken. I'm sure if you dig deeper you will discover the deceptive pattern in its entirety, it's a decent read.. God the Lord is our Judge Our Lawmaker - For it is only he that will save us from the deceivers, only if we are willing.. Field Commander Mark

    2. goodboots: I'm not good at reading documents and comprehending what they really say because I was WAAAAY programmed as a child in Catholic schools. (Old dog, new tricks.) Please help me out by clarifying which document mis-states the cancellation of the effective date of cancelling POA.

      I suspect that it's the second paragraph of the Certificate of Assumed Name which reads in part: "[T]he actual Grantee, the living woman ... invokes the provisions of Article IV of the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 as one “having been found to be alive” and to be owed all benefit, control, and interest in the GRANTOR TRUST ESTATE set free and clear of all liens, debts, titles held under color of law, tithes, fees, and all other encumbrances established by the United States of America, Inc.,... and all and any franchises thereof ab initio from the date of first registration of the estate trust and all and any derivatives thereof,...."

      But the last sentence reads: "These provisions and copyrights are in effect from [DOB] onward and the Name/NAMES are re-venued and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the United States and upon land and soil of [birth state]."

      Doesn't that last sentence pretty much take care of things?

      Thanks for any clarification.

    3. I'm a bit upset that if everyone is recording all of these documents incorrectly as instructed by Anna then what does that say about this entire movement?
      All of these people that have trusted Anna and sent in their donations, etc etc etc have now handed over their estates to US Inc?
      goodboots is this what you are saying?
      According to Romley Syewart we aren't even getting the correct birth certificate
      The debtor is the birth certificate, dead fiction
      The certificate that is created when it is registered is the creditor - typically this certificate is issued within several weeks or so after the birth

      Once you listen to his presentation I believe what Anna's process is doing is putting the debtor certificate back on the system and not the man
      We still do not have copy of the creditors certificate though
      I mean no disrespect to Anna or anyone else but we must come together on this process
      Technically it is all fraud in my book and has no standing period
      They are falsified documents, identity theft and fraud

    4. Reply to Goodboots from Anna:

      No when you use a prior effective date the cancellation begins with that date and everything forward. It is inclusive not exclusive. So when you make the effective date of a cancellation your actual day of nativity it cancels everything from that day forward, just like the cancellation of an insurance policy.

      You are saying that no Powers of Attorney are left standing between your nativity and the day you issued the cancellation. Unless you re-issue a Power of Attorney or re-contract to appoint an Attorney as your agent, that is the end of it.

    5. Shelby...I am disappointed in your rush to believe such an error from someone over Anna & before she was able to explain.
      50 lashes with a wet noodle, for you!
      Effective 12:01 am on the day of your birth is actually the way insurance would terminate or incept.

    6. " So when you make the effective date of a cancellation your actual day of nativity it cancels everything from that day forward, just like the cancellation of an insurance policy."

      True however your use of the word "Prior" sends everything you just described *backwards* instead of forwards. I worked in insurance in medical professional re-insurance underwriting creating customized policies and forms for the re-insurance underwriters using their quote detail so I know exactly what you are referring to regarding the use of effective/in-force dates and how that works!!

      To have the effect that you described it would either have to be cancelled 'effective *beginning* on the nativity day' [meaning: "and from there, going forward"]
      Your form would have to leave the word *Prior* out;

      if either of those had been done, then it might be as you just described above. But it doesnt say either of those things. It says that powers of attorney Prior to the effective date are being cancelled. This is very important.

      I'm so glad you mentioned making up "another" Power of Attorney because that is just what that form is, *another* Power of Attorney, and that was my next question to you:

      Your specific, stand-alone Cancellation of all PRIOR Powers of Attorney form, the one referenced above, it actually does follow *after* the first cancellation and reassignment of powers of attorney that you have placed in your Deed of Re-Conveyance form!!!!!....

      .... It's i think in paragraph two of the Deed of Re-Conv. It cancels powers of attorney and reassigns power of attorney to the living man or woman.

      Then just a few free forms later, (four I think), you come along and drop that second cancellation of powers of attorney and reassignment in,... this time cancelling all **PRIOR** powers of attorney!! But effective on the nativity day! And you say that means "going forward", so:
      in accord with your answer here, the standalone (the second) POA cancellation and reassignment just wiped out the one the people just set up in the Deed of Re-conveyance and used to *do* their cert and 3 expats.
      So people are then, what??
      ...Cancelling the Deed of ReConveyance they just recorded? Or is it still standing?
      ...Cancelling the Certificate of Assumed Names?
      ...Cancelling the three expatriations?
      Yes, all that just got cancelled by the second cancellation according to your answer, that: everything from nativity to autographing of thesecond cancellation is cancelled.

      And a final thing for now, and this is a biggie,(according to my info:) a man/woman correcting their records could not even legally and effectively re-convey *any*thing until they had FIRST assumed power of attorney since only an attorney or officers of their private commercial courts can do conveyances in their criminal system!!

      But your DeedofReCon has people FIRST doing the reconveyance and THEN, afterward, assuming power of attorney; going on to record the assumed names cert and expats; then turning around and cancelling the POA they used to do those expats and that cert with since your answer here says they are cancelling everything *prior* to putting their autograph on the second cancellation of POAs:

      And even worse yet, if my info is correct, putting them in a worse position than before because now they have unknowingly also made the claim on the record that they are officers of the corporate criminal commercial court system!!!!
      May God forbid it!!
      ...and that puts them under military rule!!!!! which they, as NOT-officers of the private commercial corporate courts, were not even lawfully subject to prior to putting themselves on the public record as assuming the position of officers of the court: Attorney.
      Attorney is Admiralty. Military, isn't it?
      If yes, then they are now subject to the military courts they think you are helping them renounce. And to court martial, I presume.
      There is more, but I'm running out of room.

    7. Oh Danika! No lashes with ANYthing for Shelby please! She's one of the ones who has that "noodle" between her ears working. :):):)

    8. Actually, the way I wrote it above is not good enough, and not even really exactly right yet, so
      Here is the wording of the paragraph I used on my own actual Canc of All Powers of Attorney that I published in the local newspaper:
      "all effective beginning at my natural nativity, on that day, the xx of xxxxxx, in the year 19xx or at the moment of my natural conception or before without any interruption: "then as now and now for then", and extending to all future days unless this Record is so "addended" or amended by me for my benefit, advantage or desire."

      The I closed out with "so intended...."

      I don't assume any responsibility for anyone's use of my words at all and same are held under American traditional common law copyright and other lawful protections, mostly so that someone does not take them and use them for harming the people.
      But, if after much careful and diligent study, and determining that the paragraph or a modification of it would benefit you and not harm you, people are welcome to use that paragraph in their own papers if they would like.

  3. Where is "Paul's Search Engine"??? Is it simply the "Search this Blog" field at the top right of the webpage?

  4. She is talking about the search box at the top center between the pictures on Anna's website at

  5. Can hardly wait to hear what Anna Von Reitz answers to this most important and demanded clarification. Etymology is a dangerous craft to be playing battleship in- I would say its more dangerous than a million warheads. Johhny

  6. I believe the following to have been given to me from God because I was in a big hurry looking up a word really quickly in my paper dictionary my parents gave me from 1969 for Christmas, and knowing absolutely nothing about the alternative meaning for this word, my eyes skimmed over the word "joker" as I was looking for the word I was looking up, and I felt that: where you just suddenly stop because you know you're supposed to pay attention to something... and I felt I needed to go back and look at the word joker.
    The old dictionary is Websters seventh new collegiate and here is what it said:

    Joker ,\'jo-ker\ n
    1a: a person given to joking
    b: fellow
    2a: a playing card added to a pack as a wild card or as the highest-ranking card

    .....Now get this!!!:.....

    [2]B(1): an ambiguous or apparently immaterial clause inserted in a legislative bill TO MAKE IT INOPERATIVE, or uncertain in some respect

    (2): an unsuspected, misleading, or misunderstood CLAUSE, PHRASE, or *WORD* in a document THAT NULLIFIES or greatly alters it

    C: something held in reserve to gain an end, or escape from a predicament

    D: an unsuspected or not readily apparent fact, factor, or condition that thwarts OR NULLIFIES a seeming advantage.

    I hope anna did not mean to use a joker on all who have trusted her and that it was merely a "boo-boo"...
    I have found what appears to me to be other, similar-type boo-boos.

    I'm waiting to hear back from Anna.

    Its not just legislative bills, but any document, especially legal ones also contain these "jokers". One of the best examples of something chock full of jokers is that piece of crap called the Constitution! You all will pass out when you start recognizing jokers and read that piece of UNRATIFIED trash!

    No doubt things like this are why our grandfathers and others wrote their Declaration of Freedom from this type of bullshit and then these precious, honorable, loving, God-fearing, God-protected, brave, beautiful men put all of their and OUR property, rights and statuses and more into that very same Declaration for us on an *UN*alienable basis.
    It's first and second paragraphs establish an **American** tradition Common Law trust, not an English common law trust, not just for their own families, but for ALL mankind, ALL men, we, one people, the governed. I love them so much for doing that for all of us!

    OUR, the peoples', paper, the paper for the living is the DeclofIndep.
    The UNRATIFIED "Constitution" is for corporations/ English subjects and is PURPORTED (by England's monarchy, empire, and crown:theTempleBAR, and the Vatican, Inc.) to be a contractual agreement of one sort or another with the *true* The United States of America established in the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. That CONfederation, CON meaning "with", in this instance, a federation/group of several/separate/sever/cut/ separated nations called states "with"/retaining: their own *rights*.
    The rest is a rabbit hole exploration for another time.

    Let us all hear from you promptly on this, will you please? so that the people can make any necessary corrections to their records and get them recorded again.
    Generous heart that you are and having given it all free in the first place and having collected donations for your perpetually empty cookie jar, I trust that you will be eager to return peoples' generous donations, and more, to them in full if it does turnout somehow that your freebasicpacket of editable forms that you encouraged people over and over again to hurry up and record do not accomplish what you advertised that they would do. I trust you will see to it that people get fully reimbursed for all other related costs and losses too.
    Hopefully there is a clear and reasonable explanation that is not readily apparent to me though, and none of that will be required.

    1. Like I said before...there is only one way to be really sure....and that's to write your own "Declaration of Independence " updated to today's predicament, which has way to many loopholes that we will never know about....!! I posted it to Paul in pdf formate, but he refused to even let people see it, let alone file it...!!
      The people on this site at least should be able to read it even if they don't file it because it really spells out all the STATE'S "bad faith and unclean hands, unlike the first one did...!! All the first one did is lay out a contract between the people and their govt employees who were hired for the benefit of the people and not to become a behemoth so big and powerful , we wound up with the exact opposite of that original document ....communism, all ten planks...!!
      That new "Declaration of Independence " is not simply points out in detail, all the infractions the "Forum State" has pulled on us, without pulling any punches...!!
      I'm not advocating actually doing it, but why not at least read it , and file it away just in case you do decide to do it...!!
      These guys are constantly changing the rules, just when we think we have it figured out...!!
      How do you win a game that is constantly changing by them...!!

    2. Exactly. And is exactly why we need to completely leave their "legal fiction" world altogether... Give all of them and their "-ships" a gigantic HEAVE-HO. Forever!

  7. Mark, thank you for your very gracious and also thought provoking comment. You sound like you are "on the cutting edge" cognitivally and ready to "face the lying giants".

    I detest the unredeemable too.

  8. Genevieve,
    its the form called the,
    Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney, that I was talking about.

    It sure doesn't sound like you can't understand papers, the way you broke down that portion of the Certificate of Assumed Name that you referenced!
    That was impressive.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to know I don't have to correct ANOTHER bloomin' document.

  9. Shelby,
    "Technically it is all fraud in my book and has no standing period
    They are falsified documents, identity theft and fraud"

    Exactly. 100% agree.

    Yes, presently it appears to me that perhaps there are some very serious law problems with Anna's forms.
    Of course, I trust she will be willing to reimburse everyone for losses caused by erroneous forms, if any.

    I can't get on YouTube but will try to get to the library and use the computer there.
    In the meantime, I agree: I ordered my cert of live birth and got what I now believe is the debtor copy.

    All is not lost though, even if that is all we have possession of because:
    1. It is absolute, unrefutable PROOF of their fraud. I mean, if we have that thing, there is no way they can say they didn't commit fraud.
    The Creditor certificate for this system is SOMEwhere; if *they* have it and are pretending to be the Creditor then, guess what... They just committed securities fraud, and more, in their jurisdiction; and fraud and theft and trespass and violations of our unalienable rights, and more, in our jurisdictions.

    These four things I keep bringing up because they are so important, anchor our claims against them:
    1 Louis t McFadden
    2 James Trafficant
    3 djt EO13818, 12/21/2017
    4 franciscus' moto proprio, July 2013,
    Oh, and so many many more.... Too numerous to mention.

    Their time is up.

    We're here for our stuff, and we want it NOW.

  10. Nubb,
    You are right, none of us should even have to be messing with this crap.
    Like shelby said and sooo many of us recognize, it is all criminal fraud from the start.

    It is all crimes... With corresponding charges pending on the Congressional Record since 1933!

    The filthy b!tches. They don't need to think they are going to slither away, we got this thing!..... The best I can tell them is to womp up the spraying, cause if they don't kill us, were coming to snatch them baldheaded in law for what they've been doing to our American sons and daughters and so many others too.

    They are cowards but we aren't.

    We're not batshit crazy either. We all know how to handle ourselves, keep a cool head, and make sure that every man and woman has a chance to be fairly and impartially heard.

    We dont want mistakes.

    We don't want to snatch somebody up and mistakenly do any innocent man or woman harm... We've all been hurt and abused enough as it is already.

    We have time.
    We have prevailed already.
    Look at the huge number of good brave honorable people who are standing, at-the-ready:
    Cool headed
    Knowing what's got to be done
    Taking responsibility to do it
    Without fear
    Knowing were protected
    In honor of our grand/fathers and mothers/ others and innocent people who've lost their lives and homes and family members, if any,
    And ourselves.

    We have a lot of American common law traditional trials to get ready to conduct.

    James P. said Patrick Henry's phrase, and I say with Queen Esther from the bible that all of us "were born for such a time as this."

    Somehow we have been elected to be here now and be responsible for taking thus effing monster to the ground and were going to do it with honor and without harming any more innocent people among us. No more atrocities upon innocent people. Not on our watch.

    Everyones awake now.

    Get up everyone.

    We need everyone to bring forward what they've been working on.
    When we put it together, it will be "the whole".

    Think. Look. Be responsible to watch.

    Don't be jumpy.
    Don't be goaded or triggered.

    This seems to be more of a psych-out, a psyop than anything else. A mind control, mk ultra spookshow full of bogeymen and dis- and misinformation.... Using that crap to control the people into "submitting" to gain "consent". In Operation Gladio after ww2, they called it using
    the "Strategy of Tension": Keep everybody edgy, never know what's going on.... Easier to control the people and their perceptions that way.
    They're doing that now perhaps, IMO...


    YOU set your agenda that pertains to you. You set it. Not anyone else.

    You decide when you'll move, talk, act or when you'll keep quiet and be still.

  11. Johnny, yes,starting a war using words is dangerous especially when the other side doesn't know you declared war upon them because you did it in secret while pretending to be their friend to their face.

    That has happened to Americans before.

    I'm waiting too.

  12. Infowars headline

    Wall Street Journal report:
    Left Planning Violent Revolution Modeled After the "Reign of Terror".

    See what I mean?
    I mean, if you're going to stage/have a "Revolution".... Ya really gunna announce it aheada time??!?

    I dont think so.

    Remember when they were going to take down America on Nov. 4?..... And nobody showed up... I think they said it was too cold or something....

    Here's them:
    "BOO! we gunna do dis, we gunna do dat".....
    well, where the hell are ya then?!!

    Stop flapping yure gums an git yo arss out here and *bring it*, or shut the *heck* up..." ...Our beer is getting warm and flat.

    I'm typing that with a smile and chuckle because they've had..... Ummmmmm.. HOW long to "start their 'revolution' or other fantasy"?!!
    They play those video games all day and become the "hero" while their moms and dey babymomma go to work to support them, then they abuse them when they come home.....

    I'm not saying there won't be problems sometime, I just don't think it will be with this bunch of pornaddicted druggie mooch losers who think that showing up for school or a job earns them a participation trophy and that that's all there is to life.

    Presently, i say:

    They "aint" comin':
    They know they'd be up against "grampa" when they got here and grampa �� would jerk them inside out (so-to-speak) with one hand tied behind his back and then toss 'em up in the air like a puppy chew-toy, and when they came down (grampa would have enough time to take a big swig of beer or tea) drop kick their ass (so-to-speak) and send them sailing upside down into next week.

    So, I don't think their comin'.

    I think they know they better go back to being video heroes and leave our actual heroes alone. We have a lot of them.

    If they do happen to come, don't bother battening down the hatches,..... It generally only lasts 2-6 hours cause they dont have any stamina and they gotta get back to their cia furnished? drugs and porn. And their mom probably told them theyd miss dinner if they werent home a six.