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Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Dogons -- Part 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Having read "The Dogons -- A Tale of Gross Ingratitude" you are no doubt having some uncomfortable stirrings and are making some odd associations.  

Here we are, talking about the Dogons --- the (according to the priests of Dogon) First Born of God water-breathing embryonic beings that make our development as fetuses possible and which innocently die when we are born, thereby "sacrificing themselves so that we might live" and providing a "Eucharist" of blood to save us ---- and where have we heard something like that before? 

Oh, yes, Jesus is called the "first born of God" and he, too, is innocent.  He, too, sacrifices himself so that we might live and be saved.  He, too, provides a Eucharist of blood..... It's the same story, only this time, the hero isn't an unknown "brother in the womb" but a separate living man.  In the Christian story, God not only draws the sperm and egg together and ignites them in a creative act of combining, he contributes the sperm himself.  

It's hard to tell who is who and which story is which with all this hybridization going on, fish-men X men, and men X God, which by implication means fish-men X men X God ---- to give what?  An entirely new kind of being that has been "brought forth" and hybridized at both the physical and the spiritual levels. 

And what happens to the fish-man part of us after we are born as air-breathing babies?  

Well, he is checked into the hospital -- admitted by the doctor's signature and identified by Your Name: First, Middle, Last.  

He -- the water-breathing Amnion, composed of fetal afterbirth materials and organs, the purported "First Born of God" and purported Heir to the Divine Estate, then dies upon exiting the womb, and of course, "he" dies intestate, giving rise to the "infant decedent estate". 

Thanks to my background in ancient religions and Kurt Kallenbach's research we now have the whole story and the evidence to bust this religious cult, Mystery (aka Eucharist) Babylon, once and for all.  

They weigh the dead water-breathing Amnion in metric units, identify "him" using your First-Middle-Last, as a Territorial United States Ward of the State of State ---say, State of California, register his death and send his estate to probate.  When "his" estate emerges from probate it is declared "abandoned" property and the Pope --- running the Municipal United States --- claims the abandoned estate as public property belonging to the Civil (not Civilian) Government.  

And, Presto -Change-O! --- by magic (of the black kind) there is the "Missing Person" Cestui Que Vie Trust operated as YOUR NAME: FIRST MIDDLE LAST, out of Puerto Rico, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  The Missing Person isn't you.  It's your Amnion, the water-breathing fish-man that these freaks claim "died for you" and which was according to them, the First Born of God, the Heir of the Kingdom, who "sacrificed himself" for you.

There are several points to be made.  First and foremost is that your unique DNA is your unique DNA and the Amnion that results from the Act of God (that is, sex act in their religion) is merely a physical apparatus derived from and directed by your DNA, like a caterpillar's cocoon, to expedite your exodus across the Red Sea (of blood) and arrival on the Promised Land.  

The Amnion has no existence or personality of its own.  It is not a viable living being and would never exist apart from your existence.  You and your unique ---and as Kurt says--- "species specific" DNA, is in fact the Creator of the Amnion and once you claim your Zygote and DNA, you naturally claim everything that derives from the Zygote and your unique combination of DNA --- including the Amnion whether it is alive or dead, with you or separated from you. 

You, as Kurt Kallenbach points out, began with fertilization--- not with emergence from the womb.  We have a Fertilization Date, not a "birth day" and not a "birth date", either. 

Also according to the Old Testament, Jeremiah 1:5, our actual beginning pre-dates all of this: we were actually created and known by the Living God prior to us being "formed" in our Mother's womb. 

These are the biological facts and we can stand on science for our claim to be the legitimate owner of all property including ESTATES derived from our DNA; and, we can also rely on Jeremiah, if we are Jew, Christian, or Muslim, to rebut the lies being used to justify these outrageous claims about our Amnion and "his" purported ESTATE. 

The Roman Catholic Church is well and truly busted as the reptile-worshiping religion of Mystery Babylon.  The Queen is also busted for allowing this to go on.  So is FDR and the actual citizenry of "the" United States busted for criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Unlawful Conversion resulting in identity theft, grand larceny, and proxy genocide. 

Meantime, back at the hospital.... 

They destroy the evidence and burn the remains of the Amnion in an incinerator, thus "he" truly does become a "Missing Person".   

The Territorial Government issues you a Birth Certificate, a proof of ownership and receipt owed to the "spoilated owner" that they are obligated to give you under Article 38 of the Lieber Code and the international Hague Conventions.  

You, the baby, are never admitted to the hospital at all.  There is no record of you being there.  Your name is never recorded as yours.  The only name involved is the First Middle Last name that your parents contributed as their intellectual property and which the hospital administrators attached to the dead Amnion, not you.  

As Kurt Kallenbach pointed out in his recent lecture series, we all have the Mother of All Law Suits for damages against every hospital and hospital administrator in the United States, every doctor, every nurse and administrative aide who has been an accomplice to this grotesque fraud scheme. 

We also have just cause to go after the Pope, his minions and supporters, the Queen, for her part in this, and all the politicians and generals who have either stood by like dumb cattle or who have knowingly participated in this fraud, this genocide on paper, against the American People.  

As this profane and ridiculous system of lies has been applied to most countries and to most people worldwide, we all have cause to stand up and listen.  These heretical cultists have spawned a worldwide crime network right under our noses, the principal part of which is a false claim that we voluntarily abandoned the poor, dead, purported sacrificial victim, the Amnion, and thereby refused and abandoned our connection to our Divine Heritage.  

May we all throw up now, or wait for later?  


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  1. I have been saying this for years, I provided the Foundling child for Kurt out of Ohio, ORC.3705.11

    Baby is never mentioned in the Vital Stats Act! This is listed as a trade secret as well right in the Act.

    Time to take this monsters to task for this perfidy.

    1. Please clarify. Think of those of us just coming into this info...Thank you!

  2. I can tell you, it will not hasppen, without innocent blood being spilt ...!!
    Despots never give up power without a fight...!! And it's no different now..!!
    Just look at Puerto Rico, where all the people are in the streets asking for the removal of the President , who says he won't run again next year, but that he won't step down until his term is up...!! An entire Na tion can hate there leader, but unless the military does it , it cannot happen...!!
    Even though these leaders are litterally hated by their own people, they still won't leave peacefully..!!
    Why keep a job where everyone hates you and your leadership...!!
    It just shows the people how contemtuous they are of us....!!

    From now on during election campaigns where everyone is asked to respond to a question, there should be a baseball size digital sign, hooked up to a lie detector just to see if these politicians are telling the truth in front of an entire nation...!!
    I bet just about all of them would drop out immediately. ..Can you imagine Bill Clinton answering anything truthful....he would make the detector go off so often, he would probably ruin the

  3. I understand about 80% of this. A real gobsmack felt.

    1. Danika I can see from your earlier comment you said you are new to all of this, below I will offer a link to my website. You will find everything you need there I spent years collecting, decoding, understanding, fact checking for accuracy etc. It will take years to understand all the f*%kery going on in this world and there are psyops on every level to keep people from getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole which is why I made the website and my video archive. I wouldn't trust anyone's interpretation of anything look at all the facts and decide for yourself because no matter what the source is in this world I find elements they are esposuing that are provably false I have collected the evidence to prove. That isn't saying throw the baby out with the bath water over minor details, but my point is there is no set curriculum for all of this, you have to find the best sources you can and check every detail of their work for accuracy.

      Few people have the time or sometimes even the intellect to accomplish this so I made my website to help them do what took me years and countless hours to put together. Don't even trust anything you find that I have there unless you fact check it for yourself. I will say I have personally vetted every piece of information on the website for accuracy and am confident in my work because I don't things unless I can prove them for fact and provide all the evidence needed to support my conclusions but as I said decide for yourself after looking at all. There are no shortcuts unfortunately, I made it as easy as I could but even still it will take you a long time to go over and understand everything I have gathered to show people what has been hidden from them. Feel free to leave comments if you like. Blessings and Godspeed :)

    2. I am not new to this as I have been actively participating with Anna's site and blogs for years. But the Dogon is new to me.
      I will avail myself of your info, however, and thank you kindly for the assistance!
      My ability to follow along in understanding and intellect might just surprise you!

    3. Bodhi Mantra, just a compliment on your site. I will dive in after supper and likely not surface til the morrow!
      I'm a deep researcher and tend to feast on info that resonates with me. Should you ever want a look into my findings, let me know.
      I've been to Marianas Web...

    4. Oh I apologize then lol I thought you meant new to all this like "all of this" not this particular article :). Yah no worries I have a place to archive and share things, the website and my video channel I am always gald to check new material from new frens. I also have a private discord server for people to be able to chat in real time and share w/e stuff they have with everyone. I saw your comment at the site about the video, I fixed it I apologize for the vid being broken. If you want to join our discord server let me know and I will send you a link.

  4. The emergency war on stuff every two years re-news the alleged authority of the War Powers Act so Pres of United States, CEO the inc. unit is also the Commander In Chief, Constitution suspended till war won or lost and as well the martial law to top it off Lieber code. It is only what we are actually doing personally that is targeted, so we fear, feel bungled, greed and foul playing beyond comprehension. Re-call not that long ago masses were told if they obeyed they might be allowed to live and avoid the viewed as kind be headings political or just to show gruesome power and gain control with random fake charges and torture. Now people if obeying can work themselves to death giving up most of what they earn and think they are living high on the hog, color tv and everything to dream on. Far worse punishment for those political and anyone in the way of big cheese.

    1. I like to suspend their harming Admiralties first.

  5. identity theft day one your estate or ship in probate.
    Government takes control of your lost at sea trust filing any charges in the estates all capital name.
    But all the fiction needs a physical John to point a accusing corporate finger at.
    We stand there like a deer in the head lights.

  6. Hey Patriot ------Only a VERY TINY percentage of 1% will man up. You are correct, It is getting late and I'm tired of Studying and learning all my adult life knowing that without the numbers WE CAN'T do anything about it. NOBODY is coming to save us, and it is getting increasingly harder in day to day life to deal with people that are so ignorant about what has and continues to be done to them

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You can't save people from themselves all you can do is try to show them the light. We don't need numbers, we aren't doing a revolution here with violence, we are doing a revolution with information and gnosis. The remedy is already provided within the system, no need to try and abolish this system yet, in fact what do you plan to replace it with?

      There are two systems, one for free men and one for people who don't even know who they are. They are where they should be unfortunately if they don't care enough or are not smart enough to follow the signs to truth and freedom. Do you want drug lords and ghetto gang bangers operating in sovereign status? I sure as hell don't, I wish all men could be free but sadly that is not the reality we live in, in the kali yuga madness reigns and there has to be something to keep it in check. There are so many people that are so delusional and insane they can't even use simple logic and reason, a rigid military style system is where they need to be unfortunately.

      I hate to have sympathy for the devil here so to speak but we live in a mad world, though there is method to the madness in the layers people dig deep enough to find. If you follow the steps of the system to redeem your remedy you and your people will be protected from the "wild animals" out there that are not. You could stand on the corner all day everday shouting to the rooftops what these bankers have done and how to free themselves and get very few takers, they love the bread and circus and gadgets and see no need to change anything. Those who want to sleep, let them sleep, help those you won't be wasting your time helping, don't waste time with the shudra who could care less.

      I know it sounds cold but believe me I have been trying to wake people up for many years, you will only create your own suffering trying to show people things they simply do not want to see. Everything is the Tao, a single drop of water cannot the change the direction of the tide. The masses move in the direction they are directed to move by the forces of the "gods" (planetary consciousnesses controlling the galactic "seasons" through magnetic fields). Just surf the kali yuga and take care of yourself and your people and do what you can where you can and que sera sera.


  7. I have come to the conclusion that this existence IS Hell. No need to make a list of the horrors of this place, you are all well aware.

    Go any place where people are gathered and, chances are, you will be alone in your understanding. Everyone else is blissfully unaware of the evil that surrounds them like water surrounds a fish. If they do have a clue they will make excuses for it. In fact, most of them, knowingly or unknowingly, are active participants in the madness. You can count on them to oppose you in the most violent way if you dare to rock the boat.

    Throw around all the paper you want, it will change nothing. You may be able to fend off the local parasites for a time, or even the Feds, but they will change the game and you will back to square one.

    You could go to Rome, look the Poop in the eye and demand he make a change. He will chuckle to himself as the door hits you in the ass. You could look the POTUS, whoever he or she may be, in the eye and demand he do something and you will be picked up on the White House lawn and disappeared post haste. You may hang all the Judges and Prosecutors from the nearest lamp post and two will rise to take their place. Hail Hydra!

    You may ask yourself, what the Hell did I do that was so wrong that I have been sentenced to this place? You may pray to the Creator (which creator, there are so many?) and He can not, will not hear you. Go ahead and dig up a Bible verse or something from the Koran or Torah and preach all you want. Compare the empty promises there to what you see all around you. Love and goodness are smothered in evil and never win in the end. Contrary to what you've been told, the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train. You know it, I know it.

    What to do about it? Battle on, if it makes you feel better. What choice do we have? It's like trying to sweep back the ocean with a broom. Never ending battles will eventually wear you down. Just another indication that this is Hell. Did Atlas deserve his punishment? No. It was simple cruelty on the part of Zeus who imposed it.

    Not to be Johnny Raincloud here, but only a world wide cataclysm will wipe the slate clean. And then it will start all over again. Let me out!

    1. Rog..when you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud...!!

    2. HAHAHAH goodbots knows about kuru. You do keep your ear to ground, impressive, most impressive. <3

    3. You know , sometimes it's necessary to let off some steam...!! It tends to relieve the stress from the body so it can heal....feels good doesn't it goodboots...!!

  8. >I have come to the conclusion that this existence IS Hell

    I lol'd, yes the 3rd dimension is pretty low on the totem pole, this dense layer of the matrix is very near the bottom of what the Aryan scriptures call lokas which are different degrees of density (dimensions). Don't worry it is just a weigh station. Have fun and do the right thing while you are here and you will be rewarded by moving up to higher lokas after you transform out of this layer (death). Help as many people as you can learn the truth and obtain krishna consciousness to exit with you :)

  9. Well said Rog -----It is a sobering REALITY, what you just described. All that I'm seeing is Good and light being defeated at every encounter, and this world is going to collapse under the weight of it's own sickness . It's later then most people want to contemplate

    1. Yes but you're still here Big T, and rog is still here, and james and paul s. and shelby and genevieve and marcus de h and annie mc and me and so many others i cant even think of them all, plus all the good people who are not even on this blog.
      There are good people everywhere.
      These lying lizardlegged spookpoops want eeeeverybody to lose heart. They want us to think its aaaaaaall over, like they won, like there's too many of em, like for us to just get in a fetal position and wait for them to come and kill us.

      Eff em.

      I don't think they'll be allowed to do that, but if they are, you can bet your last dam nickle im not going to be on the floor quaking and quivering for fear of those little smudges-on-life.
      I think I know when to keep my mouth shut, which we all need to know when to speak and when were being goaded...
      But their psyop trying to make us feel like its no use is a tactic to hopefully make us give up. THEY do.... That's how they handle life.
      They don't need to expect us to do the same because if they do ratchet their tiny ba√√s up and come and get us, were going to be standing up with one eyebrow cocked up in the air and a half-smile on our faces watching these little noodnick ramennoodle slurpers with their trash can lids and sticks, screaming into the air. Half of them are girls. Look at their hands. ...I'm guessing its a social event where they are looking for a date. The fact that they wear bags over their heads tells you something.:):):)

      They are just deficient.

      Have fun with it.
      Make fun of them. I don't usually do that, but they deserve it.
      Say out loud the things you're thinking when you're watching the ignorant littleburdbraintwits. If they want to keep their blackskinnyjeans hooded concretemilkshakethrowing drugandpornaddicted loserselves in our way, then they're about to be run over.

      If they newk the world it will just prove our point about them being stupid.

      They are too stupid to win.
      They are life's losers.

    2. I am still in the "rolling up my sleeves with my dukes up" phase. I am determined to continue fight in this battle.
      Am I worn? Yep.
      Am I weary? Very.
      Am I calling it quits?
      Oh, HELL no!!!

      No quarter given...

    3. We are just getting started, this is a crazy exciting time moving into the age of Aquarius, crazy things happening, it is what is causing the mass awakening :)

    4. Bodhi you might find this of some interest
      The link below is from his writings

      I have grave concerns that the 'science' they are teaching is not correct and that they are ushering us in to their ecofascism UN agenda 21

      As their plans clearly indicate they have displayed their intent all the way through the year 2050

      The recent flooding of all the midwest farms should give you an idea of what their intent is - to take the farms

      I live in one of these mega regions and I see with my own eyes they are taking small independent farmers land - EVERY DAY

      They are building their stack and pack housing around these toll roads and even moved large corporations here to migrate the people off the land they don't want them on so they could move in and take over

      California is prime example of prime growing country and they want it period

      I believe it is not the aquarian age at all it is UN agenda 21

      Agenda 21 and their goals

    5. I give you this article where this is stated in the UN agenda

      “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples… All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

      This is not aquarian age anything this is UN agenda 21 hell is what it is

      They are literally building a virtual prison around all of us with this 5G IoT and no amount of paperwork is going to stop them from putting and keeping us in these controlled zones

    6. It should come as no surprise that the masterminds behind this are none other than swej
      When you read the articles it states that they are working to create and environment and pass legislation that gives the state the authority to kill your parents - it costs too much to keep them alive

      I might add to this that humpty dumpty just signed some kind of law that will lower rockefeller drug prices for seniors therefore aiding and abetting in the genocide of our senior population

      I'm tellin you folks this stuff is no accident nor is there anything aquarian/golden age about any of it for us

    7. Laws to confiscate private property

    8. Common core and UNESCO - the brainwahing of your children

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I just listened to Anna's webinar from last night and this just dawned on me
    This story of the amino and the live born entity
    This is Cain and Able - how Cain killed Abel to take his birthright?
    I could be way off here but please read this and tell me what you think

    1. Listened to the part about the DNA - so DNA test and proving who fathers are?
      If the mother keeps the DNA from all sex partners then who is the real father?
      Remember Maury Povich and his dramatic daytime show that they pushed this DNA crap - that's how they sold the DNA crap
      Their science is whack is my opinion