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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Consider well what the Saudi's just did. Do you still want to hold paper dollars?

 By Paul Stramer

The day is here. Today is the day the dollar lost it's world currency reserve status.

As Mike Adams explains, the Saudi's are now going to accept many different currencies for oil.

The age of the "petrodollar" is over. When the dollar is hyper-inflated what will happen to those who hold dollars?

I have advocated precious metals, primarily silver for over 20 years now, and have sold silver at prices between $9 and almost $40 per ounce during that period.

Most of the metals analysts that I follow are saying the same thing now. They are warning that we are in a currency collapse and it will get more rapid this year.

The mint that I have been with for over 17 years now, has shortened up their wait time from 3 months, to about 2 months, and it's time for me to start taking orders again.

With the currency in decline, now might be the last time we have a chance to get silver at reasonable prices. The last time the mint got jammed up with orders, and stretched out their production schedule, they were almost 4 months out on new orders.

Right now it costs almost $20 per ounce just to mine the silver and get it into a form the mint can use.

Here is an example of the quality of their products:

This is their Prospector divisible round. 

Notice that you can break it into quarter ounce pieces or half ounce pieces. That might come in handy shortly if silver goes to hundreds of dollar per ounce, which is another thing many of the silver forecasters are saying.

This piece has been our biggest seller for almost 17 years and accounts for about 85% of our total sales.

This is what I buy for my own stash.

Let us help you get some for yours.

We are now accepting cashiers checks and wire transfers on new silver orders for delivery in about 60 days or less directly from the mint. The orders will be shipped via FedEx Express anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.

You can look up spot price here:

Look at the silver Ask Price, then add $4.50 to spot, and $30 for shipping for each 500 ounces.

Yes they have a 500 ounce minimum order.

But we also have an alternative for those who don't want to buy 500 ounces.

How about an online store where you can get many different designs of silver rounds at either retail prices or wholesale, and where you can start an autoship order that will come every month with a credit or debit card.

Here is the link.

Go to Shop in the upper right corner to buy retail. Go to Get Started to get member prices and either just buy as a preferred customer, or join as a Wealth Ambassador to be able to refer others. 

If you have any questions the best is to just call me at 406 889 3183 between 9 AM and 2 PM Mountain time on weekdays to get your questions answered.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183


  1. No extra money to buy gold or silver with but would if I could.

  2. I can only afford to buy about 5 or 10 ounces at a time. Well, I could afford to spend more, but it would hurt.

  3. Matthew 21:13
    Only real values matter a system
    based exploitation or inefficiency
    naturally cancels out

  4. Uh, its not like the saudis are holding GOLD, they're just willing to use other currencies to clear their OIL sales, than ONLY the US DOLLAR which was the only reason OPEC was stood up, to force the worlds nations to have to acquire dollars to buy oil.

    Pretending its the end of oil backed fiat currency certainly sells commodity metals tho doesn't it.

    1. Howard here, and you have a very good and valid point there. I agree 100%, and with those same dollars we pay them for silver, why do they want them then, and if this all happens wouldn't they now be STUCK with those dollars they claiming that we all should get rid of, AND BUY SILVER WITH??? so then I have ask, what am I and you missing???

    2. howard,
      first of all i think the FRNs are proof of the massiveness of the Fraud... maybe theyre calling them in?...
      maybe newly minted silver/gold has a base metal core like some of the gold from chii naa supposedly had?
      also, i have a suspicion (only) that the assets upon which the new form of currency is going to be based may not be Metals anymore, making all that silver and gold potentially have the same value as yesterdays empty tomato can.
      .i mean, they switch to and from the "PetroDollar",... they could do the same with Metals?... i dont see why not.
      also, how about their carbon debits/ credits for currency?
      or the social standing/ social credit score?
      they keep talking about "Asset"-Backed. whats an Asset? we dont know. its a FICTION. It could be anything. could be anything they say it is... metal, oil, paperbills, carbon credits. Right?

    3. Why buy another commodity metal to use as currency, when the thing backing the fiat currency isn't going away. OIL will still back the fiat dollar just as it will now back the fiat yuan. Oil just being another commodity that has an inter-valuation defined between it and various fiat currencies and by extension between oil and commodity metals. The rest of the world will rush to unload their dollars and if the fed reserve then does Qualitative tightening then for however many dollars are removed from circulation the valuation of the remaining dollars left in circulation increases, not decreases.

      Doesn't look like I'm missing anything but maybe you were missing something?

    4. thats not to say we shouldnt have metals, i think its a good idea, if possible. i just dont see where *their* new system is necessarily going to use them. ... that doesnt mean we cant or shouldnt though.

    5. Do you think the general public will go for a reverse Dollar Split, where they take everyones dollars and say that 10 dollars is now worth a dollar? I think that will guarantee a civil war. That would instantly impoverish what remains of the middle class and show there is no FAIRNESS in how the fiscal accountability is being applied. Why continue to Obey CRIMINALS? Especially when with a reverse split its the billionaires that get reduced to millionaires and those living paycheck to paycheck go homeless with their debts exceeding their newly adjusted incomes.

      The only way the USA stays afloat as an entity is to find accountability and apply it to the unaccountable seated seeming authorities. Or there is no reason to continue to work together since the leaders TAKE ADVANTAGE and screw the American Public.

    6. any man and the men ActingAs their "Principals", "Affiliates", "Agents", or ANY OTHER FICTION, including under "Color of Religions", who have been intentionally involved in stealing and lying, abusing or merderring our people and our families, and robbing everyone blind are the ones who've done wrong, not the rest of us, so, we definately need to figure out how to keep people who have done no harm to man safe in all respects, so they dont suffer any further harm while we hold those harming man responsible.
      the second order of business is, hold trials by jury under authority of our own American common law and try those who have intentionally harmed man.

    7. "the second order of business is, hold trials by *grand jury under authority of our own American common law and try those who have intentionally harmed man.

      Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    8. hi m,
      appreciate the input, but, there are no "Grand Juries" in American common law.
      for one thing Grand Juries are held in secret, and that cannot be done in America because every American man has right to an OPEN COURT OF RECORD HELD UNDER AUTHORITY OF AMERICAN COMMON LAW.
      for another, its a form of double-jeopardy: two "trials".
      for another, GJs are part of the British Feudal-Lord System under Magna Charta. 25 Barons would get together and pre-judge one anothers White Slaves: the Serfs they "owned"... the Barons being the *Peers* /Superior/ Inherently- Better-Than their White Men Slaves, who were their "Property".
      anyway, GJs are not in the American common law System, ..., we dumped that load of crap and recognize all men as God recognizes us all: inherently equal before God and man.

      bubbapatric has brought this up before too, i could see the point he was making about holding GJs to review "evidence" concerning someone like a Statesman, Delegate, Deputy; or for Foreigners; or maybe in In*TRA*state commerce or In*TRA*Confederacy commerce if done in accord with the Articles concerning trade and commerce in OUR Articles of Conf and PerUnion.... but NOT under the CON the British forced on the American people by COUP DE'TAT: their unratified, unauthorized, unsigned CONstitution, served up with threats of cutting off trade like theyre still threatening to do now (?), andor other coersive measures, as historical records show.

  5. Quicksilver has been real good. I order a few dollars ( one ounce of fine silver) at a time, cant afford more. Been through some tough times. "I got one more silver dollar. But Im not gonna let em get me, not gonna let em get the midnight rider" Allman Brothers old version best with Duane's heartfelt slide guitar..

  6. We Are This Close...
    Found Here:

  7. HOPE that you dont mind me doing this, some tried to pick apart what i said when i replied to your comment, so cause I could not say it any better, here is your comment again, and reposted by me!!!>>>>>Uh, its not like the saudis are holding GOLD, they're just willing to use other currencies to clear their OIL sales, than ONLY the US DOLLAR which was the only reason OPEC was stood up, to force the worlds nations to have to acquire dollars to buy oil.

    Pretending its the end of oil backed fiat currency certainly sells commodity metals tho doesn't it.

  8. Let those that have discernment and wisdom form God see the truth.

  9. The writings on the wall anyway. Don't buy silver or gold then if you feel manipulated. Apparently some of you don't really comprehend fiat currency as well as you think you do. It will indeed go bye-bye at some point in the near future. That's what it's designed to do. Hold tight to your paranoia and have nothing when it does. You won't feel all that clever or smart then. Sometimes you can outsmart yourself.

  10. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is being introduced this year ('23) & that might spell the demise of the FRN's eventually...cashless society.

  11. silver is good in manufactoring- but ammo can put everything on a table- from a chicken to a young lady- can control masses and aquire anything the mind desires, and most of all it can feed many. id invest in ammo- and knowledge of black powder making- for when the fancy ammo with gucci powders run out , it will be back to muzzle loaders and bows

  12. Can't eat or drink gold or silver. Have a moderate amount of gold and silver is good but have plenty of food and water is as good as gold.

  13. "Red flags and inflated pricing for certain numismatics
    Customers (retail market buyers) could lose $300 to $500 per ounce (on gold) trying to liquidate the same coin just days after buying certain numismatics at inflated pricing.

    Red flags to watch for: Does the company avoid publishing their pricing online? If so, big red flag. Are they transparent? If not, big red flag. Work with companies that publish prices publicly and don’t try to steer you away from getting the most ounces per dollar unless you specifically want collectibles and numismatics.

    People who are new to precious metals are often not educated about the industry, and while looking for someone to help them, they can easily be taken advantage of by companies that are out to rook them for their “precious metal” investments. Experts say that “smart money” is going into gold now. Central banks are buying gold in a massive way right now, at 80% more than just two years ago (about 400 tons per quarter).

    Don’t forget, in a landmark ruling just recently, two former JPMorgan Chase employees were found guilty of racketeering and conspiracy, for manipulating the market of precious metals. The two guilty bankers engaged in illegal “spoofing,” a tactic where they used computer algorithms to disrupt trading activity and create artificial pricing for precious metals. Gold and silver are highly manipulated commodities on paper, and the paper market manipulation affects the “spot” prices but doesn’t have total control over the real-world price which is spot + premiums."


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