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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Another Supremely Worthy Question and Answer

 By Anna Von Reitz

The question was asked by Dr. Karen Kingston -- why do we participate in evil? 

The particular evil cited was the overall reaction to the pandemic and all the damaging nonsense associated with it.  

Why did some people just go along, and others, like me, didn't? 

First, and foremost, I realized over 30 years ago that the mainstream news isn't news.  So I turned the knob and stopped watching it.  All their state of the art brain-washing technology was wasted so far as I and my family are concerned.  We don't watch it. 

Why should we?  All it is, is a constant recital of commercially motivated death and sex reports designed to make people buy things and respond to bad news that they can do nothing about. 

Who needs that? 

Above and beyond that, we know who we are and we know our rights (and the government's limits) and we know the actual Public Law. 

When all the mandates and other nonsense came about, we printed up little credit-card sized notices of the actual law and gave them to the retail store managers and cops and anyone else who questioned us.  

Once they knew what the actual Public Law was, as opposed to the "corporate policy", they all knuckled under and we had no further problems, except for one "woke" business, which we boycotted, and which went under a couple days later.  No loss. 

Much to our glee, we discovered that it is against the law in Alaska and every other State we researched, for anyone carrying a concealed weapon to wear a mask in any public building or business location.  That lets my dogs out, for sure.  

And also helps ensure that armed robbers, murderers, and rapists will be stopped before they can kill and injure dozens of others without any danger to themselves.  

In the end, why weren't we susceptible to evil practices?  It's an attitude thing, but it is an attitude based on knowledge. 

We didn't listen to all the experts telling us what we had to do.  We checked the Public Law and said, basically, go stuff yourselves. 

We didn't listen to all the ads on radio and television.  As soon as someone said, "In these uncertain times...." we checked our six and didn't suffer any uncertainty.  As soon as someone said, "safe and effective", we asked ourselves --- "Safe and effective for what? Cleaning drains?"

Years and years of Bushwah Detection has benefits.  

After our middle son was arrested for breaking the arm of a gun-wielding assailant who tried to mug him inside a Junior High School -- he disarmed the nutcase and used a little too much force before marching himself and the actual offender to the Principal's Office --- it never occurred to us to send any of our children to "Public School".  That is, school for the Public, so that we all remain stupid. 

We realized right then that school administrators are too politically correct and too stupid to provide a safe environment for children, and we have never seen any contrary evidence in the twenty-five years since then.  

That also helped a lot, because as parents, we didn't have to put up with constant indoctrination and political influence peddling from the NEA members abusing their positions of trust and feeding our kids garbage at our expense five days a week.  

Our kids grew up learning to think things through for themselves, because we didn't consider it our job to do their thinking for them.  That in turn led to them having their own logical thought process and being able to calculate the price of beans in China all on their own. 

You can avoid Evil and avoid participating in Evil, by learning to recognize Evil for what it is and how it operates --- by lies, by presumptions, and assumptions, by "news" that isn't news, by "popular opinion" and "group think" and by half-truths, by assertions of authority and exercise of authorities that don't exist, by failure to think for yourself, by allowing the Merchants of Doubt to call you into question, by not settling things when they are wrong.  

You want to see how to avoid being suckered into evil?  

Go to the website and meet Peggy Hall.  She may not be tuned up on all the same wavelengths we are, but she got it right, simply because she knew who she was and knew her rights and held the government to its limits.  Let's hear it for all the plucky people in America who stood up for themselves and sounded the alarm.  

And let's learn the lesson.  


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    6. Attitude? No. It's awareness. Plain and simple. Why is that so hard for people, including you Anna to understand. Why are some people susceptible to being hypnotized and others not? It is conscious awareness. Attitude is of the ego.

    7. Yes, not ego attitude, but Conscious Awareness, which is the result of DNA strand activation; which leads to Ascension. The jab arrests this process, trapping one in the reincarnation cycle.

  5. These words do not resonate with me to be Anna's. In fact all of these shared 4 articles???? Please reply.

  6. Karen Kingston is NOT a doctor. She's a medical researcher. She's been on Greg Hunter's many times. Look it up.

  7. They promote their own
    Peggy Hall was one of the musicians on Who's Line is it Anyway

    One of her fellow actors from that very shew plays the role of Michelle Obama

    Greg Bradford had a video up (all his videos are gone now) that Halle Berry played this role

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    Drew Carrie if you remember was the host of Who's Line is it Anyway and he is now the host of The Price is Right

    It's all relative folks

  8. Trillions hidden in their CAFR reports and here comes you will be charged by the mile to drive ya know to save the planIT
    They're broke MY ASS mountain

    They don't call it HIGHWAY ROBBERY for nothin
    Hidden in plain sight

    Here's what they stole when they fake bankrupted Detroit

    The rust belt now because they shipped all the jobs out deacdes ago to the other slave nations namely China because that was their plan to kill off as many in those rust belt states as possible to remake the damned area with new immigrants they ship in to replace the now dead populace
    Ronnie Howard did a movie about it called Hillbilly Effigy although they have already changed the name of the movie on the internet they control to reflect the name Hillbilly 'El'egy

    Ya know how they did the shew the Beverly Hillbillies depicting the hick no nothings who struck oil Texas Tea and headed off to Beverly
    Same shit different decade/century
    They think this shit is funny

    And by the way the computer has replaced the black box in your living room - the same CON is going on using your 'I' phones and the black box known as the computer as their GLOW BALL HEIST CONTINUES


    And before an ANON spouts off at the mouth, here take this to your local sheriff and see what he says
    I have

    1. And I've taken the CAFR information to several different sheriffs and also spoken with them directly
      One of them confirmed the Bid Bond Performance Bond and Payment Bond associated with the CRIS reports as well
      He is no longer a sheriff but the mayor of an Arizona city
      No doubt a free mason but I did not ask him as very little time when I did get the chance to speak to him
      He was caught a little off guard when I started asking him this stuff seemed very nervous what I was bringing forth?

      The simulation of making things happen
      Funny huh the META (TEAM or maybe atem) verse
      Do all things on line with no action outside of that

      And I have taken action by sharing the physical paper reports as I've shown

      What did the local sheriff do he bought solar panels, put in a backyard swimming pool, remodeled interior of his house and painted his brick house white (i'm sure there is a reason for that)
      2 of his cars are evidently exempt from inspection as neither have inspection stickers on them

      Another GEM

  9. The gangs are all on board

    Interesting to note the following
    Exactly 32,399-Days After CIA Founded the Second Jewish State (After Switzerland) in Eastern Russia Entitled ‘Jewish Autonomous Oblast’ (Which has Command & Control Over the Kremlin in Moscow) Back on May 7, 1934, & Exactly 39,956-Days After the International Criminal Court Was Founded at The Hauge, Netherlands Back on August 28, 1913

    And what do ya know the Hauge is written within their World Parliament documents too
    World Legislative Act #7
    Earth Federation Funding Corporation
    Short title: Funding Corporation


    The People of Earth are confronted, today, with many extreme and inter-related problems. Whether we survive or perish depends on the effectiveness with which solutions to these problems are devised and carried out during the coming decades.

    But effective solutions are impossible so long as nations insist on the continuance of national sovereignty, or on consultative institutions based on national sovereignty, as the framework within which to negotiate and manage those affairs which transcend national boundaries.
    Interesting note
    (This links to the 2006 Hague Convention full text. The convention serves as a guideline, but as a convention does not and cannot supersede the principles and terms of the overall world law with respect to illegal securites.)

    Illegal Securities hmm you mean like the ones they have hidden all throughout their CAFR reports like all the ones they stole from Detroit and are stealing from every city county state town parish township etc etc etc that they can get their hands on
    Like these ones here in Texas
    I believe this report is from 2012 and at that time there was $26 BILLION

    Under World Parliament they will take all this stash while they solicit the working dogs and the retired dogs and everyone else for the money to start anewage says so right in their damned document that the people will fund their own self-government CROCK OF SHIT
    And that the World Parliament nor the Federation will incur any cost to set the whole thing up

  10. And when hollywood and the military industrial complex and cops and judges etc etc etc are part and parcel of the overall stage play for the masses ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

    Maybe his daughter and the prince will come to his aid
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    Prepare for yet another fake death of yet another actwhore on the world stage would be my guess

    Or the 'rose from the dead' fake ass JFK aka Georgy boy clooney to arrive to save the planIT
    Here they come to save the day!!!


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