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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Britain, Again. Guilty as Charged.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember Lord Pirbright?  He was the man who brought the world its first Concentration Camp during the Boer War in Africa.  He was rewarded instead of being hung, so that just encouraged more of it. 

Yes, Concentration Camps were a British invention, not German. 

Adolph Hitler merely borrowed Pirbright's original concept and employed it some decades later in Germany, Poland, and elsewhere.  The only difference is that the German camps were more efficient and overall, much cleaner. The Nazis offered latrines and sometimes, bedding, to their prisoners.  

Besides being the first Concentration Camps, the camps established during the Boer War boasted another "first".  Pirbright experimented on his Dutch and African prisoners, injecting them with various substances in the name of medical science.  

Pirbright was a loathsome elitist and proponent of racial purity,  He also championed "eugenics" -- the purported science of breeding better human stock, similar to breeding AKC dogs, and generally, treating people like animals.  

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Pirbright Institute's fingerprints are all over the origins of the present disastrous genocide. 

Despite their efforts being already outlawed when they began them, these criminals contrived to evade every form of law you can think of, every standard of decency that is customary, and imposed upon their El-ite Peers, (that is, Canaanite members of the Saturnine Brotherhood) who are not very bright, but are very evil and lacking a conscience, to support the mRNA "vaccine" pseudo-scientific medical profiteering scheme, for the sake of money.  Profits.  Just like Henry Kissinger said. 

There isn't an actual scientist or mathematician among them, but it hardly matters, because they have been able to hire whores with credentials to lie for them and shift the data and misinterpret the data and tweak it however they liked. For a price. 

What they liked, what they have always liked, is the death and dismemberment of "inferiors" for profit.  By war, by disease, by injection --- it hardly matters how, so long as people die and they profit from it.

I think it is now irrefutably proven who the inferiors among us really are, and despite their money, they are mentally inferior, morally inferior, and emotionally inferior in every way. 

Here's one of them, Dr. Mylo Canderian of Pirbright UK, under contract with the World Economic Forum and Pfizer, who should already be shoveling coal in Hell.  Take a good look at the Monster under the bed: 

Wouldn't that give you nightmares, if you found it lurking in your closet?

Dr. Canderian openly claims that even if the mRNA experiment should fail to have the desired effect of reducing the world population by 90%, the poisons (prions, graphene, polyethylene glycol, CF clotting factors, heartworms and other goodies) injected along with it, will kill everyone who took the jab by 2030.  He more or less gleefully guarantees it. 

So, Vaxxed Folks, and Unvaxxed Friends and Family alike, you've got nothing to lose by getting organized in vast numbers and bringing all of them to justice, even if its rough justice.  

After all, they want to destroy the inferior and the weak-minded among us, don't they?  And they have already proven who they are. They insist that the population needs to be culled, so why not begin with them? 

The original Lord Pirbright was the intellectual grandfather of a new generation of pundits like Margaret Sanger, who founded "Planned Parenthood" under the banner of social progress, and who secretly aimed at killing Negroes. 

She succeeded.  The disproportionate preponderance of abortions in this country and around the world are performed on black women.  

She only succeeded because she hid her agenda. Planned parenthood as a concept is preferable to unplanned parenthood, but like everything else these monsters do, it was used as a "good" storefront to hide the evil agenda behind it. 

Just like the Roman Catholic Church has been used as a storefront, just as the United Nations Organization is being used as a storefront for the UN CORPORATION.  

To say that these Perpetrators are twisted would be an understatement, yet they have been rewarded by governments and left to spread their dangerous quasi-scientific lies for 130 years, without being recognized as criminals and sociopaths. So they have flourished, largely unobserved, like a giant weed hidden behind a rhubarb plant. 

Besides Sanger's work, which has resulted in the death of millions upon millions of aborted babies, mostly black, brown, and Catholic babies, just as she planned, we have all suffered the idiocy of The Population Bomb, a 1968 book co-authored by Paul and Anne Ehrlich, two more of these cretins, living on the public dole at Stanford. 

Despite having advanced university degrees, neither Paul nor Anne Ehrlich can do math.  According to the Ehrlichs the Earth is a puny place that can't support the billions of people now more or less successfully living upon it, and though they offer no strong proof of their premise, they nonetheless projected the idea that we would all be dead or eating dirt and straw by sometime in the 1980s. 

Obviously, Mother Nature proved them wrong, but that did not stop them. 

The Ehrlichs continued telling their Big Lie just the same, and bored rich people seeking a disaster to milk, have listened to them. Their nonsense has been used to fuel the whole depopulation agenda and resulted in the genocide of millions of people already.  

No doubt there is a special place in Hell reserved for them, among "all the Liars".

Other murderous quasi-scientific boondoggles promoted by these cretins include fluoridation of the water, iron supplements, bleaching flour, GMO vegetables that produce their own pesticides (which we then consume along with the vegetable), patent medicines, depletion of atmospheric oxygen (and misrepresenting the results, increase of carbon dioxide, as the problem), Stone Age waste management, metered power grids, Global Cooling Hysteria and Global Warming Hysteria, both, and so much more. 

They are the sons and daughters of the Father of All Lies, and the descendants of Cain--- the Canaanites.  It was with good cause that the True God told the Hebrews to destroy them.  They worship idols as a Death Cult and practice cannibalism and drug use and human sacrifice as part of their religion.  Any questions?  Imagine the fellow in the photograph above eating your daughter. 

All the nastiness in the world comes, originally, from Britain; it is always at the bottom of the dogpile, without exception, and here it is, again.  With or without being egged on by Rome, with or without various accomplices including the French, the Germans, the Israelis, and the traitor Tories in America--- one thing remains the same: Britain as the instigator.


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  1. That muggly ugg looks like he could be Klaus's daddy, And im thinking his daddy may be Sharphe,,,

  2. now folks thats why you dont have kids with your sister-- the world is run by inbreds tying to make a master race

  3. he looks like Michael Jackson's butler, so the butler did it?

  4. "Queen Elizabeth just prior to her coronation getting led by a Druidic high priestess in preparation for her enthronement ceremony, this is a very rare pic that the house of windsor has attempted to censure." 

    A young Queen Elizabeth with the High Druid

  5. im not saying there arent weird looking people, inbred people with deformations, or even possibly chimeras, but even to an amateur painter, the difference in the texturing, coloring, and plumpness in the skin on this model stands out if you look close for a few moments.
    this work is defective, like everything else they put their paws on.
    start at the bottom of the crease between the ear and jaw and draw your eye in a line slowly down to the dimple in the chin. thats the models natural jawline.
    now find the deep, almost vertical "face-crease" that runs from underneath the mole to way, way down below that natural jaw and chinline, imitating folds of sagging skin.
    then look how the "skin" on the bottom of the earlobe is attached to those two huge flaps, and all three look the same color, texture.
    those two large folds being pulled way down below the natural jawline cover the line of demarkation between the models natural skin and the partial mask. covering the browridge, nose, and cheeks.
    ....same with those 3/4 inch-long unbrushed sheepswool eyebrows, they cover the MaskLine on the browridge.
    they cant do ANYthing right, even something as simple as this.

    1. Yep, spot on, it's a mask

      The lying ACTWHORE under the mask is where the real lie is

      Do you remember the movie MASK

      And just yesterday I posted about Darryl Hall and John Oats in her article about So.... It's official
      Well look see who the museician was/is behind that MASK

      ShelbyJanuary 29, 2023 at 11:40 AM
      Sow, it's official is it?

      Say it isn't sow

      Funny, Hall and Oates did a song by that title track back in 1983

      And ELO Electric Light Orchestra (leo) did a song called Oh Oh Oh It's Magic

      And today there is a commercial for Ozempic
      O O O Ozempic ya know it will cure all your dieabetic woes
      Ask your docktor for details
      And the color ORANGE is in your face all over that commercial

      And recently O where the olives live OLIVIA NEW TOWN JOHN passed away and she did a song titled
      I've read that here and Johnny Boy Travolta's son played the role of the Ramseys son in the DOCKumentary where he couldn't stop smiling
      That was a Greg Bradford video and all of his have been removed from the internat

      The album named Xanadu
      Interesting deafinitions for that there word
      World History . org has an interesting deafinition
      Associated with Marco Polo too

      Watch them I guarantee you will not believe what you see

      This one really caught my eye
      It's how they hide their wealth

      And as I have said they are crawling all over the internet

    2. And holy crap ya'll
      At around 7 minutes in
      Ya'll better sit the hell down cause that their name this woman uses is very significant to their operations

    3. And by all means just buy buy buy on Amazon
      Hmmm the BBB Better Business Bureau or another orgainzation these pukes CREATED to support their world wide theft

    4. Check this one out
      Well hell there are those Habsburgs again linked to Jimmy Carter aka JFK
      And today the not dead JFK is an ELDER
      JFK aka Carter the peanut farmer gallery of actors serves as one of the so called ELDERS of the world

      This prick was hidden in plain sight after they fake killed his ass on LIVE/EVIL television
      He was rebranded/resurrected as the peanut farmer fake president Jimmy Carter

      Tell me who the hell does this look like to you

      Looks like this rat to me

  6. None of those guys, in spite of their wealth, know any good Plastic Surgeons. And though they strive to achieve immortality, they don’t succeed. Portrait of Dorian Gray.

  7. Actually, I would love to find that lurking in my closet because I could then shoot it in the head. You know? The proper way to deal with such is to remove it from existence.

  8. I am proposing an "elite" hunting party in every county in every State. Open season on the "elites" and their puppets. It's well past time to remove them from existence.

    1. Well said we need to route these fuckers out of their holes and put them out of their misery

  9. I don't call them elite. That feeds their egos. I call them elitist because they think they are elite. And we don't agree with that, and we don't feed their egos. We call a spade a spade and not a heart.

  10. Anna you knocked it out of the park again with your research and journalistic talent. These cretins are VOID of conscience, as you say, and they are more ignorant than a maggot since a maggot knows he cannot usurp creator or creators blueprints for life. These absolute and infinitely obtuse reflections of expression wish to be their own kind of creators by using the energy of Source: parasiting and then denying Source at the same time !! Duh, how unintelligent is that??

  11. That looks like it could be one of these other species people are talking about everywhere who are controlling these monsters. It definitely looks like a mask. But yes it's time folks and the ignorant police and military need to get on the right side of history because as of now they are fighting against the people protecting these criminals so we have criminals protecting criminals.

  12. Hilarious. Why would this guy have a linkedin page if this was remotely True?

    1. Gotta Start the FRAME UP somewhere huh.

  13. all flesh eaters are cannanite cannibals wether they know it or not; no such thing as kosher or halal 'meat'; so according to this statement the elists are doing the creators bidding; Zec 11:4-6 "The LORD my Eternal One said to me, act the part of the shepard of a flock of sheep that are going to be butchered, 5- Their owners kill them & go unpunished. They sell the meat & say, praise the LORD! We are rich! Even their own shepherds have no pity on them. [6- The Lord said, ' I will no longer pity anyone on earth. I myself will put all the people in the power of their rulers. These rulers will devastate the earth, & I will not save it from their power.'] [Good News Bible]

  14. Amen to that Anna, Again you spoke to my heart truth. The truth will set us free. Thanks.

  15. Goo, Morgellons, and Manmade Tissue

    Information from La Quinta Columna:

    Applications of Nanotechnology in the preservation of food and cosmetics. GRAPHENE IN FOOD AND COSMETIC PRODUCTS

    Carbon (GRAPHENE) nanostructures as antibacterial and active food packaging materials: a review. They are neither ANTIBACTERIAL nor PRESERVATIVES. It's a lie. They only seek to introduce it.

    Nanotechnology for electrochemical and energetic devices. PATENT

    Agricultural packaging film containing graphene. GRAPHENE in agriculture

    If they continue that way, people will end up leaking this toxine out of their ears!

  16. Saw a BILL BOARD yesterday here in North Texas that read

    Even Mother Nature has an AGENT!

  17. Greetings,

    Breaking Personal News:

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    1. glad youre updating. have you got a case number people who know how can follow?... i guess some people are starting to do that with their cases.

    2. Greetings woman:janmarie,

      You said:
      "glad youre updating. have you got a case number people who know how can follow?... i guess some people are starting to do that with their cases."

      Unfortunately due to my wealth status, legal circumstances and security reasons (I will personally have the exact same security, if not more, as a sitting US corporate president soon, have already spoke with a former FBI Special Agent and others in that field) I am not going to be able to disclose my case number just not yet, my bad! In the mean time I will give general updates on my personal breaking news that you will not hear from any other sources. You are at my personal GROUND ZERO level with me and will eventually see it on MSM and ALT news. I am equivalent to Tony Stark/Ironman, Bruce Wayne/Batman and Clark Kent/Superman persona all put together in real life (I am literally watching myself when I watch these movies, amazing how life imitates art, it just that I chose which art to imitate, that is the key to opening a new world up to humanity that once existed. A geek with a lot of money, tech, knowledge and passion, life is an adventure worth living! πŸ§¬πŸ§ πŸ‘️✅πŸΎπŸ˜‡πŸ•Š️πŸ™πŸ•΅️πŸ§‘‍⚖️

    3. well, rollout the facts as youre able.
      in the meantime Dont jump off any buildings without your cape, ya'hear? :)

    4. Greetings woman:janmarie,

      Definitely will do! 😎🦸

  21. Would question where Anna Got that photo from? Or I should ask where the person that made the clearly fake Linkedin page got if from
    It's a rubber model as shown here. There are several photos using the same one.

    1. Apologies. for replies.


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