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Wednesday, May 11, 2022




  1. When your two faces become 1 perhaps?
    With your consent of course

    Green New Deal aka Greenland aka ROME

    World Godvernment, already calling the shots

  2. You were never in a lockdown?

    Here comes the mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence cards and oh my goodness we have to do something cards

  3. UNESCO will declare all of this 'ancient' something

  4. What do ya know the Presidio again
    1 hour and 4 minutes in they set up camp 7 at the presidio
    Well what do ya know

    Thats where ole Gorby aka Rod Steiger has been hanging out since his tear down that wall stint with Sinatra aka Reagan

    World Parliament and the Presidio and Presidium all over it

    They're all in it together

    1. Hollywood, military and siliCON valley are all in on this shit

      Burning man held in BLACKROCK NEVADA

      Burning man and it's relation to Nevada

    2. How bout that San Andreas Films

      Brought to you by KQED public BROADCASTING TELEVISION and all their proud sponsors

    3. And the Virtual MUSEum
      Faking film and footage, pictures, the whole nine yards
      As they have been from the day they took over BROADCASTING their spells around the world

    4. great finds as usual shelby!
      thanks for sharing all your hard work.


  5. These stories are absolute bullshit
    They burning the shit down and blaming it on 'climte change'
    Makes you wonder just WHO owned these structures

    One of the homes was for sale, how convenient

    Ohh there is a 'climate change' coming alright but it has absolutely nothing to do with climate like they talking
    It's called fuck with their minds and make em see things in a whole new light

  6. Wind farms or weather warfare

  7. Watch them fake kill this SOB off

    1. Has led to an explosion of digital services was the fucking plan

      Get that digital id and that digital prepaid vendor card