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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Pay Attention to Your Remedy

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I told you that every time THEY do something outrageous and illegal and in violation of their treaties, contracts, and obligations -- they are required to publish remedy for their crimes and contractual non-performance? 

Well, kids, here is your remedy for the entire Covid 19 Debacle: 

For the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency declared pursuant to section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 247d), this Act makes it unlawful under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for any person, partnership, or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID–19 or a government benefit related to COVID–19. The Act provides that such a violation shall be treated as a violation of a rule defining an unfair or deceptive act or practice prescribed under Sec. 18(a)(1)(B) of the FTC Act.

COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act | Federal Trade Commission (

This means that you or anyone else who has been harmed by the false advertising of the Covid 19 "vaccine" as being "safe and effective" and anyone who has acted to receive the vaccine because they were led to believe (falsely) that it was required by law, are able to bring suit and sue for damages under the above Consumer Protection Act Section. 

Let me suggest that all Territorial Persons who have been harmed by these charlatans should gather together to front gigantic class action lawsuits against the Big Pharma corporations and others responsible for the injuries that they have suffered. 

All Americans who have recouped their lawful status and who are enabled to act as Lawful Persons have to bring suit as individuals with individual injuries, but may benefit from establishing "stare decisis" in one case which then also applies to a multitude of other cases involving the same elements of misrepresentation and resulting injury. 

Everyone from all three populations --- Americans, Territorials, and Municipals --- can sue in cross-jurisdictional courts.  Americans can sue in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, while Territorial U.S. Citizens can sue in Federal District Courts and Municipal citizens of the United States can sue for damages in Municipal COURTS, all under the provisions of this Section of the 2021 Consumer Protection Act. 

Americans and Territorials can sue for actual injury, while Municipal PERSONS are limited to commercial damages; and, as the criminals responsible for this circumstance cannot return the health they have destroyed and stole, the only possible restitution is in terms of monetary and asset awards.  

That is not any reasonable abatement or consideration for the lost lives of children and grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters.... it's simply all that the guilty corporations have to show for their activities and the only way they can ever "repay" anyone for anything.  

I suppose that is yet another comment on why corporations should not be allowed to exist.  While they harm living people and living organisms unto death on a regular basis, they are themselves capable of nothing but the nominal "death" of corporate liquidation.

When corporations murder millions of people for profit and when they plot to profit themselves from maiming millions more who will require medical care for the rest of their truncated lives, these corporations cannot give back health or joy, companionship or love.  

Our loved ones are dead and rotting in the ground. Our dreams and our businesses lay in ruins.

The most that we can extract from these guilty corporations is money --- at least, that's the only kind of "abatement" for their crimes that they offer.  

We find that "offer" of money as reparation for loss of life and fertility and joy to be insufficient and "not in kind".  

The consideration of our injuries by State-of-State-sponsored corporations must include the loss of more than money.  It must include the destruction of the corporations themselves. 

It must include the seizure of all profits that these corporations and individuals have made as a result of their crimes. 

It must include the liquidation of these corporations. 

It must include the removal of the corporate veil, allowing those injured to seize the personal fortunes of the instigators and profiteers who have stolen our lives, our fertility, and left so many of us maimed. 

And finally, it must include the payment of plenty of money to the victims and their families. 

The dire crisis these soulless, mindless, faceless THINGS have caused, the murder-for-profit scheme they have promoted, must be recognized by all members and levels of society and the greater question --- why do we allow corporations at all? --- must be asked and answered. 

Why should any of them be insured against bankruptcy by the public purse, when it is the public that they have attacked and murdered?  Why should the guilty board members and insatiable shareholders be rewarded for behavior and investments that promote death and disease for profit against the public interest?  

Now or ever? 

The Logic of Life cries out for a full and righteous vindication, not with fees and fines, not with court awards and insurance payments, but rather, when our lives are taken and threatened by corporations, then those corporations must die.

I will still feel that the loss of a single five year-old is a greater loss than any loss that can ever be realized by the complete and permanent destruction of Pfizer, or Moderna, or any other corporation; but as we must deal with what is possible in terms of retribution and repayment, then let us focus on the utter liquidation and destruction of these filthy corporations, and the return of of their ill-gotten profits and assets to the benefit of the victims and the families of the victims.   

Let us not settle for mere "abatement" and call instead for such hollow justice as it is possible to attain from the destruction of a dead thing, that has purposefully and with malicious, profit-seeking intent, caused the death and maiming of living people. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law it is the singular responsibility of the Pope to liquidate corporations that have engaged in unlawful activities; we can now say with certainty that thousands of Municipal and British Territorial corporations have profited themselves by the murder and maiming of the General Public in this country and throughout the world. They have done this in flagrant disregard for both health and life. 

There is no plausible reason or excuse for these organizations to continue to exist, and the greater question is now posed --- why should we provide bankruptcy protection to any corporation?

Why should we even suffer these unnatural THINGS to exist?    


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  1. Irresponsible. Why is suing them acceptable and not serving them notice and then converting said notice to a commercial lien? Suing them is admitting falsely to being legal fiction. Only corporations can do that. Why is it ok to do one and not the other? Better to teach people how to properly serve these scumbags and then lien the bastards up. And if they try to change their names and start anew, one can simply add the new name to the lien and destroy their credit forever or better yet, register the lien with the SEC and sell it to the IRS and let them get a dose of their own medicine.

    1. yes, it is irresponsible...
      those corporations did nothing wrong. they are just tools.
      the men making the decisions to use the corporations to cause harm to man are responsible for same.
      impulsively shutting down corporations would only cause even more harm to man by bringing on the collapse of vital infrastructure systems that present-day man depends on.
      i cant think of a worse thing to do.
      "anna" should know better.

    2. Corporations are created by man, so they are as bad as the man.

    3. janmarie, your full of crap, the more you run your mouth the more you expose your polluted mind, take the corporate tools away from these men, and execute judgement accordingly.

    4. that said, we do need to start a well- thought- through, well- organized way to transition the corporate "charters" out of "SeaLaw" and set up the former- StateInc.corporations and their "product" to be owned by the people:man/land AND IM NOT TALKING ABOUT DOING PUBLIC/PRIVATE "PARTNER-*SHIPS*" EITHER, which would just start the whole Fasci-istic HorrorShow up again under a different Name.

      for the first thing, we need ONE SET OF BOOKS ONLY.
      thats bullshit.
      ... its the people's affairs that our true-States and people-Elected Deputies/ Delegates were created to care for and the books concerning the peoples affairs belong to the people. so, from now on, the peoples books had better be open at all times for every man among us to walk in and look at 24/7, 365, WITH SIGNATURES, IN WET-INK, BY THE MAN WHO AGREES TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO THE people for accuracy and honesty.
      plus, every man has right to regularly get copies of Updates that bear, under punishment: VERIFICATION that SIGNATURES on the update copies are exact copies of the WET INK SIGNATURE on the ORIGINAL Update.

      "man" always includes woman, son, daughter, as well as all that belongs to (that) man, woman, son, daughter. American common law.

      this will not be hard, we already know what to do.

    5. a11:37a,
      my words stand.
      let people decide for themselves whether or not my words are worth their time and consideration.

    6. janmarie, your words stand like a fart in a whirlwind.

    7. to an airhead, yes, im sure they do.

    8. i agree with you woman:janmarie notice,notice,notice,claim trespass by way of harm.

  2. 1 Corinthians 12:12,
    Vitality depends on the Immunity system
    function removal of impediments

    1. stop quoting a tanted scripture.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lack of faith weakens the
      body lead to deterioration,
      thus confirm scripture

  3. I couldn't agree more! It's staring us straight in the face. It's high time to have our eyes peeled open.

  4. I would like to add that these corporations are fictions and it's the men and women acting through them who are ultimately responsible and deserve the death penalty or life in prison at the very least. Corporations suit no service to mankind other than to decieve and shift liability

    1. Pretty much. Those courts and actions are purely reserved for corporations.

    2. That is definitely true. If we first End the corporations though, then the evil men can't profit from them and their limited liability situation anymore, that would already go a long way to righting what is so tragically wrong. That is something we know for sure needs to be done. We may need to do more than that, but indeed a very good start I would say. We can always sort out later who needs ultra-high doses of their own "magic potions", and who was a victim/perpetrator and should be given leniency, afterwards.

    3. I prefer shooting them. I've spent a lot of money on ammo. And my AR's are feeling abandoned.

  5. When I see Anna Von Reitz speak these truthful words.
    And Americans who prefer to end all corporations,and prefer to shoot them.
    As a British born man,I agree,I am old enough,to remember,WW2,MEN in steel plant I worked with,saying U.S men where decent lads,and like uncles, who faught along side, American soldiers,seen each others deaths, remembering who created these wars, today,and then,Rothschild, Rocafella.
    And today,killing people around the world
    22 million.
    It's time these parasites,where shot,there should be no more,of these dirty rotten people alive,to carry out there dirty deeds.

  6. really, it's more of the unlawful conversion caused by the corporation policies, that causes men to do evil acts, it's the lie itself.

  7. Greetings,

    Thanks Anna again! I'm on the case to liquidate those corporations (criminal actors) by liening them out of existence, especially after I personally launch my multi-trillion dollar (part of four quadtrillion dollar fiat ponzi derivatives scheme which I will convert into land, precious metals, rare earth metals and industry) global online retail Private Free Enterprise company; yes, I am personally the sole creator, founder, chairman, President, Vice President, CEO, CFO, COO, CITO (Corporate Internet Technology Officer), CMO (Corporate Marketing Officer) and CAO (Corporate Acquisition Officer)! Can't wait!!!

  8. Commandment 11
    NEVER mix Public and private!

    You have no say in your neighbors house/castle or any district.

    It’s a choice!

  9. Commandment 1
    No Gods before me

    It’s a choice!

  10. Greetings Thomas-Michael,

    Everything is a choice, for better or worse, no stagnation from any choices ever made by humans, even other animals (squirrels being run over as example, of course I know the squirrel made a fatal decision running across the street in front of me and that is why I avoid hitting the squirrel at all cost, never killed one yet but close couple of times); wise folks know everything is a choice with consequences to hopefully make the right choice for expected outcome, calculated risk to reward, awareness of cause and effect. Unwise folks just make choices and immediately act on them without understanding the consequences of their choices first which is the same thing as gambling, unknown consequences, uncalculated risk to reward logic, unaware of cause and effect, very tough way to live.

  11. The origins or corporations ere covens then covenants then corporations all working for AL - ie PapAL, RoyAls, FederAls!

  12. Greetings,
    Breaking Personal News:
    I am personally in the process of filing criminal charges against a Plaintiff, JP Court Judge, County Court at Law of Appeals Judge and District Court of Appeals Judge, County Constable and all levels of clerks for Fraudulent Filing against me, to frame me personally because they hate my guts with a passion (which is their Achilles heal). Police Fraud Unit Department did not want to file fraud charges against the defendants I listed until I got into a shouting match in front of other police officers and citizens at headquarters with me telling the fraud detective what the evidence is. The fraud detective finally let me explain to him how I found the evidence and he explained to me the evidence of fraudulent filing that I pointed out. The fraud detective made copies of my case against me as evidence for fraudulent filing, he said he is going to suppoena the trial transcript, the judge said the law didn't matter in my trial, only her opinion; I told her the law does matter but her opinion does not for the record and everything she has said was absolutely wrong, then the judge cut me off for rest of the trial; I told the three courts that they are going to jail and they all hanged up on me. I asked the fraud detective if we were good and he said yes, we gave each other a fist bump (you want to talk about getting our employees to follow the law and the employers, us). This may make it least the local news, maybe national news and international news. What I have done has never been done before by any person in US, putting the public servants in prison as the ultimate remedy! Will keep everyone on this forum updated as the criminal conspiracy charges against my case defendants progresses, it's awesome feeling to be on the other side the fence and turn the tables on them, my "Civil War" had begun, our future depends on my outcome of law enforcement against the suspects)!

    1. P.S. By the way, when I explained to all of them in person what I uncovered in the fraudulent filing and reported it to the police for investigation, all of them were no longer laughing at me and showed little bit more respect and a lot of fear. I have been vindicated and did it without a corporate attorney. In fact, no corporate attorney would have ever done what I did; I am so glad I went Pro-Se even though the courts devoured me at first but I came out unscathed and beat the deadline the last day before judgement enforcement by stopping it dead cold in it's tracks by filing criminal conspiracy charges against all those who touched the hot potato case, OUCH πŸ€•!

    2. P.P.S. I will be hiring corporate attorneys to put the defendants in jail (no mercy, I showed them mercy in the beginning by pointing out their mistakes, but it absolutely did not matter, the defendants showed me no mercy when they declared "WWIII" on me personally in court), and to also seek extensive monetary damages and ask all government officials and employees to resign or go to prison, their choice, since the criminal conspiracy against me personally is an internal pandemic which is the whole system itself (talk about getting a total strikeout, wipeout, with one stroke, SWEET! 🧁). There is a time to use corporate attorneys to put corporate employees in prison, but of course never to defend yourself by giving Power of Attorney to an adversary.

    3. P.P.P.S. The case I was so called "defendant" is a civil lawsuit. Now, the Plaintiff and all those involved in the civil lawsuit against me personally are now true criminal defendants fighting for their freedom and jobs now (how nice, karma works in mysterious ways, amazing). The fraud detective told me at first that I don't have a fraud criminal case because my case is civil and the paperwork is not evidence of fraud, but I told him that the evidence of fraud against me personally to harm me with malice is in the paperwork filed, that is when the fraud detective took my report and gave me a criminal case number to start collecting criminal evidence against defendants, this is such a serious offense by the judicial system that even the police (their protectors) can't ignore the blatant violation of the very essence of my right to fair due process, civil or criminal (I definitely will not violate the criminal defendants fundamental rights to fair due process to their incarceration for criminal conspiracy against me personally).

  13. P.P.P.P.S. We can only kill lies with undiluted truth! πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ•Š️

    1. I reiterate:
      You will NEVER have a say in their house. EVER! No more than we fight for our Constitutionally protected rights to preserve our own castle and sovereignty.

      Public and private do not mix. Their game their rules NO EXCEPTION!

      Our rights are sovereign “individual” protected rights with each of us responsible for the choices we make voluntarily. As we knowingly feed the beast, we die a thousand cuts each day. Banker always puts the money back in the box and closes the instruction filled cover.

      Read the box top of the game, the Holy Bible. Principalities and the wicked in high places exploit the ignorance of the willing useful idiots to believe man as a demigod as the wise wait to clear the board. The meek shall inherit the Earth?

      “The only way to win is to not play at all!”

      To argue is to be in dishonor of the implied contract you exist in. You’ve already lost!

  14. Greetings Thomas-Michael,

    Thanks for your response!

    You said:
    "I reiterate:
    You will NEVER have a say in their house. EVER! No more than we fight for our Constitutionally protected rights to preserve our own castle and sovereignty."

    That is true, but we do have remedies in their house if you can find it like a needle in a haystack which has served me well, even by getting a No Bill at the Grand Jury for second degree felony for assault with a deadly weapon with serious bodily injury (of course the police and courts want to pigeon hole the case as an assault crime for their convenience instead of actual self-defense pertaining to me personally, cost me $15,000 cash to correct the police and courts narrative of the self-defense laws. Think of remedy as a pinhole that sinks great big ships (courts). Now, here I am going through the same shenanigans again by the "employees". The courts got away with it several times in the past, but this time around lesson learned and the awesome feeling of watching the great big ship slowly sink into the proverbial sink hole πŸ•³️ from my vantage point! I can smell the sweet victory all around me, near and far! I came, I saw chaos, I eliminated the chaos!

    1. make it happen,
      if your comfortable: Please stay in very very close touch so we know you are okay... updates welcome...
      i did want to mention that i *think* anytime you hire one of their attornies, you hand them power of attorney over your case.

    2. The very definition of Attorney is to “turn” you over as a corporation to be adjudicated by a corporation.

      They are “Officers of the Court.”

      They Re-Present you to their administrative (collection agency) tribunal.

      Fight fire with fire!
      Remedy: Commercial Lien(s)

      ATTORNEY Definition & Legal Meaning
      Definition & Citations:
      In the most general sense this term denotes an agent or substitute, or one who is appointed and authorized to act in the place or stead of another. In re Ricker, 60 N. H. 207, 29 Atl. 559, 24 L. R. A. 740; Eichelberger v. Sifford, 27 Md. 320. It is “an ancient English word, and signifies one that is set in the turn, stead, or place of another; and of these some be private * * * and some be publike, as attorneys at law.” Co. Litt. 516, 128a; Britt 2856. One who is appointed by another to do something in his absence, and who has authority to act in the place and turn of him by whom he is delegated. When used with reference to the proceedings of courts, or the transaction of business in the courts, the term always means “attorney at law,” q. v. And see People v. May, 3 Mich. 605; Kelly v. Herb, 147 Pa. 503, 23 Atl. 889; Clark v. Morse, 16 La. 576.

    3. This man has a lot of experience in various forms in a courtroom and has turned it into an enlightening, at the very least, education for others.

      Start at 6 minutes to skip opening.
      Jurisdiction Explanation

    4. Greetings woman:janmarie,

      I really appreciate your concern about my well being and safety concerning my criminal conspiracy case against the Plaintiff and Courts, and same to everyone on this forum. Will definitely keep everyone updated as my personal news break, cutting edge if you will.

      I understand very well about the attorney situation. There are attorneys out there who are ethical and care about their liberty. They are hard to find, but it takes patience to find the right one. I will look at the unique situation carefully from every angle and will ask the forum for any advice as this precedent criminal conspiracy case progresses. Thank you again! πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ•Š️

  15. Commercial liens will likely backfire on Public officials as it is their game their rules.

    Our only remedy once you fail at Administrative Procedure and end up in their tribunal is God has jurisdiction over man. Man has jurisdiction over stuff/things/corporations.

    Know how to articulate the differences and you may have a chance.

    “Hands Clean.” Honor at all cost or they win by default!

  16. Greetings Thomas-Michael,

    The Courts' Administrative Procedure is a one way street for us, that is a given. That is why I threw a monkey wrench, unexpected by the Plaintiff and the Courts in their Administrative Procedure. That is what happens when you have a one way mind set like most folks in the Judicial system, you can't see what is heading towards you, not expecting anything different and unable to respond appropriately when someone does throw a monkey wrench in your one way mind.

  17. P.S. You said: "Commercial liens will likely backfire on Public officials as it is their game their rules."

    I am part of another group who specializes in filing bond insurance claims against any Public official or employees for malpractice and that will be the next step to be compensated for their trespass against me personally (I will also file a Administrative Procedure lawsuit [so, also to expose the Courts for Public scrutiny] for punitive damages for intentionally conspiring to harm me personally, which also causes harm to the Public, everyone and everything is connected when it comes to criminality, especially when it's the Courts committing the crimes that they are supposed to enforce, what a travesty!

    1. P.P.S. I really appreciate everyone giving me their experience, knowledge and expertise in the issues we are all dealing with (especially my current unforeseen and unintended circumstances of countering and check mating the Courts; still can't believe what I did out of the blue and conviction) because life would be so much more wonderful and pleasant if we were not born into a world 🌎🌍 of pirates around every corner. Giving me advice about attorneys gave me an ideaπŸ’‘, I have been squeezing my brain to counter the attorney's "Power of Attorney" over me and the way for me to neutralize and overcome his deceptions is for the attorney to give me "Power of Attorney" before I give him my "Power of Attorney", it's the only way I will trust an officer of the court.

    2. P.P.P.S. I had 10 days to kill the civil lawsuit. Before the trial, I thought I had a good defense (following the law of due process πŸ‘) and everything wrapped up for dismissal. The judge threw more than the law book at me, also her low emotional IQ and forgetting everything she learned in law school 🏫 with the law book (in the first half of the trial, she talked about the law and how it didn't pertain to my civil case, in the second half, all she talked about was how much she hated me and probably wish I was six feet under her house, at some point after she started glitching is when I started to think where the $#@+ am I at, [imagine Democratic China Court], I have always been discriminated by the Courts. Now, it has come to a stop completely!

    3. makeithappen,
      this Article getting hard to find now, so will be looking for your updates on more recent Arts.
      just my thoughts:
      not knowing foreign authorities/"jurisdictions", or Thomas-Michael, so in theory only:
      i take what Thomas-Michael says: "Youre in their house, you go by their rules" to mean that even when you go from "civil" to "criminal", it is still their FICTION/ their "house".... meaning that their Court, their BAR At-TURN/TORN-ers, their Offices, their "Laws/ By-Laws" are THEIR FICTIONS/ CREATION, so they generally seem to be adding to them, taking away, ignoring, changing at will, regardless of what their guideline/Codes say. but T-M might have meant something else.
      my 2 cents:
      dont forget what we are learning: that these people seem to think of other men as sentient moo-ing, oink-ing herds, but that they are Kings/Kings Men, Agents, Nobles???
      today is monday, jan 23, 2023, moving forward.

    4. Greetings woman: janmarie,

      I appreciate your response!

      I have decided to hire an attorney who specializes in fraud in courts (especially fraudulent filing) in my neck of the woods and I believe I will be on the right track hopefully to a quick victory (it least punitive damages and truce), searching and hiring the right attorney pertaining to your circumstances is key to expected judgement if you done your homework and research (it definitely takes will and brain 🧠 power); my conspiracy criminal case against all defendants is cut and dry, absolutely no debate. The dragnet of defendants is exponentially widening on all judicial levels and every department and employees on Municipal, County, District, State and National level. The reason why is because all those who touch the hot potato directly or indirectly is liable to me, they all benefitted (all connected through paychecks on all levels, monetary gain off my jeopardy they all caused me) including the Plaintiff from the criminal conspiracy to defraud me personally. I feel so sorry for these folks, they are all going to get a brutal legal lessons on the true nature of law, especially those who hold fiduciary trusts and violate the beneficiaries! πŸ•΅️πŸ§‘‍⚖️

    5. P.S. I have already identified and secured the evidence against the defendants for criminal conspiracy against me personally for the attorney (basically acted as my own detective πŸ•΅️). I am basically the Writer, Producer, Director and Casting Agent for my case (like a movie production but live). If my attorney goes off my defense and script, the attorney will be immediately removed from the case (will have an agreement that will state that the attorney is not to agree, settle or sign anything without my written approval to him). I have done this before as I have mentioned in my previous post to get a second degree felony for assault with a deadly weapon no billed at the Grand Jury. You may call it round number 20 in my lifetime, but I believe it will be one of my last times!

    6. Make it Happen, do they have you scheduled for a Jury Trial or a Trial by Jury?

  18. I hope you can find such re-presentation.


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