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Saturday, January 28, 2023

So….It’s Official

 By Anna Von Reitz

A minimum of 270,000 “excess” deaths occurred in America in 2021 and the figures are edging steadily upward for final tabulation of “excess” deaths in 2022, but will probably exceed the 2021 figures by at least double, and then quadruple the following year and continue to geometrically increase each year thereafter. 

That is, if DARPA’s own estimates are correct and if they are to meet their goal of killing two thirds of this country’s population without firing a shot —- at least, not that kind of shot —- within seven (7) years.  

(It’s being done this way so the real estate won’t be damaged too much.)

That, of course, does not count all the dead babies miscarried when their mother’s received the shot.  And all the babies that will never be born because 75% of the women who  received the shot are now sterile and the rest functioning at only about 30% of their natural fertility. 

The population will shrink drastically on both ends of the lifecycle spectrum. 

What is now apparent is that this is a project of the Municipal Government—- the foreign city-state government lodged in Washington, DC, which is responsible for all the alphabet soup departments and agencies and associations and contract affiliates like NIH and NHS and CDC and FDA and DOD and DOJ and FBI and DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and DARPA and IRS and BATF —- all the Federal Civil Service Goons.  

And someone is paying them to do this. 

What is also apparent is that Pfizer developed and unleashed this horror for profit motives and has self-admittedly (and with no conscience at all) been ginning up new mutant variants — or at least Big Stories about mutant variants of SARS Co-2 —-to increase fear and sales of more “vaccines”— which will just kill off the slower learners faster. 

Ask yourself why WHO and it’s affiliates had to change the definition of “vaccine”  if this was in fact a vaccine to begin with? 

No, they changed the definition of “vaccine” so they could misrepresent what they were doing as a familiar, accepted vaccination program. 

And we must note that although one Congress promised the vaccine manufacturers immunity from criminal prosecution no matter what they put in vaccines or what terrible effects these products might have, that Congress is long gone and they never had state immunity to begin with.  

(They think they do, but they don’t; they lost State immunity when they decided to incorporate.) 

They can’t give what they don’t have. 

The members of the Territorial Government and all corporations organized as British Crown  Corporations  are still subject to 18 USC 175 and the Nuremberg Code. 

Please also note that the members of Congress exempted themselves and their families and their Staff members and their families and a whole bunch of Chinese Exchange students and illegal immigrants, too. 

And they still had the brass cajones to “mandate” shots and masks for you and your families, apparently knowing in advance that something wasn’t right. 

Something wasn’t “safe and effective” at all. 

It was “safe” for them and “effective” for eradicating innocent people that they owed money to. 

What all this tells me is that somewhere around 30-40 million Americans are awake and boiling mad.  

It won’t be long before the Agency Lap Dogs are looking over their shoulders thinking, “Is that a target painted on my $&@/?” 

The next investigation we need to undertake is to determine who is paying DARPA and spreading around all the other kickback money. 


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  1. Nuremberg Code is not enforceable at U.S. courts. 18 USC 175 ? certainly the FBI will get on that when they finish up with the JFK thing, right ?

    1. Nuremberg allowed main Nazi to escape,nothing done with the 2 main bottom feeding Parasites
      Rothschild or Rocafella.
      How much will be paid to Nuremberg to shut them up.

    2. yes, seems that perhaps the Nuremberg trials were, secretively, mostly only for appearance. like the ChurchCommittee may also have been.

    3. Nuremberg law is only used in Military Tribunals, if you use this in our corrupt court system you can bet they will get a slap on the wrist and tell'em, "Don't do that again Johnny" you can hurt people you know."

  2. Killing 2/3 population you committing genocide that's violation of international law, so it must be, now international distraint warrant worldwide

  3. But the numerberg is enforceable in the emperor 1942 Ethiopian anglo agreement emperor court shall take all down for the chilot jurisdiction for peace among the world, chilot jurisdiction

  4. Must be much higher. Already there were 400 thousand accidentally killed by hospital accidents, and thousands by taking drugs as prescribed, Guess those are normal deaths though not excess.

    1. Another world,nearly all pharmaceutical drugs designed to cause side effect, or death
      None or few are accidental.

    2. ohyes, definitely must be much, much higher.

  5. I would start with the WEF and China (a favored member)! Soros and Schwab both said they want to tear down America:Western Civilization (the only mRNA suckered recipients) to make China number one! Schwab said he prefers Asians and Africans for the NWO because they are more submissive! Read his book and follow Soros' interviews! CCP has said it is at war with the US! It is all there.

  6. Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow, m
    Happy Healthy Prosperous 2023

  7. Even if the deaths are normal deaths and not excess, if this were in fact the case, if they are using these numbers then she is using what "they" are saying. These are still facts according to "their" own data.

  8. Breaking Personal News:


    I have lawfully uncovered illegal multi-million dollars in fees, judgements annually, and fraudulent filing in JP Courts this Thursday in my neck of the woods and probably all over the country. I called the court clerk and ask them about filing procedures and told me what I needed to file lawsuit against defendants. I acted as Plaintiff, but really a current defendant in their court. After the court clerk told me what I needed (two demand notices first in particular order before filing to avoid fraudulent filing by the Plaintiff and court clerk), I was telling myself why did the Plaintiff in my case did not provide proper evidence according to their filing criteria and if the court clerk knew what the Plaintiff must have to initiate lawsuit and did not have proper evidence then why did the court clerk accepted the Plaintiff's Petition and filing fee (maybe because it sounds like it's not about following proper due process but bribing the courts to do the Plaintiff's bidding also known as corruption which I personally and single handily uncovered and busted by filing criminal conspiracy charges against them)? I ask the court clerk what happens if one or two of the filing evidence is missing or done out of sequence and the court clerk said the JP Court Judge will dismiss the case which did not happen in my fraudulent filing case against me. Fraudulent Filing attorney has been contacted and told them about my circumstances. I told the attorney I don't need defense because the fraudulent filing lawsuit has been "finalized" (perfection of evidence from the horses mouth, from lawsuit filing initiation to "Final Judgement"), the attorney. I told the attorney that I personally filed a fraudulent filing criminal conspiracy charges against the defendants and that it was not the continuation of the civil case but now has turned into criminal conspiracy case. The attorney acknowledged that the civil case has morphed into a different creature 👽.
    This is the moment I have been waiting for over 35 years and I am shocked 😲 due to how this all played out (I have been working this particular case subject for about 7 years). I called the local news station and told them about my legal case and the reporter asked if I knew any of the victims in the JP Court and I told her it was me (twice). The news reporter wanted my case number and told her I will get back with them. There are now about 5,000 defendants but may grow thousands more (remember, everything is connected, especially crimes by a system). Will keep everyone posted on any new developments.

  9. P.S. "What all this tells me is that somewhere around 30-40 million Americans are awake and boiling mad.". Hi Anna, I am one of those 30-40 million boiling mad, mad, mad! I won't stop being mad until all those who made mad are in prison for life. Law enforcement is starting to get pretty fun and interesting 🤔, Victim Law-Enforcement for Victimization Law-Enforcement Corruption!

  10. P.P.S. It seems that the courts do not want to follow the law on the books, but spend every single minute of their waking hour to violate it and spend ours and their resources covering up their crimes against the system and their clients. By the way, got them on mail fraud too, SWEET 🧁!


    The UN Event Video has now been released, Saturday, January 28, 2023 . According to the report it's just what was expected and more starting with greed based oligarch control. From there it goes deep, reaching through every branch of the system. They can buy and control  anything.

  12. Follow the money!!!! It will lead you to the higher oligarchs if you don't know already. Money means nothing to them because they have already stolen and scammed for many years. It's all about the power and making you a slave

    1. true. "money" is a Man-Made FICTION: it is not found occurring anywhere in nature.
      look at this?...first it was gold, then paper, now theyre going for CarbonCredits/CCs that i refer to as DigitalObedienceCredits.
      its all madeup. none of it actually exists.
      its just like: no agreement of any kind even exists unless it was your own intent to make it! this is spiritual law. these people are trying to override spiritual law and thats impossible.
      also FICTIONS: are their Private Society Foreign "JURIS-DICTIONS"/ "SpokenJudgements" that they speak over the man who is under authority of the one who created him! ... they use their gold, paper, or Digital Obedience Credits as a Tool to coerce good man into "UnderStanding"/ "StandingUnder" them instead of man's creator.

      so that one of their sets of "123 Punches" on man is: coersion, falsified claims of agreement, and punishments meted out with no authority.
      but we dont have to do that. we can choose to stay/ get and stand under God's authority and protection. come what may. its in his hands. my experience is: he can be trusted.
      and it is so.

    2. Greetings,

      AnonymousJanuary 28, 2023 at 12:23 PM
      "Follow the money!!!! It will lead you to the higher oligarchs if you don't know already. Money means nothing to them because they have already stolen and scammed for many years. It's all about the power and making you a slave".

      That may be true that they don't need the money (it must be nice to print all the free money to your hearts desire to buy everything with no risk and for free) or means nothing to them, but unfortunately for them, I got the oligarchs numbers, they are all gonna wish they were never born afterwards when I clue them in that they all have been checked and what their options are to wiggle out of their corner they put themselves into. No more complaining, just justice through law enforcement, which is me, a one man show, all inclusive, I get all the evidence together to present it to the proper parties to execute the charges to conviction, a lot easier than constantly explaining yourself 🕵️🧑‍⚖️!

    3. @jan-marie people that are CITIZENS THAT BORROW MONEY create the DEBT which in turn IS money. The PROMISE TO PAY as a borrower that signs under penalty of perjury is the spell cast upon that borrower....for it is literally impossible to pay off any debt. In other words, citizens are SUCKERS aka TAXPAYERS.

    4. anony250p,
      thats all man-made FICTION. its for Corporations, not man, so unless youve freely CHOSEN to join their FICTION, it doesnt even apply to man.
      that is: man has to knowingly, intentionally, under full disclosure, and more, actually agree, in order for any agreement to be formed.

      its the man whove been knowingly and willingly participating in evil against other men who are the suckers: because
      refs.: proverbs26:2 says a causeless curse will not settle on man.
      and zechariah 5:1-4 says God himself has sent out a curse upon man who are liars and thieves, and will tear down what theyve built.

      what man says has to line up spiritually with Gods laws or its worthless drivel that needs to be shown for the EmptyAirPocket it is.

  13. Hey Anna, thanks for what you do, can you tell me where you saw information that darpa or dod have estimate that only 1 in 40,000 will survive the shot , did you see a document ? or talk with an insider?

    1. Anonymous 3:21 PM
      From "Claim Before Vatican Chancery Court--- Attention:
      H.E. Dominique Mamberti, Jan.19,
      authored by James Clinton Belcher.

    2. Anonymous 3:21 PM
      He states that the proof comes from credible projections and publications such as patents, scientific journals and is not contested {even by them}. Have you ever read any of this stuff? ln their own words? Seen their videos? l have. Trust me, if anyone has ever made a case against themselves, it would be them. lt's A L L
      there. lt occurred over such an extended length of time, they just couldn't see that the paper trail was going to tell on them. And how neat their confession was!
      l found most of this answer from her articles starting from mid January to present,
      Jan. 28, 2023. The projected total is 160,000,000 Mil. -- 200, 000,000 M over 7 years since one got their 1st injection along with 3 out every 4 pregnancies to almost full term end in miscarriage. That's only 1 baby out of a mother's 4 pregnancies making it. And they appear to be projected in that number. They are considered the walking dead bcuz as of now there is no studies confirmed for a cure. So they will all die after 7 years after the first 💉. Apparrantly they know that there were no survivors after 7 years, EVER, for them to know that 7 years and you're outta here. And 7 being their favorite occultist Satanic #, sounds like the largest sacrifice that Satanists has ever performed for Satan, as their satanic ritual sacrifices usually are. There's no doubt this has been all confirmed basically out of the horse's mouth and it's all been published. Remember, when someone is applying for a patent, they have to describe what their invention will do and of how they described it and it's intended purpose.

  14. if I remember correctly all those who post Anonymously will be delete, whats up Paul?

  15. We are the 'proper parties'.
    You won't find a court in this land that will follow the law (any law) that will even grant you a hearing. They're all corrupt from top to bottom.
    I believe that the only solution to this mess will turn our to be horrible world-wide violence against the perpetrators.

  16. it would be helpful to have an edit function for after comments have been published

  17. Blah blah blah
    Kill them all , Let God sort them out.
    A dead evil tyrant can do no more harm.

  18. Check out the WLA

    World Legislative Act #21
    Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
    Short Title: World Patents

    This one is of particular interest
    2.5.) To work closely with the Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment and other relevant agencies to monitor genetic engineering and other possibly dangerous technologies and regulate permits for development of such technologies for the protection of the people of Earth.
    Hmm makes ya wonder about that Doc Martin and just where he got all his world patent information and just what 'court' or whatever CON he is running is he filing his so called claims?

    Might I remind you of just who signed this so called ACT and her current location
    Georgia United States

    Check this out › wiki › Conference_for_the_Reduction_and_Limitation_of_Armaments
    Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments
    The Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments, generally known as the Geneva Conference or World Disarmament Conference, was an international conference of states held in Geneva, Switzerland, between February 1932 and November 1934 to accomplish disarmament in accordance with the Covenant of the League of Nations.

    This has been their plan for the last century and they are lying to the people across all levels and they have recruited so many brain dead that believe this horseshit that they work for them as these cock roaches are knocking them off with tainted vaccines

    And I'm here to tell ya that Kennedy the actwhore so called signed legislation to disarm us left side of the page in 1961
    Bush an Gore voting 'eye, aye' for it to be done

    Lower right 30 years later gorby and bush boy launch their decommision 36 united states military bases and operate out of the Presidio in Calif Orion

    Presidio and Presidium written all over their World Parliament documents


    And you bet your ass Hollywood is involved up to their necks in this shit as the entire apparatus is owned by the same damned families

    1. Read down the sidebar as he has been blocked from making post

      Beware the ides of march and charlatans bearing life saving 'gifts'

      Make note that a gif in computer lingo is
      A file with this extension may be a Compuserves' Graphics Interchange Format (bitmapped graphics) for QPeg - Display - CompuShow.

      And ya know
      “safe treatment protocol”
      reminds me of STP oil that no doubt the rocky boys own that too
      And an 'O' and you get STOP SIGN (SS)

      I got to thinking about those 'protocols' of the zionist and it sounds to me quite similar to that of 'PORTS OF CALL'
      Ya know like portals (port holes) that you sign in and sign on to on the internet with like your GAIA ID gmail address

      And funny how that GAI matches Guaranteed Annual Income as depicted in those there World Parliament documents Act # 42
      although there is a YOU for UNIVERSAL tacked on the front of it for
      All ya gotta do is step forward, provide all the necessary dockuments, a couple of informants, get verified, assigned an ILB, sign up, sign in to the designated portal (aka port of call) and like magic you've been tranceported to the new world.
      The META verse perhaps?

      What is a computer PORT

      Earth flying through space at 666,000 miles an hour?
      Look at link '8' 'ate'

      Mind fuck across their black and white checkered board folks
      ALL OF IT

      The weaponization of godvernment
      I posted a couple of comments on this site the other day and both were deleted
      I would say it is not the author of the articles but
      GOOGLY EYED GOOGLE and the loads of stiffs working for them that are targeting and deleting such information throughout the galactic federation 'internet' universe
      UNI means ONE (NEO from the Matrix movies)?

      NEOM the new SMART CITY in SAUDI
      You know the so called 'nation' of sheeks with their heads wrapped in red and white checkered board tablecloths that is now 'buck'ing the system (pun intended) to trade oil without dollars

  19. Sow, it's official is it?

    Say it isn't sow

    Funny, Hall and Oates did a song by that title track back in 1983

    And ELO Electric Light Orchestra (leo) did a song called Oh Oh Oh It's Magic

    And today there is a commercial for Ozempic
    O O O Ozempic ya know it will cure all your dieabetic woes
    Ask your docktor for details
    And the color ORANGE is in your face all over that commercial

    And recently O where the olives live OLIVIA NEW TOWN JOHN passed away and she did a song titled

    The album named Xanadu
    Interesting deafinitions for that there word
    World History . org has an interesting deafinition
    Associated with Marco Polo too


  20. Have a listen

    Around 3 minutes in he states the future US navy map

    So the information in the below link would be contradictory as to what the above video is telling

  21. Did you ever wonder why they named it 'CAMP DAVID'

    Hmm maybe like who's camp or tribe are you in?

  22. And they've been genociding us for decades in plain sight
    10 minutes in and the Gares of Hell Foundation and the horse speaking

    As I stated this is not new this vid and it's vaccines is part and parcel of the open genocide and the deliberate maiming of the population for decades

    So where in the hell has Kennedy been in all this?

    How bout the two vaccines at bith the baby doesn't need and never did need
    Vitamin K
    Hep B

    Yes thats right folks in the 50's these mofo's started their kill them all vaccine programs through the CORPOTATIONS THEY OWN AND CREATED THE CDC FDA to deliberately maim, gnetically fuck with our children while theirs go unvaccinated

    1. I believe last count for your children by the time they reach adulthood is now above 70 before they reach the age of 18
      (by the way that is 6+6+6) 6X3 = 18 or 3, 6's

      As Daniel has stated 18 is the age of consent and at that point and time they have the child thouroughly indoctrinated to accept their plight in life to carry on as their parents did and they repeat the same mistakes

      And all of it links to the SURNAME of the father while they list the mothers maiden name on the BC and the STATE claims the child as a bastard child

      The child is born in a hospitalers knights templar hospital and the child is claimed by the state
      They are assigned an SS number the minute they are registered with the DEPARTMENT OF VITAL STATICS NOW

      As I stated in recent comments the birth certificates they delivering to the requesters is generic now with no hospital, no doctor, nothing but typed in all cap letters everything and the only signature on the sucker is that of the REGISTRAR GENERAL OF THE STATE

      I wish I could show you the document I found but it contains what I classify as PRIVATE information and would never ever compromise their information

      However that is not the function of this criminal world wide enterprise
      Privacy is not an issue for these psychopaths

      If you claim to be that piece of paper you are their property

    2. The shetar

      You come forward claiming it, provide two witnesses that attest to the so called fact that is you and wala like magic you've been trafficked right back in to their so called made up jurisdiction

      I'd look in to so called SMART CONTRACTS THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN

      They didn't think that not a one of us hillbillys would ever figure this shit out


      I've worked in the Information Technology 'FIELD' for decades since the mid 80's folks
      Field as in the plantation field

      Smart contracts could be considered like hand shakes on the computer system that when pre determined identification measures are met then the data and the tranceaction to be performed is allowed to resume through the processing within the systems
      If those conditions are not met the tranceaction is terminated for lack of authentication

      In computer terms that would be that the point of service reaches out through CYBER web (as in all inclusive give them all chipped cards and cell phones to transact their business SPACE) to authenticate the buyers information contained in the main frames and all conditions of the identification of the buyer at the point of service should be met and an electronic handshake is authenticated so the tranceaction can continue to it's completion

      This happens with VPN's, IP addresses etc etc etc

      You are a trading partner and the information is set up as trading partner to trading partner and all the parameters for that trading partner set up are met and when the systems are queued with something from the trading partner the process is automated to kick off, verify the trading partner to trading partner parameters are met then allows the traceaction to continue to completion

      This is how these computers work folks

      One of the earlier products used to set up these trading partner relations'ships' was called CYCLONE

      One we used at FedEx was called BizTalk and this outfit preprogrammed the software with the systems information of the trading partner and we set up their profile on the fedex side and once the entire set up was installed and in place we tested it to see if the trading partner could PING the fedex servers and drop a file 215 SHIP MANIFEST file and that out mailboxing service GEIS (and yes folks GEIS is a GE product) would trigger the pick up of the electronic files and move it through the sytem to upload the loaded data file without anyone ever MANUALLY performing the functions to go get the damn file and process it manually

      I've been gone from FedEx for decades now so no none compete or breaking any code in revealing this information

      You might be on land but you are playing in their new world order electronic cyber space sandbox


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