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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Letter to Henry Bryant

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Henry Bryant Lanier,

Thank you for clarifying what was going on with the request for a Power of Attorney included as part of “Tasking Authorization” on the USVETBANK.US website. We tried to contact you and the organization without success for over a week to get this clarification, so we consider that we did “act in honor” and make the reasonable effort.

As you can certainly understand, my Readers are sensitive to the potential threats of giving away Powers of Attorney, so after I recommended that veterans check out the USVETBANK.US and they saw a request for a POA posted, they naturally brought back their concerns to me.

I was not able to obtain a copy of the POA requested, so could not evaluate what it was about or why it was being requested, and was not able to contact you or your organization to get an explanation— and failing that, had to pull back my recommendation pending more information. And that’s the way I put it, too — no condemnation implied and no rumor-milling intended — just a simple “Hold on, folks, until we know more.”

If anyone can appreciate the abuses that have gone on, you can. Powers of Attorney and “Registrations” have been used under the British Territorial Government system to defraud generations of Americans, so the idea that these instruments could be used for any good purpose is mostly foreign to us and their use does spark healthy concern among my 150 million readers worldwide.

Now that we know what the POA was about, that concern is overcome. Simple as that.

If I may be so bold, may I offer a few observations of my own, based on the feedback I have received?

It appears that the website at the time I recommended it, was very confusing for would-be users and that many people simply didn’t understand that there were two possible levels of participation — one as an account holder, and one as an employee of the bank. That needs to be better explained somehow and the two pathways better differentiated.

People who got past that and who decided to apply to work for the bank were also confused when the registration process they expected turned out to be a telephone interview process. Most of them were expecting to fill out a typical written application form and then, if they passed muster, be contacted for an interview. Simply saying, “If you are interested in working for USVETBANK.US, please leave your name and telephone number below, and we will contact you for a telephone interview.” would save a lot of consternation.

Many were, as you observed, kerflummoxed by the simple question about “who they are and what they need”. Please understand that those two questions are questions that most Americans have never been asked, and many haven’t even asked themselves.

Most Americans assume that its obvious that they are Americans and that that is the only possible thing they can be. They have been left woefully ignorant about the various political statuses available to them and the fact that they may choose to function as American State Nationals, State Citizens, U.S. Citizens, or Municipal citizens of the United States — and if the Federal Republic gets booted up, could also function as States of America Citizens. My readers are far more aware of these issues and will pop right up and give you a specific answer, but Joe Average Veteran needs help with this.

Maybe a page that presents the four currently available political statuses and a simple explanation that as things stand, most Veterans are deprived of their Constitutional protections, because they “haven’t returned home” and claimed either their State National or State Citizen status, would help them not only decide who they are, but better enable them to tell you who they are, too?

As for what they want — you know, most people have spent their lives being told what they want? By their parents, by their priests and pastors, by their teachers, by their spouses, by their drill sergeants, by their bosses at work. If you are thinking that is a simple question for Joe Average Veteran to answer, you’d better think again. When you come out of the blue and ask, “Well, what do you want?” it may be the first time in their whole life that ANYONE ever asked them that. It may be the first time that it ever crossed their minds that they have a real choice.

You are giving them that choice, God bless you, but, at the same time — realize that for many people, you are coming close to speaking a foreign language, a language of Freedom, that they have yet to learn.

I’d suggest giving them some prompting — examples of what other veterans have wanted to do: Joanne who wants to start a prison rehabilitation program that really helps get people back on track and employed. Ben who wants to start a program rebuilding used cars and making them available to families who desperately need transportation. Joe who wants to set up community-based food markets where local farmers can sell organic produce and meat. Leo who wants to publish a series of American History books for kids in High School, so they understand the difference between American History and US History. George who has developed a small engine that runs on water and various attachments to replace conventional low horsepower tools.

Americans are natively industrious and creative, and just given an honest chance will start seeing needs and solving problems. Some of those solutions may start out on a small scale in one part of the country and grow into a nation-wide phenomenon. I can hardly wait to see what comes of your initiative — but, please, do understand that for many people, your simple questions aren’t simple.

For many people, your simple questions come like a shot in the dark. Who am I? What do I want?

Sadly, their hesitance and confusion reflects the Slave Mentality that has been infiltrating our country for many decades, as our country itself has been slowly cut and pasted into an industrialized “model” having nothing to do with individual rights, creativity, or initiative.

As we stand here preparing to shove Klaus Schwab’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution” down his throat, we have to remember how much harm has been done by the mechanized and deliberately dumbed-down school system, by political correctness, and by misapplied peer pressure. This is no longer the America where people have dreams of their own and the means to pursue them.

This has become an America where the independent grocers are overwhelmed by price-advantaged supermarkets, where Mom and Pop Hardware and Lumberyards are destroyed by Big Box Stores, and small businesses and Main Street itself, are dying — not only because of unopposed monopoly interests, but because of wrong-headed labor unions, power-drunk politicians, and public ignorance.

We can’t be disappointed when we ask Joe Average Veteran what he wants, and he doesn’t have an immediate answer, looks confused, and mumbles something in a fog. You can be pretty sure that if he doesn’t have an immediate answer, he doesn’t want anything that he sees going on around him, and doesn’t feel that he has any particular power to change things. Give him a moment. Give him the information he needs. And then give him the backing to change the world.

We need our veterans to come home and weigh in and be part of the actual Body Politic of America. We are in a clenched battle against foreign court systems which are pillaging, plundering, and enslaving our people at will, for lack of having our own courts stood up nationwide and our jury pools filled. Instead, we are plodding along, one State at a time, straight uphill. If more of our veterans truly understood this situation, we’d have all the courts stood up in all the States tomorrow.

You could help by helping us to educate veterans and part of that education could take place right there on your USVETBANK.US website.

I am sorry if you got a twisted version of what was said last night on my weekly Webinar. We will be more than happy to explain your clarification next week and to be as supportive as we can be of your effort overall. My email is: My number is: 1 (907) 250-5087. My Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, In care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. I would very much appreciate it if you would drop us a line and give us a way to contact your organization directly, so if any questions come up in the future, we can get answers for my readers.

Anna Maria


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  1. THIS, the lack of reasonably quick communication between members, who need info they can't get anywhere else, and the hierarchy, is my main complaint. There should at least be a FAQ that handles more than the 'how to correct your status' process on the site, and regular updates, not just something static. Even a moderated forum would help.

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