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Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Month of Purgation

 By Anna Von Reitz

The word "purgation" shares the same root word as "purgatory" and "purging".  It implies both a correction and a cleansing, a time when we review mistakes and past traumas --- and pause to reflect and to heal. 

Often, this process involves a profound struggle to simply let go of the past.

As many people who have participated in our month-long effort to shed the old injuries and emotional trash we've been dragging around with us have discovered, the mind and spirit are connected to the body.  When we direct our conscious mind to review and let go of past trauma, the subconscious mind also responds. And then, the body responds. 

I have received many calls, letters, emails, and texts this month from people suffering from a wide range of physical purgation effects.  

It's important to know that every cell in your body has "cell memory". It not only contains enough written information in your DNA to go back and forth to the moon 500 times, but it continues to write new physically expressed cell memories.  

You may have forgotten the pain of breaking your arm falling out of that apple tree 65 years ago, but your cells haven't.  That's why you retain old football injuries, scars, and arthritic aches in broken toes. 

When you purge old, limiting, hurtful, nasty, scary memories, your body responds, too.  Your cells disgorge toxins.  The cell memory is altered as you transform and release --- and sometimes rewrite --- trauma from the past. Consciously, subconsciously, and even at the level of the single cell, you set a healing process in motion -- and it has direct physical as well as emotional and psychological effects. 

Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel sick physically, when you address something that made you emotionally sick thirty years ago. These things are all connected and they all have to be let go, if you are going to be healthy and happy and vibrantly alive in this moment called "now". 

Help your physical body to release the cell toxins being released by practicing deep "belly" breathing, drinking plenty of pure water, eating organic food (reduces the burden of oils and pesticides and other chemical pollutants your liver has to deal with), taking regular baths or showers, and getting plenty of rest.  

I know, it would have been helpful for me to remind everyone of this mind-body connection at the beginning of the month-long exercise, but many of you will find it necessary to prolong this exercise for more than one month. If the messages I have been receiving are any clue, many of you have never done anything like this before, and have the collected gunk of a lifetime to jettison. 

Some people may take a year to eighteen months of "letting go" of grief or anger associated with grief, which two things tend to be the hardest to overcome.  Most of us are not yet certain that life does not end with physical death, so the physical death of loved ones and friends is especially traumatic, especially when we are living in a time when madmen have unleashed "excess death".  

These losses are like deep wounds for most of us, and it takes time to heal and detoxify mind, body, and soul.  Take your time.  Be patient with yourself. Love them still, but let them go.  You will know when you are done with the past and done with all the evil things that have happened, when you wake up one morning feeling physically light and mentally calm and alert, rested, whole, and ready.  

Ready for what?  

The journey of a lifetime lived in one continuous moment. 

That sounds a bit intimidating, but don't be afraid. It's the way you are meant to live.  


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  1. Beautiful summation. Just reading your words enlightened my soul.

  2. Anna, you seems to be speaking in Catholic beliefs. There is NO peratory in the real CHRISTIAN BIBLE. Catholics believe in their Bible out of guilt. After all things said by you regarding the Vatican, and the evil they have put on their church makes no sense.
    The Catholic Church is a CULT. YOU CAN NOT pray people out of pergtory.. confessing your sins to a priest does nothing. He cannot forgive sins. Doing the whole Mary prayers does nothing. MARY has nothing over you or I. It's a crock of shit. Catholics, your church teaches fairy tales. Catholics don't even use a true Christian Bible. They have made up beliefs in the CATHOLIC BIBLE TO TEACH YOU GUILT. THROW YOUR Catholic Bibles away and leave the Catholic Church. Buy yourself a real Chriatian Bible. Search for a True Bible preaching Church. Search out Community Christian Church or the Baptist Church or an Evangelical Church.
    Christ will give you freedom, the Catholic Church gives you guilt. They make you do really stupid things that are not Biblical to have control over you. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM.
    JESUS is the way, the truth, and the light. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THUR THE SON.
    For salvation you must ask Jesus for forgiveness past, present, and future. You must relie on HIM, He is the only way. No Mary, No Pope, No Priest, No confession booth, it's all A LIE. YOU HAVE BEEN BRAIN WASHED. The Catholic Church is EVIL. Look at our President, look at our Congress, they want us to be controlled by them and the CCP. ALL because they want power and control over us just like the Catholic Church.
    One can only be saved thru Jesus Christ. Confess your sins to Christ and committ to follow Him. Those who seek HIM will find HIM when you seek Him with your WHOLE HEART. THOSE who hunger and thrist for rightousness will be saved. Submit yourself for God's Will to be done in your life. Do not committ to your own understanding or beliefs because we were all born into sin. Communication with God was broken when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden.
    When the SON sets you free YOU will truly be free indeed. You will be baptized by the Holy Spirit, you will be born again. ALL hurt will be gone, you will feel peace, joy and love from your Father in Heaven. All old things will pass away. You will become a New Creation.

    1. As a Catholic, I offer prayers for people like you... Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. It's hard to imagine how one can be a follower of Jesus Christ, while at the same time rejecting His church and His blessed Mother, Mary. All of the 29,000+ man-made "christian" religions, including the one currently occupying the mainstream Catholic institutions from the Vatican on down, make this same mortal mistake, and I pray for all ignorant men of good will be given the grace necessary to see and act on the truth in this life. The moral decay and corruption over the past 500+ years is proportional to the massive turning away (i.e. - near universal apostasy) from Our Lord, His Church, and His Mother. In the end, turning back is the only hope for each of us individually and for humanity as a whole. During this great apostasy, the Catholic Church is in eclipse, able to be found by men of good will who seek to live according to Truth. The apostates occupying the mainstream "Catholic" institutions from the Vatican on down, are simply Marxist pagans being used by their god, Satan, to destroy what little remains of Christianity, if possible, in preparation for the reign of Antichrist. To learn more about the real Catholic Church, the one and only Church of Christ, and what has happened over the last 500+ years, a good online resource is available at That's not a typo, but simply latin for "tradition". Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. God bless!

    2. I did not read the same story you did to get the summation you wrote. I recommend reading it again. I read this as a healing process to purge the garbage in our lives so we can heal. In Christian terms, purge the church (the body) in order to be pure for our Lord God Almighty.

    3. Actally, the Scriptures are very clear that Christ died ONCE for all of our sins! All means not one has been, or was ever, unforgiven!! Yes... I know... those of us who have been brain-washed in the "religions of man" still think we have to ASK FORGIVENESS for our sins, but actually, Christ asked forgiveness as they nailed Him to the cross when He CHOSE to endure the cross in your place!!! Having done so, He provided everything necessary for you to live in godliness. In fact, the Apostle to the Gentiles - Saul Paul of Tarsus - wrote that Christ died on the cross so that we - all who simply TRUST in Christ FINISHED WORK on the cross - might become "the righteousness of God" in Him (through His death and our TRUST in what He did)!!! accordingly, if you are a GENUINE BELIEVER (not a "faithful church worker" as in thinking of yourself as a pastor, deacon, choir member, Sunday School teacher, or a "church member"), you actually have the SPIRIT OF CHRIST LIVING INSIDE YOU... He is living His LIFE - the REAL "CHRIST-ian" LIFE - HIS LIFE IN YOU... and He does a much better job at it than you could ever do, because the "Christian Life" is not difficult to live... IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE (without Him INSIDE you)!!! After 15 years of serving people in so-called "church" buildings, I was ready to quit! I was tired of "baby sitting" ADULT-SIZED BABY CHRISTIANS who (1) could not handle TRUTH when they heard it, (2) trusted me way more than they trusted God's Son (because I was physically and visibly there), (3) seldom read God's Word to find the TRUTH for themselves), and (4) were always needing their "diapers changed" (if you get my drift)!!!
      I threw away all y doctrinal and theological and "Christian" books and listened to Him as He began to TEACH me HIS LIFE: His way of LOVING OTHERS and His way of recognizing and dealing with "false believers" (church buildings are FULL of these "children of the devil").
      He showed me that His removing my total sin debt (blood letting death on the cross) was a permanent action and that His NEW LIFE was a permanent gift (ETERNAL AND "FOREVER" LIFE NOW) and that I was to live from that INNER PEACE even NOW!!! So, when you come to the end of your "rope" or reach the depths of despair, ASK HIM TO TAKE UP RESIDENCE INSIDE YOU - INSIDE YOUR INNER BEING - AND BEGIN TO RESPOND TO HIS LEADING... rather than continuing to ask for waht He has already accomplished (FINISHED) on the cross! THANK HIM FOR HAVING ALREADY DEALT WITH YOUR SIN PROBLEM AND ALREADY HAVING PROVIDED NEW LIFE AND A NEW MINDSET FOR YOU...

      And always remember, "There is NOTHING you can do to make God love you any more... and there is NOTHING you can do to make God love you any less!" (Bob George)

    4. ref.: john 17 v.9 jesuis:
      "... i pray not for the world ..."
      and entire book of jude.

  3. Helpful to love your body. Hug yourself and tell your heart and all your organs how much you really love them. Envision they are accepting your love and acceptance. Feel them respond to the love and work together with them to expel any negatives or things not helping that may have moved in like spiritual parasites that leave in the presence of love. Say your sorry if you overloaded them at Christmas or any of those kinds of things and that you will not be so careless or non caring about them anymore and work to take care of them as they take care of you. Alone we are weak, together strong.

  4. Regarding the time element that may be involved in "purgation" -
    FYI - (from a Human Design perspective) - when conditioning is the effect the reprogramming process may take seven years for one to de-condition themselves as a result of following their own individualized true inner authority. Personally I am discovering that it actually can take more time! (Maybe I was more severely conditioned! ; ~ )

  5. Love this, beautifully stated!

  6. All Catholics are demon possessed CITIZENS OF SATAN.


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