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Friday, January 27, 2023

Urgent: Think About Money -- As a Subject, Not a Goal

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the Article(s) about Joe's Hamburger Shop, I took everyone through a typical transaction everyone can relate to--- a customer presents a "Federal Reserve Note" I.O.U. to Joe, and Joe gives him a hamburger in return. Joe now holds an I.O.U. "good for" a specific amount of "credit". 

The "bill" --- literally, the physical "Bill of Exchange", was "discharged" by the payment of the hamburger.  This is called a "Zero Sum Transaction".  
The debt note was discharged by the hamburger (credit).  There is no net debt or credit left.  

What should happen --in theory-- is for the "bill" to be returned to the Federal Reserve and accounted for, but the bookkeeping would be inconvenient for the schemers and printing costs would cut into profits.  So, instead, the discharged "bill" becomes Joe's "proof of credit" when he goes to the grocery store to buy buns and pickles. 

And on and on it goes, as we constantly "pass the buck". 

Do you notice anything else odd about this system?  

Essentially, you borrow a hamburger.  All these debt-credit systems do is "profit by borrowing",  Nobody actually pays for anything, ever, unless they barter.  

Some people profit fairly and without violence, and some take the other route, but at the end of the day, the books have to balance. Why? 

Because the whole system is functioning based on Zero Sum Transactions. No ultimate gain or loss is possible in the absence of theft or coercion. 

Unfortunately, we have suffered plenty of theft and coercion. 

Theft occurs in the form of inflation (a hidden tax), unremunerated taxation and seizures by confiscation, undisclosed (and non-consensual) securitization and monetization of assets, counterfeiting, false claims (like the ridiculous "National Debt" and equally ridiculous "interest" owed on the non-existent debt), and numerous other injustices and means of chiseling employed to cheat or defraud.  

Unremunerated taxation includes taxing anyone for anything that they receive no benefit from --- like taxing Joe Average American to pay off college debts for strangers, or snow removal in Amarillo, or the defense spending of entire European countries.  

Coercion includes things like the Internal Revenue Service/IRS both presuming foreign citizenship obligations on Americans and forcing them --- yes, at gun point --- to pay "Federal Income Taxes" when they literally have no Federal Income to tax, and haven't knowingly adopted any form of Federal citizenship.  

You may wonder how we and the rest of the world got into such a mess? 

It started in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War -- and the dilemma arose because of the Constitutions. 

The Constitutions require the Federal Government to operate on credit.  
The States are only allowed to operate on gold and silver. 

Obviously, those who commandeered our government under the pretense of an undisclosed military protectorate could not pay themselves with assets belonging to us, so how to raise abundant credit?  

Answer: they assumed trusteeship over our assets, borrowed against our assets, and helped themselves to the resulting credit--- even though the credit belongs to us, too.  

Later, they would bring outrageous claims to the effect that our assets were "abandoned" and that our government was in "interregnum", "missing" and "presumed lost" ---- all of which we have stoutly rebutted and counterclaimed, but suffice it to say, while the cats slept, the mice played. A lot. 

Still later, they began counterfeiting the debt notes on a vast scale, which resulted in equally vast inflation and money laundering operations of all kinds, that fueled all sorts of illicit criminal activity and made it harder for Grandma to buy a Laz-E-Girl recliner.  

In a few days, weeks at most, there will be an announcement by the "United States Treasury" --- actually, the International Monetary Fund, which has been functioning as the "United States Treasury" since 1924, that Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be honored.  

They may or may not be honest enough to tell you why --- that these "notes" have been counterfeited to the point where they are no longer viable representations of debt or credit. 

Even though all this has been ongoing for decades right in front of all the regulatory agency noses here and abroad, everyone benefiting from this "system" kept mum.  And they have done nothing sufficient  to prepare for a transition from FRNs. 

There have been numerous smooth transitions between forms of currency, such as the transition from "Silver Certificates" and the current form of "Federal Reserve Note" which occurred in the 1970's.  The new currency was introduced in exchange for the Silver Certificates and gradually removed from circulation to reduce the debt burden on the banks. 

This time, there will be no exchange, because of all the counterfeiting and Odious Debt that the Perpetrators allowed to accrue. 

The new so-called United States Treasury Notes that are proposed as gold-backed replacement currency by the IMF are not printed and available in sufficient quantity to do any kind of smooth transition, and since the IMF is unable and unwilling to own up to its culpability, nobody will be able to buy USTNs with FRNs. 

Read that: the military scrip you have been using as money for decades will be officially worthless.  It really always was monopoly money and now everyone will get a chance to see that they were basically stealing credit that belonged to the American people and using it "as" money, ever since the so-called Civil War. 

The roots of this current debacle were founded, as usual, in England, in 1882 with the Bills of Exchange Act, which considers a Bill of Exchange --a category of commercial paper including Promissory Notes--- to be the "same as cash".  

This was the foundational basis of the use of "Notes" in lieu of cash and the entire credit bonanza being made available for government spending instead of being returned to the people it belonged to. 

Only the Sovereign or, in our case, Sovereign People, can issue Bills of Exchange, and obviously, England would be at a disadvantage with only one Queen to issue IBOEs if millions of Americans were enabled to issue IBOE's, so the Perps gratuitously "redefined" us as government employees and dependents in order to deprive us of: (1) control of our assets, (2) the benefit of our own credit, and (3) our ability to issue IBOE's. 

Now, they want to switch things around so that when we, the Sovereign People, issue IBOE's as a means of exchange, they only pay out 10% to us and keep the 90% for the banks.  

That is, if I as a member of the Sovereign People issue an International Bill of Exchange in the amount of say, $2,000,000.00, the banks will credit me with $200,000.00 and keep the rest. 

If all of this sounds like lunacy, it is. 

Individual people should not be going around writing International Bills of Exchange based on the resources of their country without any Fiduciary Office or responsibility or accountability attached to their actions.  

Look at what 515 piglets in Congress and the Executive Branch and so-called Judicial Branch have managed to spend "for" us?  

None of these people have or accept any Fiduciary responsibility and as they occupy no Public Office should clearly not have any right to control our assets or abuse our credit.  

Someone finally noticed.  We did. 


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  1. If Anna backed the Dollar with gold how can they just say they are worth nothing?

    1. Just what I was thinking!

    2. If the FRN is on the way out stash extra on Postoffice Money Orders...They are gold based..supposedly. Other than that stock up as best you can.

    3. if its in the NWO, looks kind of like theyre setting their "money" up to be "CarbonCredits", doesnt it?

    4. Good Catch and what does this mean as well""Anna suggested taking a good chunk of $$$ out if you
      can, and sock it away in your piggy bank. (Actually, you Don’t want to keep Federal
      Reserve Notes on you past the end of January, 2023!)"
      OK, get out of the banks I get it. However What the hell does this mean? (Actually, you Don’t want to keep Federal
      Reserve Notes on you?? past the end of January, 2023!)"

    5. to me:
      sounds like theyre trying to start up another so-called BankRun? causing people to panic? good excuse for Pre-Planned "Bank-Ruptures"?
      when instead, the underlying cause of THEIR Pre-Planned? BankRuptures wouldnt be caused by , oh, say... printing numbers on quadrillions of small pieces of paper and sending pallets of them on planes to the M.East, Uker, and other FOREIGN COUNTRIES.
      ........when it now seems those "Banks" arent even Banks at all??
      but instead are yet ONE MORE FRAUD??... being Private International Investment Houses calling themselves by the word "Bank" to hide their true nature from the American people??

      1. if there's been a FraudScheme worked upon us then the Federal Reserve Notes are evidence that it took place.
      2. and if that is so, then: it IS required that those Federal Reserve Notes be made good.
      and it is so. (for me anyway)

    6. so should we take what we have stashed and re deposit it? I really would like to know. I have proof where they came from so I feel they might be allowed to even exchange...anyone?

  2. So How we protect our money from these people to take it and run with? because I understand they can take our deposits and run with and that is legal for them to do that, that is what happened to Grease and Sri Lanka and the countries in South American

  3. Annadamn! Either you know or should have known that the red herrings you have thrown out about the nexus for a tax is not ANY of those things. You are smart. Maybe to smart. People listen up, the "income " tax is predicated on you using a fed reserve bank account!!! Not your citizenship etc. You place your naked endorsed checks into an account. You have just endorsed the national debt and that is why you are on the hook. If the people here think you can be a state national and use national, i.e. fed reserve, banks without a user fee think again. Study title 12, banking, and look up the definition of a private banker and come back here and tell me you are not acting in that capacity. Shame on you anna. Tell me I am wrong Learn how to do restrictive endorsements that give you a 35% pay increase and then maybe you can afford to donate to the cause of your choice.I am done.

    1. Brad, if you didn’t endorse the checks with;
      Redeem for Lawful Money
      by: your name , all Rights Reserved
      Then you are SOL

    2. 12 USC 411 §411. Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; redemption
      Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.

      (Dec. 23, 1913, ch. 6, §16 (par.), 38 Stat. 265 ; Jan. 30, 1934, ch. 6, §2(b)(1), 48 Stat. 337 ; Aug. 23, 1935, ch. 614, title II, §203(a), 49 Stat. 704 .)

    3. brad where in title 12 does one find this restrictive endorsement. thanks

    4. brad,
      3 more factors:
      1. its all based on fraud: all the paper, the corporations, the Code/s= FRAUD. and "fraud vitiates all contracts." nullifies.
      2. spiritual law is that we cant be prevented from participating with our own people. and right now, under force, imprisonments, thefts, injuries, merderrs and more, our people have been trafficked into a Huge Fraud scheme. and fraud nullifies all contracts.
      3. under authority of the laws of nature and natures God that all men are under, i say:
      theyre going to have to pay everybody back.
      and it is so.

  4. So that mason jar of $100’s I have buried is as worthless as the dirt it’s buried in ?
    Someone ( like many) robbed me…I shoot robbers, btw.

  5. Has anyone successfully written an ROE letter to the IRS and not been come after for not filing? What about the W4 which has to be filled out with your job, when you put exempt it states you have to knowingly be exempt for the previous year. I do not know how to navigate this in a way where I can file this year to recoup all the taxes that were taken out last year, but claim exempt so no more taxes are taken out.

  6. The above are the correct endorsements and I am really happy to see that some "get it" Brad

  7. Once you have a years worth of restrictive endorsements you can then honestly say on your w4 for the coming year that you had no taxable income.
    There is a little paperwork involved and I am saying very little but once you grasp it It is very Myrtle tree david merrill for further help.I really hope people reading this take advantage of it. I do not "make" anything on this. Also an added benefit besides the 35% pay increase is you are also reducing the national debt.

  8. Took sign in America for nothing also had a whole stack of documents notarized for nothing. Can you please write something easily understandable to actually help? You have 4000 documents that don’t help anything in my life on any way.

  9. So what are we supposed to do? Will our FRNs be accepted at the checkout counter? Should we be exchanging our FRNs for United States Post Office Money Orders?

  10. One of our members has been in jail for almost a month here in Massachusetts for falling asleep on someone's front lawn. There are no injured parties. When he mentioned he was a National to the judge she upped the bail from $12000 to $50000. Can we use our RA393427640 US as a bond to put up bail and release him from the Plymouth County Jail?

  11. Any One Understand What this quote from Anna means? "Anna suggested taking a good chunk of $$$ out if you
    can, and sock it away in your piggy bank. (Actually, you Don’t want to keep Federal
    Reserve Notes on you past the end of January, 2023!)"
    OK, get out of the banks I get it. However What the hell does this mean? (Actually, you Don’t want to keep Federal
    Reserve Notes on you?? past the end of January, 2023!)"

  12. Gold and Economist Freedom pdf
    By Alan Greenspan (1966)

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow, m
    Happy Healthy Prosperous 2023

  13. Gold And Economic Freedom

  14. Alternatively use the prepaid accounts setup

  15. I saw this site: , although it's U.S. Corp debt clock, look at figures!

  16. Meanwhile keep sending those debt notes in any form or fashion in C/O Anna, they are sorely needed

    Here Anan, I'll save ya the trouble of making the comment


  17. Oh this is priceless

    The redo of the federal reserve building in DC and the contrators are Balfour Beatty
    7 minutes in to the video

    Hmm like Balfour and the creation of the fake CORPORATION known as Israel

    1. Dederal Reserve building bought by the Department of the Interior?

      Hmm you don't say

      I thought the godvernment and their 'departments' were all broke?
      Hit the debt ceiling?

      Lies lies and more lies thats all they ever do

  18. And wow this one here

    Lines up exactly as the author of this book has written for the dark ages never saw the light of day

    These lying cock roaches never ever stop and their next step is glow ball slavery and they need you to come onboard and help them attain it

    And while you're at it have a read

    And then have another read
    Eugenics hidden in plain sight and they seem to be targeting males

    So all you brain dead out there that think this is the one and only vaccine that is harming you and your families need to take heed

    As stated before, at birth within hours after these medical 'professional' idiots cut the umbilical cord, they are injecting your newborn infant with two vaccines
    Vitamin K a blood clotting agent
    Hep B

    And then within a day or two these cock roaches are cutting the tip off of your little infant sons penis (medical trauma)
    So tell me where in the hell has Robert Kennedy and all these other so called 'experts' been for the last 60 years as they've continued to inject your infants at birth and cut the foreskin off your sons penis' and continue to add vaccine after vaccine to the childhood immunization ADMINISTRATION plan?

    Wake the fucking hell up

    And here anan or I mean anon, I'll make your comment for you

    Says right in the world parliament documents that the citizens of the new world order will pay for it to be set up, the world parliament will not incur the expense, you will
    By all means donate all you can they cannot just do it (nike) without your help
    Manifest Destiny

  19. And once you read this

    Remember that these are the hidden assets of just one of those corporations

    And of course they are looking to unincorporate them as they steal your ass blind and you pay to repopulate a nation you never left in the first place
    It's one of the WLA (law) ACTS in PROGRESSIVE mode
    To take away their 'corporate personhood'
    Hmm oh where oh where have we herd that?
    Pleading with the popeye to take away their personhood corporation status and all will be well in LA LA LAND

    Read the damn document it's in there

  20. They're feeling the heat look at this piece of shit ACTOR

    He was touring the country last year in Freedom Fest
    Check out the name of the so called governor of Rapid City (reference to water)
    And Rapid City sits in the foothills below Mount Rushmore folks just to the right of the 11 western states
    And those there fraud presidents are overlooking the 11 western states folks

    And if I am not mistaken NEOM is a plannd UN SMART CITY in Saudi Arabia
    Yep, there it is

    A mirror folks

    Check out this 'story' issuing SOE as in sewing the seeds in Georgia
    And remember ole Tyler Perry has a 440 acre movie studio set up in Georgia folks located on one of the 36 military bases that ole Gorby and the Gorbachev Foundation were tasked with getting rid of
    Bottom right corner of artice

    Right side column look at the fuck pictured and the planned shit
    And you bet your ass NASA and the rest of the Little Rascal gangs are all in on the theatre
    Did you run out and buy his NFT cards?
    Well hell add a couple of pyramid A's to that there alphabet name of his cards and what do ya get
    NAFTA folks and the NAU

    How do you bring about the NAU as a result of 'climate change'
    Well you flood the entire west is what you do with the water that you've damned up for decades along with the hoover dam

    Don't you worry now those UN US peace keeping forces will be here to help they've ensured that they will be
    Ya know like their Rex84 and jadehelm15 exercises prepared them for

    And gee if you poison the military two years in advance of the planned climate change invasion

    You're dealing with fucking looney tunes here
    They're so blinded by the 'light' that they can't fucking see

    I have been warning you for years
    She sits in ALASKA folks she has nothing to worry about she sits in the CROWN state right beside HAARP

    AARP you know that CORPORATION that sells you a subscription and helps you navigate the waters in their sea of commerce when it comes to all things old people

    1. Not such a coinkydink that the so called sauds just happen to be dumping the dollar right now, is it?

      Now if you think that is by chance there is some ocean front property coming up for sale in Arizona here soon that can be sold to ya
      I'm sure those so called Suads may have first dibs
      After all they are swarming the gulf too with a little help from their friends
      Governor Perry and others signing deals after they slammed that area with Katrina and Harvey and dislocated/immigrated the survivors to SMART regions inland in the process

    2. It's called setting the stage

      So when you see the Governor of Georgia calling in the National Guard, you know that is staged as well. It makes no sense. The mainstream media has induced a riot, with the government abetting them by supplying the video, and FBI/CIA has stood down for Antifa, so what good is the National Guard?
      The only reason the National Guard is there is to protect the government assets on the street from pushback by real citizens. The National Guard in Atlanta is working as bodyguards for Antifa actors.
      No one else is telling you that, are they?

    3. this is getting damn old...
      how sickeningly predictable to hear "DT" be sent out as a PresCandidate and say he would send Federal Law Enforcers into the States: RIGHT NOW, JUST AS supposedly almost all the County Sheriffs in Illinois/ (elsewhere too?) SAY THEY WILL NOT ENFORCE (2A-related) FEDERAL LAW!!

      too damn bad for them that so many of us can think straight and arent so susceptible to Cognitive Dissonance.

    4. janmarie yes it certainly is
      And since their online recruiting agents and their efforts to get the so called 'dead' 'citizenry' to save themselves and come on board their new ship is failing miserably they just can't get the playright to write/right/rite the perfect script or piece of literature to get them to do so either so they just keep recycling more of the same theatre

      BLM, Bureau of Land Management or Black Lives Matter?
      BLM the one of the black lives kind is a repeat of Matin Luther fake King Jr

      There are tons of them in on this shit and the so called character DJT is one of them

      Has to be some CLUES (remember the game of Clue) in those NFT cards of his after all if you add a couple of PYRAMID A's to the letters you get NAFTA and that there so called free trade NAU agreement for the masses they planned to manifest

      Their GAI green new deal plan is to be implemented in Canada by 2025 right in line with their UN objectives to be met as per their schedule and the parallel plan they got going here

      WLA (law) ACT #42
      It's linked to your Google 'G'mail

      And what do ya know GAIA is there too
      The new brand name of the Earth under the EARTH FEDERATION AND THE NEW FAKE GREEN NEW DEAL CONSTITUTION

      The actualization PORTS OF CALLS (protocols) of the so called learned elders of the zion sion cock roaches

      NO DEAL

      I'd rather be born again in his true kingdom then come forward and claim to be a member of this planned slavery for all plan

      They never thought in their millions of years of fabricated history BULLSHIT that the dumbed down hillbillies of the world would ever figure this out

      And just like CLOCKWORK they may have already started their slaughter of the iranian people

      They have to follow the script it's the manifest to their destiny and their so called new haven new earth BABYLONIAN BULLSHIT plan

      My BOLOGNA has a first name
      It's MAYER
      My BOLOGNA has a second name
      It's MAYER
      Oh I love to eat it every day
      And if you ask me why I'll say

      Metro Goldwyn Mayer MGM Their TRADEMARK
      With a ROARING LIEON as their logo

      Looney Tunes
      That's All Folks
      Shews Over



    5. Correction

      My BOLOGNA has a first name
      It's OSCAR (as in their little golden idols they get awarded for playing their parts)
      My BOLOGNA has a second name
      It's MAYER
      Oh I love to eat it every day
      And if you ask me why I'll say

      They took their shew to the internet CYBER SPACE AIRWAVES

      Add an 'S' to the end of those there WLA's and what do ya get when you annagram (Anna the Grandmama) IT
      That's where these suckers come in
      The parallel so called DEMOCRATIC non military Godvernment they've got going and have had going for decades now
      Of course everyone has to be relieved of any defence weaponry they have for this to manifest so the narritive includes massive 'incidents' to bring that all about as their stooges in both houses sign their fake bills and legislature to subject their audience reduced to cattle to their every whim
      Now the picture of the guy who wrote this blog looks like the persona we know as that of the fake JFK Jr which of course is supposed to be one of our saviors coming to end this shit shew?
      None the less there are some nuggets of gold written in here

      Their grand master if that of the guy playing in the latest star trek PICARD
      And I believe he is also on the world stage today playing the role of none other than Klaus Schwab
      Ever so slightly hidden is his name is the reference to Santa Clause

      Funny too PICARD is in this Star Trek film of the
      GALACTIC FEDERATION walking over a bridge
      At 3:07 check out the prick walking over the bridge with the triangle logo of their famed organization on his left breast
      And later kirk man shaftner throwing up their salute

      COMICCON is a big brainwashing production not to mention it nets them billions is prophets

      Funny thing to that ole Klaus is wearing what looks to be his darth vadar costume in his pictures
      Patrick Stewart (real name: Alexander Adolf Hitler, oldest son of William Patrick Stewart Hitler): Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus, the man who released not only the script for actor playing "billionaire Trump" but also for EVERYONE else in world politics.

  21. Found this a little revealing especially with the name Artemis as we have that very name of a space vehicle in the realm today and associated with orange man

  22. Check your 'G' mail (junk mail too) there could be a SMART contract fine for failure to civally obey there mandates to get shot

    WLA, ACT #44 (connected to the Obama fraud)
    World Legislative Act #44
    Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Act

    You damned slaves better get in lock step or else we'll send out the brain dead warped speed military space farce police for your ass

    This has been a pubic broadcast service, BABYLONIAN SERVICE (PBS) announcement
    Stay tuned for future updates

  23. Pathetic losers

    And what do ya know the first game to be played will be at the ALLEGIANT Stadium in Vegas
    10:15 in to the above linked video

    Talk about a TRANCEFORMATION
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Now lets not forget that the wizards of waverly looted vegas during the lockdown and they completed this very stadium in the same timeframe as their convid conversion scheme tranceformed the world in to literally the walking dead

    Walk like an egytian sound familiar by the BANGLES

  24. Like I've said where was ole kennedy when they rolled all these other 'health' benefits out through their medical mafia

    Started wat back in the 40's when all their GRAND GOLDEN GLOW BALL ASPERATIONS KICKED IN TO HIGH GEAR

    Right around that same time frame these wizards of waverly created the FIB, CYA, UN and all these other alphabet gangs to cover up their crimes and employed the surfs to help them along paying them for a job well done

    And gee it was around this same time that they thunk up the EARTH CONSTITUTION and started their COG's as in a wheel to steer the trusting herd towards their World Domination plans

    Swissy Land is their hub of operations which is why they meet is DAVOS and around that their BOOT BANK called the World Bank

    CERN home of the world wide web

    In this one
    1 hour and 48 minutes in you have reference to the Google Doodle
    All of this shit is linked to the friggin PRESIDIO


    In this one

    All around the Presidio all of this shit is going on and it just happens to be where silicon valley is located today

    In one of his videos linked above he talks about how one of the first things hooked up to the internet is CERN


    And check out those internet icons and applications being used

    Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners Pt 5a Burning wi the Man

    In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
    Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
    2 hours and 13 minutes in
    The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
    EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN

    And I found this yesterday about how this so called woman here was one of the so called first programmers of the internet
    34 minutes in
    Grace Hopper one of the first programmers of the
    Harvard Mark I

    Almost looks like Granny from the Beverly hillbillies????


  26. janmarie you will appreciate this

    1. 16 miuntes in
      New York was called New Amsterdam before they rebranded it as it is today

    2. And I remind you of those early colonial maryland records I had uncovered a while back that they subsequently took down from the internet which depicted the 1600's and lands of how these lands were acquired and in those records were references all over the place to the LIEBAR code aka liber code

      Here is a clip of some of that information I captured and saved
      Harriss, Thomas, 30th Feb., 1684; 19th July, 1686.
      To daus. Bathsheba and Mary, personalty.
      To son Thomas at 19 yrs. of age, land (unnamed)
      To unborn child if a son, personalty; if dau., 20 A. (unnamed).
      To wife Mary, extx., dower rights.
      Test: Chas. Musgrave, Henry Hagen, Mary Owsey, Edw. Gattly. 4. 21
      Thomas & Mary Harriss 9.192 I CH £173.17.4 Nov 23 1686
      Appraisers: John Corts (also John Courts), Ralph Smith.

      === Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

      May 14, 1686 - Exhibited will of Thomas Harris (planter, Charles Co.), constituting Mary executrix. Said Mary married Richard Land, and is now deceased. Said Land was granted administration. Humphrey Warren to administer oath.
      Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 13, p. 343.
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber H, Page 290
      3 Apr 1680; Indenture from Thomas Harris, planter, to Ralph Smith and Sarah his wife, the relict of Col. John Duglas; exchange of land; a parcel of land at the head of Petit's Creek part of land now in possession of Thomas Harris; bound by Pope's Hollow and land of Thomas Petits; containing 20 acres; /s/Thomas Haris; wit. Henry Bonner, Rando. Brandt; acknowledged by Mary Haris, wife of Thomas

      Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 13, p. 343.

      So the liber code was in action long before we were ever being told and so were their so called courts

      And the counties
      Father Francis Pope, b. 1610, England Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 27 Jan 1670/71, Charles County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 61 years)
      Mother Margaret Porter, b. Abt 1636, England Find all individuals with events at this location, d. Abt 1677, Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age ~ 41 years)
      Married Abt 1653 St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location
      Family ID F01182 Group Sheet | Family Chart

      Family 1 Thomas Harris, b. Bef 28 Mar 1654, St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 19 Jul 1686, Charles County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 32 years)
      Married Bef 3 Apr 1680 Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location
      1. Bathsheba Harris, b. Abt 1677, St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location, d. Aft 1706, Wicomico Hundred, Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age ~ 30 years)
      2. Mary Harris, b. 16 Nov 1680, Piccawaxen, Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location
      3. Thomas Harris, b. 6 Feb 1682/83, Piccawaxen, Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 25 Jun 1733, Charles County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 50 years)
      4. John Harris, b. 5 Mar 1683/84, Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 26 Jun 1754, Charles County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 70 years)
      Last Modified 5 Apr 2020

      At Marys County Charles County the list is endless

      All these records have now been buried and I cannot find them anywhere on the internet

      Because as I have been telling you they have their own intranet to go by where as the slaves will never ever see those records

    3. Now I ask you
      Married Abt 1653 St. Mary's County, Maryland

      Was there a Mary's County
      Was there a Maryland
      In 1653

      Yes most likely but the latest scam is their so called INCOPORATION?

      And they working in their latest and greates plan to enslave the world under their world parliament


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