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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Evils of the Agencies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have followed me for years know that the Principals who contracted with our States of the Union to create the three Federal Constitutions palmed off their responsibilities onto hireling organizations soon after the Civil War hostilities ended.  Within a couple decades, these hireling subcontractors began hiring other subcontractors to do their jobs for them. They called these "subcontractors of subcontractors" by a new name---- "Agencies".  

Okay, so our contract is with the British Monarch.  The British Monarch hires a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America --- Incorporated" to do the work delegated to the British Territorial United States under The Constitution of the United States of America.  That deceitfully named commercial contractor promptly gets into trouble, and finds that it needs a substantial in-house legal firm to protect it from damage claims, so they create a new subcontractor, "The Department of Justice", and they appoint and hire all sorts of employees and they contract with a number of vendors to provide services to this new subcontractor of a subcontractor and they call it an "Agency".  

We, the People, doing business as The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, have a contract with the British Monarch. 

The British Monarch hires a Scottish Corporation incorporated in Scotland but named after us and doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated, to do the work that the British Monarch is supposed to do. 

The United States of America, Incorporated, creates a new "department", which is another incorporated entity doing business as the Department of Justice, Incorporated.  

We are now three tiers down and we note that: (1) the Department of Justice, Inc. is a foreign corporation; (2) it works for the Scottish commercial corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc., and (3) it's called an "Agency" and (4) it is separated from us so as to make it unaccountable to us.  

(1) The United States of America (Unincorporated)  - British Monarch
(2) British Monarch - the United States of America (Incorporated)
(3) the United States of America, Inc. - the Department of Justice, Inc. 

We also note that this Agency is created/hired by and accountable to the Scottish corporation doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated" --- not to the British Monarch and not to us, even though it is being paid for with our money. 

This Department of Justice is being paid for with our money, and its job is to defend the erstwhile Scottish Commercial Corporation (and its Successors) against our complaints. 

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot? 

And the Scottish Commercial Corporation (and its Successors) isn't accountable to us, it is accountable to the British Monarch --- who under the terms of the Constitutional contracts is accountable to us. 

In real life, read that as the British Monarch ignores their obligations and thumbs their nose at the American States, reaps the profit from the mercenary Scottish Commercial Corporation, bankrupts it (or its Successors) periodically, and offloads the debts onto the clueless, trusting Americans. 

And if the Americans complain, bring complaints, or charge fees in return, the "Department of Justice" is there to protect the Middleman Commercial Corporation, at our expense. 

So far, we've just been describing the Territorial "Agencies" disguised as government departments. 

The DOJ, FEMA, IRS, BLM, and so on, are all additional Municipal Corporations that serve exactly the same function for the Municipal Government. 

They are all "Agencies" --- employees of employees of employees that don't recognize their actual endline employers at all, and who bear no direct accountability to us at all. 

Now, several years ago, I told everyone that the Parasites are planning to move to China and begin eating out their new Chinese Hosts --- did I not?  And this past week what happened?  Goldman-Sachs, the Internal Revenue Service,  and the Federal Reserve, all moved to China.   

I also told you that the Municipal Government was arming their "Agencies" as Mercenaries to fight on our soil.  This is completely outrageous and illegal, but here they are:

This is especially egregious because the Pope owns both sides of the purported conflict.  There is no doubt that Pope Francis has been involved up to his skull cap in planning a completely bogus mercenary war to take place on our shores, and he is, unavoidably then, both a war-monger and a war criminal for allowing his corporations and Agencies to operate in any such way on our soil.  

This is especially true as our States of the Union have declared Peace and published our Peace Treaty and International Peace Proclamation.  

The Pope may have authority to authorize war within the District of Columbia and by God, he'd better make sure that he keeps it in the District of Columbia. 


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  1. "This is especially egregious because the Pope owns both sides of"

    "The Pope may have authority to authorize war within" the District of Columbia and by God", he'd better make sure that he keeps it in the District of Columbia. (do ewe have him on that tight of lease, oops leash?)

    Acting as Fiduciary, acknowledging deeds, titles, interests, claims. Concluding the Pope owns both sides of
    Wow?! What a uuuge, bigly concession?! Really? Exactly what does francis the fallen “own?” A purse with holes in it? Full of liabilities? Attached to his “own” name? And, title to a religious order which prior claimed association with “christianity” as legitimacy of official anointed capacity to administer the Covenant (and it’s ever-increasing abundance of supply) on behalf of the minor dependent heirs until they come of age of majority and maturity, which used said ‘legitimacy’ to overspread the earth, conquering the promised land for God and country, “saving” the barbarians and savages with the “Good News!” I do not approve of “the way” these swift messengers delivered the Glorious Message beginning; “Glad tidings! Rejoice! Peace on Earth, and Goodwill towards men!” to the peoples native to and dwelling on the lands, owed that Message as sent by the Most High God who wants every man everywhere to know He is also our Father, “all our” Father in the First Place. God and Creator, Originator, Donor, Father of the “First Family” of Man.
    Now the ‘religious order’ which claimed legitimacy by “saving the sav-ages, barbarians, pagans! After vacating the office/abdication/renunciation by been-dickt? Office closed/locked/sealed. At which time those authorities returned from whence they came- to the people. The people of God, the dejure largest living sovereign Body on earth in pre-recorded, recognized, protected Covenant Union with Their God, have since the moment of that abdication, held within themselves “all authority in heaven and earth I give to you.” enter the serpent charmer who declared the new ‘religious order’ pagan! The “church” would re-open with new identity as opposite its’ former position; advance Gospel/oppose paganism, is now itself Pagan, embracing paganism ie oppose Truth, Gospel and God.
    Once the fictitious, corporate entities “died again” in the hole of bankruptcy, the temporal powers prior delegated also returned to the people. Thus, “All Authority,” spiritual and temporal, ecclesiastical and civil, municipal and territorial, church and state, god and country, flag and the cross, twin powers of the earth, twin pillars, “Twin Sticks” of King and Priest, has since Shiloh came, been joined as one in One hand, and deposited in His people! Now they are ALL illegitimate, un-duly-authorized, FALLEN. Period. End of story.
    Francis the Fallen owns nothing but his own liability, and has NO Authority whatsoever. These statements/allowances/concessions appear as if this site is used to convey to the criminal trespassing offender, agreement with his claims of and rights to and authority over, granted by her also to make war on the land and soil of Wash DC? Is that agreement of claim and permission to act? Granted by the acting Fiduciary?

    1. I could do as u ask, and only repeat myself "in other words." Or, try reading again the words you already have, and follow along slowly as to follow along, arriving at the point. I believe you are able, and I'm making light, so as not to offend, but inform

    2. well, its been all day, so im going to see if this is what paul meant.

      its complex, but basically:
      he gave reasons why the Pope has neither claims nor authority in or over what has been known as Washington D C,
      then asked "anna"FiduciaryFICTION if "hesheitthey" were using that FICTIONALFIDUCIARY POSITION and this website to "grant" "The Pope" "herhisitstheir" "permission" to make War on OUR land(/soil): known as Washington DC*?
      janmarie comment:
      *....that was allowed to *temporarily* form a LIMITED DISTRICT, *NOT* a State of our Union, on OUR land.**
      **....and so is therefore subject to OUR laws:
      the Declof Indep and the Artof Confed.
      and does not therefore have ANY authority to conduct, enter into, or declare War, even if calling it own self/ves "Sovereign".... it is NOT "Sovereign" on our land... it is merely a District we temporarily allowed to exist for a limited time and purpose.
      and it is so.


    3. @PRW, there is NO 'Francis'. Only a non-Catholic bishop Bergoglio. search Ann Barnhardt's website. Lots of evidence pointed to there. If people don't read, then they don't know. Those who have half a brain can figure it out. It's EXCTLY the same way with the usurper corporations here. Those in positions of power are now having to resort to force to maintain their positions - though they lack any authority whatsoever.

      Anna's dealing with the wrong guy, trying to get someone with NO authority at all to let go of the purse strings. Benedict, who is STILL Pope, couldn't say what he needed to tell the world ("Pray for me," the new Pope Benedict XVI implored at his Inaugural Mass in 2005, "that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.").

    4. She has renounced her service to benedict, and the lutheran church. never her service to francis, and nothing she says really is focused on preventing him, kicking his and his ilk, off this continent. There is no pope. there is no president, nor any other THING "over" us, the living people on the land of the living. Agree, and think i said it, all acting are actors. The only legitimate government is in the people themselves, and right to execute that is wholly theirs, and right to choose no deal! Not to "delegate" our responsibilities to any "Party Animals" to administer our common business, estate in trust under "law of the jungle.'

    5. paul stramer,

      why are my comments about the FOREIGN U.S. Constitution not having been actually lawfully ratified being deleted paul?
      would you mind saying why?... since all i am doing is posting what i am finding, mostly in the "National Archives"?

      do you/somebody know that info to be untrue? if so, i would much appreciate the references showing same, and the National Archives probably would too.

      and if not, then why are my true postings being deleted from your website, and who is doing it, because i do not believe it is you.

      as it stands presently, it looks like the men "Commissioned" to consider "a new form of government" were Acting outside of the law by speaking **for** the People (and other reasons) , as commenter "TRUTH" pointed out. This being somewhat similar to what many many Americans believe is being done today makes it all the more timely and relevant.

      if my comments do NOT contain untrue info about the way the FOREIGN U. S. Constitution was used , then please repost them for the people to read and evaluate, along with "TRUTH"s; because as you no doubt know, suppression of anything that is actually true is not going to help any of us in the long run.



  2. It was a cynical ploy, diabolical genius in craft, revealing darkness as source, to administer the new Covenant of Grace after the pattern of the former Covenant of Law, and CAPITALIZE on the difference.

  3. All it's cost us so far, is the loss of the entire "Age of grace!"

    1. Verily, I say unto you, the age of grace has not yet descended upon us, he has been carefully preparing for this. Though we might see it's inception.
      We are in the end of the end, the dragon's have spoken, the seals have been undone, The horsemen still ride amongst us, though their day ends at our dawn. Rise oh brothers and sisters, the time is nigh upon us, the 1000 year tribulation is ending, and we're still just sitting here.

  4. Would one think on that basis that we failed miserably in our stewardship of this Treasure?! Then I would say "thank God the Kingdom is not dependent on us, is not ours to lose! But only enter n join, if we choose / or not. But, i say we did not fail! For at the last, behold! The Gospel stands! The Covenant stands, intact! The people, children, sons, daughters, heirs all ~ gloriously Stand! No, the Truth was handed down in secret by our fathers who held and kept the Truth in honor, keeping faith with the same, the conscience; the the Law of God written upon "tablets of men's hearts." These hirelings and stewards NEVER held the Trust! They only claimed to administer its' terms and bountiful increase. The Trust itself, never left the Body! We Hold! These truths! To be made by observation as self-evident, by highest, overwhelming authority of all information on record, prior recognized and agreed upon by all men. Now they carried the light, the candle, the flame, the torch and mantle through every generation since the cross, and is has passed to us, who have and hold this treasure in earthen vessels; the Treasure of God! For the Lord's Portion is His people! If you wish to so identify, our identity is expressed three-fold; 1."There came a man. 2. sent from God. 3. whose name is. Notice Peter answered in this way. "Thou art the Christ(title; "Anointed"); the Son of the Living God," ie the man, his relation to God, and his name. Same as a "people, in relation (pledged, promised, claimed, spoken for, espoused, obligated, joined, wed, bound, in union) to God, named..." So confess Me before men. This our true, single, original- if we want it- individual and corporate identity. Who we are (i am). Whose we are (I AM). Our "Name is.." Who do men say that "i am?" Who do you say that "i am?" Ask yourself within yourself, for you are free to "identify," "who do I say that I am?" i am, His! and my name is...

  5. Sick place I tell ya
    Hell they even patent the process

    Whole new meaning to brick in the wall

    And they keep going and going and going creating one rift after another and recycling the areas and the people as they go

    The one place he talks about that they could no longer be self sufficient so tada some outfit comes in witht he solution to fix the problem

    1. 35:29

      Does it not resemble the exact outline of Israel today

      Just like Lake Tahoe and Galilee

    2. Like Tahoe and Galilee

  6. Coincidence

  7. From Edward Raabe
    How -- lawfully -- can we form State Militias (capitalization) ?
    Edwin Vieira, Jr. has very much available at his website -- --
    but I suspect that he does not mention the jurisdictional matters.