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Friday, July 26, 2019

The Dogon--a Tale of Gross Ingratitude

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a tribe in Africa called The Dogon.  They are not Dogons themselves, merely named after the actual Dogons, who were half-fish, half-men.  

We think of them as mermaids and mermen and they are often symbolized with the torso of a man or woman and the tail of a fish-- but this is only symbolic. 

In truth, we are told that they were humanoid in form and walked upon the Earth on two feet and swam through the sea much as we do. 

The scales of their skin were larger and much more obvious than ours (yes, our skin surface is composed of minute scales). They were larger and stronger on average than we are.  They had an extra transparent eyelid that protected their large, light sensitive, slightly bulging eyes, and their eyes usually were flecked with gold. Their toes and fingers were noticeably webbed. 

They had land-dwelling cousins called Terrans, who lived in underground cities connected by tunnels and underground water canals. 

Originally, very long ago, they came from the Sirius B star system according to the modern day Dogons. 

The Dogons played a part in our creation.  It is their reptilian DNA that gives us our "reptile brain", our autonomic and lymph systems, and our scaly skin, our tear ducts, our claw-like fingernails. 

In fact, if not for our fish-man contributors, we would not exist in anything like our present form and we could not be incarnate on Earth.

Why? Because when the fertilized egg forms a zygote, the first creature formed is a water-breathing, fish-like embryo, which gives rise to the air breathing baby--and which dies when the baby is born and begins to breathe air.

Thus, the Dogon religion that grew up in the Mediterranean region before and after the Great Flood teaches that the innocent fish-like embryo is the First Born creation of God, our older brother and co-habitant in the womb. 

This First Born dies and sacrifices itself so that we might live, and we reject it and refuse to care for or claim it's dying body--the amniotic membranes, placenta, etc., that are the remains of a reptilian fish-man brother with the same DNA as ours. 

He, according to the Dogon, is our direct link to the Creator, the legitimate First Born of the Act of Creation that created the Zygote. Without him, they say, we would not exist.  And self-evidently, they are right.  

So we are the heirs of a Divine Estate bequeathed to us by a reptilian First Born brother, who gave up his life for us, and who we rejected and refused to acknowledge as any relative of ours. 

That's why "abandoning" the Afterbirth material is such a grave sin in the eyes of the Dogons, the reason that their adherents so scrupulously collect and weigh and catalogue every tiny bit of this material and consider it holy.

This is why they hold the remains in "Reserve" waiting for you to humble yourself and return to claim your own remains and admit your debt to the dead Infant before you can inherit his estate.  

This, from the Dogon point of view, is the reason that an infant decedent estate exists. And this is the reason that you must go to the Federal Reserve and claim the Eucharist held in Reserve for you-- the literal sacrificial blood of the collected remains --and claim back your dead reptilian brother so you can legitimately inherit his estate. 

Strange, yes. Biologically true, yes. 
Adherents of this religion will look you in the eye and cite even more facts to prove that the fish-man is the Elder-Born, including the fact that our blood is naturally the same pH as seawater--- proving again that our biological existence is linked to and comes to us from the sea. 

They will also note that the Order of Creation is given in The Book of Genesis and we can see for ourselves that the creatures of the sea were created before the animals of the land. What holds true for creation as a whole also holds true in the microcosm of our unique life. 

The mitre that the Pope wears, that strange tall hat, is the same exact headdress worn by the priests of Dogon many millennia ago. You can see it carved in bas relief on the ruined walls of Dogon temples throughout the Middle East. 

Why are we never taught about this mysterious religion? 

Because this whole rationale is the excuse used to enslave and defraud and alienate you from your inheritance. 


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  1. I get it but I dont get it.
    So we can access the "strawman account"
    I dont really get how placenta can be another enity/person.

    1. Back in medieval times, when a child was born and the level of knowledge was very low, no one knew what the afterbirth was. They apparently assumed it was a dead child, But as time went on and knowledge grew they left what appeared to be to them a dead child in place because they realized they were making money off of it..

    2. you are birthed from it as it cocoons you until you are born breathing air. It is stillborn, so to speak,after you.

    3. Cherl C, this may give you an additional perspective:
      Conscious Birthing Science -Memory thru the Vortex & Magic of Placenta w/Dan Winter + Kasia Marek
      Peace. ra

    4. Cheryl, they know it isn't another entity. They know its just the sustenance support material for the creation growing inside of it.
      They know that every living thing has the very same type of support structure and system to nurture it for a very short and specific time period while the living creation fully develops:
      Seeds have the kernel that supplies sustenance for the germ of the seed;
      Eggs have the white and the membrane that does the same for the yolk;
      Mammals have the placenta.

      ...Being far more in touch with nature than we are now, the people who decided to call the placenta another son or daughter, somehow did NOT also try to call the placenta from their cow, a second calf --- and then go try to sell the cows placenta at auction at the salebarn as a calf!!!
      These people are just deranged criminals.
      They're not nuts, because if they were insane they wouldn't know to hide what they are doing.
      They hide it because they know we will say NO.
      And so they just "pretend" like we said yes.

      They are slinking lying sloths and hobgoblin haunts that suck life and energy off of the living because they have already lost their light.

      As for those trusts... There is really nothing in them. *You* were the contents they claimed and say they put in there!!! And that you agreed---without your own knowledge or consent and without full disclosure... In prepayment of your debts! to them! that you hadn't even incurred! And probably never would incur! "exchange for any priveges and immunities they decide to give you".

      Can anyone say "organized crime ring"?
      Louis t McFadden did.....

      What they have done with these so-called trusts is just another way to say "stealing your life and livlihood from you before it hardly even began".

      The trusts are empty of all physical contents.
      Except you.
      You are the claimed contents, including your physical body.

      Making even a false claim such as that, in their fraud jurisdiction, they say creates a "security"/their false money that they say unless rebutted stands in commerce as truth!!!!!


      Well, guess what, they put that under silent judicial notice and all took oaths to never tell you/us what they were doing...
      How could we rebut something that they all took oaths to not tell us?
      We can't of course, which is why they did it.
      Then they say we gave them permission to do something they all agreed to never tell us they were doing.

      They. Have. To. Pay. It. All. Back.!!!!!
      We didn't agree!!!!
      How could we when they took pledges to never to tell us?!!
      Do you see why they won't give us access to the trusts? Because there is nothing in there except their false claim that they put you in there and everything you ever produce. And they already put all that up as collateral long long ago for their own odious debts.

      Which is why these b*tt-b****** come and say *you* are under "arrest", when NO, the trust's BOND that corresponds to the original charging instrument is under arrest!!! But the BAR attorney pretending to be a judge in their private corporations in-house tribunal who is the trust's Trustee and the prosecutor who is the trust's executor know they are planning to steal that offsetting bond (securities fraud in their "jurisdiction") from you, the true and natural beneficiary (of all trusts), and put it in the CRIS crown registry investment system for themselves... so they have to put something in the trust to use to setoff the charges since they steal the bonds, so instead of them paying the charges with the corresponding bond, they have you pony up the PREPAID charges in the "form" of fines and fees or else they put you into debtors prisons. When they know full well that YOU are the creditor that they just stole from. Liars, all.

      Everyday it becomes more and more apparent that they all agreed to steal from and abuse us. Horribly. To the point of death, if necessary, with no apparent conscience at all. jmo.

    5. Another thing, that Shelby (and others also) have brought up is that when We get their "birth cert", the Corp State send us the debtor cert and they keep the creditor cert... even though they know that the Clerk of the Court is the
      Trustee of the Alien Property Trust converted to a CQV trust converted to a business trust (or something similar to that) and the BAR attorney pretending to be a judge is the Trustee of the constructive contract/trust, called a "case" and the prosecutor is the executor of the constructive trust/contract called "the case".

      They loopdeeloo the info over and over and over, changing the rules at will as they go, hoping we won't be able to "follow the thread" on the yarn they are spinning,... but we actually understand enough of their fraud that put together claims they can't lawfully deny.

      Their only "out" at this time is to:
      1. pay up
      2. Keep trying to re-construct the fraud again
      Using a different name and face
      3. Try to hide, or get off planet
      4. Give up and just newk everything if they don't get their way.

  2. meh Blavatsky and the Vedas are correct not the dogon. Their mysteries got corrupted over time, they originally came from Egypt, Sirius is important as our twin star, our hidden star that raises our vibration as we approach it. People confuse the metaphors and symbolism in the dogon mysteries to be literal just like the bible thumpers do with the Bible. The hat most likely represents the fish because it was th age of Pisces also the Atlanteans came from the sea to teach the primitive people's the science of the mysteries etc.

    Good article to get people thinking and looking though. TY

    1. The Secret Doctrine came up when I googled this what you are referring to? It looks quite interesting and informative!

    2. Anna..your missing one very important part when it comes to the after birth in nature....all animals in nature do not bury it or store it...they all eat the after birth because it has natural healing properties for both the mother and the siblings...!! Man is the only one that considers it trash...!!

    3. One of the Kardashians took the placenta home and cooked it up and fed it to her family - of course that is tell lie vision so who knows if they actually did so?

    4. I hoped she used plenty of salt and pepper...!! It probably is healthy for the mother to eat it just like animals do in the wild, but as humans we can't stand the thought of something so gross..!! But again, that is probably because of our culture and training....if we were brought up that way, it would be no big deal...!!

    5. Yes Steve, It is an amazing book, she knew her business. There is also a copy of it on YT audiobook you can listen too. I also have a copy you can DL free on my website

  3. Bodhi, I read this article and I believe somewhere within it it has a reference to a gold star being applied
    Just as an FYI, the new ID2020 has a gold star on the top right corner
    All of this is complete bank fraud and criminals across the board

    1. Shelby, STATE OF DELAWARE was the first to implement the FEDERAL ID. We had to bring a "BIRTH CERTIFICATE", a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was not acceptable, and pretty much do a whole new application, check the US CITIZEN box again. If you already had a license, the driving test and written test was not required. We've had this ID for over 10 years. It has a gold star in the upper right corner. STATE OF DELAWARE made a big deal out of it on MEDIA that we were the first ones to get this great identification card.

      I absolutly refuse to use their ID as identification. They accepted my original Birth Certificate from the hospital, for the ID. I have tried to get a BIRTH CERTIFICATE from STATE OF NEW JERSEY but have only been able to get a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.

      If you think outside the box, the FICTION requires a license because it is incompetant. They tie us to all that bullshit when we loan them our signature.

      Best advice I can give is "Do not sign anything electronically". Require paper and ink for any contract.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. annie, great advice, not to sign anything electronically. i have, and have regretted it afterwards. in future i am going to sign with an X, or just my first name. who knows what they put those signatures on down the line.

    3. Steve...i don't know if your aware, but according to the UCC,3-401 (2), a signature is deemed to be..:

      "any name, including any trade or assumed name, upon an instrament, or by ANY WORD OR MARK (like an X), used in lieu of a written signiture...!!

      So if it ever went to court, you would still be liable in a judges eyes...!!

      So the best thing to do is use a written remedy, like "without prejudice", or "without recourse", or at "arms length", or non- assuptset. ..look up the definition of those terms before you use them....!! But those phrases are actual remedies to a arent liable on the contract (technically spesking) , if no one catches your special signing, especially when contracts now are 30 pages of small print....!! There is absouluty no way to know what is all in that contract, even if you do read it unless you know what to look for...!!

    4. Yes Shelby when you dig deep enough everything always lead back to the gold star the German's were right about everything

  4. This reminds me of the movie Twins, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. Devito is made up of the lesser after "parts" and tries to gain equality. Does this seem logical? (if logic is possible ?)

  5. It's all bank and securities fraud

  6. Ues, Shelby, it does indeed have a gold star in the top right hand called the "real ID" just to be accurate...!! Somehow the banks are trying to use these ID's to re-monitize all our names again, one more time...!!
    Total bank fraud, but what else is new...!!
    Does anyone have a viable solution to eliminating the IRS completely, or is it going to take a war to get rid of them...!!
    I just don't see us making any headway without eliminating that terrorist agency representing a WALL against all our freedoms that lye on the other side..!!

    1. Might want to look at the BEAST banking system in Brussels for that answer
      They are using all the data from all sources to link it all together to this system is what they are doing
      It's basically electronic extortion - from your SS # forward, social media, job boards, shopping cards, credit card records, purchases, medical, car, car insurance, emails, social accounts, etc etc etc will be linked to this ID
      Behind the scenes they are working to connect it all up that is what 5G is for. CERN is how they connecting it all together
      Make no mistake these crooks are psychopaths if it has been put out to the public they have full intentions of doing it
      And this Q where we go one we go all babylonian bullshit
      Yep right to a friggin electronic lockdown while they steal everything in sight

    2. James, I tend to think its the central banking system and SWIFT transfer system that is at the crux of the problem, not the irs. Its the CBS that is in the middle of every transaction that a person does, not the irs.
      What say you on that?

    3. Those are involved too..However, neither of those has near the power of the IRS when it comes to confiscation of your cash and property without so much as a court order....and no other agency of banking are allowed to carry lethal weapons and transcend on your property without notice or a warrant ...!! No one is afraid of SWIFT or the FED, because their collection agency does all the terrorising. .!! They gender absolute "FEAR" in the hearts and minds of men....!!
      Congress has desperately tried to pin something on Trump to no who do they turn to...the IT'S who Congress is calling upon to impeach Trump for tax evasion, which they could easily do if they were set loose to do so...!!
      Then you have their even worse franchise ...the Franchise Tax Board (FTB)...the State version of the federal IRS...!! And they are really criminal and persistent. ..!! But we can't get rid of them until we eliminate the IRS, because they both use the same codes and in order to get rid of both, we have to first get rid of their principal....!!

  7. Make no mistake these people are nuts
    The world order diet, crickets
    Even have corporations all set up and marketing the little critters as your new food source

    1. Well we hardly have any bugs around here anymore. I never hurt one when I see it, I walk around them and kind of stay away from where they run. We need bugs.

      One man online said they drove an over 400 mile trip and did not have to wash the bugs off their car and windshield.

      Really I think most of them are gone around here.

  8. To anyone in Canada

  9. Collapse a tunnel shut off the water resources and you take the land through default of not being able to pay loans
    No doubt in my mind they did something to this tunnel


  10. Years ago I read that between the afterbirth and the newborn
    an indestructible energy-field does exist equal what distance
    between the two entities is.
    With that, it means, if there are manipulations at one entity,
    the same manipulations take place at the other entity perhaps,
    at the same moment.

    There must be an essay from Nils Bohr and Albert Einstein
    on the internet were they discussed the problem of synchronism
    of these energy-field`s.
    (If someone is interested in I will try to find it)

    1. DET....this is one..a biohealth energy modulator..

      Then there is a state of the art one that uses pulsed light and frequencies together in a later type Instrament from David Serida.... light stream generator, "rifle machine"...!!

      This one is not cheap , but you can read how it works using "light frequencys, instead of sound and the energy fields it produces to counteract all the negative energies we are constantly being bombarded by...!!
      Very interesting for health purposes...!!

    2. Yes, that would be interesting to know about DET, if its no trouble to you to find it.

    3. Well it says it has to be ordered in Canada...!! A lot of these frequency generators have to be bought in know...they don't want us healthy here...!!
      Last time I tried to order one of these, it came back saying they were no longer in business...!! You can try and call the number and see if it works...!!

  11. Electroshock approved by the FDA for ADHD kids
    VA also using on veterans
    A cause everyone with children needs to be aware of

  12. Your data - wearables

    1. Sounds like the demand:
      "YOUR *PAPERS*!!!!"

  13. We're Fractals of Creator. Our polish is polluted. Rub & shine, Great Fractals!

    1. Indeed :). I wrote an article on this if you would like to read it.

      What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

    2. ahh ha ha - thanks & popped on over to the article & this came into view: “ELites” (EL is the Canaanite name for Saturn) “worship” Saturn...
      Minds-eye reads it as 'El eats'. Same-same, eh. Good you speak of Golden Ratio, Fibonacci. Thanks again, will give it a read.

    3. No worries mate you're very welcome. I hope I have some stuff there that you can make use of :). Blessings


    1. I have been watching all of his videos the last two days great stuff when he is in his element. When he gets into the Third Reich stuff is completely backwards however, the Germans were the ones fighting this system and the gold stars behind it, otherwise top notch knowledge and presentations.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I sent an email to Shirley and will repost here for anyone to chime in on if they want.

    I am incredibly grateful Anna answered my questions the other day and her answers were greatly appreciated especially with the links to the American assembly website.
    I have spent a lot of time studying all of this over the years so I am gonna make a few more comments that may help some others.

    It seems to me the most important aspect of all of this is to change your status from citizen to national. Once you do this you are completely outside of the civil jurisdiction. Knowing this most organizations/websites suggest doing tons of redundant/needless steps. One question I have is if you do this why would you care about signing the strawman over to the government? I kinda alluded to this in my last list of questions. If this person is not you and you are no longer subject to civil jurisdiction why even care for one, for two this is your trust and estate why would you give it to anyone let alone the government? Even if you can’t do the A4V process this is still your birthright estate trust for the wealth that has been plundered from your nation or am I missing something?

    My thinking is do all the steps Anna suggests about filing the copyright claims and what not to get full control of it while retaining ownership of it because it has an immense value when it comes time to pay up by these criminal banks. Even if it is not in your lifetime it should be passed on to someone in a will at your eventual demise. If you don’t claim and keep ownership over it the banks just keep it which is what all their schemes and scams are done for in the first place, to take your birthright that is this trust and all the accumulated wealth value it has.

    I would suggest simply changing your status through the process I have on my website I got from or w/e process of your choosing. UCC and all this other nonsense is a big red herring and big waste of time as are the mountains of other worthless junk places like SEDM are trying to get to consume. Don’t get me wrong I am a very exact person and I love having a place where I can consume every morsel of knowledge on a topic but at the same time there needs to be a process that is actually effective and accessible for people to pursue this without having to read 30 600 page pdf books like SEDM is trying to do.
    The most important aspect to understand is YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR STATUS AND JURISDITION. Just doing this negates countless steps and procedures people are advocating for. The bottom line is you are no longer responsible for this strawman in the civil jurisdiction once you do this so who owns it doesn’t even really matter from a legal standpoint as far as you are concerned because you can’t be held legal accountable for it. I can’t see any reason to sign it over to anyone once you do this and I also don’t see any reason to do any expatriation documents etc. This process itself already declares and documents you are not any of these things they have presumed you are with all their fictions and it doesn’t matter what they presume and have cooked up because you are not in a jurisdiction where they can do anything to you about of it anyway. Any kind of paperwork/process you do aside from this is simply securing the assets of this strawman from being abused/plundered for the eventual payout to whoever has ownership of its estate title.

    Part 1

    1. Bodhi....I have been telling people on this site the same thing now for at least a year...!!
      That passport which only takes a one page form to fill out does the only thing we want and have been looking for to change our status once and for all, and it is mentioned right on the form itself....but no one has ever known what it means because we have all been brainwashed to automatically accept that we are US CITIZEN and proud of it...!!

      Do you guys remember 1FREEMAN...He was able to secure that passport, even though he had an outstanding tax bill of supposedly over $110,000...!!
      But all he had to do is show the passport to the IRS and they stopped bothering him...But out of frustration , the IT'S called the State Dept to try and convince them to revoke his passport so they could tax him...and guess what..the State Dept. actually told the IRS to go to hell...!! The STATE actually will fight for you once you secure this why do tons of paperwork when only one will solve all our status problems...the only trouble we have is that the State Dept. is under heavy scrutiny to turn down these passports more and more...!!

      That's what I was going to use that new "Declaration of Independence " filed at the CRO and send it to the State Dept if I had any problems with trying to secure that passport...!!

    2. Bingo, this is precisely what I was getting at I am glad I was able to say in a coherent manner lol, it is hard to express sometimes with the mountains of nuance that is required at times. Did you read my post below (Part 2)? Do you have any insight into the things I mentioned there?

      Thanks bro

  17. Now, about zeroing out the debt. Again this seems to be redundant. Who cares what this entities debt is if you can’t be held responsible for any of it anyway? It will zero itself out someday when the balance is calculated for the payout (if and when it happens) will it not? I suppose what I am getting at is why care about this at all once you make it known and documented you are no longer responsible for it? Other than securing and trying to gain access to its assets (if you can) who cares what the corporations are doing with it, it doesn’t affect you does it? Also about withdrawing your voting registration, same deal, once you do this process obviously you can’t vote anymore in the corporation so why waste time going through this process, it is another thing takes care of itself ipso facto.

    To sum up my point, a lot of these processes and suggestions people make in their systems are highly redundant an unnecessary since once you change your status most of the things they are suggesting you do will be done automatically by this one process. What you need to know is that once you do this process you are no longer operating in civil status, you are operating in common law status so you need to know how to navigate and operate in this arena.

    The only confusion I have atm I am working on figuring out is once you change this status what happens to everything in the strawman’s name? I know I won’t be responsible for it but who pays its bills? What about mortgages and credit card bills? I know they can’t prosecute you for any of it but all your assets are still in its name, this seems to be a very strange grey area I can’t seem to find any information that directly addresses this. How do you retrieve these titles to your car and home as the living man once you change your status and what do you do about the bills sent you in its name? This is why I know there is some truth to this A4V process because you are the administrator of this account once you separate yourself from it, if you give it to the IRS they will zero out the account or w/e as the new owner/admin, so why can you not get them to do this with you as the owner? They just administer it and are doing these set offs all the time already how does changing your status change this process? I hope I wrote this in a way that made sense. Just to reiterate I will do a quick tldr review:
    Once you change your status they can no longer pursue you to be responsible for the strawman’s liabilities but how do you secure its assets from being pursued and what should you do about bills sent to you in its name like power, water etc.

    Part 2

    1. I think I answered my own question here ^. Again the A4V process has to be legit on some level, if you are no longer responsible for the strawman's liability then all the IRS can do is offset its charges. When you are sent the bill let the company and IRS know. Ask the IRS how they want you to do it. Simply tell them these companies are mailing the bills for this corporation/trust they are supposed ot be administering to you, a trust they are responsible for administering and forward them the bill for w/e they want to do with it, it isn't your concern (though in reality it is because it has to be paid to keep your lights on). If they have no one to push the bills onto to pay with debt notes what choice do they have but to offset them as your trust administrator? If anyone has any problems with this I would simply look for ways to sue them over it and I have read a little on ways to do it. If you change your jurisdicition to the living man these corporations can't even do busniess with you only your strawman, you can still accrue debt in its name however apparently through these companies that have to use it.

      Is this making sense? Anyone have insight on this?

    2. Just for a quick simple metaphor imagine you set up a non profit orginization and get a building etc for it and companies start sending you bills your home instead of the accountant at the company. If you keep paying them they will keep sending them but if you say hold on a minute, these bills go to the company accountant not me send them where they go for payment. Well the IRS are YOUR accountants who are the ones that are handling these bills, they work for you. You are simply notifying these companies they are sending the bills to the wrong place send them to your accountant to pay them, the administrator/accountants of this trust the IRS, that is their freaking job, to administer the trust.

      Feel free to correct me/comment on this

    3. What these 'companies' are doing is double dipping - you pay and they get the $ out of the trust too is what I have read
      All are supposed to be prepaid through the trust, everything, house, car, bills, etc
      When you get the loan they have you pay it back and they also go get the same amount out of your trust?
      I think that is how I read it? Could be wrong?
      The money means nothing to them in the end they want their 5G IoT and all the land and everything on it, under it, above it
      Do I think all of this movement is doing is helpful most certainly but to what degree do you expect the crooks and liars to come clean and pay up
      Hell they have killed billions of people for this already the money means nothing to these psychopaths
      Majority of 'money' is all digital anyway they can shut all that shit off with a flick of a switch - which is more than likely coming - their cashless, universal basic income that won't even pay rent but you must have our ID's or a chip to get the benefits - see how this is working
      Outside of that 'system' how do the freed slaves live, on what land, buy gas with what? Buy foor with what?
      Gotta be a separate system for those that are separated else no alternative to function in commerce?
      They will dictate the rules as to if alternative is made available? Is this what Anna is working for the alternative to global versus state citizen system?

    4. The Haves and the Have Nots
      Didn't put that show out there for nothing
      If there are two systems who supports them? The crooks?
      Build your own network but how can you do that if you infringing on land they claim is all theirs? The infrastructure they are claiming as all theirs too? So can't use that because you not one of the ones following the rules, can't have anyone free
      Global slavery is what their goal is and the more they can eliminate from the picture the better especially the ones who figured it out but my guess is they want to know what triggered your wake up to the fraud and what you really know
      What you did or didn't do that caused the brainwashing to crack - this isn't an awakening like they paint they are releasing this information to see who can figure out who's putting all the pieces together
      Takes strong will and mind to deal with this
      I feel many could be taking their own lives over it
      This stuff is very deep - tell ya what go out and pick up a new word search book you know the ones where you find and circle the words, I bet my life savings (ha ha don't have any) that the book is full of puzzles that coorelate to today events and whats happening, every puzzle
      My sister plays casino games on line - not for money but fun - every slot has symbolism in them every one - the gaming industry is huge part of this and behaviorial modification and mind control - tell lie visions now 70" big and the flip rate on those things from picure to picture is also a mind technique
      Even scratch off lottery tickets like crossword full of words and things that pertain to this very time, I kid you not

    5. Yah same I also heard they are double dipping. So I guess just don't do anything the process will take of itself only you won't be sending in the debt notes to these companies also. The only thing you need to worry about then is if they f*ck with you how to come after them if they turn off your water, lights etc.

    6. Yah those are just the codes to the matrix bro, shakti sends you the visions they are just a nod, clues she ends you to let you know, don't sweat the small stuff you are just in a simulation lol : )

    7. Yes are making sense..!! They indeed do have the responsibility to off-set our bills when asked to do so with an A4V...!! But when it comes to bills, it's better to ask the electric comp for a full year of bills so you can take your time trying to figure it out , instead of worrying if your account will be shut off..!!
      And we don't need to tell them how to do it because they are the experts at accounting..!! So all we have to do is ask them for a "set -off" for full "settlement" and closure of this account...!!
      Since the State has finally come to an end they are trying everything ANF anything that sticks to the wall and makes it work...!@

    8. Check this out...!!

    9. Yah I am working it out I know how it all works and what I need to do just not the exact details of how to get it done procedure wise. I suppose just call them and/or send them letter giving them notice and if they don't do what they need to do is adjust correct everything go down to the courthouse and file and affidavit/lawsuit against them.

  18. Property confiscation
    Came from this blog
    They are the IV r e i c h had a huge website detailing alot of this stuff his website is now gone, account suspended
    He explicitly reported that the Vatican is the IV reich and that the north american union is their next target which they are ALL working on now
    One belt one road in the middle east was to steal the resources, land and everything else in sight, depopulate and migrate the survivors to other nations to continue the process one nation at a time until they get their desired Georgia Guidestones
    This is not a joke people
    Genociding people in all nations who do not comply with their coming ecofascism new age aquarian bullshit - live in stack and pack, no land, buy only from them, steal everything but the friggin kitchen sink
    Nuclear power plants are targets all of them
    Coast lines are all targets they want the land for themselves shows detailed plans of city after city they have plans to destroy
    Setting up public private partneships all over the place to take care of the disaster victims and the rebuild once they have created the havoc
    Resilient cities created by non other than Rockefeller is to help the terorized victims once they have spun the 'event' off whether it be a weather disaster or a school crime spree
    Then you get Sandy Hook Promise and more kids on ADHD medicine
    And lets not forget their so called 'laws' for the sheep and gun control
    Tell lie vision puts it out they have the orgs on the back end to sell the schools their new tattle tale school surveillance program and armed guards at your schools - more police state
    How about your work place
    Can you say more surveillance and information technology solutions for their 5G IoT monitoring 24/7
    Same thing with this NAFTA highway which related to TSA and eventually they put cameras up all along your highways
    They planned this stuff back in the 60's if not before
    Interstate highway the 'I95' I35' see that I in there that all seeing I
    I believe they set up the highway system back them in preparation for this role out as they are doing now
    History repeats itself because the crooks in the know wrote the story lines and dish out the monopoly money and falsify records, etc etc etc
    Their aim is depopulation period and they don't give a shit who they kill either, there is no special people only the psychopath inbreds

  19. This map right here shows you exactly what the so called protectors of the free world are responsible for
    Brainwashed men from all walks of life working to eliminate all for the pleasures of the few - period
    They are the mercenaries hidden in plain sight

  20. And now they have new bill to penalize whistleblowers and people looking for truth
    Hmm who are they really
    I'm telling you Pandora's box has blinded all of us
    These people are not our leaders or illuminated or anything of the such - bunch of con artist that have military men willing to kill anything that walks based on their sick ass virtual reality pandora box babylonian bullshit
    I am telling you and this is my own opinion William Bar is John Goodman and he is now signing bills to have people executed??????

  21. Spraying aluminum on us will give them their next round of sick patients to deal with and you can bet they have the products ready for the demintia and alzheimers patients they have created
    These so called 'executive orders' allowed for their corporations to take toxic waste and dump it on our heads
    And on the gulf oil spill so they could get the people off the land - they could no longer fish in the region so it killed the gulf
    Rockefeller to the rescue - Exxon Mobile will fix it
    Katrina and others
    Depopuating as they go and stealing the land back
    I'm sure this is the history over and over and over again until this time they have all the electronic shit set up to monitor the herd
    Wonder why Iceland has no problems with them now because that little place is where they have run the cables

    1. You should my discord server if you want, you can store and share all these links etc and the people are on the same level as what you are putting out right here, kinds nice to be able to interact with people on the same level as you to kick ideas around and share resources with. Just a suggestion, ty for the links and input : )

  22. This is how you create the narrative for the crooks to take over the power grid
    Those fires were set on purpose has nothing to do with power lines
    Mayors sign covenant on climate change
    Hmm wonder why that governor in California saying what he is saying
    Probably not a thing wrong with the power infrastructure - it's cover
    for them to steal the land and a green new deal for the corporations in the know not to mention I believe 5G is running through the elctrical power grid - how else would it work in your outlets, appliances, and everything else in your home
    This 'mayor' here is outsourcing the infrastructure to guess who
    And when you outsource the work you can expect things like this
    They don't want to destroy the land that they want what they want is the people gone
    Bodhi I would love to use your server how would I go about doing that

  23. This is how you plant the seed that something will save the world outside of the US $
    Read the comments in the video
    And I'll go odds that this part of BRICS deal
    This system will save the world from the pesky US - see how that works
    When behind the scenes this is what we have
    Isn't the guy in the video from Russia? Wonder if he's crypto which I believe just stands for one of the thieves
    Rockefeller and the BRICS plan
    Mind you India just went to the moon too - lots and lots of people from India moving here, took American jobs too - whole neighborhoods of them now somehow magically made it out of ravished India work and progress here and also replace us
    This separate system not part of their plan
    I would bet they have moved everything to Saudi is my guess - few years back they opened market to foreign investors?
    Gotta have back up if NY goes kaput
    Last years working in the IT field in data communications lots of implementation plans to have backup servers that mimiced your production
    Separate power system, reroute the data to continue operations in the event they wipe some place out?
    Just thinkng out loud sorry for rambling on

  24. I am damned proud to be amongst you all. Did you notice what happened here? No bickering, no pith, no foul...just brothers n sisters adding input for solutions and further education towards the betterment of all.
    I noticed.
    THANK YOU each and every one!!!

  25. Interestingly the State Dept is now not allowing people who owe taxes to get new passports so the process Anna suggests may be what you have to do is you can't do the easiest way through the passport, just an update for my earlier posts

  26. Bodhi....1FreeMan got one and he owed over $100,000 ...!! That's why he got the passport in the first place...and once he had it the IRS tries to go around him to the State Dept. and try and tell them to revoke his passport...But much to their surprise , the State pretty much told them to get lost...!! How's that for a fight..!!
    But he did have an LLC and paid him $400 to take his course..!! He already has two letters that his LLC gave him as a follow up when people get their first refusal letter...!! They always try and diswad you first...!! Remember that...!! I'm going to send in my filed "Declaration of Independance" if that happens...!!
    REMEDY always comes to those who diligently seek it and never give up..!!
    And one more are supposed to fill out that form using only zeros for your SS#..!! For that very one can deny you anything for not giving you a SS#...!!

    Also I found out something by calling up the State Dept that 1FreeMan neglected to tell order to get an expedited return, you have to prove you need that passport in a hurry..!!
    The best way to do that is to book an appointment with a hotel that is in Canada, then cancel it after you have your passport...!!

    One thing you all have to keep in mind is that our "public servants are not here to help us...they have their jobs because they will do anything their supervisors tell them to do...they all work for the "Corporate State"(State of the Forum) and not for us..!@ That means we have to come up with ingenious ways to get around them....but don't give up just because you receive a notice of denial...!! Some people keep up on them for 5 to 6 months bugging them until they finally give in and give it too them...!! Don't take no for an answer....!! THey are fully aware that most people (at least 95% ) will simply give up and walk away...!! Don't be one of those people...!!
    And you guys wonder why I want that agency eliminated ...permanently. !!

    Also follow the instructions to a tee..!!
    I want to see how people are filling out their forms so I can pick out where they went wrong...!! Let's agree to at least help each other this way so they can't get away with this anymore...!!
    It's time to close ranks...!!
    Paul if someone sends you a completed form, please post it so we can begin to see why people are being denied..!!

    You will be doing everyone a favor ...that way we can all inundate the State Dept with request for that passport and if they refuse then we can start a "class action" suit against them which will scare the hell out of them because it is right on there own form...!!
    Paul , you need to start helping us instead of separating all of us into different groups, which in the past has caused nothing but arguememts on this site...!! We need to find out why people are being denied, besides just taxes...!!

    1. Yah I have everything people need to do to get this done in the article I got from copper stills. I mean they can't stop you in the end all they can do is kinda run interference you just need to know how to counter every roadblock they throw it. There actually is no legal basis they can use to not change your status you are breaking a fraudulent contract. They are doing a crafty circular logic again here.

      They are claiming they dont have to give you a passport to travel if you owe the IRS money AS A CITIZEN they can do this, but this is not what you are doing you are getting out of this contract through this process you really don't give a shit about the actual passport (in theory anyway you actually want this passport because you can use under offical circumstances to save yourself a lot of time showing it to cops, judeges, whoever you need to show them instantly you are not in their jurisdiction). So see what they are doing here lol? It is a circular circlejerk trying to appear to have the authority they do not possess.

      Basically they are attempting to say you can't have this item based on our authority under this contract you have with us while the only way out of the contract is applying for that item lol. They still have to change your status under this process even if they refuse to give you the passport for w/e bs they are doing in circles here. Then you can immediately repply to get it as your status is proof you are not the person they are claiming you are

    2. Bodhi Mantra:

      I received a passport after clarifying that my status is an American State National, but my passport still has my name in all caps and labels my nationality as "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". How would presenting my passport to anyone instantly suggest anything other than that I'm a U.S. citizen?

    3. They screwed you then, they didn't send you the right passport or change your status. Did you follow this method?

      If you did follow the method and do all the paperwork correctly then you need to get in touch and tell them they need to send you a new passport.

    4. got the right passport if you received a passport with a star on it...otherwise, you got a phony passport or card....!!

    5. Bodhi Mantra: The picture of the passport at the link you provided looks just like the one I received. Can you please tell me what specifically in that picture signals I'm not a US citizen?

      James Pansini: Where exactly on the passport would the star be?

      Thank you both.

    6. I don't know gene I have not done this process yet I assume there is something on the passport that says what your status is. There is come kind of certificate also you can get apparently.

    7. Genevieve ...the star is on the outside on the right hand side of the card or passport...!!

    8. I just sent this email to:, which is the State Departments help contact.


      I need to ask a few questions to order a new passport and I would also like to order the Non-Citizen-National certificate as well (I think). I want to change my status as a US Citizen to an American National is there something on the passport itself that shows this is the case?

      If not then I would like to order this certificate as well

      This is what is your website states is needed:

      If a person believes he or she is eligible under the law as a non-citizen national of the United States and the person complies with the provisions of section 341(b) of the INA, 8 USC 1452(b),he/she may apply for a passport at any Passport Agency in the United States.. When applying, applicants must execute a Form DS-11 and show documentary proof of their non-citizen national status as well as their identity.


      What constitutes documentary proof and how is presented? Do I mail it in with the application or just show it to the representative when I sign the form?

      Thank You


      When they respond I will post back here

    9. James: You said, “the star is on the outside on the right hand side of the card or passport.” My card has stars on it, but there is no star at all on my passport. Do you have stars on your passport?

      Bodhi: Beware! The certificate you inquired about is issued to a “non-citizen national of the United States.” You don’t want to be a national of the United States. You are an American State National. Your birth state is your nation.

      From the GPO Style Manual:
      Nationalities, etc.
      5.23. In designating the natives of the States, the following forms will be used.

      Alabamian Louisianian Ohioan
      Alaskan Mainer Oklahoman
      Arizonan Marylander Oregonian etc.

      Thank you both for replying. I look forward to any more info you have.

    10. Yah good point I noticed that too which is why I sent the email to them to respond to me in writing to the inquiry I made. I am going to to Anna's suggestions step by step as she suggests though I am still weary about signing over the BC to the bankers I will do everything up to that point then do a little more research on it before I commit to doing that specific step.

    11. Genevieve has to be on the passport and not the card..!! You need to find out what they have you...or you could just get pulled over and ask him to run it...!!

    12. James: I've just corresponded with a VERY reliable source who actually used his passport card at a traffic stop and was released without any further action. He said there are NO stars on the passport, only on the card.

      And: Another friend of mine supplied his starred card to the traffic stop officer, but the officer only ran his name through the STATE's record and then wrote my friend a ticket. Grrr.

      Bodhi: I signed up with Christopher Gronski's Destination Freedom webinar to get my correct American State National passport and card and am glad I did. He was very helpful throughout the entire process. Something he recommends is doing a FOIA request for the Explanatory Statements that you annex to the DS-11 passport application. That way you have a certified document of the basis on which you obtained your passport. Have fun!

  27. In ancient rune the symbol x means a gift. So maybe do not sign with the symbol X as you are gifting your signature (frequency) away.

  28. Oh I know this guy, I have one of his videos in my archive. I saw one of his presentations a few years ago I will take a closer look at what he has going on at this website thanks