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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Debtors and Creditors

By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have definitively busted the Roman Catholic Church for harboring a grotesque criminal cult within itself, and using sincere Christians as "storefronts" covering up for the nefarious activities of the cult members.  

The exact actual religion that the cultists adhere to has been identified as the Dogon Religion, a reptile-worshiping religion native to Africa and the Levant. It is apparent that this religion stems from very early contact with advanced alien civilizations that were familiar with genetics, astronomy, histology, embryology, and other information not available on Earth at the same time.  

It is also apparent that this "sacred knowledge" was perverted and used for entirely corrupt and criminal purposes, and that its primary center of power was the Office of the Roman Pontiff within the Roman Catholic Church.  

We may safely say that this pagan religion came to Rome no later than the Second Century B.C. and became enmeshed in the Roman administrative government where its adherents served as tax collectors and notaries. We may also infer that Treaties made by Constantine the Great and other Roman Emperors prior to the Council of Nicea resulted in this secretive cult being included under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church as part of a quid pro quo agreement negotiated by "Saint" Jerome. 

"Saint" Jerome also polluted the basic scriptures of the New Testament adopted by the Council by including numerous Letters attributed to the Apostle Paul, but actually written as Homages by Paul of Ephesus.  These misogynist diatribes were necessary in the mind of the Roman Emperor to ensure the continuance of the Roman Patriarchy.  

The use of impersonation and introduction of "Dog Latin" as a means to enslave illiterate people was established under the later Emperor Justinian, adopted by the Cult ruling the City of Rome, and allowed by the Roman Catholic Church which operated its Secular Business under Roman Civil Law.  

This so-called Secular Church operating under Roman Civil Law and ruled over by the Office of the Roman Pontiff morphed into the Holy Roman Empire circa 800 A.D., a convention that was continued under various rulers and organizational structures ever since, becoming the Third Reich in Germany and the Fourth Holy Roman Empire in 1939.  It's current operations are centered in Brussels where they have established The B.E.A.S.T. computer system as part of the European Common Market, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the Kingdoms of Monaco and Lichtenstein---- are up to their piggy snouts, all backed by principal gold deposits held in Spain and France and later, Switzerland, the Philippines and Kuwait. 
It all needs to be cleaned up and cleared out like a backed up septic system and we all need to wake to eff up.  

One of the peculiarities of this "religion" is that they rape children, especially the rape of young men and boys by older men in acts of sodomy, and the rape of very young girls and even baby girls.  This is done to pollute their bloodlines with foreign genetic material.  It has only recently been learned that we retain genetic material from every sex partner we have ever had, but this fact has been well-known to the Dogons.  

They see this as an opportunity to assure lots of progeny for themselves, seeded into the general population.  They also use it as a means of subjecting, terrifying, and corrupting their victims, using false guilt, shame, and fear as a means of assuring obedience and submission to their purported supremacy and political agendas. 

It is now time to pull the masks off these criminals, using whatever means is necessary.  

And it is also time to explain the details of how they have used "our" treasury system against us.  

Anna Riezinger is the Living Being in Possession of my natural family name. 

 Anna Riezinger is the Creditor of both the Territorial Person admitted to the hospital --- the Amnion named "Anna Maria Riezinger" ( and not-coincidentally also the name of the Lawful Person occupying the international land jurisdiction of this country as one of the People of Wisconsin) and all the Municipal CITIZENS doing business "in my name".  

These international criminals working in collusion and Gross Breach of Trust have attempted to kill off the People on paper and thereby evade their responsibilities and guarantees under the Constitutions, while continuing to profit themselves from the commercial Service Contracts the Constitutions provide for.  

They have repeatedly attempted to evade the Constitutions by acts of bankruptcy, false settlements, and false Settlor Agreements of the bogus trusts that they have used as a means to legalize all this tripe.  

And now we have them in our sites. Squarely identified.  The whole Schtick. 

Correct your political status records, claim your zygote and DNA, and the next time you see a Catholic priest, forego the impulse to grab him by the throat --- you never know if you are dealing with an honest Christian or a servant of Satan, who was, as we are told, "cast down into the sea"---- a sea snake among the water-breathing fish-gods. 

Join your State Assembly.  This is necessary service in the interest of self-governance.  You must accept the responsibility and create the proper instrumentality to enforce your claims and put an end to this criminal nonsense. 
We need courts, we need Public Notaries, we need actual Sheriffs, we need Continental Marshals, we need Public Recorders--- all of which are in short supply.  

We need actual Lawyers, not "Bar Attorneys".  

Now think about this whole situation in terms of credits and debts.  

Anna Riezinger is the Principal Creditor. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, a Wisconsinite and one of the People of this country--- who just happens to have the same exact name as "Anna Maria Riezinger" a British Territorial Citizen --- representing a dead Amnion belonging to Anna Riezinger ---- is also a Creditor.  

The British Territorial Citizen "lost at sea" and also called "Anna Maria Riezinger" is not a Creditor, because the Amnion doesn't actually come first in the lineage.  The zygote does.  The Amnion is a Debtor with respect to Anna Riezinger, without whom "she", the Amnion, would never exist, so "she" and "her" ESTATE are both Debtors and Property owned by Anna Riezinger.

Ditto the situation with all the Municipal PERSONS created by the Municipal United States.   

My parents created the Unregistered Trademark, Anna Maria Riezinger,, and neither they, nor I, are at fault because of the actions of a doctor mis-applying my land jurisdiction Proper Name to a dying Amnion. 

It cannot be presumed that any of this intricate fraud scheme has anything whatsoever to do with me or my actual estate, other than the fact that I own the Principal name, own the Priority Creditor, hold all derivatives accountable and liable, and claim my exemptions.  

The most that can be alleged is that these Municipal and Territorial Corporations have provided me with some services and incurred some costs under the actual Constitutions, and that they should be paid by my State, which is party to those Constitutions.  

Whereupon we, the Principals and the Priority Creditors, call for an accounting and a return of our interest in our Amnion's ESTATE(s), PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES, PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUSTS, and all other DERIVATIVES, plus the interest and ownership in our parent's and grandparent's similar ACCOUNTS and Accounts, which they were just as unaware of as we were when this started. 


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  1. Ok, got to admit...You lost me here. Huh?

    1. ������

    2. goodboots you may want to listen to this
      Especially when it comes to your land and home
      Anything to do with your home and land you need to be in civil court - if they take you to their district court it is a fake court period
      May help to listen

    3. Thank you Shelby. I'll try to get on there and listen. I listened to a little t-roh a couple years ago and did find it interesting.

      Sounds interesting about the district courts being fake. And makes sense since they are district/DC courts, am thinking: perhaps even legally inoperable/defunct/ no standing if the municipal corporation has liquidated.

    4. Oh no you want to stay out of civil court. Change your status so no civil laws even apply to you, you are completely outside of this jurisdiction. Only operate in common law, civil law = corporate law = CORPUS-JURIS

    5. In fact there is no such thing as "civil law" there are civil statutes and codes, they are not laws, they are rules for corporate employees

    6. Bodhi if I confused the verbage above my apologies - trying to help

  2. Wait a minute, that was supposed to be:


  3. They knew what they were doing was wrong because they hid it under silent judicial notice.

    They didn't make those birth certificates because they thought our placenta was a TWIN!! Ahhaha haha haha haha!!! Our **TWIN**!! That's a knee-slapper, especially coming from reptilianalienseasnakefishmonster types who like to collect taxes and rape our little sons and daughters to harm and terrify them.

    No, They made them so they would have a way to keep track of our property in their theft-and-fraud system records.

    A *TWIN*... Yeah, they're gunna wish they had a *twin*.

    1. You bet they knew what they were doing that's why they tracking and keeping all records of anything and everything you do via digital means now versus used to be it was all on paper and private
      Doctors now recording everything in a computer this is how they are gathering personal health information and sharing it all around the world for eugenics purposes
      The HIPAA Act was to protect your data of which I spent 15 years in the electronic data arena thinking I was protecting peoples data when I was helping them figure out how to bring it all together from a paper standpoint and then start exchanging the data electronically
      As they have progressed they spin off more corporations to streamline their death care system to only provide what is profitable to their bottom line - has nothing to do with your health NOTHING
      Used to get an inspection sticker put on your car at the shop that inspected it - now they have it to where they record your inspection in the computer, give you some papers about your inspection and you merrily take it to the tax office where if you don't pay the taxes you don't get the sticker
      They worked all this through the DOT and in to the surveillance highway systems
      NAFTA Super Highway and toll tags - NAFTA Super highway is part of the North American Union and their mapped out new commerce routes - they took over the highways that we already paid for and now they are toll ways of which the toll tag has an rfid chip in it that automatically deducts from your bank account
      A foreign for profit private corpoartion owns these roads and all tolls are paid to one family is what I have read - none of the tolls are filtered back to the state for anything
      Just more deceit

    2. More on NAFTA and their plans to take over all privately owned land
      It's their green new deal

    3. Common core education and their green new deal
      You eat bugs they live high on the hog
      Regionalism and education

  4. Is there any hearing of state of corporations like State of Wisconsin that are incorporated now in trouble due to the law that a corporation is like any other corporation thus counties or so called government offices have no sovereignty and no taxing authority since becoming incorporated.

  5. Please explain the "Exemption" in greater detail, something provable, that will stand up in a court of law.

    1. The truth doesn't stand in their courts because they're not public courts of law.

      They're private foreign in-house corporate commercial tribuals and the so-called *law* they apply is the private by-laws of their private foreign corporation.

      They have trafficked us into that foreign corporate system from our free, sovereign and independent state/"status" without disclosure, using the birth certificates, and enforced it upon us using military type force without declaration of war.

      Rep. Louis T. McFadden placed criminal charges against them on the Congressional Record in 1933 for doing these things.

      But they have ignored the criminal charges for over 85 years now, and 5 years after McFadden charged them with their crimes, they covered it ALL up from the public's view by issuing "silent judicial notice" (Erie v. Thompson?)

      And all secretly agreed to continue committing the crimes, including Their secret agreement to steal from us everything, including our lives and families. They get a portion of what they steal from us, also for creating conditions that harm, injure, damage or murder us/ hasten our death.

      Right now when we go to "court", it is a pretend court of law, ...all they have to do us give the APPEARANCE of justice, because they are not actual public courts of law.
      They are
      Pretend courts
      With bar attorneys pretending to be/ *acting as*: judges
      With pretend "cases" against innocent Americans

      They actually cannot try criminal cases because only a sovereign can hear a criminal case, as I understand it.

      We are the sovereigns.

      Were the only ones who can try criminal claims.

      The pope says he can too.
      But he just said he wasucifer, too. I believe, so....?????

  6. Some states trained their computers to recognize the bogus Names as Creditors. For instance: Junky C. RealJunk, as creditor. So, definitely, their programmers wrote the codes to recognize Names to be the creditors. All UPPER case as DEBTORS. So, then, since the vermins know, their games, why do they keep on playing dumb? This games is costly, wasting every body's times.

    1. Thank you pinkham.

      I tried to have some corps(es) change my "name" from all upper case to caps and lower and the really nice and helpful people I was talking to said their program won't allow them to put people's names in in upper and lower case, it's all upper case only.

      I didn't know at the time that upper case soecifically meant DEBTOR in some jurisds. Makes sense tho.

  7. proposed new 1040 form for 2019 from website. has TRUMP kept his promise to give America back to the People? Looks like it

    1. from just proposed July 11, 2019. look all the sections very closely.

    2. Istand:
      I can't read BAR english.

      Would you give your interpretation of the key concept of each section (or something like that?)

    3. Listen up I have read that anything that is written within a box is like it is not even on the page, blank
      Brackets around your zip code makes it blank
      [25432] zip code written like this means the zip code is not there
      Same thing with court documents anything within the brackets or and other things creates a null or empty or blank
      There was a guy from Arizona teaching this stuff, videos on line but I cannot think of what they were called or the name of the channel - I will keep watch for them see if I can locate them
      Anyway the guy was actually shot and killed by Arizona police is what I understand
      That form says U.S.
      Anyway does not matter they have no right to any of that information in the first place
      This is our information, our income, no refund that you so grciously give back in your worthless paper, we demand gold for our payments including for the work we perform and there will be no tax period
      Again they making the rules and billions of people say yep thats ok
      This new tax crap is just that, tax crap
      So while the plunder the wages and displace millions of people, who are now living on the streets because of their shit, well here ya go we got some tax relief for ya
      On the other side how about some higher gas prices, electric prices, food prices but don't you fret now that new income tax is great - MY ASS
      So the form displays this what does their deceptive directions read
      Better yet, debt notes being taxed
      And not just your 'salary' everything else you purchase has a tx or fee orsomeother shit attached to it all to take your debt note that isn't worth the paper it's written on anyways
      Talk about some shit
      PAY US IN GOLD see how fast people get paid
      You see the gold is all for them - their pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow the lucky little lepriCONS

      He talks about all the stuff I mention above
      The post office is actually out of Switzerland
      There is that Switzerland connection again

      CERN and Switzerland and the internet

      Underwater cabeling to pull all the communications together across continents - no satellites just cabeling everywhere to link it all together

      Remember during WWII Switzerland was untouched? Hmm why is that you suppose? and after WWII all we heard was the poor swej?

      Specials groups set up all over the country for the chosen after WWII - even got a whole nothing block of land to genocide them out and rename it ISISRAEL

      Tell lie vision keeps the circus going with all their willing minions whether wej or not while they continue their plunder

    5. goodboots, not to get off topic but Thanks for your reply to my request from Anna's Post Wednesday,July 24, 2019,It's Very Simple and Exactly the Opposite of What You Suppose.... I asked if we could talk in regards to the theft of my home and land. I left my partial number there and here to 6_ _-2_ _-8143. Would like to talk asap,

    6. The U.S. income tax is law, whether any of us like it or not. We are exempt as we are not U.S. PERSONS [corporations U.S. TITLE 15-7]. Trump cannot just abolish the income tax laws. What he can do, is redesign the 1040 form. He can make sure, it has no residence address on it. It has foreign country claim section. It also has american option on it. It is the forms, which are locking us into the system. He can change the forms. Changing the forms, gives us our opt. out. This is why I said, look very closely at the forms.

    7. Taxes all start with the employers so what does the W4 say? They connect together? Is the employer going to do the same thing with
      the W4?
      Even if the form says one thing need to look at the directions booklet too - see if they have any hidden goodies in there
      And who says it's law - the crooks who set this whole scheme up?
      You think they shipping all the immigrants in here and not making provisions on the forms for such these things?
      And last I looked address is same thing as residence
      Ask for city, state and zip code this all ties you in to their jurisdiction

    8. shelby, if you would comprehend this, you could break the w-4 wide open. U.S. TITLE 15-7 for purposes of trade and commerce, defines persons as CORPORATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS. So does the only tax liability chapter in the entire income statute. U.S TITLE 26-7001

      Now, that you comprehend all U.S. PERSONS are trade/business CORPORATIONS/ASSOCIATIONS, comprehend this: all said corporations/associations have to organized under the laws of the U.S. and register with the state wherein they reside.

      What does that mean? Where do these corporations/associations, who are U.S. CITIZENS/PERSONS have to register? SEC. OF STATE, RIGHT?

      Do any said registrations exist? NO! Can you prove they don't exist? Yes!

      Once you obtain proof, you can blow the W4's out of the water. BOOM!

      Shelby you post all these videos, but you don't get what's really going on! What's going on, is your name was stolen and assumptions/presumptions are made that you are a corporation/association.

      Kill the assumption/presumption, KILL THE W-4'S.

      Shelby, it's all the same whacko, were issued a name, you don't have to use it.

    9. Oh I comprehend quite well and I DO understand whats going on
      And I'll be blunt here, do not insult my intelligence
      I post things in this forum to help educate not insult others

    10. Here's there Global 2000 report - you think these pasychopaths give a shit about any of us

      They want no upward mobility for any people on this earth period - they will block any kind of technology that aids any nation to become self sufficient

      21 goals

      You think there is going to be any good paying jobs in this system? Hell know
      You think this tax form is some great thing but in reality what they did was give huge ass tax breaks to the corporations and they threw the ground workers $3-500
      As they shrink wages and the opportunites for any good paying free enterprise jobs they rigging all the shit all over the world not just here
      Human Settlement Zones while the fraud orgainzation WWF declares that all land is off limits to any of us, papers or not

      They put hundreds of thousands of the farmers off the lands in Mexico to take over then they migrated them all here to take jobs and lower the wages

      Humpty dumpty up there working for the world bank not the people PERIOD
      None of them work for the people NOT ONE OF THEM

    11. Shelby, I know all that jazz too! Not insulting your intelligence at all. But, fail to see, how all the video postings help people. How many people on this blog, actually watch all the videos you post? Why not take the knowledge you have and put it into a simple usable format for others?
      We the freedom community have enough stuff to weed through, why don't you help out, and simplify this crap you have discovered?
      The truth is the entire system is evil, full of psychopaths, murderers, child rapists and satanic worshippers, who desire to take over the entire world and enslave us all. And they have come up with a system to achieve their goals, which most of us can't begin to fathom. So the best thing we can do is come out of their system, stand back and watch is implode on its own self.
      There that simple!

    12. That new 1040 FORM and blowing up the W4, like I said, that's a simple easy way, to stop them. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

    13. Like anyone else you can read my comments and review the links or not - no need to insult my attempt to help
      I will leave the blog now, no need for my crappy input

    Anything inside the box is like it is not there - makes it empty
    Listen to what he says about the four corners and how the judge and this seal and the signature where contained within boxes and anything that judge had done over the last 10 years of his reign of terror was void
    See all the boxes on that 'tax form'
    Address identifies you as 'resident' 'citizen'
    Remember elvis and return to sender, address unknown
    How about song sending out an SOS
    Your address traffics you in to their jurisdiction so does the zip code
    So think about this, they have your computer IP address, linked to your home address, and at at & t your name on the bill, all of which links you into their jurisdiction

  9. Go to about the 2:10 minute mark in the below video and see where he states himself that all states outside of the 13 original are not yet states
    ANNA this is for you! This may help to describe what Anna has been talking about that the states were never formed - imaginary - they mapped all this out and led us to believe there were states for the swindle through their DMV's, taxes, city, county etc etc etc when the states were never there to begin with - The CAFR reports and the billions they have collected from everyone through this fraud is huge huge huge
    Now they working the regionalism shit in with their Aquarian age do with less, destroying the earth climate change bullshit using the toys and ships that we bought and paid for to eliminate us with
    Not to mention all the other alphabet agencies that have been spun off too, like AMA, FDA, BLM, FCC, you name it all fraud
    Wonder why the 13 is so special to them?

    1. Technically the only 13 that ever exited are the 13 originals is what I am getting from the video

    2. The orig 13 American states admitted all subsequent states into the confederated union on what is called "EQUAL FOOTING".

      The cornerstone principle of the formation of the USofA is equality for all.

      England/pope/bankers want to say only the families who were here when the DeclofIndep was written are covered by it.
      That's not true!!!!!
      That's not what it SAYS!!!!
      It says "one people, all men, mankind, we, the governed, our, us, assume among the powers of the earth, separate and equal station" and more.

      That includes the people in ALL the States. The States that have completed their entry papers to join the confederated union and who qualify are already lawfully IN.
      Because the delays caused by the criminals in the corporations cannot obstruct the results of a lawful process.
      What is lawfully intended and declared cannot be stopped by criminal action.

      All of what the Corporation has done is criminal.
      Our States that intended to join our confederated union are IN the confederated union from intent and declaration from their living people and recognition and reception by the people already in the confederated union.
      If a criminal cabal doesn't like that, that's too bad.
      That's the way AMERICAN traditional common law authority works.
      And the cabal is not included.

      They don't have anything to say about it.

      They need to go get busy getting our trust accounts unlocked for us, cause were coming to get them.

  10. The qualifier is in the second paragraph of the DeclofIndep:

    Do you believe that it does not need to be argued or debated or explained that all men are:
    1. Created equal?
    2. Have a right to *be*: be alive and present?
    3. Have a right to try to find what they believe will make them happy as long as they don't hurt anyone else or anyone else's property?
    4. Have a right to be safe: protect themselves, family, property?
    5. Among other things?

    Then you qualify.

  11. Really Anna ?? alien lizard people now. Do they grow those special mushrooms up where you live?? Sigh!!!