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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mia Culpa, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Though I make every effort to review the scientific evidence -- patents and research data, there is no guarantee that the truly important pieces that lead directly to the correct conclusion are in the mix under review, so, with no intention to gaslight anyone about anything, it appears that Dr. David Martin and I and many other Worthies may have been chasing the wrong racoon --- earlier version developments and prototypes and research quite unrelated to the bioweapon that was in fact deployed and the propaganda campaign released around it.

So, to set the record straight in view of information brought forward by Karen Kingston in The Kingston Report this week--- and I quote: 

"Our bodies aren't producing spike proteins from viral SARS-CoV-2 mRNA. Spike proteins are smart magnetic hydrogel, Ai bioweapons, preloaded in the 'vaccines.'"

So,  contrary to the information we've had available, the mRNA "payload" is a red herring and this product is not using anything like the normal cellular highjacking mechanisms that, for example, cause genetically engineered corn cells to self-produce pesticide proteins.  

According to the information Karen Kingston has provided, that's not the mechanism or nature of the evil that has been set upon us.  

It's a pre-loaded complete product, free-standing on its own, not needing to hijack the cellular genetic machinery to manufacture the spike protein, because the spike protein is already present in sufficient quantity within the injection serum itself -- and the only apparent importance of the SARS-CoV-2 research was to provide a smokescreen -- make people believe there was an infectious disease involved, so that they would readily accept the injections. 

It remains to be seen in what sense this hydrogel is "smart" even though the verbiage is being used in the same way as a "smart meter" or "smart television".  Apparently, it's able to receive and respond to wi-fi type radiation signals, but what exactly can it do?  

One can imagine some evil Svengali sending out a signal to such "smart" hydrogel telling it to self-replicate and clump up in the veins and arteries upon command.  Or maybe it's something "less smart", for example, the hydrogel only forms clots when it has been exposed to a certain threshold amount of wi-fi radiation for a certain period of time, similar to a chemical reaction that requires a given amount of heat to get it started. 

Hopefully, Karen Kingston will be providing insight into precisely how this hydrogel works and how it interacts with wi-fi signals as an Artificial Intelligence component.  For example, does it somehow collect data about the victim's health?  Allow drone operators to interject foreign thoughts and impulses?  Or does it focus on a single simple but devastating function, like causing blood clots in our brains?

Our complete thanks to Karen Kingston for nailing it to the floor and getting beyond the smoke and the "obvious conclusions" --- and treeing the ring-tailed beastie we've all been after these past two years: "a smart magnetic hydrogel".  


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  1. Do the spike proteins spread to the unvaxxed?

    1. I would say YES via blood transfusions, organ transplants, and any other way that blood-borne diseases can be transmitted from one person to another (sharing needles, etc.) It's possible that spike proteins can be transmitted via semen. (

  2. shelby was on top of things and pointed out early on that dr david martins website was full of Lucif and Ill-U-Mennotee symbols, and i checked it out and it sure was.
    so, "anna", upon exactly what are you basing him, and yourself, being Self-Titled as "Worthies"?

    1. Wah wah wah, tell tale signs of a troll, always shooting the messenger...sides the whirled is filled with symbols, get over it.

    2. no.
      were going to look at symbols, whats being done under authority of them, by whom, and were going to judge all of it.

    3. a714p,
      no. i go directly to my creator, no scapegoat needed.
      but i highly suspect its making you uncomfortable to see someone dealing with the things you are afraid to face... hence your desire to hide inside yourself where only you exist.

  3. I am glad you are commenting on Karen Kingston's work, Anna. She has been on this and deserves recognition. And also mentioning Sasha Latypova's DOD revelations.

    There are so many layers to this, I believe it is best to remain neutral on any concrete conclusions, but discuss and lay out the possibilities and likelihoods of each "theory". It's never good to declare that we know, for certain, since like you've mentioned, it's likely there was an inconsistent "batch process" at play. For example, in nailing any sort of court case and arguing in a court of law, as Karen also notes, you must follow what they've delineated as ingredients in their product and/or tailor your argument according to what/who you're trying to pursue -- thus there are multiple levels of "reality" to deal with here. People are already up to their necks in trying to keep up with it all.

    It's never just "one" thing. Pretending to be certain about any of this is more harmful than suggesting the possibilities. The actual crimes committed on paper are more than enough for people to be held accountable.

    It was said that jabbed dead bodies' body temperature are abnormally high compared to non-jabbed.

    Some microscope analysis of the jabs, I believe from La Quinta Columna and perhaps others, show crystalline "antenna" and other exotic structures forming and disappearing at random in samples, like a spectre. This is, I believe what Karen is referring to when she references "quantum dot" - the materials manifest at will.

    Do we know for sure that the bankers' plans are not linked to the data/energy farming of this tech? How about the "Blue Dot" Banks?

  4. 1 and 0, on off switches, simple. nano routers discovered in this new and widespread poison mix. The little parts of the self assembly theoretically can send and receive. Perhaps the plan is to download our thoughts and bodily functions while offing most of us to use for the new AI man. God created man and woman, man created human, now human is attempting to create aiman, the works of evil man dancing in devil frequencies. Alone, one of us is nothing. Together we are strong

  5. The dark cabal trap those who are unsuspecting and DNA unactivated, by injecting into their bodies the metalic, oxidation, iron core template structures. These poisonous materials provide their own instructional set through dark magick, allowing serpentine, black mamba bite to override the natural Ascension coding; trapping the the unsuspecting in the reincarnation cycle.

    1. a547p,
      ref.: DNA unactivated
      by what force(appropriate word??)/ method is DNA unactivated? ty!

    2. oh wait, just reread it... i think its that the unsuspecting's DNA *is* unactivated using... .

  6. I wonder how those ten thousand heads of cattle died mysteriously?

    1. some suggested it might have been directed energy weapons (DEWS).

      2001 HR 2799 The Space Preservation Act of 2001 introduced by Dennis Kucinich. revised to HR 3616, in 2002.
      can find text at: congress datte gov 107th-congress house bill

      sec 3 (1): remove existing space based weapons and
      (2): ...deployment....
      sec 7. (2) (A) thru (C) very, very important:
      tells about the weaponry being deployed from space in 2001.
      ex.: Section 7, (2) (A) (ii):
      "Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging, or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) - -
      .....(II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or sea-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies
      for the PURPOSE OF INFORMATION WAR, MOOD MANAGEMENT, OR MIND CONTROL of such persons or populations.
      (III) By expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity OF A PERSON!.....
      .........includes chemtrails, ultra low frequency weapons systems, plasma, ultrasonic weapons, strategic, THEATER, ...environmental, CLIMATE, or tectonic (EARTHQUAKE) weapons.... includes weapons designed to DAMAGE SPACE or NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS (such as ionosphere, and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon the target population or region on earth or in space."

  7. Why drop the mRNA gene therapy narrative so quickly? when it's based on recorded patents.

    1. they wore it out. its not working.
      they think of themselves as gods, so they probably didnt see this immovable force known as the common people standing still, ready to ClothesLine them when they ran at us with their Plan Dem onic nonsense.

  8. How dumb are ya? The whole point of it being a gene therapy is that the mRNA co-opts the bodies cells to produce a shit protein, aka the spike protein, and if it co-opts enough cells, the immune system can't correct for its own mass production of the spike protein that is causing its body to be in a constant state of inflammation.

    I guess it must be MAGIC thats causing the increase in proteins present in the injected huh.


    1. youre calling people an idiot for "not knowing" info that you yourself didnt know before you listened to hal turner. yes, there is an idiot on the blog.

  9. You’re-right:dear]

  10. as a man who frequents this message board. why is woman:janmarie such a tw at ? I never did comprehend the mental illness that would keep you in constant writing on someone elses message board that you dont agree with.

  11. :jwc.
    no, imno tw. t.
    keep yr fikth on yr own self where it came from u igg noar ant loo ser.


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