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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Treason in Your Faces

 By Anna Von Reitz

Wake up, Campers.  The CIA and the U.S. Military are at war. 

Actually, if you want the Big Picture, it's the Municipal Corporation under Joe Biden  versus the Territorial Corporation under Donald Trump at war --- carrying on a perpetual Mercenary Conflict, and they are just using our country as a stage, illegally. 

Remember how I told you that since 1937 we've had two of everything?  

We've had the [Territorial] Department of Defense and the [Municipal] DOD, side by side, in complete redundancy, and we've been paying for both.  

We've had the Department of Labor and the DOL. 

We've had the Department of Transportation and the DOT. 

We've had all of these parasites, plus, over 400 illegal, unelected subcontractors of subcontractors, too, all in duplicate if not quadruplicate. 

Yes, we've had the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS. 

We've had the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.

We've had the Central Intelligence Agency and the CIA. 

We've had the Department of Homeland Security and the DHS. 

Are you seeing the pattern at last?  It's been this way ever since our two foreign federal subcontractors got together and colluded to share the spoils and suck us, their Employers, dry. 
The Smoking Gun that explains all this is called  "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" and thousands of copies of this otherwise rare document have been reproduced and distributed all over America and all over the world. 

No need to take our word for it.  It's reproduced on our websites. You can order your own copy. 
If anyone calls you a Tin Hat, rub their noses in it. Black and white. No need to argue. 

So, after the 2020 Election was hacked, the U.S. Military hit the Frankfurt cell of the CIA and took home all the computers proving the hacks and all sorts of other dirt on the Municipal United States Government. 

More recently, January 6th, the CIA struck back, and abducted and tortured General Berger, USMC, Joint Chiefs.  He was finally located and rescued according to Office of Naval Intelligence and Marine Cyber Command reports; Berger's condition is not known -- only that he was found lashed down to a bed, beat up, showing signs of torture, drugged --- rescued by his brother Marines and returned for medical care. 

If anyone in the Biden Administration ordered this attack, even by omission, they are guilty of treason.  In your face treason--- not only for deployment of the CIA within The United States, but for treason by the Office of Commander-in-Chief.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Lincoln did it. 
Wilson did it.  FDR did it.  But three times is a charm. 

Joe Biden won't get away with it. And the CIA won't get away with it. 

The reported four corpses the Marines took out along with Berger, plus one living Witness, will have an adequate tale to tell.  Once that tale is told, you can count on all hell breaking loose all over the world, as all the various "intelligence community" organizations take sides and as the militaries smash them all flat.  

It will be quite a show. Something to make the Game of Thrones pale by comparison. 

Get ready. Brace yourselves. I don't think that the answer will be long in coming. 


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  1. Anna has some awesome intelligence!!

    1. Yeah... really awesome:

    2. a102p,
      hilarious! thanks for the bellylaugh. :):):)

    3. Anna is now basing her intel on the fake news website, Real Raw News - What joke! She'll be doing yet another Mia Culpa.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. "Real Raw News" is actually a parody website and it's an old trick to mix true news in with parody/fake news, a la the National Enquirer. However, since Anna actually talks with the military, I'm sure RRN is not her only source. Think that through.


  2. well, Well, WELL, ....isnt that interes-STINK though?
    .... mebbe the whole damned lot of these FAKE Lying LozerBozos realizes that everything they say, do, are, and get comes from the FAKE Emergency War Powers Act/ similar???
    what'd they do?... give up?.... realize that they cant create a fight between all of us great American people who care about one another and want good, healthy, safe, friendly, prosperous lives for ALL of us?.... so now theyre pretending a war between their own Stupified Leaching Mupp ettSelves?... to keep the EmergencyWar Powers Act going???
    just asking.

  3. Anything in our government to describes themself in letters is not our government! YouTube Who are the most powerful people in America

  4. Cannot stand either one of the US corporate CEO, and because of Trump juvenile and Divisive way of talking to those Democrats, yes they are a wicked bunch, but you have to communicate with them in honor . I used to laugh and thought it was funny but no more. I do not think that is God's way. And these so called white hats if they ever exist picked that person to be a President, and I notice he is a warmonger like the other CEOs and they waste so much of the tax payers money in those wars. I can write a whole book about these so called leaders, CEOs. We the people are the leaders, they are public servants only...

    1. Jury is still out as to whether Trump is a true 100% "White Hat". The optics make it seem that he is since BOTH parties (DEMOCRATS and the GOP, 'Neo-CON', ZIONIST, status-quo REPUBLICANS) constantly attack him and relentlessly try to keep him from running again and getting into office along with anyone who openly supports him. The treatment toward his followers in general, and especially those who were caught up in the ‘FALSE FLAG FED OP’ trap on January 6th at the Capitol, shows their intense hatred and fear of those who oppose the BEAST system in D.C. and act upon their convictions.
      Their '2020 Election' was outright stolen, using numerous methods, and NO ONE with a clear and honest mind can believe BIDEN got ‘81,000,000’ votes. ALL hands were on deck for 2020 to make sure their failure of 2016 (CLINTON loss) would not happen again. The ‘COVID-19 EXERCISE’ played a huge role in that effort and the changes made to the election process due to the ‘PANDEMIC’ are now essentially permanent making it much easier to cheat and rig the system even more so than in decades past.
      Could all that have been a grand charade? Sure... anything is possible, however, there is an undeniable and palpable effort to block Trump and his ‘America First’ movement/agenda and there is no doubt that his policies are diametrically opposed to the LEFTIST/COMMUNIST/GLOBALIST cabal who are hell-bent (literally) on turning America and Americans into a subservient, mongrelized, passive and easily ruled society of ‘CATTLE-CITIZENS’.
      Nit-picking about Trump’s language and personality is childish – the man to get the job done doesn’t have to be of polite character. To oppose the BEAST, you need an in-your-face warrior who has no fear and no regard for playing the fake politician game. What you see is what you get – he is the same on camera as he is off, and the overwhelming majority of his past employees have said that he treats people at all levels (CEOs to Janitors) with the same respect.
      I realize that these factions (DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN, Territorial/MUNICIPAL) do NOT represent the true organic government of the living people at large in America, however, the power, control and authority they wield encroaches upon everyone’s lives to a certain extent regardless of one’s efforts to claim and declare one’s standing and status as Americans on the land and soil.

  5. I kinda get it (American vs Federal) but if there are both Internal Revenue Service and the IRS - which one is taking my tax dollars or are both of them??

    1. Anonymous at 1:48am...both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service are federal, one MUNICIPAL (USA) and the other one Territorial ("the" United States of America). Both are robbing you blind because you continue to unknowingly "volunteer" to be a "taxpayer". Stop volunteering to allow them to extort your hard earned compensation for your energy provided to one of the "employers". Correct your political status and then notify the IRS and Internal Revenue Service that you revoke your election to pay their taxes beginning up to 10 years in the past.

    2. If I correct my political status will I still be able to keep receiving social security? I cannot afford to live without it.

  6. Like an episode of Get Smart. Max (good guy?) falls over and accidentally foils the evil CHAOS.

  7. If you want the latest on General Berger follow Its the site that keeps tabs on the supposed white hats and their intramilitary dealings.

  8. Wait so they did this same thing already multiple times and got away with it and we're pretending someones going to hold them accountable This time?

    "If anyone in the Biden Administration ordered this attack, even by omission, they are guilty of treason. In your face treason--- not only for deployment of the CIA within The United States, but for treason by the Office of Commander-in-Chief. It wouldn't be the first time. Lincoln did it.
    Wilson did it. FDR did it. But three times is a charm. "

    So, what? 4th time is the straw that breaks the camels back?

  9. Where can I get a copy of this "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States"?

  10. Gumm a12:49pm

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. Thanks, but that shows nothing substantial. It is the same no matter where I search. Dates are wrong (1975-6), or author is wrong (London), or it's that dumb UN world citizen declaration. I want to read what Anna's reading, no guessing. Is that too much to ask, Anna?

    2. it shouldnt be gumm, but im getting multiple off-topic, agitated- seeming replies when i ask about the Names of the men and women who work for "annas" Living Law Firm; and also someone keeps asking about how "anna" says to set up Counties, and noone is answering that question either.
      somebody is writing all these things. anna-msria already said shes not an Attorney, excapt Private, so is/are the writer/s's intention to operate in secret? if yes, why? ... because we dont want secret operations or secret Governments, and so on... they need to put everything out in full view, verify it, and prove it. thats the only way to run the Governing System for free men.

    3. To woman:janmarie - While I'm sympathetic to the need for a federal government open to public scrutiny, as many of us are, I don't subscribe to your other notions. And I can understand a need to secure plans and work that will take a long time; tipping off the de factor is not a wise stance. We know they will block anything they catch wind of. Temper your comments, please. If you don't have a source for the document I requested, I would appreciate it if you did not hijack my comment.

    4. no.
      you put a comment out there.
      i commented.
      dont tell me after the fact not to "hijack" your post.
      if you think of someone commenting on your posts as them "hijacking" it, then perhaps youre too sensitive to be placing your thoughts before other people for their consideration?

    5. No. Just stop. :)

    6. anony623p,
      ......says an igg nore amos who knows nothing, so tries to tell other people what to do, hoping to appear relevant?


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