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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court - Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

 By Anna Von Reitz

Comes now the lawful Government of The United States in international jurisdiction, The United States of America, our Federation of Organic States of the Union, seeking action and redress to be provided by the Holy See and His Holiness, Pope Francis. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law it is the singular responsibility of the Pope to liquidate corporations that have engaged in unlawful activities; we can now say with certainty that thousands of Municipal and British Territorial corporations have profited themselves by the murder and maiming of the General Public in this country and throughout the world. They have done this in flagrant disregard for both health and life.

The guilty parties include the present iterations of the United States of America, Inc., a British Crown Corporation doing business under various names and through various incorporated subcontractors and agents, including the Department of Justice, Inc., the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inc., the Central Intelligence Agency, Inc., the Department of Defense, Inc., the White House Office, Inc., National Security Council, Inc., and their State-of-State franchise organizations, numerous pharmaceutical corporations including Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., numerous communications and news organizations including the BBC, Inc., Reuters, Inc., Associated Press, Inc., ABC, Inc., NBC, Inc., CBS, Inc., Fox News, Inc., The New York Times, Inc., The Washington Post, Inc., and innumerable other newspapers, radio stations, and television outlets, along with thousands of hospitals, clinics, and individual Uniformed Officers who profited from administering "covered countermeasures". The insurance industry was also profited by the large number of deaths inflicted on the elderly population of this country. Hospitals and individual health providers received kick-backs amounting to millions of dollars "per head" for those diagnosed with and dying from "Covid 19". 

The Municipal Counterparts of all of these British Crown Corporations similarly benefited themselves from lies, pretended authorities, coercive acts and demands undertaken under color of law, and cancellation of debt resulting from the death of millions of Americans including, thus far, over 118,000 youths under the age of 25.  

According to some credible life expectancy projections, only 1 in 40,000 recipients of these injections will be alive seven years from the date they received this "vaccination".  

The perpetrators purposefully and with malice aforethought changed the definition of "vaccine" in order to misrepresent what they were doing as a "vaccination" and to further misrepresent the nature of the material they were injecting into the bodies of their victims.  

A genetic pattern obtained from SARS virus and then genetically manipulated to form a unique lipid protein capsule used to deliver mRNA payloads and other foreign genetic materials at the cellular level, was the only faint association with any infectious disease at all, but it was used as a smokescreen to make it appear that a pandemic of an infectious disease was involved in this murderous-- and lucrative-- hoax. 

The actual products injected included: (1) parasites including freshwater hydras and eggs of an exotic Middle Eastern heartworm common to sheep in that region; (2) poisons including salts of aluminum and mercury and graphene oxides; (3) so-called "smart" hydrogels containing luciferase and other exotic photo-sensitive compounds and self-assembling "smart" nanotechnologies that respond to electromagnetic signals and share artificial intelligence information at a biological level. 

The ultimate goals of this program, above and beyond the death of the vast majority of recipients within seven years, appear to involve the secretive deployment of technology designed to collect information about the victims and their biological functions, to interfere with those functions, to coercively control the "subjects" in this experiment, to reduce the fertility of the participants to about 30% viability of offspring, and to track and surveil the victims so as to study the process of their deaths and the maiming effects of the various parasites, poisons, and foreign genetic materials that have been deployed throughout the General Public by means of criminal fraud.  

There has also been an effort on the part of the guilty corporations including Black Rock, Inc. and its various iterations and franchises and subsidiaries, and Vanguard, Inc., and the Department of Defense, et alia, to claim ownership interest in the "test subjects" who "volunteered" --- in response to what appeared to be "government mandates".  The logic for this appears to be that by accepting a snippet of undisclosed genetically engineered material that was patented by the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, the victims thereby became genetically modified organisms (GMOs) owned by the patent holders. 

Our Public Law already stands against any such cellular property interest claims advanced against living men and women. 

This entire murder-for-profit scheme has been the brainchild of William H. "Bill" Gates, Jr. and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has operated in cooperation with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC., aka, WHO, INC., and NATO, INC., DOD, INC., and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Inc., and the WORLD BANK, INC., which benefited itself by selling "Pandemic Bonds" as a rigged bet, in a situation in which no actual infectious disease, per se, was present. 

These above facts are all now "public knowledge" as they have been published as patents by the US and EU Patent Offices and published in scientific journals, and exhaustively reviewed and analyzed by Doctors David E. Martin and Karen Kingston and others, and there are no contrary findings, which results in this "no contest" claim for damages and action liquidating the offending corporations. 

Prior to these crimes against humanity actually being undertaken, we served Public International Notice to the Principals responsible for the existence of these corporations that we would charge one (1) Trillion dollars per American killed or maimed by any such attack, and we locked in the exchange "dollar value" as of the day of the Notice.  We are losing 7,500 Americans per day to death or permanent disability, and are exercising our pre-established lien in the amount of $232,500 Trillion USD for the month of December 2022

This commercial lien and resulting debt will continue to accrue and collect 4% compound interest per annum against the Principals and all British Crown and Municipal affiliates until and unless the damage done is remediated with effective and substantial cures for the victims and appropriate compensation being paid to them and their families. 

In addition --- and the reason that this claim appears before the Vatican Chancery Court --- we, the living people of The United States, have been injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially by these self-interested corporations acting under color of law. Millions of us have been killed already and more continue to die; millions more have been maimed and now suffer debilitating injuries which result in permanent disabilities and the need for extensive medical care. 

As we have been killed and maimed by corporations, we demand the death of these corporations in turn.  There is no doubt that they have engaged in unlawful activities that have resulted in the death and misery of millions of people and that they have done this for profit and coercive power. We do not accept their "offer" (COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act | Federal Trade Commission ( of our own money and credit being dispensed to us by the perpetrators as any true consideration, remedy or cure. 

The only appropriate and necessary cure is: (1) the complete liquidation of all these offending corporations; (2) the sale of their corporate assets for the benefit of the victims and their survivors; (3) the removal of the corporate veil to allow prosecution of the offending officers and board members; (4) the establishment of a Injury Reparations Fund administered directly by our Fiduciary Office; (5) and for the lesser offenders who received kick-backs, the return of all kick-back funds to the Injury Reparations Fund, plus a stiff fine for going along and benefiting themselves from criminal activities. 

It is entirely appropriate that the Vatican Chancery Court rule in favor of the victims and that the Holy See and the Pope be imposed upon to liquidate all these offending corporations and hold all the administrators and corporate officers responsible for their premeditated murders, attempts to enslave living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms owned under patents, and long term injuries to those who have been disabled. 

This is all public knowledge now, and uncontested. 

Please proceed with all due alacrity to deliver the requested relief to the victims of this unholy scheme to pillage and destroy the only value that gives value to anything else: the living energy, health, and consciousness of the True God incarnate in us all.  

Claim made by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                           The United States of America
                          Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                           The United States of America

Claim published on this 19th day of January in the year of 2023. 


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  1. doing as this Article suggests will only cause the collapse of the good part of our Societies along with the bad.
    better to think it through and SEPARATE the good parts of the Infrastructure/ Corporations/ other that we already have in place,
    1. leaving those beneficial portions standing and still operable while we re-group
    2. hold the MEN who made the decisions to cause harm to man via the Corporations responsible according to our American common law
    3. re-Structure or do away with the portions of the corporations that were being mis-used to cause harm to man.
    otherwise, its much more likely that chaos, starvation (Venezu) can get a foothold.
    we got this. dont panic. use logic. think things all the way through to the end.

    1. janmarie, your like that crap they use for GEO engineering, poisonous to the earth.

    2. jan marie, put a frickin sock in it for Gods sake, your babble's gettin old.

    3. Does anyone have / know of; that the Father actually signed the birth certificate?


    4. no.
      im going to keep sharing my thoughts and ideas. :):)

    5. maximus,
      i havent seen any with fathers sig on it.
      the best ive been able to piece together so far (lots of info from yakir xerces) is:
      i think thats one of their MajorPlanks of their Fraud they committed upon our trusting fathers and families is to not allow our father to sign, but instead to have only mother, using her MaidenName as if Unwed, to sign as an INFORM-ant for the IncorporatedState and.:
      then only *Name* our father, and (unintentionally by mother) leave him out, by not allowing him to sign for his own "proper-tie": as if he had abandoned his "proper-tie"/ own flesh and blood: newborn son or daughter.
      ending up with only the contrived "UnwedMother" signing as a contrived "StateInc.Informant", "Informing" on father for a contrived "Abandonment":
      thereby making the FAKE "UnwedMother and her FAKE BastardChild/ FatherlessFoundling" Wards of the StateInc., that their CorporateOfficer, The DOCK-tor, as Authorized Representative of the StateCorps(e), signs for, receiving the Foreign StateInc's "Newly-Acquired Property": the FAKED "Informant UnwedMother and her FAKE-Abandoned newborn American son or daughter" and along with both of their life-long "Estates", to be Administered by the Foreign StateCorps(e)... something similar to that.

      then some believe it even then goes into handling the placenta; its heartbeat; it being landbased/"mother"-"land"; it being "living"/"twin"/ decedant/ abandoned to the care of the Foreign StateHospitalInc.; hence the "need" for the StateInc. to handle the placenta's "Estate" until mother "Can Be Found".
      somebody who used to comment on here seemed to know the details about all that. he had discovered alot of it through IRSCodes, i think.
      i think he went by CubeSquare.

    6. no, i think he went by Cube*Sphere*.

    7. They don't call them Foundling Fathers for nothin

      I've said this all along that they have everyone listed as a bastard child without a father

      In my case I did not have a father listed on the certificate at all and the SS Office told my daughter that the father came in and paid to have his name removed which was a damned lie PERIOD

      Either way the whole damned set up is criminal period
      Who in the hell are any of these traveling freaks to judge anyone else on this earth?

      Nothing like the bastard child of a pope to start the fraud
      Only other one I've heard talk about Borgio is Santos Bonacci

    8. I've read that the father has '3' days to go in and sign/claim the child? but because the mother and father are most likely a prisoner of war within the very system that created them and through the use of the service priviledge of the hospitalars and the LIEcense of marriage the state is a third party and claims the child anyways

      After all their creation known as the 'SUPREME COURT' says so
      It falls under their fraudulent 'CONtract' Law

  2. Excellent lien. Well done.
    God is not incarnate within us.
    The Creator is separate from His Creation.

    1. your authority on the creator comes from what? sense you did not give any authorship, then the creator is certainly separate from you, so you are not alive but dead like a bot.

    2. WE are NOT separated from our Creator!!!

    3. Can you create yourself? The two are mutually exclusive. Our Creator is always with us, but not in us.

    4. Th God Head is a trinity, and the Holy Spirit of that Trinity resides in these who have rejected God. Ipso facto God does reside within his own.

    5. but we cannot exist except by him.
      he on the other hand is self-existent.

    6. You can't get any closer or any further away from God than you are right now. We are all extensions of the one , vibrating at different frequencies, giving the illusion of individuality. Saying your separate, is like saying your sovereign. You wrapped in the sovereignty of the creator.

    7. Where are you getting this sh¿t from? That Our Father is not incarnate within us, and that he is separate from his creation. Quit making sh¿t up. Our Creator said it with his own mouth.
      John14:16..."And l will pray the Father and he shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you forever.
      17..."Even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him, but ye know him for he dwelleth with you and shall be in you.
      20..."At that day ye shall know that l am in my Father and shall know that l am in my Father and ye in me and
      l lN YOU."
      Can it get any clearer than that? l. don't .....
      think .................SO!

  3. It matters not what you think or what I think, at the end of the day and at the end of our lives, I'm fairly sure what's going to be looked at is our intent! Why, because perfection and Free Will don't go together to thanks all take care I'm done

  4. Never mind the nay saying peanut gallery. Keep up the good fight! It is a small and spineless person who just sits on the sidelines telling those who actually take action that theyre wrong. The fact is, they have nothing to contribute, making anything they have to say irrelevant. They're all comment and no solution... Keep it up!!!

    1. you just did that!

    2. The solution has never changed

      you're just scared of violence

    3. Just because Anna types shit on the internet does not mean there is any action taking place
      I took this to my county sheriff and talked to the mayor of an Arizona town about it
      Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds and their CRIS reports
      The Arizona ex sheriff now mayor confirmed all of it

      It all hinges on the SIRENAME and the Birth Certificate

      Did you know you can be put in jail without a birth certificate but in order to get out you need to obtain a copy of yours from the Department of Vital Statistics to get out and give it to the prison?

      I've recently come across a totally redone/reformatted birth certificate, everything is typed, no hospital no doctor informant nothing about the actual birth but it is printed on bonded paper and says at the top CERTIFICATION OF VITAL RECORD and signed only by the County Clerk (CC) /Local Registrar of TEXAS
      And the footprints of the child were imprinted on the outside of the envelope that the certificate was mailed in

      Hmm nothing like separating the footprints (think carbon footprints) of the child from the actual document that they imprinted them on in the hospital in the first place

      They working the scheme on the backend to circumvent the very shit Anna claims to be doing is my guess???

    4. Rights come by might. Ask the lion. Without a complete collapse of civilization, nothing will change. Too many people on the dole. The masses would kill anyone who tried to end their welfare state.

      Thats crazy about the footprints and makes total sense!!

    5. you don't know what the word means.

  5. Thats hilarious.

    "(4) the establishment of a Injury Reparations Fund administered directly by our Fiduciary Office; "

    So they're going to yield 232,500 trillion to some unelected fiduciary who simply sits and lays claim to it? and everyones supposed to trust the next set of "administrators" won't be so self serving as the clowns we're dealing with today?

    Yep, makes Total sense huh. (if ones an idiot.)

  6. Hey, someone ask anna why the "constitutions" reinstituted the slave trade after Americans already agreed to abolish it in 1774 (articles of association)?

  7. COVID = Enterprise Fraud
    It All Starts with a Code…It All Ends with a Code: Part 3 Examining New Codes to Target the Unvaccinated

    Political Moonshine

    "Back in the fall of 2021, I wrote three foundational articles that are a part of my full catalog of COVID-19 articles in excess of 350 that I began to publish on 09 Feb 20. These three articles in particular underpin absolutely critical aspects of COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud.

    "The problematic nature of the new ICD-10 codes is found in ICD-10 code Z28.310, “may be assigned when the patient has not received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.” [Source]

    In reporting from that included an interview with a doctor seeing the data results of the new ICD-10 code presenting for the first time, the ability to target the unvaccinated for further coercion and mandates is examined.

    Specifically, the interviewed physician indicated how the application of Z28.310 was further tied to the unvaccinated patient’s paralleling and preexisting diagnosis of schizophrenia and where schizophrenia was indicated as the reason for the patient not being vaccinated.

    This is dangerous because it opens a two-way portal. Rather than a mental illness presenting as the diagnostic reason for unvaccinated status, it could be argued that a corrupt and criminal federal apparatus could leverage a patient’s unvaccinated status to provide a diagnosis as mentally ill. Now, compound that with the ongoing movement towards “red flag” laws relative to the Second Amendment and mental health. Nefarious.

    Think that’s crazy? It’s not. The pretext is already out there:

    As I began evidencing in January 2020, the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” is a construct of enterprise fraud.
    The ICD-10 Coding Manual and the mechanism of medical coding is one of three primary means to harvest infection and mortality data from comorbidity data harvesting reservoirs to propagate as COVID-19 data.
    Now, the ICD-10 coding mechanism has been further weaponized to target the unvaccinated in obviously nefarious ways.
    The Chinese owned and controlled WHO said it first: “It all starts with a code.”

    If the American people don’t wise-up, wake-up and begin to fight back in meaningful ways, I’ll be the first to tell you that, “It all ends with a code.”

    1. Have you herd (spelled wrong on purpose) of this

      Bout an hour and 2 minutes in

      World FEDERATION of Mental Health (WFMH) launched

      Have a look see at what this fine upstanding non governmental I'm sure a non profit 501c3 is up to

      Now I don't know about you but all kinds of 'flags' or 'bells' or 'whistles' go off any time I hear the word 'FEDERATION'

      No different than the so called 'Ministry' of Land and Natural Resources and ole Patrick Byrne hob knobbing all around the golden globe to get the poor Zambians to trust 'block' 'chain' to keep their land and homes 'safe' and give them all 'digital titles' that they can be assured everything is on the up and up NOT

      Medici Ventures and all things BLOCKCHAIN

      And funny the word ENTERPRISE
      Like StarShip Enterprise and StarTrek
      SS Enterprise not an accident


  8. What Sars virus? There is none. Idiot.

  9. It’s instructive, to see the corporate leader see if indeed they control their creation.
    Placing my bet on the NWO..
    Benedict tried to help and he got taken out , Francis is a Jesuit and a communist,and homosexual complete puppet.
    Joseph of Arrathea.who’s tomb Jesus of Nazerath was buried.John gave Mary to the custody of Joseph and he took her to Gastenbarry England were he had a tin mine.
    Bishop’s we’re all that were unil Rome demanded they be call the head of all churches ,papa

    1. there has been an enormous amount of "Alien Agenda" "Intel" being given out for the past four months or so, and now, intel that "Huge Reveals" about the churches are coming this year has been added to it.

      anyway, it sounds like the Catholic Church is first and it sounds like the Objective will be to discredit the Bible, and of course, jesuis and introduce us to our Alien, Off-World, InterPlanetary Creators and Saviors who will remove us from the Matrix and help us enter the 4th and 5th Dimensions -- something similar.

      anyone who believes the main themes of the Bible believes we already have access to heaven and the fourth dimension: example:
      ref.: ephesians 1:3... Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ
      1:20, 21, 22, 23 (paraphrased)
      jesuis seated at the right hand of God in heaven far above all principalities and power in this world and the world to come:
      all things under his feet: he is head over all things to the church: his body.
      other examples:
      ref hebrews 11:1-3.
      and we're also told we can come boldly to the throne of grace.
      and so many more!
      so, fourth and fifth dimensions, the invisible and heaven, respectively, are already open to us, if we go in the way God tells us to enter:
      enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.

  10. All of you that includes Anna and Paul ought to be ashamed of yourself. God gave you all the knowledge necessary to stop all this bullshit and in return all you guys do is use it against one another. Talk about a bunch of stupid inconsiC v⁷derate
    Group of people. We can't survive without each other.
    Why is it the enemy can get along and work together against man kind and you guys can't even hold a conversation to save your own ass.

    1. good idea. why dont you go first?


  11. This is unprecedented document, we living humans can only, as janmarie suggesting, add to benefit final outcome. So be so!

    Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    P. S.


  12. This is unprecedented document, we living humans can only, as janmarie suggesting, add to this benevolent document-idea in order to benefit final outcome. So be so!

    Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    P. S.


  13. God Given Rights
    Always question "Jurisdiction" !

    Paul Wilkerson
    Jan 10
    Call me crazy but I believe "conspiracy to deprive American Republic CITIZENS of God given Rights" resulting in death is in FACT criminal activity in violation of multiple global laws. Clearly our own government has stolen our money ( DOD ) to develop “countermeasures” intending to murder all the victims that were deceived , coerced, bribed, threatened and literally tortured from birth until death.

    Please watch my drone video. 2 minutes, Link 👇.

    Land of the Free

    Home of the

    B iological

    R ights

    A bove

    V accine

    E nslavement


    My other case filed Nov 1-22 in Wyoming for elderly abuse on my mom and all mom's is being refused by the "clerk" of the 7th district in Wyoming.

    Please help ,Paul Wilkerson Writes Paul’s Newsletter

    It might help if you yes YOU call/email.

    Wyoming office of the attorney general


    Asking what they intend to do About Elderly handicapped vaccinated woman abuse ? ?

    Another way YOU CAN HELP

    PLEASE send an email to the original Judge and ask him why he is ignoring crime's against humanity? Why is he working as a public servant “judge” in Illinois, knowingly working together with the Attorney General of Illinois to protect the interests of the Crown of England”? Please read “Guilty Government “ on my Substack then email the “Honorable Judge Joe Billy McDade @

    Or to the Magistrate Judge Jonathan E. Hawley @

    Here is proof ILLINOIS protection is for the “Crown of England”

    All lives matter and I don't believe it's to much to ask you to help save your own life. One Email to all three email addresses . I am blocked now but you are not blocked.

    We are MORE POWER then they Under Stand.



    “the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the princes of the earth; for with thy sorcery were all the nations deceived.”

    Please 🙏

    What the Data shows.

  14. all controlled religious fiction , you people attacking anna, know nothing of language.


  16. Does the Holy See or Chancery Court have a website where claims like this one by Anna, are docketed and can be followed for progress/response. And if not...why? An inquiring mind wants to know.


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