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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Why I Oppose Manna World Holding Trust, Etc.

By Anna Von Reitz

In 25 words or less:  the culprits responsible for this situation --- all of whom are thieves guilty of capital crimes --- chose one of their own to be the Holder, instead of returning control of the assets to the actual owners. 

Is that simple enough for everyone to understand?  

Kim Goguen is one of them by blood, by training, by indoctrination, by belief, by all that is endemic to the evil that pervades the Banking Cult.  

She may try to do things differently.  She may have good intentions.  But that does not change the fact that she is in control of (or claims to be in control of) stolen goods and assets that don't belong to her, and she is standing there bare-faced and refusing to give the assets back to the actual owners. 

So, what am I as a Justice supposed to do?  Support her in unlawful possession?  Just because she seems to be a Nice Person?

Looking deeper into the situation, it is clear that the actual Holder of all these assets is and should be The United States of America, which means that they fall under my Fiduciary Office and not hers.  She should be working for me and doing what I tell her to do, not stomping around making False Claims based on possession related to piracy, fraud, and unlawful conversion.   

What I would tell her to do is very simple --- start releasing assets in a step-by-step fashion to the people they actually belong to.  

Return all the Titles to American Land to the most recent American Owners, meaning living people, not corporations.  Do the same on a worldwide basis.  Return all the "individual" ESTATES to the Americans they are named after, all the Brits they are named after, all the Germans they are named after.... .  

It isn't rocket science.  The benefit of the massive wealth stolen and amassed by these criminals can be returned to the people individually and as funding for many beneficial technologies and new infrastructure.  

And as for the military, I'd tell them to stop goosing around like idiots. Tell the Europeans we are calling in their debts and taking over their corporations and their banks if they don't shut down the B.E.A.S.T. system and the UN nonsense and stop all the False Claims against Americans.  

You military generals may be "US Citizens" all you like, but you need us to back you up and give you a contract, otherwise you are all just a bunch of mercenaries and thugs with no standing as soldiers and if you are going to betray the people who actually employ you and do the bidding of Middlemen acting in Breach of Trust ---- then why do we need you?  Hello?  Why do we need to keep paying you and buying you new toys?  

What good are your oaths to protect and defend "the" Constitution when you are too clueless to know which Constitution that is?   Too clueless to know that you work for the American People, not the Queen, not the Pope and not the ever-loving "UN CORP", either? 

NATO is the Enemy. It was formed by the same group of criminals that formed the European Common Market and that are trying to create the B.E.A.S.T system.  

The US Navy is compromised and in conflict of interest.  Even the Marine Corps that actually allows that our troops are American  --- is compromised in its command structure because they take their orders from the Navy and the Navy takes their orders from the Queen.   We have no Coast Guard thanks to the same cozy arrangement.  

The Coast Guard is supposed to be protecting us --Americans-- from Inland Piracy.  That is what we pay them to do as their principal responsibility.  But guess what?  All this graft and fraud has come ashore on their watch.   They are stood down, useless, helpless to stop the human trafficking and gun running and drug running, left without funding just like the Federal Marshals who are supposed to be protecting us and our international land jurisdiction.  We have to rely on volunteers to provide enforcement. 

They-- the Navy, the Marines, and the Coast Guard (inappropriately)  are all under the command of the Brits, and the Queen is guilty and up to her knickers in graft and fraud against her own people and the "former" commonwealth nations and us, too, taking the payola and not giving a fig more than her batty great-grandmother did about the consequences of her betrayals.  

The pelicans at the BBC snarking about Trump and trying to get something started with Iran --- or anywhere else they can get a nice little war going -- are nothing but a bunch of greedy self-interested war mongers and propagandists for men who make their money on war.  

So let's throw them in front of the cannons and the tanks, this time, shall we?

Haul out all the BBC Commentators and the Board Members of all of Britain's top corporations and their US Brethren and the members of Congress, and let them fill the trenches. 

They always want war, they are always pulling false flags and blaming others for their misdeeds. It's time that the Brits either shut up and pay up, or we stand back and let the buggers take it square in the shorts and nobody -- not us, not the Aussies, not the Canadians, not the New Zealanders, not the Scots, and certainly not the Irish --- nobody comes to rescue them. 

Anyway that "Special Relationship" with the British  is why Trump has had to fall back on the US Army and Joint Forces Command of the American Armed Forces.  See that word?  American?  They aren't talking about South Americans, in case you were wondering. 

Trump can't trust the US Navy.  Its a sad day when the Commander-in-Chief of American Armed Forces can't depend on a third of the military we pay for, but that is the circumstance. The Navy wags have tired to kill him three times that I know of, and also tried to get WWIII started with the Russian submarine incident.  I can only thank God that Putin had sense enough to see through it and Trump had sense enough to be skeptical and not rush into anything.  

All you Brass in the Navy?  You'd better straighten your gigs and ratlines. The Queen is supposed to be acting in Good Faith under our Delegated Authority, but instead, she's in Breach of Trust.  Be aware.  She's not your actual Boss. We are.  Without us, all she can do is serve you tea and crumpets and shower you with "knighthoods" like she gave the feckless traitors Colin Powell and  G.H.W. Bush and Henry "the Floss" Kissinger. 


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  1. Tell us how you really feel, Anna!

    Love it!

    You made my day...

  2. I am not allowed to post by Google Regime. Sometimes they allowed, many times they sneaked behind me, and never left me with freedom to speak my mind.

  3. Thanks for your works Anna, you spot on consistently, especially on the 1907 Defunct U.S.A Corporation, for the Fed Bank to assert its position.

    The British had been defrauding American NOT only for 154 years, but so much longer, especially in between 1740 – 1775, prompting Americans to revolutionize and sought for Freedom. This is mentioned by the “Statesmen Three Book”, page-23 or 33 with coversheet. At the time, the US Treasury was real. Today it is fake like the States of State (WA D.C.).

    I did my research, and have found out that, the reason, the British went away thereafter 1776, was because someone in America helped them steal American assets with them. The went away to conquer India, Burma, etc.. After they spent the stolen assets, they learned something new, and returned to N. America to scam us again for the longest time for 154 years, + 35 years, in 1740 – 1775.

    How do I know this? Beside the old Books, I rely on the records of heaven. I have never seen God or angels lying to me at all.

  4. Do we really know if it's just the Navy that is rogue ...?? I do not trust any of the industrial military complex..!!
    The banks can rule by deception, but the military can rule by "force"...!!

    We need to stop giving them toys to play with....multi billion dollar toys they are just itching to use...!!

    As far as Kim holding our assets, that is not true...she has tried to release the money to the people but not directly..!! The last time she tried, the Pentagon promised to use the money for sooner did they receive the funds , the Pentagon tried to use it for themselves and Kim had to get the funds back...No one is willing to do the right thing with the money...!! And the Banks have all been ordered not to accept any funds coming from the "Manny world holding trust"...!!So even if she could fund us individually, which would be a nightmare , we still couldn't deposit it in the banks...instead , the banks are pulling all kinds of creative funding techniques...!!
    If Kim did give you our assets back, how would you have any more luck than her Anna at getting it into our hands..!!
    Everyone, everywhere, is begging for funding, but every time Kim tries to give them a chance to do the right thing with the money, it always turns out they were just lying to her in order to get the money...!!
    It's our military still betraying us, not just the Banks ...!!
    No one can be trusted with money...thats what Kim is starting to learn...!!

    That's how evil these banks and people are...they don't even want the money unless they control it...they could care less about the people...!!

    Have you noticed how many drug bust on the water there has been lately...they just caught a high speed boat carrying tons of drugs today...worth millions of you really think the Navy is just going to toss all that money out or burn it...hell no. They are going to sell it themselves ...!!

    1. Just a couple thoughts for consideration:
      Def: Kim = bold family

      Nuegog?New Gog
      Def: Gog = satanic rule

      Defs: from google
      There are other defs for those same words.
      I'm just speculating, exploring, questioning.

    2. They are making a mountain where they already have the solution. Why?? Obfuscation/ smokeandmirrors because NONE of them have any intention of giving back what was stolen.

      You are right james, we're going to have to take it back. This is exactly IMO what they are trying to goad us into doing. They NEED us to get out in the streets and create a "dangerous" situation they have to "defuse" and take control over.

      Well, were not doing it that way. Looks to me like Americans are not going to be goaded. Look at what they did leading up to 1776 -- our grandfathers/others recorded it to stand forever on the Public Record of the atrocities these criminals were committing. They listed the worst of them in the DeclofIndep.

      .....They HAVE the *books* that show the *accounts* and *trusts* they *constructed* *for* us, the BENEFICIARY / CREDITOR / ONE PAYING THEM TO PROVIDE **CERTAIN** **BENEFICIAL** **SERVICES**, that shows exactly what was stolen from whom.

      All they have to do is VOID and NULLIFY the fraudulent paperwork they recorded. That simple thing releases whatever is being falsely claimed.

      They don't have to mess with bank accounts, we already supposedly have trust accounts, just give us the process for access to them!

      No, they don't have to "lump everything into a big ball cuz they can't figure out what they stole from Who... "!!!!

      Shit it's right there on their own fraud books they constructed to hold what they've stolen!!! IyieyieyieYIE

      Its all just stalling tactics.

      Here, it's simple;
      as a thing was bound, so it is unbound:

      1. Choose a "book"
      2. See whose name is on it.
      3. Declare the theft of the property.
      4. Nullify the fraud documents
      5. Release the *lawful* documents/papers back to the *lawful* owner from whom they were stolen
      6. Tell the lawful owner of the trust accounts how to access the contents of their trusts
      7. Shut the hell up
      8. Let people do whatever they want with what belongs to them
      9. Get the eff out of our nations/states (ya better skeedaddle quick cuz were back in our courthouses applying **American** common law traditional authority and ya'll?... Well, ya'll,... yure criminals ....)
      10. Don't come back.
      11. Ever.


      Painful for them.

    3. goodboots...your damn right it's painful for them because they might have to work for Macy's in order to make a

      We all need to rally like other countries are doing to bring about come every other country knows what is going on and willing to show up in the millions , like in Hong Gong, except us...!!
      We were once the leaders of the resistance...!! Boy would our forefathers be disappointed at the complacency of our society today...!!

    4. We have no proof what so ever that other nations are rallying in the streets? None - all tell lie vision
      Unless we are there or know someone who can confirm the truth we have no reason to believe that anyone but paid for gorups are running these so called rallies
      Have you notices all of a sudden out of communist China where everything is monitored to hell and back there are now you tube channels telling us how they are rioting in the streets in Hong Kong? Must be approved propoganda to be able to make it to you tube
      Crowd on demand, I'm sure there are many that would take to the streets if the price is right

  5. Same US NAVY that attacked Alaska with an Earthquake 6 months ago?

    1. Around three years ago? or so the people and flora and fauna in the Olympia Peninsula area of Wash. State were being blasted with directed energy weapons testing by that same murdering pieceofcrap outfit and no one would help them at the time. They even all but stopped publishing anything about it.

      ....I was listening to that Clyde Lewis at the time and even he quit talking about it.

      At around the time he *was* talking about it, he was also telling about strange happenings going on around where he lives/his home.

      Maybe the two are not connected though, although I wouldn't doubt if they were.

    2. Are you talking about the EMP weapons testing awhile back? It made the papers for a minute... telling people to stay away. The wildlife doesn't get the papers, though. Mae Dawson here..

  6. NASA is also part of the military industrial complex
    Space Force means space on the ground they create the problem, depopulate, take the land and blame it on mother nature
    Like ole humpty dumpty siad the storm is coming - you mean like a GEO Storm that they will create
    Hurricane Sandy was a product of a joint effort using 24 navy ships off shore
    The UN is communist (United Nazis) and they have been sitting in the New York harbor since WWII plotting with their communist counterparts all over the world to destroy anyone and everyone on this planet for world take over
    Take note in the above link that it states that the Nazi party is now headquarted in Washington DC since 1945

  7. Yah I read your letter on this woman about your facebook interaction with her she is definitely a shill for the corporation. This is how they always work, Alex Jones style. Put someone out in front to say things that are already being talked about in circles at the vanguard of figuring all this stuff out and at the last moment throw in a major fraud/lie for misdirection to circle the people back into the trap by offering them trinkets. Hegelian dialectic/controlled opposition etc.

    >Here goyim here is your champion who will speak for you and be your advocate provided to you by us!

    Yah no, I don't think so. I will speak for myself or elect someone to speak for me not someone propped up by the systems that perpetrate these frauds. I am glad to see others have figured out this is how they operate and are no longer falling for it. They have layers of deception for every level of the deception matrix.

    Great article thanks Anna, you thoroughly rekt her in that facebook exchange and are right on with your assessment of her controllers and motives in my opinion.

    1. You just summed the whole *jew* "lead-the-dummie-goys-by-the-nose" operation up in three short paragraphs that anyone can understand.

      How perceptive of you!!!

  8. Hawaii has waited 126 years,still being held hostage