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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Comment on "Paul Risenhoover"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that "Paul" is associated with "American Formosa Trust Area" and uses that as his email address. "Formosa" is China and they are trying to front a world government using "trust areas" or "regions". In this foreign system, the Chinese would own and control everything, and they are promoting this in league with the Parasitic Vermin--- examples, Goldman-Sachs, IRS, and Federal Reserve, which all recently decamped to China.
Paul's approach to this is a "baffle them with bullshit" attack, in which he selects hundreds of unrelated court cases and Federal "laws" that don't pertain to Americans, and mish-mashes up Municipal laws with Territorial laws and even old Federal Republic laws, then calls himself a "citizen of the United States" under the old Federal Republic, which has been inoperable since the 1860's, and proposes to file suit against a bankrupt foreign CORPORATION which he is trying to address as if it had anything to do with me.
He's a nutcase, but he's trying to get at me, because I and the Federation stand against the Chinese takeover, by representing the lawful government of this country and opposing any claims that China makes based on deals they made with "the US, INC."
Remember the old Florida Real Estate Gambit?
Some guy offers to sell you his interest in this prime piece of Florida Real Estate. His name appears to match the name of the Title Owner on the latest Deed of Trust. You give him $50,000.00 and he gives you a Quit Claim Deed, but when you go to the Recorder's Office, it turns out that he never had an interest in the property you thought you bought from him.
You've just paid $50,000.00 and all you've got to show for it is a Quit Claim from a man who never had an interest in the property to begin with.
This is what is happening to China and they, rightly, feel ripped off.
Joe Biden has agreed to sell them this country and Justin Trudeau has agreed to sell them Canada, too, but the problem is that neither of these "Gentlemen" have any authority to sell the land and soil of either country to China. They are foreign interlopers, and only able to act as "Presidents" of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
Their scheme only works when there is no actual government of, for, and by the people in place and upholding our claim to the land and soil and infrastructure of this country --- which we are doing.
So Paul thinks he is going to take down the Federation and its claim to be the rightful and lawful government of this country by attacking a variety of bankrupt Municipal CORPORATIONS that are not associated with me at all, and he proposes to do this in a District Court where his cronies and fellow-conspirators can help him.
I, however, will simply remove his suit to a High Court competent to deal with criminals and charge him in a countersuit where he will be recognizable as a foreign enemy-of-state. At which time, he will go to jail for a very long time. Also, please note, that I don't reside in any "District" much less a District located in the State of Washington, and have not been served with any paperwork, so all his ranting remains in the realm of nonsense.
We, Americans, have a complete and perfected sovereign right to every cubic centimeter of land and soil in this country---- and it's too bad that the Chinese got taken in by Joe Biden, Obama, and the rest of that Gang, but their quarrel is with those guys, not with us.

They will simply have to accept the bad news that those foreign Flim-Flam artists sold them a great big piece of Florida Real Estate.


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