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Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Taste for Symbols and Numbers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Each video here is very short, intended to give you a taste of new information now available. 

Whether we know it or not, we are divided into two opposing factions and those factions literally vibrate at different energetic frequencies:  

There are those that want to "live and let live", transmitting at 528MHz and octaves thereof,  and those devoted to death and evil, transmitting at 741 MHz and octaves thereof. 

This Universe was created by sound, so it makes sense that every created thing receives and transmits energetic frequencies, and is itself part of the energetic spectrum of light and sound and expresses this with a unique energetic "signature".   

This is where the concept of "signatures" comes from, and even the Medieval "Doctrine of Signatures" is rooted in this fundamental knowledge that form follows frequency.  

You can be sure that anything shaped like a heart is in resonance with every other heart-shaped thing in the Universe.  

This is also the reason that the Kaaba, the mysterious black stone cube of Mecca, has been sacred long before the rise of Islam.  

The cube is the first and necessary form of this three dimensional reality, the one sacred unity between all other forms expressed in this world.  The black color only adds to this arcane meaning, as black absorbs all colors, and represents the ultimate unity and source of different frequencies of light.

Please notice that LIVE is the inverse of EVIL. 

Most often this separation into factions isn't taking place at a conscious level.  People don't normally get up one morning and decide, yes, I am going to become Lex Luthor.  I am sure that Klaus Schwab didn't either. 

Nonetheless, it happens.  About 10% of us are evil by birth, because this 10% is born without a conscience,  and another 20% of the population is not naturally evil, but goes along for the ride. 

So let's say an even third of humanity, 33% are evil and allied with death and destruction, and the rest of us are "live".  We outnumber them two to one, but because they are evil and active about it, and we tend to be smelling the roses, they often shove their way to the forefront. 

Do you think it's an accident that two-thirds of humanity in this country is slated for destruction in the current DARPA disaster?  No, a third of them (the angels) rebelled against the Creator, and two-thirds remained loyal.  

Read that: a third of them gave their loyalty to death and destruction, and two-thirds remained loyal to life.  

Or, if you want a scientific interpretation -- a third gave way and followed the Law of Entropy, while two-thirds followed the Law of Enthalpy.

But don't despair.  There is more to life and being than heat loss.

Much of our history revolves around our interactions with beings from other planets and the native Fey Folk who share the Earth with us.  

The Angels, for example, originally came from the Morning Star system, Sirius B, the Dog Star.  Satan came here and was "cast down into the sea" --  but we know where the son of the Morning Star came from.  

 The Dogon People of Africa remember the coming of the Aryans -- aka, "Orions" -- the so-called "Reptilians" also known as "Dragons". 

We also welcomed Martian refugees who came here following the loss of their planet's atmosphere 32,000 years ago, as a result of The Great Plasma War, which also impacted Earth.

The Venusian Lord Krishna saved our bacon, but the time is coming for the Venusians to leave Earth.  We have, by my estimates, less than a decade to learn our lessons, before we are beyond their help. 

Most unhappily, we also became acquainted with the Saturnine Brotherhood from Saturn, the "ringed planet":

This knowledge and history is coming forward now, because we need it to deal with the latest attempts of the Saturnine Brotherhood to take over our planet and micromanage our lives and resources for their benefit. 

For those who grew up on the sunny side of the street, a lot of this will feel like looking at the monsters hiding under the bed.  Look anyway.

The first step in solving a problem is realizing that it exists. 


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  1. Yes, we need to spread the truth about the history of this planet. Being a stargate and a coveted piece of Galactic real estate that has had many wars to control the earth and her humans. Yes several Intruder Races have formed Alliances to enslave and strip resources here for millennia. It is now coming to an end as we take back out lives, power and freedoms. Draconians, Annunaki, Cikar, Greys, and more races have been fighting over the control of this Star Gate for a long time. Creator has made our human DNA unhackable at a certain point and we are there. The only way to finish strong is to use your ability to receive good energy from Source /God, accrete frequency, imagine /manifest a healed, peaceful, abundant world and stay in your happy place. There will be mercy granted there will be forgiveness but first we must process the grief and anger...

    Thankyou Anna for bringing us truth

  2. all of this is what is known as " lore ": myths, legends, fables, and folklore.

    1. True, woman:janmarie, but,
      If there is an old lore/myth/ smoke a fire/truth nearby is, so as our living humans' common sense teaches us.

      DearTrueLivingGod, present in our unhackable DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

      P. S.
      It's theQ"

  3. 1984 one afternoon I was healed from a terrible drinking "way of death problem" I was received admitting that everything I had thought was wrong, had screwed things up and if God would help me, it was all I had left. Accepted and loved I was shown and shifted to the way of life seeing many things inside me that fell away in a cleaning out process of faulty deceiving things I had told myself and fell pray too on this bad side. Years later the Didache, a book written about Jesus in first 100 years after his death explains just that. The Way of Life, and The Way of Death. Water your garden with care or disregard, turn to a trash dump and dump gas and oil on it. Your choice but Love over powers all things and seems to primary fountain of life, the frequency in all or our hearts, those that have em that is

  4. All things are subject to being proved, clarified, illuminated so that we can see clearly, truly know and understand what we are talking about - otherwise we are left with assumptions, the mother of suffering!

    Take for instance the phrase: "by birth." - From a "Human Design" perspective what happened at the moment we were born was the activation of our personality via the cosmic/planetary imprint at that moment. If this is true then the personality side of the Human Design BodyGraph for any individual could be analyzed in regards to what was activated as the basis for forming the individual's personality.

    Entropy is the name used for the shadow/fear level frequency of the first "Gene Key."[1] If those so called "...10% is born without a conscience" can be seen to have this Gene Key activated in their Human Design then that might be a beginning of research and investigation toward the possibility of clarifying what is being presented here. Otherwise we are probably left just with "'lore': myths, legends, fables, and folklore." (However - it appears that there are plenty of people who live for stories! ; ~ )

  5. [thats-interesting:dear]

  6. Has any of your alien fantasies come true Anna. Any tangible effects or proof? No I didnt think so.


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